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Team Magma's Request shop.

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by team_magma93, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. Pokemon-witch

    Pokemon-witch the flowerpower dude

    could u make a glacier rapidash (with water like manes)
    cauze i always wanted to see a watertype rapidash^^
    and could u make a scratch of a flying/ghost type wich is big enough to ride on?
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2007
  2. Pokechuppa

    Pokechuppa 'Bi-bi!'

    thankyou so much. yu've done so many sprites for me.
    i appreciate it.
    i'm making a banner of like my 6 fav. pokemon.
    its obvious isnt it?
    Fione, Celebi, Chikorita, Raichu, Vaporeon and Flygon.
    i just need a few more done.
    Flygon - tyrannian [neopets]
    Raichu - Could i possibly have a glacier raichu but have the ears and the end of the tail, liquid looking?
    Fione - Space
    Celebi - Peach [neopets
    Vaporeon - Faerie [neopets]
    Chikorita - Pearl

    Pokechuppa <33
  3. Kitty Aruseus

    Kitty Aruseus The werewolf cometh.

    I like them! Thx so much!
  4. Kolkoh

    Kolkoh Complete Awesomness

    my brother wants a sableye with a raichu? thx in advance
  5. Dark-FireManiac

    Dark-FireManiac Umbreons r awesum

    thnx so much these sprites r cool to.
    can i also have a nobody lucario
    a heartless lucario
    and a glacier lucario
    and a pyro weavile
  6. Rukaria

    Rukaria onechance.

    Can I get a baby:

  7. weavile/perap eater

    weavile/perap eater Well-Known Member

    i will take a plushie zangoose
  8. grapefruit

    grapefruit Blaaaargh...

    Can I have a mix between Lugia/ Ho-oh and a mix between the three regi's.

    thanks in advance

    Edit: if you can only do one of my 2 requests, its fine by me.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2007
  9. team_magma93

    team_magma93 Hmm... Yes.

    Alright, Ill work on these as soon as I can. :) But, PS: You guys are requesting WAAYYY over what I wanted at a time...
  10. Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark

    Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark Galaxy Trainer

    Heey can I have a fire typhlosions.

    thnx in advance
  11. Road

    Road Shiny Master

    Please stop! She's flooded with requests, and they take a while to do! Wait until She's done with the requests.

  12. team_magma93

    team_magma93 Hmm... Yes.


    Pokemon-witch: [​IMG] (I actually made your old request, I'm guessing you edited your post. I'll need more information to make that scratch though)

    Pokechuppa: [​IMG]

    Kolkoh: [​IMG]

    Dark-FireManiac: [​IMG]

    lucario rox: [​IMG]

    weavile/perap eater: [​IMG]

    grapefruit: [​IMG]

    and Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark: [​IMG]
  13. Rukaria

    Rukaria onechance.

    Soo Cute! Can you make a baby delibird and baby piplup and a baby pachirisu.

  14. claona

    claona #1 Qwifish fan

    Hey TeamMagma, could I please have a baby and robot Qwilfish?
  15. Lobomon31

    Lobomon31 Dude

    hey i have a request could i get a midnight colored charizard a mix between Blaziken and sceptile as the base. thx
  16. Pokemon-witch

    Pokemon-witch the flowerpower dude

    thanx, they r realy beautiful^^
  17. grapefruit

    grapefruit Blaaaargh...

    Thanks!:) It looks really cool!
  18. articunolover96

    articunolover96 articuno rocks!

    could i have a fusion of rayquaza articuno and typhlosion fusion please all sprites articuno color and wings and rayquaza base last but not least typhlosion's head flame. please
  19. Kolkoh

    Kolkoh Complete Awesomness

    Thank you so much!
  20. Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark

    Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark Galaxy Trainer

    credit goes to team magma93 for this typhlosion [​IMG]
    it's so cool
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