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Team Magma's Request shop.

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by team_magma93, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. Kitty Aruseus

    Kitty Aruseus The werewolf cometh.

    can I have a Lucario of All neopet colors?
    (I'm making a Lucario Army! :)!)
  2. Crossel

    Crossel Path to power.

    I've a request :)
    Groudon+kyogre+rayquaza mix : i see you done that before , but now i want the rayquaza of Pokemon Ruby,saphire,Emerald as base :)
    and Backpic and if you could enclude an overworld of it , original overworld of rayquaza of emerald.
    Edit: i just saw that robit things you can make xD that's awsome :) could you please try to make The normal rayquaza turn into a robot for me *they look awsome)
    If it's to much just do the fusion and backpic then :)

    Thnnx anyway :)
    I give you Credit's :)
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2007
  3. team_magma93

    team_magma93 Hmm... Yes.

    Okay, slow down on the requests....

    and, Kitty Aruseus, there's A LOT of Neopets colors...it'll take me a very long time to make them all.

    Another thing, my bro is switching my operating system in my comp so I won't have MS Paint anymore, which is where I make all these sprites. In other words, I dunno if I can continue making sprites, and if I can , they will be more difficult to make, in other words, requests will take longer.
  4. ice storm

    ice storm Water Ice Trainer

    one pokemon fire : Starmie
    one pokemon rainbow: Starmie
  5. Dark-FireManiac

    Dark-FireManiac Umbreons r awesum

    thnx for the sprites
  6. Road

    Road Shiny Master

    ice storm: Please wait. She's swamped with requests right now...

    That sucks, TM. Maybe you can download Paint from the internet? I'll go check for you. *Runs off*

  7. team_magma93

    team_magma93 Hmm... Yes.

    My bro has already tried everything to get Paint on. He tried running Crossover and Parallels, and he installed Ubuntu Linux, and I don't think you can get Paint for it. Now, I do have The Gimp, but I'm not sure how I could make sprites on it. At least not easily.
  8. Kitty Aruseus

    Kitty Aruseus The werewolf cometh.

    Team Magma, the only neopets colors I don't want are:

    Disco Fever,
    and split.

    (If you can make them, I'll give a BIG credit.
  9. Pokemon-witch

    Pokemon-witch the flowerpower dude

    could u make baby smeargle and disco fever magmar
  10. Crossel

    Crossel Path to power.

    Yo TeaM MAgma I know how u get paint back xD
    Go on google and type in canvaspaint its the same as microsoft paint ;) i never tried it but it works for a friend of mine so try it out :)
  11. Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark

    Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark Galaxy Trainer

    Can I have a ice typhlosion?
    thanks in advance
  12. articunolover96

    articunolover96 articuno rocks!

    hay magma you can make animations on GIMP i could teach you how to do them cause i have GIMP also. ^_^
  13. lunic

    lunic Banned

    Can I have a Empoleon Heartless, please?
  14. Road

    Road Shiny Master

    Slow down, peoplez.

    Crossel: D'you mean openCanvas? That might work, now that I think about it...

  15. Crossel

    Crossel Path to power.

    I never used canvas paint , but a friend of mine had the same thing as magma leader and now he has it back only with canvas paint ,
  16. Road

    Road Shiny Master

    Hm...Went to it, but I couldn't paste pictures...TM probably needs to paste pics in order to make the sprites.

  17. weavile/perap eater

    weavile/perap eater Well-Known Member

    thx i was on vacation all week long i love it
  18. team_magma93

    team_magma93 Hmm... Yes.

    About CanvasPaint, it's a neat program, but it doesn't work for me. I played around with it but the paint bucket doesn't work the way it usually does, and you can't really move images around, you can't zoom in, as well as some other annoying things that I cannot work with. Looks as if now I can't really make sprites....

    (But PS: articunolover96, you'd honestly teach me how to make animations on gimp? That would be cool!)
  19. articunolover96

    articunolover96 articuno rocks!

    ya sure i would be happy to ^_^ just pm i'll pm you the steps ok.
  20. articunolover96

    articunolover96 articuno rocks!

    ya sure i would be happy to ^_^ just pm i'll pm you the steps ok.
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