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Team Mystic Hangout Thread

Discussion in 'Pokemon GO Discussion' started by JX Valentine, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Team Mystic Hangout Thread!

    Looking for other members of the wise, ice-blue Team Mystic? You've come to the right place! Here, you can talk about GO, swap tips and tricks, talk about your gyms, and generally connect with the other people of your noble team.

    Please note! This is NOT an ordinary chat/OOC thread. When using these threads to chat, please stay on-topic and restrict the chatter to only GO-related subjects! Should you wish to talk about anything else with your teammates, please take it to PM or VM. Thank you!

    Team Mystic Members:
    Archangel Armada
    emerald Fox
    Iris Mist
    L. Lawliet
    Miss Alexis
    Missy Gaming
    Professor dragonexpert
    Serene Havoc
    Victorian Rush
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2016
  2. Caleb_W

    Caleb_W Active Member

    Hi all!

    I've only found one gym so far and it was infested with red Pidgeots. I'm guess Pidgey are way too easy to find...
  3. Kruzenic

    Kruzenic Member

    I have seen plenty of Pidgey, so I'm not surprised.
    Even so, I have also seen Snorlax, Pinsir, Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon used at gyms so far.
  4. Caleb_W

    Caleb_W Active Member

    Funny you say that. The same gym had a Flareon and Pinsir in it as well. Or, well, it did have a Flareon. It as there yesterday but it is gone now.
  5. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    My entire college campus is controlled by Team Mystic as of now. I'm happy but I know a lot of people at my college are going Team Valor so they may stage a takeover soon. :(
  6. Caleb_W

    Caleb_W Active Member

    At least you seem to have a good battlefield. The only gym I've found is at a fountain in the middle of a pond outside of a Panera.
  7. Rigasaurus

    Rigasaurus New Member

    There are no gyms, no pokemon centers, and 1 pokestop near me. I still chose team mystic.
  8. Daemare

    Daemare New Member

    The closest gym is about a kilometer away from me. As is the first pokestop. In opposite directions... Good news is that it is mainly Team Mystic at the moment and we have taken the three closest gyms!
  9. DJSummers

    DJSummers Ground-Type Champion

    Around my way majority of the Gyms are held by Team Mystic, although Valor is keeping up the good fight. As for Poke Stops, there are a few around.
  10. TheEmeraldKnight

    TheEmeraldKnight Lookin' for Shinies

    Whats up Team Mystic! What kind of pokemon do you guys see common in gyms in your area? for me its Pidgeot and eeveelitions. Also it seems like mostly just team Mystic and Team Valor in my area but team mystic stays on top most of the time
  11. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Mystic ftw! (Hopefully my Ingress friends don't think I'm a traitor for using the colour of the enemy...)

    When I first started playing I only saw Yellow and Red Gyms, but now I've seen a good few Blue ones. I already have one irl friend who is sad she chose Valor because she wanted to be on the same team as me, and my younger brother seems to want to be on my team as well once he gets Go, even though he wanted to be Valor.

    The Pokemon I've seen varies. I've mostly been seeing a lot of basic stuff, but on Thursday night and tonight I saw plenty of Squirtle, Drowzee, Jynx, Tauros, and even a Lickitung. Fingers crossed I'll get a Scyther soon!

  12. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Hello my fellow Team Mystic players! I've been having fun so far, and have been finding a lot of cool Pokemon. I'm on vacation with a few friends and we've managed to create a stronghold for over 36 or so hours by now. It's interesting considering the swarm of Reds around us. Though, it has been great for levels, and I'm at 14 already with some really cool Pokemon. I just hope I get variety when I get back. Anyways, go Team Mystic!
  13. Kruzenic

    Kruzenic Member

    I live near UCF. Team Valor has a strong showing around here. Even so, I did find 1 gym for Mystic though I'v already seen Valor members near it trying to take it down. I'll check later this morning to see its status.
  14. Takoto

    Takoto Prince of Ampora

    Looking like there's a lot of Mystics where I live; both in the centre of town and where I live (the end of nowhere side of the city) a lot of the Gyms are controlled by Mystic! Though last night I noticed some of my local Gyms have been taken by Red Team, so I'm gonna go re-grab them today when I feel up to it.
  15. TheNoteCrafter

    TheNoteCrafter New Member

    Same with my College in Florida!
  16. TheEmeraldKnight

    TheEmeraldKnight Lookin' for Shinies

    I live right across the street from a gym and it belongs to team Mystic. I got a 814 vaporeon sitting there with four other peoples pokemon so it should be a while before anyone could take it
  17. MukRaker

    MukRaker New Member

    Howdy, folks. Reporting from Atlanta - ton of those Team Valor folk here. Haven't been out as much as I would like, but happy to report that Water types seem to love the apartment complexes out here. Was not expecting to see Staryu, Krabby, or Goldeen in a forested suburb.

    Also, the Fernbank museum where I work is a gym. Come down if you're passing through - there's a ton of Pokestops on Emory's campus nearby.
  18. greninjamaster

    greninjamaster Well-Known Member

    Team Mystic all the way! Proud leader of three Pokemon gyms!

    One is a Vaporeon, Two is Magmar, and Three is Jolteon.
  19. shadowwjlh

    shadowwjlh New Member

    SO many Pokestops on Emory campus! And lots of blue controlled gyms too which is nice.
  20. Kruzenic

    Kruzenic Member

    I have noticed a gym on UCF's campus here in the Orlando area. Last I checked, it is Instinct controled.
    Even so, I am seeing a variety in the area. At first it looked like Instinct and Valor were dominating. However, I have since seen more Mystic grabbing gyms in the surrounding area.
    The one Mystic gym that was closeby has since changed hands multiple times having now been controlled by every team. Currently, it is Valor who has it.

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