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Team Nooby

Ok, hear is what i have so far.

Gliscor@Focus Sash
Impish/Hyper Cutter
EV: 252 Defense, 248 Speed, 10 HP
* Baton Pass
* Stealth Rock
* Swords Dance
* Aerial Ace

Dragonite@Choice Scarf
Jolly/Inner Focus
EV: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
* Aerial Ace
* Outrage (I know many are gonna say Dragon Claw, but with Choice Scarf, the extra power is better IMO)
* Earthquake
* Thunder Punch

Garchomp@Choice Band
Jolly/Sand Veil
EV: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
* Crunch
* Dragon Claw
* Brick Break
* Earthquake

Careful/Shell Armor
EV: 252 Sp. Defense, 129 Attack, 129 HP
* Spikes
* Explosion
* Avalanche
* Toxic

Impish Nature/Natural Cure
EV: 252 HP, 252 Defense, 6 Sp. Defense
* Aromatherapy
* Soft Boiled
* Thunder Wave
* Facade/Secret Power/Earthquake/Brick Break/Avalanche/Toxic (I dunno which to use and im too lazy to breed a Bold one)

Togekiss@Choice Scarf
Timid/Serene Grace
EV: 252 Sp. Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
* Air Slash
* Aura Sphere
* Psychic
* Flamethrower
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tee tee

Illussions Shattered
Give cloyster ice beam over waterfall.
Give it rapid spin over toxic so it can get rid of spikes and stealth rock
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Dark Lord
Blissey should have Toxic, Aromatherapy, Softboiled and Seismic Toss. I personally feel that Gliscor should have Swords Dance because if it is your starting pokemon, you can Baton Pass to someone like Garchomp or Dragonite or may be to Cloyster for its Explosion.
Oops, i meant for em to have Avalanche. He's gonna have more ATK and he's slow, so Avalance > Ice Beam.

And Toxic helps to force a switchout.

Also, I have no way of teaching Seismic Toss to Blissey. So if i get rid of Thunder Wave for Toxic, what should my 4th move be?
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Annhialator Zero

If you're using Choice Scarf on Dragonite use Fire Blast and Focus Punch > AA and Thunderpunch