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Team Of Friendship and Unity (TOFU)


This is my first 5th gen team and I have battled with them once and one 3-0 so im pretty proud but one battle wont determine how good my team is I like it so far but it just needs a little more tweaking to be excellent

The Lead ;392;
Infernape@ Focus sash
252 sp atk
252 spd
4 hp
-Fire Blast
-Focus Blast
-Grass Knot

A normal special attacking lead infernape the 2 blasts for stab and grass knot to take out perts im pretty happy with this set

The Wall ;242;
Blissey@ Lefties
Serene Grace
252 HP
252 Sp def
4 Def
-Ice Beam

Yeah thats right no seismic toss :( really looking for a better wall to replace it with, but it does take ghost type moves very well for my gengar which can force a switch to which they switch in to a toxic so i toxic stall with softboiled and protect

The Physical Attacker
Haxorous@ Choice Band
Mold Breaker
252 atk
252 spd
4 def
-Dual Chop
-Brick break

The Best Physical Attacker I have ever seen choice banded outrage wrecks pokes like no other and he can take some hits to could change the band for scarf to get extra speed but idk dual chop is sub breaker and earthquake+ Mold breaker to hit levitaters

The Revenge Killer/Priority ;461;
Weavile@Life Orb
252 atk
4 hp
-Ice Shard
-Low Kick
-Ice Punch

Weavile is a great revenge killer with all the priority + great stab ice punch and low kick to take out heavier opponets such as steel types really like this set but open to suggestions

The Steel Trapper ;462;
Magnezone@ Air Baloon
Magnet Pull
252 sp atk
40 Hp
216 Spd
-Flash Cannon
-HP Grass

I know no HP fire i should be exiled for that but grass can hit his 4x weakness to ground and idk how to change his hidden power so thats that basically sub in case they try to switch(as long as they arent steel cause of magnet pull) and hit them with a stab TBolt or Flash Cannon
open to suggestions other than hp type

The well kinda wall switch out support ;094;
Gengar@ Lefties
252 spd
252 sp atk
4 hp
-Focus Blast
-Shadow Ball

This is kinda a wild card if you have looked at my team you know that ground and fighting types can reck this team so gengars immunity to fighting and ground helps by walling those moves which can force a switch so i get a sub or hypnosis on the switch in then hit them with focus blast or shadow ball
but really kinda crappy set so im really open to suggestions here

Thats my team Pretty decent for my first fifth gen but i need yalls help to make it a complete team thank you so much for reading