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Team Orion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Doctor Is, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. Doctor Is

    Doctor Is iWinner of all Time

    Welcome to Team Orion!, fellow Serebii Members!
    (Banner Coming Soon)

    Five members will be chosen for this war (including Weebl and I).

    = Doctor Is (confirmed) vs Femme Fatale
    Score: (0-2)
    I lose to Femme Fatale after an epic stalling war. gg!

    = Weebl33 (confirmed) vs Cy3o

    = VTUSH (confirmed) vs Cousin Dan
    Score: (1-0)
    VTUSH uses his last Badly Poisoned, Confused Pokemon and deals a hit to Cousin Dan's last Pokemon with 1 HP! gg!

    = PokeWisdomGiver (confirmed) vs Iggly

    = Jiraiya08 (confirmed) vs Yoshifan22
    Score: (0-1)
    Jiraiya's Gliscor is knocked out by Yoshifan's HP Ice Lucario. gg!

    About Team Orion
    Team Orion was created on the 26th of August, 2008, by me (Doctor Is). It is led by Doctor Is and Weebl33 (as for now). It is a clan that offers unique battling experiences and occasional clan wars. Putting battling aside, we also have a program that involves Shops, Missions and Battling Guides on our forums.

    The Goals of Team Orion
    Team Orion:
    - Provides opportunities for people to engage in competitive (and fun, of course) battles
    - Allows people to help, socialize with and challenge each other.
    - Assists members to improve their Wi-Fi battling skills.

    To become a member, check the "Becoming A Member" section, which is the last section in this post. (We have 13 available spots = Total 30)

    This is where you can find updated news. All members should check here daily.

    01 / 10 / 08
    -> Welcome new member: MasterSunny!
    -> War with Team HUH? coming up next week.

    Current Members

    Me (Doctor Is) [1461 - 7292 - 9838] -> Orion Overlord
    Weebl33 [0645 - 3764 - 8593] -> Orion Second In Command

    Here are the Orion Members (2nd Rank):
    Graymonkey0 [3952 - 4567 - 9371]
    Black Friday [3007 - 8186 - 7763]
    Diversion [3737 - 7072 - 5503]
    bmcqueen1118 [3694 - 7633 - 5671]
    Jiraiya07 [3222 - 3099 - 1594]
    abcd [4682 - 7541 - 8326]
    PokeWisdomGiver [2449 - 3884 - 5138]

    All others are grunts until they get promoted:

    AiyoNew [1891 - 3086 - 3833]
    Howl [3652 - 2726 - 4705]
    VTUSH [5412 - 7659 - 0219]
    RanzAltonUrsal [5026 - 5655 - 1476]
    Electivire Rocks 77 [5284 - 0665 - 5037]
    Night Shadow [2277 - 4091 - 8663]
    GokuRikaku [5412 - 6374 - 6805]
    DustyBeaver [3265 - 7164 - 2015]
    Storm257 [1676 - 0230 - 9987]
    P0iSON [5069 - 0840 - 9302]
    MasterSunny [4940 - 4106 - 1422]



    Credit goes to Weebl33, Orion's Second-In-Command, for these userbars. How to advance up the ranks will be right after the War Lineups.

    (Thanks to Arkeis.com for all images)

    Reference: ORION CREDITS = Next section

    * * *
    Team Orion Overlord: That's me.

    Team Orion Second in Command: That's Weebl33.
    * * *
    ALL other members start off as Grunts, except the ones we feel are good already. Promotion is harsh.

    -Defeat 5 other Grunts.
    -Have 15 posts in the Team Orion Website.

    ORION MEMBER TO ORION COMMANDER (Maximum 6 Commanders)
    - Defeat other Orion Members 5 times and one member of higher rank than an Orion Member.
    - Pay up 20 ORION CREDITS (explained after this section), they will be deleted from your account.
    - Have 30 posts in the Team Orion Website.

    - Defeat either The Orion Overlord or an Orion Second-In-Command
    - Pay up 35 ORION CREDITS, they will be deleted from your account.
    - Have 50 posts in the Team Orion Website.

    ORION ADMIN TO ORION SECOND IN COMMAND (Maximum 2, Weebl is one)
    - Have a record of at least 50 wins.
    - Defeat The Orion Overlord AND the Orion Second-In-Command
    - Pay up 50 ORION CREDITS
    - Have 100 posts in the Team Orion Website.
    - Weebl and I must know you well!

    If you want to become a "breeder" , that's fine. You will need to be evaluated by presenting Weebl and I two fine breeds of your own and explain how you bred them (all details please)!


    1. The "currency" for this team is known as an Orion Credit (OC).
    2. You must earn OCs in order to purchase things from our Team Shop, which we will give information of soon.
    3. All members must take note of their own OCs and tell me updates as to how many OCs you have.

    Members must record their own OCs and put them in their signature!

    1. DEFEAT A MEMBER: The simplest way to obtain OCs. Receive 1 OC for defeating every Orion Grunt and Orion Member, 2 for defeating Commanders and Admins and 3 for defeating Me and Orion Second-In-Command(s).

    2. POSTS, POSTS AND MORE POSTS: For every 5 posts on the Orion Website, you receive 1 OC. NO SPAM just so you can get the OCs though.

    3. DONATE FOR SHOP/AUCTIONS: For every valid contribution you donate to the shop (excluding Electivire's TMs), you obtain 1-3 OCs, depending on how good what you donated is. For every Pokemon you put up for weekly auctions you obtain 5 OCs.

    4. SOLVE QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK: Every week, I will post up a QOTW (Question of the Week). First member to solve it gets 5 OCs, 2nd = 4, 3rd = 3, 4th = 2 and all the rest get 1.

    5. COMPLETE MISSIONS: Occasionally, I will post several missions for you guys to do. They are entirely optional. Prizes vary by mission. Some are frustrating and some are just fun.

    6. EXCEPTIONAL BREED: You get 1-5 OCs depending on how "exceptional" your Breed is. I'm not talking 7 / 14 / 20 / 22 / 4 / 6! More like 31 / 31 / 31 / 10 / 10 / 10. If you get all 6 perfect IVs legitly, undoubtedly you receive 5. You get 1 OC minimum for 2 Close to Perfect IVs, or something like that.

    7. DO SOMETHING OUTSTANDING!: You will receive magnificent rewards for this.

    Shops and Auctions are mainly located on our website. You will need Orion Credits to purchase items.
    Auctions are held weekly, and some of our members have set up shops for other members to browse through.

    Uxie is our strategist.


    Pokemon that will be put up for auction include Good IV Pokemon for interested battlers, EV Trained Pokemon for everyone, and Shinies / Rare Events for collectors. These Pokemon in question may be redistributed and cloned, but in no way must your offered Pokemon be cloned unless the person who provided the Pokemon up for auction agrees. The Pokemon put up for auction may occasionally be clones.


    This is (Insert User Name)'s Kingdra.
    (All other information here)

    Palkia, Dialga, Ho-Oh, Lugia, etc. are all banned.
    Deoxys (SPD form) is acceptable; Deoxys (DEF, ATK, NRML form) are NOT acceptable.
    Jirachi and Celebi are allowed. Mew / Mewtwo aren't.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Check here for a list of UBERS: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=290045

    Watch out for hacked Pokemon. Consider your movesets. For example, a Muk with Shadow Sneak and Stockpile is probably a hacked one, since it's not possible to breed both on a same Grimer.
    ALL of these are banned: Darkrai, Arceus, Shaymin (as for now).

    If you are suspicious of ANY sort of hacking activity whatsoever, report the situation immediately.


    This is extremely important! There are to be NO two same Pokemon in the same team. (Species clause)

    While the Item Clause (Don't use two of any same items) is generally allowed, try not to equip 3 same items on your Pokemon.

    Weather plays a great part in competitive battles. Sandstorm and Hail crush the effects of Leftovers and Focus Sash, so why not? Rain doubles some Pokemons' Speed, and although the sun isn't desirable at times, it still works occasionally.



    e. NO HAX ITEMS. (Check them in the DP Battles Forum).
    Items that activate by luck (Focus Band, Quick Claw etc.) are strictly banned!


    Here are the Standard Rules:

    1. Because we now have quite a few members, you now have to battle me to join. Don't worry, my "test team" is not very hard, but you still need to impress me anyway. Weebl will also be testing. No need to win, but as I said, you must impress!

    2. Post 3 Pokemon, their movesets, EV Spread (if any) and the strategy you use. Your Pokemon do not need to be excellent, all I'm looking for is effort, at the very least. ^^

    PERSONALITY IS ALWAYS WELCOMED! If you think your Turtwig can be equipped with a Focus Sash and function as a Stealth Rock support, why not? Too many people these days are using "what work" (*coughgarchompcough*)


    PORYGON-Z (Special Sweeper! 252 SPATK / 252 SPD: NOTE: This is not necessary if you don't get it)

    (Ability: Adaptability) @ Focus Sash (Item)

    Nasty Plot
    Tri Attack

    Strategy: Use Nasty Plot then start sweeping. (Not necessary but always helpful)

    You will also need to answer the following questions:
    1. Have you ever hacked a Pokemon before or plan on hacking one?
    2. Do you have a Wi-Fi Battling team?
    3. Why are you interested in joining? What do you hope to be able to do in Team Orion?

    Members are expected to be active and supportive towards this team :)

    On some occasions you will be asked to battle other members for initiation.
    To say lot with very little,
    Thanks for viewing this thread.

    The mascot of team Orion: Metagross.

    Do not doubt him, he has four brains (literally).
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2008
  2. bmcqueen1118

    bmcqueen1118 Dragon Master

    hey im intrested in joining. I dont have my ds in front of my so i dont have the stats/ev's but here are 3 pokes:
    -Calm Mind
    This acts as a special sweeper and is a good poke to switch into ice attacks. Also wish provides team support.
    -Will o Wisp
    -Confuse Ray
    -Night Shade
    -Mean Look
    This pokemon cripples physical attackers with will o wisp and causes serious frustration with confuse ray and mean look. Night shade is perfect against pokes like shuckle.
    -Focus Punch
    -Rock Slide
    Basic sub-puncher. Rockslide for flyings and pokes like salamence and dragonite. Earthquake for all around. Sandstream is helpful for both him and jirachi
  3. Doctor Is

    Doctor Is iWinner of all Time

    Your Pokemon are well-balanced. Dusknoir is a superb support / wall and Night Shade seems perfect on it if you invest DEF / SPDEF EVs completely. Tyranitar is awesome as well, provided you can maintain the Sub. And finally, Jirachi functions as a good Wish Healer.

    Welcome to Team Unown. :D
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2008
  4. weebl33

    weebl33 The Terror Of Death

    Well I think I am now going to join this team,however I will add my 3 pokemon in a post later on today,as I have to go to work in like 5 minutes.
  5. Doctor Is

    Doctor Is iWinner of all Time

    Welcome to Team Unown. Did the new layout capture you xD (kidding, kidding.)

    Alright, you can do that. As for now, I'll put you as a 'pending' member until you do that. How does that sound? :)

    Oh, and make sure you answer the 3 questions (shown in first post).
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2008
  6. bmcqueen1118

    bmcqueen1118 Dragon Master

    ya i like the pictures it def adds good effects, the ev's on my jirachi are 252 def/252/sp attack/6 hp
  7. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    the extra 3 EVs you placed in HP and Sp. Def are unusable unfortunately. The stat points given by your EVs = No. EVs / 4, so adding 63.75 Points will still only amount to adding 63 Points, so your better off staying at 252 Evs. For the Same reason putting 6 Evs in one stat is pointless as you can only use four of them. So I stuck your last 4 EVs in SP. Def or Attack. 2 EVs will always be wasted unfortunaetly.

    I hope this helped your understanding
    ~ Gold
  8. bmcqueen1118

    bmcqueen1118 Dragon Master

    thanks that helped alot
  9. weebl33

    weebl33 The Terror Of Death

    Ill add the EVs when ive found them XD
    ok my pokes are:

    Solrock@Lum Berry
    Rock Slide,Explosion,Trick Room,Light Screen
    Sets up trick room and Light screen,where possible.Lum berry to stop faster pokemon using hypnosis.Explosion to go off with a bang XD.

    Thick Fat
    Crunch,Body Slam,Curse,Rest
    I think that curse works well with trick room,and after 2 or 3 curses snorlax is virtually unstoppable,Crunch for ghosts and to lower def,if possible,rest to regain health and status and Body Slam for STAB and the chance of paralysis,once trick rooms ended of course.He is my SpWall + PhysicalAttacker

    Own Tempo
    HP Electric,Ice Beam,Surf,Slack Off
    Again works well with trick room,HP Electric for other water types,especially Gyarados,Surf for STAB,Ice Beam for dragons,grass and a chance of freezing,Slack Off to regain health and last longer.He is my DefWall and partial SpAttacker

    I dont hack,I have a battle ready team or 2,and I would like to grow better at competitive battling
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2008
  10. Doctor Is

    Doctor Is iWinner of all Time

    I like your team. Welcome to team Orion!
  11. Jiraiya07

    Jiraiya07 Ero-Sennin

    This clan looks cool and unique, I never hacked and will never! I have a wifi battling team, I'm a good battler and loyal person!

    My three Pokemon are:
    - Calm Mind
    - Ice Beam
    - Surf
    - Roar
    With Calm Mind Suicune is invisible and he could start sweeping he's opponent's team!

    Magnezone@Lefties (magnet pull)
    - Thunderbolt
    - Hidden power (ice)
    - Substitute
    - Magnet rise

    With Magnezone's ability, no steel types could switch out! Magnet Rise no ground type could touch him! Plus hidden power ice all Dragon type will die except Kindra! Sub protects you from hypnosis, confuse ray ect.

    - Curse
    - Payback
    - Wish
    - Baton Pass

    Umbreon already has good spdef and def, I gave him ev's only on Spdef not on Def cuz he learns curse that puts his atk and def one stage up! And if your Umbreon is stuck just baton pass it to another poke!

    Hope I could join your team!
  12. bmcqueen1118

    bmcqueen1118 Dragon Master

    i personally like it. the only thing that i find just as a suggestion. with umbreon and u use baton pass make sure ur passing to a naturally slow pokemon if uve use cure, or else it will ruin that pokemons speed advantage. Other wise i like it alot
  13. bmcqueen1118

    bmcqueen1118 Dragon Master

    i personally like it. the only thing that i find just as a suggestion. with umbreon and u use baton pass make sure ur passing to a naturally slow pokemon if uve use cure, or else it will ruin that pokemons speed advantage. Other wise i like it alot
  14. Doctor Is

    Doctor Is iWinner of all Time

    Welcome to the team, Jiraiya!
  15. Doctor Is

    Doctor Is iWinner of all Time

    Welcome to the team, Jiraiya!
  16. bmcqueen1118

    bmcqueen1118 Dragon Master

    okay so just a question, what direction are we going to take this clan? we gonna fight? run tournaments? have ppl challange us? im just wondering
  17. Doctor Is

    Doctor Is iWinner of all Time

    As soon as more people join, we will challenge others to War.

    There will also be a whole lot of fun activities prepared such as auctions and giveaways.

    Actually, how does war right now sound?
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2008
  18. VTUSH

    VTUSH <---Hatched

    I'd like to join
    Leafeon@focus sash 132 HP 160Attack 216 Speed
    -Sword dance
    -Baton pass
    -Leaf blade
    This is a starter it uses sword dance then either baton passes out or roars some other pokemon in.
    Yanmega@expert belt 4 Defense 252 special attack 252 speed
    -bug buzz
    -Air slash
    If the pokemon it is battling is fast then i will use protect to gain a speed boost then i will put the pokemon to sleep and attack.
    Mamoswine@leftovers 64 Hp 252 attack 192 speed
    -Ice Shard
    -Stone Edge
    -Ice fang
    This will be baton passed in by leafeon or maybe garchomp. If foe is faster then ice shard will be used or if on full health one of the other moves could be used.
  19. Doctor Is

    Doctor Is iWinner of all Time

    Good Baton Passing here, but please answer the 3 questions. Then I will allow you to join.
  20. VTUSH

    VTUSH <---Hatched

    Have you ever hacked a Pokemon before or plan on hacking one? Absolutely NO
    2. Do you have a Wi-Fi Battling team? YES
    3. Why are you interested in joining? What do you hope to be able to do in Team Orion? I'm interested in joining because i haven't been in a clan before and i want to experience a new thing in competitive batteling and i think joining here will help me improve more.
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