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Team Overrun (BW2 OU)

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its been a long time since i posted a team, so forgive me if i'm a little rusty at this.

and as you can tell, yes, i did get the name from the new mode in GoW judgement.

so sue me.

anyway, here's the teambuilding process.


i started with an underappreciated core, of empoleon and zapdos.


then i added heatran, as he provides a lot of useful resists.


then, thinking i could add whoever i wanted, terrakion was added to the team.


i realized i needed a special attacker, so i decided it would be fun to try the (psuedo) survivability of alakazam.


then i needed an electric resist, but mainly a way to counter weather, so i tried abomasnow.


but of course he didn't worrk out, and i desperately needed a spinner, so i added a spinning great, forry.

Onto the team!


Empoleon @Lefties
252Hp 252Sp.Atk 4Spe
-Stealth Rock
-Ice Beam
Empoleon is a great rocker, unexpected and when played right, can be a thorn in my foe's side.
pretty much standard, roar is great, as it screws with bp teams quite well.


Forretress @Lefties :O
Strudy (duh.)
252Hp 176Def 80Sp.Def
-Hidden Power Ice
-Rapid Spin
-Volt Switch
ah, forrey. what can't you do? forry is great, as he can get quite a few layrs of spikes up, which helped me win recently. um........... as you might have guessed already if you know my writing style, i'm bad at descriptions. sorry. hp ice kills dragons and landos, who think i'll switch or try to set up on me.


Heatran @Lefties again
Flash Fire
244Hp 44Sp.Def 220Spe
-Lava Plume
the return of tormentran, he can deal with offensive heatran quite well when they switch into him, (providing empoleon and/or forrey have done their jobs.) and can wreck sun teams with little effort. i was hesitant to try tormentran at first, favoring a more defensive spread (lieing, i'm paranoid about scizor so all my "defensive" trans have enough speed to outrunn all adamant variants.) but i learned that this was very good and i don't know what i'd run over it. thinking of transferring 8 ev's from defense to speed, to outrun a few more un-invested pokes.


Damon Bird (Zapdos) @Surprise! Lefties!
248Hp 228Def 8Sp.Def 24Spe
-Heat Wave
zapdos was added because i saw some vids that showed his prowess. i didn't think he'd perform as well as he did, and he definatly the star player and the glue that holds my team together. although they can survive very well without ol' zappy, too.


Bloodmount (Terrakion) @Choice Scarf
252Atk 4Sp.Def 252Spe
-Close Combat
-Stone Edge
-Rock Slide
i fell in love with scarf terrakion a short time back, preveously preferring sd or even cb sets because of the higher power they previde over the scarf sets.
i was wrong. i know hp ice sounds wrong, but i don't like having to rely on stone edge to deal with flying types, and i'd only pair it with stone edge; i'd use x-scissor or stone edge along side rock slide. 4 special defense values prevent genesect (who surprisingly doesn't even mildly threaten this team) form getting a special attack boost. now with two rock moves in case i need accuracy over power.


Kantus (Alakazam) @Focus Sash
Magic Guard
252Sp.Atk 4Sp.Def 252Spe
-Shadow Ball
-Focus Blast
alakazam is absolutely great, as he is immune to indirect damage, which makes him great in a pinch, isn't ohko'd by scarf terra's cc, and must be 2hko'd thanks to his ability + his item.

that's my team, hope you enjoyed, and please give me your honest opininon. (too lazy to correct that.) (but apparently not too lazy to add something in parenthesis.) (strange....)

i know i have no electric resist, but that'll be fixed when zapdos's dw ability is released.

~GotF, (my initials, for clarification.) out.
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first thing i see, full rates later, put shed shell over lefties on heatran, and try a SpD resttalk set instead. this gives you better reassurance over genesect + trapper cores(specifically dugtrio). i look at the team and see genesect + focus sash dugtrio dominating the team, especially if you predict the lead wrong. resttalk gives it better recovery.

i'd also add gyro ball or hp ice over toxic spikes on forry. toxic spikes doesnt really benefit the team, as blissey/chansey are easily taken care of by terrakion, and toed is taken care of by zapdos and, again, terrakion.

i'd recommend bandterra. terra has a great speed tier, and really doesnt hit or ko anything significant that outspeeds it. lati@s, gengar, starmie, etc all check it reliably. band terra gets it much more power, while stilling hitting things needed.

also, may i ask you to explain some of the more...."not 252/252" ev spreads?

heatran @shed shell
- flash fire -
calm (+SpD/-atk)
248 hp/ 252 SpD/ 8 speed
- Lava plume
- Rest
- Sleep talk
- Earth power/ Hp Ice

Forretress @leftovers
- sturdy -
Relaxed (+Def/-speed)
252 hp/ 176 def/ 80 SpD
- Gyro ball/ Hp ice
- Spikes
- Rapid spin
- Volt switch

Terrakion @Choice band
- Justified -
Jolly (+speed/-SpA)/ Adamant (+atk/-SpA)
4 hp/ 252 atk/ 252 speed
- Close combat
- Stone edge
- X-scissor
- Earthquake

Ghosts of the Forums

Who Ya Gonna Call?
thanks for the rate. i will be trying some of those changes.

but i like tormentran, because of his trollyness, he's saved me in quite a few battles too. although resttalk sounds really intriguing.

and for the ev's, i mainly just used standard sets from smogon. but the 4 ev's being put into a defense is to keep my hit points at an odd number, so i can switch into hazards more.


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You use Tormentran and your gonna lose a lot of friends....
I've noticed a big ground type weakness (as many others probably have) an Infernape with EQ could sweep this team fairly easily other than that I don't really see much that can be improved since this is a pretty solid team :)

full rate later

Ninja Dewott

Ice Cold Fire
Okay, a few things I'd like to say.

Other raters have pointed out the threat of the Dugtrio and Genesect combo, but I think you needn't worry. Seeing these two Pokemon on Team Preview is basically shouting at you saying this is what your opponent is trying to do, so you can play around that. However, you main counter to it is Tormentran himself. As long as Dugtrio is alive, all you have to do is make sure you Sub with Heatran when you think you'll be forcing something out. This way you can Torment Dugtrio and nail him next time with Lava Plume. What, it doesn't OHKO? What a shame. Use Protect as he EQs. Reversal may be a problem though, so watch out. Besides, you really need lefties on a defensive sub-user, otherwise it limits them to 4 Substitutes maximum, without a Wish Passer.

Secondly, tons of pressure on your Team is placed on Zapdos. He's your only decent switch-in to ground and fighting attacks a lot of the time, so with him gone, chances are you'd struggle. To help remedy this, I'd swap Alazakam with a Wish-Passing Latias. Latias helps reduce the weakness to fighting and ground, reduce the pressure on Zapdos and help keep it, and other crucial team players such as Heatran, alive.

Latias @ Leftovers
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SDef / 252 Spd or 4 Def / 252 SDef / 252 Spd (whichever you find most useful)
- Dragon Pulse
- Wish
- Protect
- Roar

So Wish and protect are obvious after what I've said, Roar stops set-up sweepers like Lucario and spreads hazard damage and Dragon Pulse is just an attack if you need it/stops you being taunt bait. EVs are meant to synergise with Heatran and Zapdos, but alter them depending on what you find to be necessary.

Then, there are a few other changes I'd make:

Forretress: Gyro Ball > Tspikes an EV Spread of 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef with a Relaxed Nature and 0 Speed IVs. This should help reduce weakness to Mamoswine, which you'll become a little weak to. Also, as someone else said, T-spikes isn't that useful to the team, especially with Toxic on Zapdos.

Zapdos: HP Ice > Heat Wave. This gives you the BoltBeam combo which will allow Zapdos to hurt a wide variety of Pokemon, including Gliscor, which your team may struggle slighty with after having removed your main Special Attacker.

Terrakion: Moveset of CC | Stone Edge | X-Scissor | Rock Slide. Using HP Ice to take care of flying types really won't work. Terrakion has a middling SAtk, which has to be made worse unless you want to compromise his decent SDef. In all honesty, EQ isn't used that much on Terrakion sets. off the top of my head, the only thing it'd be useful for hitting would be Toxicroak. If you're paranoid about SE Misses, running Rock Slide alongside it offers you a more accurate alternative if you don't need that power, without losing too much coverage.

So, final notes, it's a strong team with some great potential, hopefully my changes (sorry they're quite long) will help it get better. Finally, great idea using Disable on Alakazam.

Ninjas Away!
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thanks for the rate. i'm thinking i'll keep tormentran, as he is really useful.

zappy needs heat wave or else ferrothorn becomes a humongous pain in my side. even with heatran, i'd still like a way to cream steel types who think they can **** with zapdos.

i'm def implementing a moveset change on forry, as t-spikes never see use and something else would be useful. also, i might have forgot to write it, but forrey does have 0 speed iv's. i'm thinking of using hp ice on him, as it allows him to sh** on lando and dragonite, who both think of me as set up bait, or, in lado's case, can force me to switch otherwise. and the ev spread lets me have a ltille special bulk i think? i dont know i just got it off smogon.

thanks for the rates, anything else?

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togekiss is a major problem. i have no safe switch in, until zappy gets his dw ability. i've heandled keldeo's quite well. i have a bit of a problem with sand, though. and just as a reference, heat wave will not be removed from 'dos, as he is a check to scizor assuming he carries heat wave. i also enjoy tearing through ferro.