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Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony! (782)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Adventures in Unova' started by Serebii, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Team Plasma Strikes! The Ressurection Ritual!!

    Having got to the White Ruins, Team Plasma have started attacking the archeologists in the area while looking for the Light Stone, having captured Iris, Cilan, Looker and Cedric Juniper, with Team Rocket looking on with interest. Underground, N notes to Ash that he can no longer hear the voices of the Pokémon above, indicating that Colress has used his machine to control them and he and Ash start to hunt for a way out, only for the cave to start collapsing. Once out, Ash & N try to stop Team Plasma from awakening Reshiram, but Colress turns his machine on Pikachu, causing Pikachu to fall under his control...

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  2. playerking

    playerking Sick of dealing with idiots.

    A recap from the previous episode, as usual in 2 or 3 parters.

    Professor Juniper's assistancts Pokemon are still causing Chaos, whilst Dragonite and Crustle try to stop them. I'm happy that Dragonite isn't always using Flamethrower.

    Ash and N are looking for a way out.

    Iris, Cilan and Cedric watch from behind some rubble and then recall their Pokemon.

    They then get captured by some grunts, whilst Looker tries to hide.

    Ash and Pikachu are trying to dig, in order to get out.

    Ash brings out Oshawott, Pignite, Snivy, Krookodile and Charizard to help since Pikachu's hands are getting sore.

    Oshawott uses Hydro Pump, then Krookodile uses Dig and Charizard uses a spinning Dragon Tail.

    Pignite digs like Ash and Snivy and Pikachu use Vine Whip and Iron Tail. Oshawott now uses Razor Shell, before N comes to help.

    Ghetsis and a grunt in a helicopter.

    Krookodile pops his head outside the hole and then Charizard N the others come out.

    Dare Da? Charizard.

    Snivy's voice for the "coming up" scenes.

    Pignite is worried about Charizard and then protects him.

    N mentions Charizard.

    Pignite and Charizard combine their Flamethrowers from Ash's command.

    Krookodile is excited and uses a new move?

    Oshawott uses Hydrop Pump and Snivy, Leaf Storm.

    Ash calls back his Pokemon.

    Looker tries to destroy Colress's machine, but some grunts stops him.

    They realise that Pikachu can't be called back into a Pokeball, so Ash tries to protect him, but Pikachu gets possessed.

    Ash keeps getting shocked and N is worried.

    Looker, Cilan, Iris and Cedric are as well.

    Colress is acting smug and then N shows Team Plasma that he has the Light Stone.

    Ash and Pikachu are hugging on the ground injured, well I think Pikachu is just exhausted.

    They notice that a Helicopter is coming towards them, followed by Ghetsis coming out of the Helicopter. N gets captured too.

    Ghetsis puts the Light Stone on something and they all watch Ghetsis.

    Ghetsis uses his staff thing to bring forth the Winged Dragon of Ra Reshiram!

    Reshiram is about to come forth as the episode ends.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2013
  3. Blue Saturday

    Blue Saturday too fly

    -Good to see Kairyu and Iwaperesu wrecking those Pokemon and holding their own against them, I was under the impression they got one-shotted.
    -Iwaperesu and Kairyu are returned for their own good, so they may not become frenzied due to the machine.
    -Team Rocket discussing something important.
    -Satoshi trying to get free.
    -N and Satoshi discuss something important.
    -Starters + Waruvial + Lizardon appear, I'm loving their interactions and teamwork.
    -That's a cool way of using Dragon Tail, Dig, and Hydro Pump alright.
    -N seems to be getting some character development also.
    -Oh look, it's Ghetsis of all people.
    -Waruvial appears among the frenzied Pokemon and then they all bust out with Lizardon.
    -Lizardon gets hit hard with Shadow Balls! Getting its *** kicked.
    -Chaobu is worried.



    Hopefully Chaobu gets a new move or maybe evolves or possibly Tsutarja since her voice is featured in the "up-in-coming scenes".

    -Chaobu and Lizardon are friends.
    -Double Flamethrower!
    -They all want to get involved! They're powering through the frenzied Pokemon!
    -Saotoshi's Pokemon about to be frenzied,
    -They all come back to their balls for their own safety.
    -Handsome about to smash Akuroma with a crowbar.
    -Pikachu gets zapped by the machine.
    -Frenzied Pikachu once again.
    -Iris, Dento, and Araragi-Hakase run in fear.
    -Satoshi tries to stop his frenzy.
    -He gets zapped hard and violently.
    -Satoshi keeps getting close and viciously zapped.
    -N ups the Light Stone in exchange for Pikachu's safety?
    -Satoshi is very spent and N goes with Team Plasma.
    -Ghetsis appears.
    -Interesting, very.
    -Ceremony of revival is about to begin and TR appear.
    -Satoshi wakes up with Pikachu.
    -N retorts at Ghetsis.
    -The truth seems to be ready to reveal itself? Reshiram is ready to appear.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2013
  4. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Geez.. Missed the first couple of minutes of
    - Cilan, Cedric and Iris being caught.
    - Looker being out on a walk, TR being shady
    - Ash and N underground trying to get out.
    - Ash calls out all his pokemon after a talk with N.
    - N is amazed, but I'm not..
    - Charizard uses a whirling Dragon Tail..
    - Oshawott, Krookdile and Charizard get the most work done while the rest seem just putting in futile effort.
    - Scene change, here comes Ghetsis in a helicopter.
    - A Golurk uses Shadow ball on the hole.
    - Krookodile bursts out of the ground!
    - And here comes Charizard!
    - And the rest follow suit..
    - Charizard looks menacing..
    - Golurk and Liepard are using Shadow Ball, but Charizard blocks.
    - Charizard blocks and is knocked over.. So far not impressed by 'Zard.
    - Dare Da: Charizard
    - Pignite calls out for Charizard and is actually worried..
    - Pignite counters the Shadow Balls!
    - Pignite is beastly epic! xD
    - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Keyhole stops working.. -.-

    I'm thoroughly annoyed right now..
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2013
  5. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Man this episode was fantastic, if I graded episode I would probably give it 10/10

    Basicly this was about Iris/Dent/Professor losing and Satoshi and N counterattacking and Satoshi showing N his bond with his pokemon, everyone was out helped them get out of the whole and then they all battled the controlled pokemon.

    Cool stuff

    - Pignite and Charizard bro moment
    - Krookodile coming out of the hole alone looking out sees a lot of Pokemon "oh shiet" goes back to the whole and then they start coming out one by one
    - Snivy and Oshawott seeing everyone battling and telling Satoshi to have them help too
    - Looker wanting to smash the machine
    - Everyone working together to get out of the hole
    - Angie ordering Brad around kakakaka
    - N gives up the Light Orb so Colress releases Pikachu from his control was cool also

    It was cool that Pignite flaemthrower became stronger to protect Charizard, they were the same size fused together and just owned dem controled pogeymanz.

    Looking forward for next week.
  6. nuzamaki90

    nuzamaki90 Well-Known Member

    This episode really makes you wonder why Ash didn't keep Pikachu's Pokeball somewhere in his bag or belt just in case something like this would ever happen. Because the fact that Ash doesn't have Pikachu's Ball is the reason why Reshiram will be frenzied and N got captured -_-

    Still was an epic episode, Ash and his Pokemob were really wrecking havoc, and the Combined Flamethrower was just too awesome to see. Even though I'm sad Boldore isn't here, I'm glad Krookdaddy put the smack down on those Plasma grunts.

    And Zekrom is still nowhere to be found...
  7. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    It didn't use a new move, it just used Dig which got powered up for some reason.

    I liked the interaction between Ash's pokemons especially between Pignite and Charizard in this episode (for a second, i really felt that Pignite may end up learning a new move or evolve there in order to help Charizard).

    Also it was funny seeing Krookodile reaction on seeing that many controlled pokemons and then backing away to let Charizard take the lead.
  8. Blue Saturday

    Blue Saturday too fly

    -Chaobu being so concerned for Lizardon was adorable, I also like how Chaobu was the one to protect Lizardon ;)
    -Not to mention that was an innovative way to use Dragon Tail like a rotating drill, also the Ceremony of Revival was intense.
    -The N development was nice too.
    -I just loved how Mijumaru and Tsutarja saw everyone helping and wanted to involved too, we got such a clear window into all the Pokemon's personalities it was really nice.
    -Waruvial coming out and being faced with all those Pokemon and getting cold feet. Good to see Waruvial helping and so enthusiastic. We get a nice glimpse to his timid side he had before evolving.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2013
  9. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan


    I'm still hoping for Zekrom to appear but I'm fine if it didn't he was supposed to appear in the old TR vs TP arc for sure though.
  10. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    Have to agree on this.

    I found it a bit funny that Pikachu was just standing there without doing anything while Ash's other pokemons where fighting. Also it didn't even try to dodge or avoid the beam at all, isn't he supposed to be the most mature and a veteran of all of Ash's pokemons.

    On another note, one thing i have a problem is why did the writers/animators use Boldore in the opening theme for the Plasma battle (where they made it look so incredible and awesome) when it wasn't even supposed to appear.
  11. Mijumarukun

    Mijumarukun Hotachi Samurai

    It was nice to see Pikachu released from the control machine so quickly, though at the cost of the Light Stone/plot development. I would have liked to see Ash snap Pikachu out of it through their bond, but it looks like the concept was covered by the Pokemon working together to dig out of the ruins.

    Overall a great episode and lead in for the conclusion.
  12. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Like I said its plot, part of the plot was Pikachu getting hit by the beam.

    So what? they made the other pokemon shine instead of Pikachu thats is most likelly doing something in the final episode of the arc.

    The pokemon in the opening are the ones that were at the lab in the first Plasma confrontation, the pokemon that appear till that part ar the pokemon that appeared in the first episodes, Boldore did appear there battling Excadrill, by now people should know the Pokemon openings don't reflect what will happen in the anime 100%, we got that in AG, BF, DP...its just a cool scene they decided to do and though Boldore would fit well there.

    Really if you guys use some common sense you wouldn't be asking this things.
  13. Ash&Pikachu-Fan

    Ash&Pikachu-Fan Pika-Speed

    Yay, this episode is amazing! With a short recap...

    Oh man, seeing so many Pokemon attacking was awesome! Wow, Ash sends out all his Pokemon to help dig him and N out! So cool!! And yay, Ash also flips his hat around! Haha, its like an all out confrontation with Team Plasma but Charizard took too many hits I guess. :/

    Wow, awesome Ash is using all his Pokemon to battle Team Plasma! I found it kind of suspenseful when Colress took control of Pikachu but N gives the Light Stone to save Pikachu, anyway. Haha, I thought Looker was funny too. Hmm... It looks like Ghetsis is trying to call Reshiram by doing something. :O

    Wow, so no Reshiram yet huh? Well, I still think this episode is amazing. I can't wait for the next!
  14. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    Zekrom doesn't need to appear in the last episode because that asking for trouble and making it double
    Wellingshun likes this.
  15. yuoke

    yuoke Treasure huntin'

    Awesome that krookodile got something important for once. Too bad he didn't actually learn a new move though, like earthquake or outrage.
    Wellingshun likes this.
  16. Umbilical Noose

    Umbilical Noose Bonzo Nut

    Damn, looks like I missed a great episode. I hope I will get a chance to see it, don't wanna rely on dub.

    On Topic: Not much to say here since I haven't watched the episode yet but I am looking forward to seeing Krookodile's expression when it gets out of the ground.
  17. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    Oh man, this episode had everything. Ash using his full team was unexpected and awesome.
  18. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Meh ಠ_ಠ

    So chalk this one up as a win for me...Charizard didn't solo the controlled Pokemon at all, in fact until Ash's other Pokemon started helping, he actually did worst then Dragonite :p
  19. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it was interesting to see them have Charizard take a back seat for a moment to show Pignite get pumped and protect him.
  20. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Meh ಠ_ಠ

    Ash's Friendship levels gave everyone super strength, thus being on par with Charizard XD

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