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Team Radiant Dawn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by TheMourningKing, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    Banner credit to Kai678 (I apologize for that prior mixup). Images used are property of their respective owners
    "The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming."

    Check out Team Radiant Dawn's intro video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDic07QpZ9c

    CLAN NEWS: February 6th, 2010 ​

    • Added Intro Video Courtesy of Kai678, will be adding a video archive section in the near future.
    • Added a Clan IRC Chat: See bottom of post
    • Revised parts of the clans graphics. Thanks to Kai678
    • Added Team Radiant Dawn Pokerental for review. It should be active by New Years (See that section for more details).
    • Clan shop has prices for requests. In a similar vein to the Rental, that too will only be active by New Years (See section for more detail)
    • Removed Student Ranks.
    • Added clan missions.
    • Added contact information: Users may now access me via PM, VM, Email, and Skype. See my user profile for those options.

    After some study and some more availability I shall begin using the RNG to breed pokemon with high IVs. For those who do not know the RNG is the Random Number Generator, which through certain actions can predict what pokemon will come with which stats; thereby making it easier to breed strong pokemon. I shall be offering those services to members of Team Radiant Dawn to bolster our teams. Prices are based on availability, and can be reduced if I am provided with a good stock pokemon.

    In addition to my own work, Kabzy is also able to RNG and has kindly donated pokemon to the shop system. Kabzy, unlike myself is able to breed for Shiny pokemon as well as IVs. Naturally pokemon that are shiny are slightly more expensive than my regular pokemon.
    (Image credit to Kai678)

    Pokemon Egg
    In order to facilitate the clan shop, users may request a Pokemon to be bred for IVs
    There are certain conditions for this. Unless otherwise stated one must provide one parent pokemon in order to speed the breeding process up. If there are egg moves, the parent must be MALE with the egg moves already acquired. The purpose of this portion of the shop is to breed for IVs not for species.
    Also please tell me any hidden power type, nature etc.
    Pokemon bred/captured for IVs may have strange dates due to RNG mechanics. These pokemon are indeed Legitimate, in order to breed and capture for perfect IVs I change the clock on my DS to get the proper timing.

    Gastly: Modest
    HP FIRE (Power 70)
    Captured by TheMourningKing (quick ball)

    HORSEA LV1 Adamant
    Swift Swim
    Bubble - Flail (egg move)
    Bred by Kabzy; Acquire from Kabzy

    STARYU LV1 Timid
    Natural Cure
    Tackle - Harden
    Bred by Kabzy; Acquire from Kabzy

    RIOLU LV1 Adamant
    Inner Focus
    Quick Attack - Foresight - Endure - Blaze Kick (egg move)
    Bred by Kabzy; Acquire from Kabzy

    Supersonic – Bite – Scary face – Pursuit (egg move)
    Bred by Kabzy; Acquire from Kabzy

    In order to ease the burden of our members, I shall be offering a series of Rental pokemon for members to use. Rental pokemon are full EV trained, and IV bred pokemon (which shall consist of my first experiments with the RNG method). A member may rent a pokemon for use in War, Battle, or just to see if a certain species works well for them before a breed request. The following will apply to rental pokemon:
    • Rental Pokemon may remain with a user for up to one week. Any longer and users shall be penalized.
    • Moves of Rental pokemon may not be changed without permission.
    • Members must be active with the team for at least 14 days prior to renting.

    This is a huge gambol for me, and I am trusting my members to work with this system. Remember you can always request a pokemon to be IV bred if you like it, so there is really no need to steal from this system. This system will be up and running in full swing by the end of the holiday (image credit to Kai678).


    Adamant @ Choice Band
    IVS: 31/31/30/30/31/28
    EVs: 164 HP / 252 Atk / 92 Spe
    Stone Edge
    Aqua Tail

    TheMourningKing's personal Tyranitar, bred by TheKai. Perfect for those experimenting with sandstorm teams, or who could use a boost in power. Available only for a Limited Time until RNG provides a different Tyranitar. This is TheMourningKings favorite Tyranitar, failure to return this will result in serious consequences.

    Drapion (NN: "Snipes") @ Leftovers
    IVS: 19/31/31/x/30/22
    EVs: 252 HP / 6 Atk / 252 Def
    Toxic Spikes
    Knock Off
    Bred by Kai678, an excellent UU pokemon who can also thrive in the OU environment. Catch your opponent off guard with Toxic Spikes, and shuffle the team with whirlwind. Can also Psuedo-haze if done properly. Add stealth rock to your team and watch the passive damage rack up!​


    The ranking with Team Radiant Dawn is based on how often one battles. Subjective tests are not administered, simply because it is impossible to account for every variable. Those who are gifted shall advance faster than others, so there is no real need to waste time testing. The criteria for advancement is as follows:

    Grunt = The lowest of the best, this clan is denoted for those who have just joined Team Radiant Dawn; To advance to the next level one must defeat 3 other people of the same rank or 1 in a higher rank.

    Commander = A battler who has demonstrated battling experience in the clan. To advance to the Captain Class one must defeat 4 people of the same rank or 2 in a higher rank.

    Captain = A battler who has seized victory and established oneself in the clan. In order to advance to Elite one must defeat 2 other members in one’s own rank, 5 members in a lower rank or 3 in a higher rank.

    Elite = A battler who has not only the needed experience to succeed, but has demonstrated the ability to do so. Defeat 5 people in one’s own rank, 7 in a lower rank (Commander or higher) or 5 in a higher rank to advance to Admin Class

    Admin = This is the Highest Possible Rank for our team;
    members of this rank are expected to continue a legacy of excellence in both battling but as well as tutelage. Admin Rank Members are the top battlers in the clan and are expected to participate in wars and other events. They are also expected to help teach those in the Student Class, more so than any other battler. Admin Perk: For each victory an admin will earn TRDP based upon the level of one's opponent, (Grunt = 5, Commander = 10, Captain = 15, Elite = 20) Please be aware that this is in addition to the reward given for regular battles


    Leader/Co-Leader: Members with special administrative powers within the clan. These members organize events, accept new members, administer disciplinary action, start wars, manage war rosters etcetera. Team Radiant Dawn has no explicit LEADER rank, all three members have equal status.


    -Obey ALL of the Serebii forums rules! This includes multiple consecutive posts.
    -No insulting ANYONE in the clan!

    1st strike: A warning to tell you that you broke a clan rule
    2st strike: Another warning to tell you that you are close to being banned. Users who receive a second strike shall not be able to request anything from the IV shop, or access Pokemon Rental for a period of one week after the issuing of the second strike.
    3rd strike: You are banned. Time is decided by the leaders.

    Strikes will eventually dissolve if you have kept a good profile since your strike. However multiple strikes can be awarded for a single offense, as some offenses are subject to instantaneous banning.

    Clan Leaders can and WILL use their own discretion to decide what inappropriate behavior. Members not only represent the clan, but Serebii.net as well. We wish to display the pinnacle of etiquette and keep a positive reputation here.


    Every so often clans will compete in inter-clan battles known as wars. With the addition of more administration, this clan will be participating in more clan wars than in the past. However there are certain rules that are in place for clan warfare. They are as follows:

    -Members are responsible for coordinating their battles with the other team.
    -All Team Radiant Dawn members are expected to win humbly, and accept defeat with grace.
    -Should we have more applicants than Roster Spots available; members will be chosen via random generation. Higher Ranked Master Class members will have more representation in the drawing as benefit of their rank.
    ank. This can be increased by the use of Team Radiant Dawn Points (See the Team Radiant Dawn Points section for more information).

    Our War Record is 0-0

    Current Clan Events

    TheMourningKing's Holiday Give-a-Way: In celebration of the Pastafarian holiday called "Holiday", all Members of Team Radiant Dawn who have been active may PM TheMourningKing with the Species, Nature, and Moveset of a Pokemon that shall be bred for them when TheMourningKing begins RNG Breeding on the during the Holidays. Members who have not been active or wish to join may also submit their request for the pokemon and for admission to the clan. DEADLINE DECEMBER 17th AT 11:59PM EST.

    Can You Survive the Wild Tournament?

    You find yourself walking through unknown lands, when suddenly the sky grows dark. A shrill cry pierces the cold air: was it a trainer, a Pokémon or something entirely different? As the darkness grows deeper you reach for your trusted companions, but your Pokémon are nowhere to be seen. All that remains are a few empty pokeballs.

    You are defenseless, and in the darkness the shades of other trainers approach you. To survive you must master the wild Pokémon of the Sinnoh region and reclaim your trusted partners from the darkness.

    This tournament is a six on six, single elimination style. The catch is that none of your traditional Pokémon are eligible to fight. The trainer must travel Sinnoh, and capture the first wild six wild Pokémon they encounter in an area. Be wise about your choice of area because you may only have one Pokémon from a single area and then move on so choose carefully:

    RNG Abuse is forbidden (honor system)
    Breeding is forbidden
    LEGENDARY Pokémon are forbidden
    UBER TIER Pokémon are forbidden.
    HG/SS captures are forbidden.
    Two Pokemon from the Same Route/City is forbidden
    Species Clause is in effect (If the same pokemon appears in an area one may run and capture the next one).

    Can you master these wild Pokémon in time?

    Team Radiant Dawn Points

    Team Radiant Dawn Points or TRDP for short is a form of currency that is used in Team Radiant Dawn. It is imperative that all members take the time to read this as there have been changes to the usage of TRDP. Rather than using TRDP as a method of ranking up, TRDP will be used more like actual currency, which can be traded amongst members for services, or spent in the clans IV shop, or for Pokemon Rentals

    In addition to this, as the clan produces more proficient battlers TRDP can be spent for “tickets” which will give the user more representation in the random generation of war rosters (using a random number generator) depending on the number of tickets used. Tickets will only be necessary when we have more applicants for a war roster than we have room for.



    Join clan = 30 TRDP
    Donate Banner = 15 TRDP
    Donate item to shop = depends how good the item donated was
    Win battle against other clan member = 10 TRDP
    Lose battle against another clan member = 5 TRDP
    Advertise the clan in your sig = 5 TRDP
    Get a friend to join = 30 TRDP
    Defeat your opponent in a War Battle = 60 TRDP
    Post in the thread 15 times = 70 TRDP
    Donate a Ditto with multiple max IVs: To be negotiated.

    More to come...


    1. Name:
    2. Friend Code:
    3. Battling Experience (Be sure to include usage of EVs, IVs etc):
    4. Have you now or at any time used a hacking device (This includes "legit stat" hacking, item hacking ect)

    Be sure to PM this application to one of the leader's.
    If you petition the others for approval. Your first post in the clan thread should have something along the lines of Approved by: (enter leaders name here) that way if I don't get back to you and Kai approves you, there is no need to flood my pm box. This way I shall be able to know that despite my frantic situation, I can trust this clan is going to run smoothly.








    ^^^remove the * and give credit to Gladeshadow for the user bars above this line


    ^This ones credit to Juni44ever^

    ^Credit to Blk_Charizard^

    ^credit to Quest^

    IRC CHAT ​

    I have decided to add an IRC chat to stir up some discussion, and plus everyone else and their grandmother's clan has one now. So I decided to jump on board. Most of you are probably familiar with XAT which the other clans are using, however I elected to go a different route.

    To access the clan go to:
    Click on WEB CHAT (Top corner of the page)
    Enter a nickname where it says Nickname (use your Serebii name, or something similar so I can recognize you; since users who are not part of our clan will be booted).
    Where it says channel type in #TeamRadiantDawn

    For those of you who would like to actually register their nicknames there PM me for more detailed instructions. I suggest either Kai678 or TheKai do this so they can have "op" status.

    The good part about that is that there are certain Instant Messaging clients that will allow you to access our clan chat like that (google is your friend). In all honesty, I expect the forums to be the major source of communication. However this option will allow me to communicate with members quickly, especially when questions regarding team building come up. It will allow me to work more efficiently when a member feels that live chat would be more beneficial.

    For a list of IRC commands you can use in the chat... google it.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
  2. Kai678

    Kai678 Umbreon Trainer












    Senor Finaleze
    Seth Dusken
    Jack Assassin
    Shiny collector 96

    Most Active Battler

    Winner Receives:

    Modest - 8/x/16/31/31/31
    252 Sp.Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP

    -Aura Sphere
    -Dark Pulse
    -HP [Ice] 66

    + 100 TRDP


    This is where members can put their skills to the test. Basically, when members have obtained a streak of 7 wins in a row, they are eligible to challenge the Battle Tower Brain. If one has defeated the Brain after their streak, they become the new Battle Tower Brain. The rules are as follows:​

    - If you'd like to count a win battle for the battle tower, please indicate the streak you are on.
    - You can only start your streak at 1. This just means that if you were already on a streak of wins and you state it at you're 7th win, it will not count.


    Last edited: Apr 6, 2010
  3. The Kai

    The Kai Slice 'n Dice

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2009
  4. WaluigiP


    1. Name: WaluigiP
    2. Friend Code: 1505-3862-0921
    3. Battling Experience (Be sure to include usage of EVs, IVs etc): I've learned IV's since I first joined, and I already knew EV's and natures and the like, so I'm pretty sure I can rank up to a candidate or grunt later.
    4. Hacking: No.

    Oh, and I've got my Ho-oh from Pokemon Colosseum. :D
  5. The Kai

    The Kai Slice 'n Dice

    Welcome back to the new and improved Team Radiant Dawn
  6. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    Joerachi, it is evident that you have not read the first post at all. Please delete that post and resubmit your application. The first two posts are for the other leaders, thank you.

    Also with TheKai and Kai678 posted please begin clan activity as normal. The placeholder concept was just to hold that post for the co-leader everyone else need not do it.
  7. TheCookieCutter

    TheCookieCutter с нами Бог

    Haha well now, I looked and saw that I posted my final. LOL that was my sister posting that when I left my computer on. So I will be coming back. In some time though.
  8. adamantursaring

    adamantursaring Well-Known Member

    1. Name: Kylie
    2. Friend Code: (1977-4913-1528)
    3. Battling Experience (Be sure to include usage of EVs, IVs etc): I am very in depth with the whole battling style. I know how to manipulate IVs and to EV train. I know OU tiers and also UU Tiers.
    4. Hacking: Not at all!!
  9. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    Welcome back Kylie!!!

    We look forward to seeing everyone come back to us. Speaking of which I wonder if Ivan will be rejoining us, has anyone seen him at all lol.
  10. ivanreal

    ivanreal Hysteria Clan Leader

    I dont think I will here's my reason why:

    1) the 2 clan deal, basically kills it for me since I wanna be in 7ds trd and delirium
    2) since we can only be in 2 I want to better myself in 7ds (no offense intended) and I also want to readd delirium but so far the mods have yielded new clans from being created if I can't make it then hopefully I'll be welcome to join here

    soz if I let you down or something I just wanted to try a new change of pace by running my own since I have more than capable friends helping me, again sorry if I try you mad at me or stuff it wasn't intended although I'll miss the first clan I joined :/

    damn I reread tmks post and now ifeel bad :/
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2009
  11. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    While you will be missed, I understand and respect your decision. You'll always have a place here should you come to need it.
  12. Senor Finaleze

    Senor Finaleze Well-Known Member

    1. Name: Jyuck(JYUCK)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Friend Code: (god I don't know it's probably in my signature)
    3. Battling Experience (Be sure to include usage of EVs, IVs etc): The works
    4. Hacking: no

    serious business. I finally got my computer fixed after having a nasty virus for two weeks.
  13. The Kai

    The Kai Slice 'n Dice

    Welcome back to everyone who has rejoined.
  14. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    Hello sorry for the recent inactivity, flu stuck and I have been like a zombie for the past few days. Allow me to recap the first couple of major announcements.

    First and foremost I have been making headway on the wifi issue and things may actually be resolved should I manage to get the battles out. In fact I think I may have another wireless site around here not affiliated with my university so I shall shortly be looking for test subjects to see if I can get that up and running.

    Secondly, I am looking for all old members and any potential new members to please rejoin. Membership has been staggering since we began and I shall be sending out reminders to those who haven't joined yet. We have suffered some very disheartening losses (in the form of IvanReal and others... I swear its not the same lol) and I would very much like to see us bounce back and soon. Once we have enough people back I can start managing wars again. Right now we are still spread way too thin for my liking. I shall give it time but I am looking for some help here.

    Thirdly, I am still in the hunt for new banners and such, so I will be contacting some outside friends of mine in order to get this place looking nice. Once again I am open to possibilities, and once this flu passes I can start drafting.

    I look forward to seeing everyone back here and getting this show on the road. If you have contact with old members who have not come back yet, let them know we are up and running again. I would hate to see us fall, after the last couple of trials we have gone through.
  15. The Kai

    The Kai Slice 'n Dice

  16. Kai678

    Kai678 Umbreon Trainer

    I now pronounce my tourney fail. =P
  17. ivanreal

    ivanreal Hysteria Clan Leader

    hmm doesn't look like it's going well :/......imma try to help you guys and give you a leg up ^.^ *goes to contact peoplez*
  18. WaluigiP


    It's official. I have no chance of finding a suitable position of wi-fi. I'll stay in my clans and see if I can salvage anything, but I'm not going to be extremely active.
  19. Senor Finaleze

    Senor Finaleze Well-Known Member

    I cannot get on wifi at this particular moment, however in a little over a week I should be good to go since I'm getting a wireless router. Not only for the wii but for the 360 since I am tired of always moving the 360 to connect it with a wire. Life will be good :D

    Also I just recently bought halo 3 odst and I must say I'm not too good . Even though I've only done campaign I have troubles with it. Thena gain I am playing it on legendary alone :p
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2009
  20. The Kai

    The Kai Slice 'n Dice

    Bahh, solo legendary is easy. Granted I play MLG.. =D
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