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Team Radiant Dawn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by TheMourningKing, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. Seth Dusken

    Seth Dusken Dynasty Battler

    I know,but I have been waiting for Arcuese for 2 years.I really want to test out the plates I have.
  2. Kai678

    Kai678 Umbreon Trainer

    The story behind the plates were pretty cool.
  3. Seth Dusken

    Seth Dusken Dynasty Battler

    I know when ever you get a plate you read the description its very intersting
  4. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    Update: Defeated Kai678 6-0 and Seth 5-0. I am unfortunately unable to battle anymore tonight.

    Thank you, and good game to both of you. I look forward to battling you guys again later on.
  5. Seth Dusken

    Seth Dusken Dynasty Battler

    I've now learn my lesson not to use Pokemons from different teams to work together.lol.
  6. The Kai

    The Kai Slice 'n Dice

    Reading a few pages back, I see that IV's are becoming a problem for some. I'd be more than happy to be the clan breeder, and can assure that my activity should increase from here on out. My assignments have been due to an insanely close margine recently, but hopefully that should change.
  7. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    You see this everyone? People like TheKai and Kai678 are the reasons this clan has been able to hang on for so long. Many thanks to the both of you, I can't say it enough.

    Although Kai I still want to know your secret for breeding so well, I don't know how many times I have tried in the past but I can never seem to get to your level of proficiency, I can still tell the difference between the ones I bred myself and the ones that you manage to breed. :p But those are stories for different days.

    On my side of things, or TMK News as I like to call it: I will have some break time Thursday evening (from about 6pm - 9pm EST) to battle or do just about anything. And for a decent time Friday evening, although I am set to go out for lunch on Friday and I am packing for a small trip home this weekend, I will be available then too. So if anyone wants to battle me I am going to be around.

    Oh by the way, I believe I am helping my friend's emerging nintendo community create a tournament, (its not a forum but its something). While I am not allowed to advertise it nor encourage you to join (The purpose of this isn't for them... its for us), there is a relevant purpose to this: the person who is in charge of it seems very passionate about the game (calling himself "diehard" but new to competition). So if we are lucky we may be able to swell our ranks with some new, serious members if they allow me to put in a good word for Serebii.net and our little clan which is good because I know the people in this group are quality community members (they will adjust to the rules of the forum quickly). So things are looking like they could finally be on the upswing. The person in charge looked eager to learn from me about the metagame and battling so it shouldn't be hard to get some new active members.

    Once again, thank you all for your continued support and I hope that in the near future will we be back on the competitive front.
  8. Kai678

    Kai678 Umbreon Trainer

    New members are always welcome! :D
  9. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    Just a quick heads up, I will probably not be available to battle this weekend. It is a traveling weekend. However if I am on, and its on short notice expect it to be fairly late EST (which is actually a reasonable for anyone on the US Pacific coast haha). About that, I will not be bringing my DSi with me this weekend, opting for my smaller and more compact GBA SP, so if you are hellbent to play a game with me this weekend, I suggest flying (or driving) to Providence, oh and bring a copy of Fire Emblem and a Link Cable. But I wouldn't recommend showing up.

    To everyone have a good weekend if you don't hear from me, and I will be back battling on Monday, so prepare yourselves!
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2009
  10. trainer255

    trainer255 The Kung-Fu Scizor

    Anyone have a spare TM calm mind and earthquake?I've just decided to put a cm Claydol and a mixed Flygon on my team.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2009
  11. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    I am pretty sure I have a spare calm mind TM. (Actually I am about 99.99% positive). Disregard that statement, once again I was wrong. I apologize
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2009
  12. Senor Finaleze

    Senor Finaleze Well-Known Member

    Took me long enough to remember my password. ¬¬ Hello everyone!

    Since I've been gone I've been working on my let's plays which are on youtube!

    I have yet to set up wifi again which is just out of pure laziness but yeah...
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2009
  13. Seth Dusken

    Seth Dusken Dynasty Battler

    Whoa! I sure missed a lot! Two days and its sprawling with post here!
  14. The Kai

    The Kai Slice 'n Dice

    Been checking out your Yoshi vids actually, pretty fun to watch!

    I subbed on both of my accounts just for the sake of it.
  15. Senor Finaleze

    Senor Finaleze Well-Known Member

    Hopefully I don't noob out on it haha, I have a bit of a swearing problem when I get mad! Definitely get it from mother dearest lol
  16. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    Happy Thanksgiving from TheMourningKing

    Hey, just want to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving, or for the strong possibility that you are not in the US, have a Happy regular day, or if there is a holiday: happy "insert your holiday here".

    Now that that is out of the way I have secured a bit of an advertising spot to bring in new members. I told the guy (who is one of my best friend) who is part of that whole tournament I helped set up that my fee for all this was to get my clans name out there. Now I will be making sure anyone who hears about this knows the rules of this place before coming (including serebii rules). So that may help bring us back into the fray. Again, it is really tough to find new people these days so luckily I have friends with gaming connections.

    The second part of this rambling is to say that: I have nothing to do today, and by that I mean 3 out of my four classes were canceled, my only class for the day is over, and I don't travel home until tomorrow morning. So I implore you to PM me or Email me @ themourningking@aim.com for battles because virtually everyone in my dorm is gone, plus the weather sucks today. So if you have time and want to battle, or anything just give me the heads up and I will do my best to accommodate. Minus the 2 hour workout session today I should be all set.

    It is best to get battles in with me now because I will not be available Thursday or Friday for battle because of prior obligations.

    So if I don't hear from any of you I wish you a good weekend.
  17. trainer255

    trainer255 The Kung-Fu Scizor

    It's okay TMK,its not like its your fault.i was just asking so you don't have to bring me one.No need for apologies.
  18. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    Important message

    Well, depending on how long you can wait, I don't remember if I even picked it up in platinum (I sped through that game for the Frontier and Battling) and my diamond was restarted by a friend. Simply put, depending on my position I could get you one, but it wouldn't be until next week.

    If it is in my platinum somewhere in the field I can have it by tomorrow. I shall keep you updated, don't know why I hadn't thought of that sooner.

    And if you are wondering, I apologized because I pride myself on my ability to be swift when helping members of the clan. I try to do all that is within my realm of possibilities and I really thought I had that tm. However I have some resources available and will continue to look for it.

    Ok while that was targeted at trainer this is for EVERYONE. We have had a challenge for war with Legacy. Now since we are short for members I have to gauge availability before I can accept or decline. So if you want to compete and have time please let me know. I know I can make time and will be on the forefront should this happen. The numbers rely on you guys,

    Thank you and I hope we can pull through!

    (PS I think I may be trying my hand at RNG abuse for IVs sometime soon, it looked interesting. However since I do not use action replay, and it is against the rules I need to do it the HARD way. Therefore if you have rare candies or a high leveled PICKUP pokemon, I would love to make a deal with you. However I do not fully understand the method, because I have yet to read it as thoroughly as I should have, but still if it can be done legally it would be a beneficial skill to have for the team.)
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2009
  19. Kai678

    Kai678 Umbreon Trainer

    A war sounds cool. It could attract potential members.

    Oh and TMK, I've heard RNG'ing takes a lot of effort even with action replay. That's why I've never tried :p
  20. TheMourningKing

    TheMourningKing King of Nothing

    It looks like it is something that takes a lot of time to learn but when you get the hang of it, it works very quickly. Seems like something fun to learn in the down time, since this generation doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. Perhaps I can get a hand of my cousins emerald cartridge and because the factors determining that are 2 rather than the 4 in DPPt, would theoretically make it easier to manipulate for the beginner.

    It may take a while to get the hang of but it could definitely save me some trouble down the road. I like the idea of being able to change my team without having to do a crap of breeding or look for an IV breeder. Plus to be honest I like a challenge, and the potential shock that could have on our member list would be worth all of the trouble.
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