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Team Rocket Discussion

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Deleted member 11515

This topic is to speculate Team Rocket:
What do you think they're going to do?
Will anything be different?
Et cetera!~

Basically: Anything Team Rocket in HGSS goes here. :)


Silver is most likely Giovanni's kid. Let's not be stupid, guys. D:
Evidence: "You... you're not GIOVANNI's kid are you? No, that can't be right. GIOVANNI's kid had red hair." ~ FRLG Fame Checker
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Team Gracidea <3
I hope they don't wimp out like they did when GSC were new. That kind of. . . sucked. I hope they have Giovanni as a more major character.

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
I think that it is going to be the same thing. But more of a backstory on Mt. Silver and Goevanni will be trying to take it over.


formerly R. New
I don't think they'll do anything different to the original games, but it seems likely that there'll be a couple of extra plots added, as in FR/LG. Marvel at my powers of deduction.


continues to strive!
i have a feeling giovanni will be in it a little more :)


Not too shabby
I didn't like the way the last TR guy was the dude in Misty's gym, who was doing stuff with the power plant. The end of TR needs to be more powerful.


Game Corner Addict
Was Giovanni actually in G/S/C or just mentioned? I cant remember seeing him around.
I want to see Team Rocket's story develop more so they can reunite again in a future sequel to G/S instead of Team Aqua/Magma and Galactic. I think Team Rocket were the best villains in the series.


the Blue trainer
work with Cyrus that be awesome....

his old team abandons him except the girl admins so he finds a new tem where the leader abandons them


Lan challenges you!
I hope for a Mask of Ice, Karen and Will story... but I doubt it as they are Manga characters.

Anyway... yeah, Team Rocket deserves something bigger, maybe after leaving from the Johto Radio tower, they try the Kanto Radio Tower xD
I doubt they'll have anything plot-wise related to Ho-oh and Lugia as their objective is solely money :S


Well-Known Member
It would be cool if Team Rocket returned. I hope that they are better than in GSC. Having Silver actually be in Team Rocket as Giovanni's son and Top Admin would be awesome.


Shiny Collector
Since Team Rocket is likely to be back in these games since they are gold/silver remakes, they will most likely have new pokemon, which is a given, and maybe a little bit more of a story involving them ingame than was provided in the original gold/silver.

Cain Nightroad

Having Silver actually be in Team Rocket as Giovanni's son and Top Admin would be awesome.

I don't think he'd be in Team Rocket. If anything dealing with Silver and Team Rocket, it's either going to be a team-up between you and Silver (just like D/P/Pt's team-up at Mount Coronet) or a meeting between Silver and Giovanni. They seem to be the most likely events between Silver and Team Rocket.


Well-Known Member
That's exactly what I thought. You could team up with Silver just as you teamed up with Barry on Mt. Coronet. Then there could be a dramatic scene afterwards where Giovanni says something like "blah blah blah, my son..." and then he goes back to Plotholetopia after you defeat him.

I also think that it would be cool if they tied Team Rocket into Lugia and Ho-Oh. Even if they're just trying to earn money, they could still try to sell the two legends, couldn't they? The three beasts could somehow be tied into the storyline as well.

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Team Rocket Idea

I hope they have an expanded story with Team Rocket trying to take over Kanto for a second time along with the Sevii Islands. In my idea, Giovanni returns and has some big new headquarters where you team up with your rival to stop them.

Not to brag or anything, but that would be epic.


Well-Known Member
I hope that want ho oh or lugia in this one and better boss and admins
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How about this:
A NEW bad peoples comes and they clash with TR, win, and it's on the news report of the beginning of the game...


Well-Known Member
I hope they bring in the Mask of Ice plot that was in the manga and make it more central to the story. Or at least whatever remains from it after it fell apart in the original G/S. With D/P setting the example of meeting some Elite Four members outside of the Elite Four it would explain Will and Karin a bit better, and why will looks like that. Even if it is "after the remains of Johto was defeated by (X hero from previous game) I decided to focus on training and eventually became the Champion" etc.


Fear the Deer
What I'd like to see is an assault on the Lavender Radio Tower, led by none other than Giovanni himself, who had fininshed what ever the heck he was doing for the last three years.


Well-Known Member
I would like that the story involved lugia/ho-oh .
Maybe in kanto u get to free the birds from team rocket and thats why they fly to sinnoh....
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