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Team Rocket, you STILL haven't captured Pikachu?

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Its almost time
Seriously guys, its been 15 years! You have been pursuing this rat for 15 years, have done nothing else for Giovanni, and you are STILL with Team Rocket? Why hasn't he fired you yet?

And if you want a Pikachu so bad, why not just go and capture a Wild one? Oh, right, I remember. "That Pikachu is no ordinary Pikachu." I'm still a fan of the first generation, so I remember you saying that. Only one problem with this.

You seriously did not see those 20 other Pikachu's that was with Ash's in the Pokemon center? There's nothing Special about Ash's Pikachu at all! The kid STILL has yet to win a Pokemon league! The way you always speak about Pikachu makes it seem like its a PokeGod (hey, remember those?).

And one more thing, Meowth. Why is your voice so radically different between the Japanese airing and the Dub? In the Japanese version, its real hissy and sounds like an actual cat voice. Its really diggin'! I just don't understand why the dubbers had to go and replace that awesome voice-type with this weird "Gangster-Brooklyn" thing your voice always was like.


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...What is this supposed to be?

Looks to me more like a rant one leaves on LiveJournal or Tumblr, rather than an attempt to start a decent discussion.
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