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Team Rocket

Ashy Boy

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I don't know if any of you have noticed but since PUSA took control of the show, Team Rocket began saying things they wouldn't normally say in the 4Kids dub.

Is this true?


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Team Rocket is the worst part of the anime. Either get rid of them entirely or make them opponents that are competent.


Contaminated KFC
I don't really notice any differences at all, and if there are any, they're minor at best. They're still as camp and loveable as ever.


Red: True Master
Oh my God, James said bloody! No seriously, they're the same but lame now. I do prefer 4kids VA's.


Flawless Technique
I think Jessie has a vortex under her skirt, thats why you can't see her panties despite how short her dress is.


Well they at least changed the old modo which they've had for almost half of the whole anime ("To protect the world from devistatrtion blah blah blah")


R.I.P Dax
They're still the same. I like the lines when they are blasting off. Either Meowth crosses the 4th wall or they say something funny. It always makes me laugh.^_^


Other than Jessie using semi-outdated slang that one time(she called J a hussy? Oh my!), I haven't noted anything of note, which makes sense because if TR was notably different then I'd have noted it in my notes.


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I actually think TR is funnier now in DP than in any other season since their introduction back in the second episode of the show. The new motto cracked me up the first time I heard it and some of their alliteration can get pretty wild lol. James's new voice is kinda annoying but I still think they bring a good portion of humor to the show.

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
Team Rocket is the worst part of the anime. Either get rid of them entirely or make them opponents that are competent.
Is that a voice I hear? It need to shut the F*** up because Team Rocket is rad. [[I know that was totaly awesome]]


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i remember on one of the bulbacasts they were discussing this and they said it was because PUSA were doing more accurate translations and were trying to steer away from the old and in with the kind of new

Misty Lover

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Yeah, they definatelly use WAY too much alliteration now. I mean, before they might have had two or three words in a row that started with the same letter, but now they are often going upwards of eight words that start the same in a row. And they're using a lot of stretches to get the alliteration to work, like words that I only know because my SAT prep. A lot of the time I think "WTF? Half the viewers are too young to know that word!"
Besides the alliteration, though, I think they have gotten funnier.
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Clevar Trainer
Well team rocket is he comic relief for the show
I do wish they would be more serious so the show would be better but its not gonna happen.


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What Team Rocket could use is a consistent rivalry, you know, a group that fails just as much as they do, but help enhance their characters, and bring more hilarity to their composure.

Cassidy+Butch (bleh)


Get over it! That's all i have to say. What is the point of complaining? The new voive actors are here to stay and imo they are getting better. You guys need to be thankful Pokemon is still airing. Give the new voice actors a chance will you. No one is perfect the first time so deal with it.