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Team Rocket

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by LeaderGiovanni, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. LeaderGiovanni

    LeaderGiovanni Team Rocket Leader



    Team Rocket has a glorious past. We were once the most well established crime syndicate known to man. We struck fear into the hearts of every citizen of Kanto, pillaging their cities as we saw fit, infiltrating even the most secretive of their organizations. Even their pathetic police force did nothing but hinder our progression by removing a few of our grunts. However, we became much too complacent. We began to lose our ruthless touch. Rather than ride roughshod over our opposition, we allowed them to come back time and time again, continued to submit to them. Eventually, this behaviour forced our glorious organisation into the ground. Aghast with my unforgivable actions, I forced myself into total confinement, vowing to myself that I would never return afresh until I had purged myself of these ... weaknesses.

    After years of wallowing in pointless self-pity, my executives have contacted me. They inform me that while I had given up hope, they had been slowing but surely relaying the bricks of Team Rockets foundations, slowly reforming it to its former glory, to once again strike fear into every living thing on this waste of a planet.

    That's right, you complacent imbeciles. Team Rocket is rising from the ashes. And now we aim for the greatest prize yet. The absolute domination of Serebii.

    Last edited: Jul 20, 2011
  2. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok #BeastMode Staff Member Super Mod


















    S k y
    The PunisheЯ
    The Cardinal
    Lord J

    Userbar Add-ons

    You can now show some of your achievements by adding these ribbons to the end of your userbars. Only add these after asking permission from an Executive!!! The following spoiler includes all of the current ribbons available to you:

    [​IMG] - IV breeder for other clan members

    [​IMG] - EV trainer for other clan members

    [​IMG] - Gained highest rank in clan

    [​IMG] - Defeated all OSL Gym Leaders

    [​IMG] - Defeated the OSL Elite 4

    [​IMG] - Champion at OSL

    [​IMG] - Defeat a league (non OSL)

    [​IMG] - Win an Official Serebii Tournament

    [​IMG] - Win a Smogon Forum Tournament

    [​IMG] - Be ranked top 10 in Smogon PO in any tier
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2011
  3. Victoria

    Victoria My my my...



    The way this works is that we have teams that you will battle in. There will be teams of 4 people, and you will battle other people in your team in order to gain points. Those who turn out to be the best within their teams will advance to the next round etc. So there will be a lot of fun battling to take part in. If you think it's something that interests you, please join.

    Tier: BW OU

    These tourney battles do not get you credits!

    You must battle each person in your team once. Meaning that in total, you will have completed 3 battles in round 2. The two who win the most within their teams will advance to round 3. Here are the teams [randomly generated]:


    Good luck C: And all round two battles to be completed by Friday 5th August 2011!


    1st July 2011 - Puretrainer
    19th July 2011 - Yamborski


    The Black Market is a request shop that us Executives will create for you! It's simple, you request what Pokémon you want, we steal it for you, and then you exchange your earnt credits with us. Here is our current price plan for you!


    Click the following spoiler button to open our lovelyy shop.





    ~~Little Cup~~

    Last edited: Aug 3, 2011
  4. Clan Credit System

    There will be many ways in which you can rank up in Team Rocket. Anything you achieve is of great importance to us, and so we believe that not only should you be given recognition for in-clan activities, but also what you achieve outside of the clan. And for that reason, all the following will get you credits for our clan.

    In-Clan Activities

    Battling other members and participating in wars and tournaments will give you credits. We believe that these are all ways in which not only you can improve your battling skills, but can also help your peers in improving theirs. The following credits will be rewarded for In-Clan Activities:

    Defeating a higher ranked member - 5
    Defeating a same ranked member - 3
    Defeating a lower ranked member - 2
    Losing to any ranked member - 1

    Winning a Clan Tournament - 40
    Runner up in Tournament - 20
    Coming third in Tournament - 10

    Winning a War battle - 5
    Losing a War battle - 1

    ~~ If the clan wins the war, all participants get a bonus of 5 points. ~~

    Donate to Clan Shop - 1 - 10

    Sppf Activities

    As a clan that is part of the Sppf, we would like to take into consideration what you are achieving on the forums. The following credits will be awarded for Sppf Activities:

    The Official Serebii League


    1st badge - 2
    2nd badge - 3
    3rd badge - 4
    4th badge - 5
    5th badge - 6
    6th badge - 7
    7th badge - 8
    8th badge - 9

    ~~Elite 4~~

    1st symbol - 6
    2nd symbol - 6
    3rd symbol - 7
    4th symbol - 7


    Become an OSL Champion - 50

    Other Sppf Leagues

    Become champion - 50

    Sppf Tournaments

    Win an official tournament - 125
    Runner up in tournament - 60
    Coming third in tournament - 30

    Win a non-official tournament - 100
    Runner up in tournament - 50
    Coming third in tournament - 25

    Other Forum Activities

    If you are part of another forum and are gaining achievements there, you will be given recognition within the clan. The following credits will be awarded for Other Forum Activities:

    Gaining 1350 on Smogon PO - 40
    ~~You then get +5 credits for every 50 points you go up on Smogon PO~~

    Winning a Smogon tournament - 200
    Runner up in tournament - 100
    Coming third in tournament - 50

    [You may need to take print screens or other forms of evidence to prove your achievements outside of these forums]

    Spending the credits

    You will be able to spend your credits on two things:

    1) Pokémon from the Clan Shop
    2) Ranking up

    When buying Pokémon from the Clan Shop, the cost in credits will be displayed, and so that will be deducted from your credits total.

    When ranking up, you will need a certain amount of credits for each rank up. After ranking up, your credits will not be deducted but will carry on. Each rank up will have it's cost:

    1st Rank Up - 20
    2nd Rank Up - 40
    3rd Rank Up - 80
    4th Rank Up - 120
    5th Rank Up - 180
    6th Rank Up - 240
    7th Rank Up - 480

    Credits will not be deducted throughout the ranking up process, however buying Pokémon from the Clan Shop will result in credits deduction.

    Members will also have to partake in a rank-up battle once the required points are accumulated. However, it is not the outcome in terms of win or lose which decides whether the member ranks up or not, more so whether they impress their tester and if their tester deems them worthy of the next rank.

    Last edited: Jun 27, 2011
  5. Pathfinder

    Pathfinder Well-Known Member


    The following list shows the current members who make up our war team:


    If you wish to try out for the war, you will need to be known as a good battler, and be selected by one of the Executives.


    ~~No wars as of yet~~
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2011
  6. GerbilGuy

    GerbilGuy Goodbye, Serebii

    um wth dudes.

    Application Form

    Name: Guy
    PO Name / FC: Example/Furai
    Why you want to join: Don't ask me I dunno
    Most evil Pokémon: dat cleffa gives me nightmares
  7. DarkLink3

    DarkLink3 Banned

    App: DarkLink
    PO Name=DarkLink
    White FC: 0175 1590 7400
    I'd like to try out for the war team.
    Most Evil Pokemon?: My Zoroark.<3
  8. Alcatraz

    Alcatraz 0.0

    Welcome guy and Link.

    There isn't a war team at this current moment Link as the clan has just opened lol.
  9. SatanJr

    SatanJr Banned

    Name: Carey
    PO Name / FC:Lulz Pokemon/ColorScheme
    Why you want to join:Cos victorias clan
    Most evil Pokémon:Furret
  10. Victoria

    Victoria My my my...

    Welcome darlings C:

    Updated the ranking systems which will probably stay the way they are for now. C:
  11. Name: Zach
    PO Name / FC: birdpoop
    Why you want to join: because im a bird
    Most evil Pokémon: there is no such thing as an evil pokemon
  12. SatanJr

    SatanJr Banned

    No, just no. We secretly hate you.
  13. Yes, just yes. You know for a fact you love me dammit.
  14. SatanJr

    SatanJr Banned

    I only have eyes for Victoria, sorry ;3
  15. Don't lie to me.
  16. Pathfinder

    Pathfinder Well-Known Member

    Application Form

    Name: Mike
    PO Name / FC: Something Cool
    Why you want to join: Just felt like joining, and looking to get into some clan wars
    Most evil Pokémon: Unown
  17. Takeo

    Takeo Well-Known Member

    Application Form

    Name: Takeo
    PO Name / FC: Hallow
    Why you want to join: Boredom
    Most evil Pokémon: Missingno

    So this is what you meant as a revival Victoria?
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2011
  18. Victoria

    Victoria My my my...

    Yes. Long ago (even though it wasn't that long ago) Team Rocket was formed, and now we're back!!!!!!! Gonna put the shop up now and update it at some point when I can be bothered C:
  19. SatanJr

    SatanJr Banned

    Alright, Victoria. We've got 8 members so that means 2 things, 1. We can start having clan wars (but you already know this) 2. We can have an inclan 8man tourny! so please let's make this place lively
  20. Alcatraz

    Alcatraz 0.0

    LOL, its way too early for a war we've only just opened a few hours ago
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