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Team rocket's Motto in japanese.

Can someone Tell me Team Rocket's motto in Japanese and it's Translation?


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Musashi: Nanda kanda to kikare tara...
Kojiro: ...Kotaete ageru ga yo no nasake!
Musashi: Sekai no hakai o fusegu tame!
Kojiro: Sekai no heiwa o mamoru tame!
Musashi: Ai to shinjitu no aku o tsuranuku!
Kojiro: Raburii chaamii na kataki yaku!
Musashi: Musashi!
Kojiro: Kojiro!
Musashi: Ginga o kakeru Roketto dan no futari niwa!
Kojiro: Howaito hooru, shiroi ashita ga matteruze!
Nyaasu: Nya-nte na!

Musashi: If you ask us who we are...
Kojirou: The answer we give will be the universe's sympathy!
Musashi: To prevent the universe's destruction!
Kojirou: To protect the universe's peace!
Musashi: To bring love and honesty's evils to light!
Kojirou: The lovely, charming villians!
Musashi: Musashi!
Kojirou: Kojirou!
Musashi: The pair from Team Rocket soars through the galaxy!
Kojirou: A white hole waiting for a bright day!
Nyasu: Right!

Meh, dunno exactly how accurately translated that is, but it's the general idea, obviously.
I'm pretty sure that the Kanto Battle Frontier Motto is different from that one.


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yes, it is. However, you're a bit at fault here for not specifying you wanted the Battle Frontier motto.


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MUSASHI: Nandakanda to koe ga suru
KOJIROU: Chiheisen no kanata kara
MUSASHI: Bigguban no kanata kara
KOJIROU: Warera wo yonderu koe ga suru
NYAASU: Omatase nya
MUSASHI: Kenage ni saita aku no hana
KOJIROU: Haato de suiito na katakiyaku
MUSASHI: musashi
KOJIROU: Kojirou
NYAASU: Nyaasu de nyaisu
MUSASHI: Roketto dan no aru tokoro
KOJIROU: Sekai wa-
NYAASU: Uchuu wa-
ALL: Kimi wo matteiru

There is a voice saying something.
From beyond the horizon...
From beyond the Big Bang...
A voice is calling us!
Here goes!
Evil flowers who have courageously bloomed
In the role of the villains who are sweet at heart
Musashi (Jessie)
Kojirou (James)
And Nyaasu (Meowth)
The place where Team Rocket is-
The world-
The universe-
Awaits you!


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Ive always wondered what their motto was in Japan. Its very interesting. Its also funny that their motto contradicts them being evil. So the Motto changes in the battle frontier? I have to say its about time. Even though they do change it sometimes, in the dub atleast, its always the same annoying thing.


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There's a new motto? I don't actually know how I feel about that.

Wonder how this new one will get translated. Hopefully they won't be lazy and keep using the old one in the dub.


I never knew that TR had a different motto since the Battle Fronteir Saga started up..

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Where have you been? Anyways, this new motto sounds sort of weird, IMO, but it'll be better than any of the crap that 4kids could ever come up with.
Lil Brother said:
Pardon my n00bness, but do Wobbuffet and Manene have parts at the end? :/
Yes both Soonansu and Manene have parts at the end.
I just love the constant: "Soooonansu!!!"