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Team Rocket's Next Pokémon - Catch/Leave V2

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Chelc, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. May Ketchum

    May Ketchum Dawn IS my world....

    Mime Jr.
    Skourpi--Everytime he would release it, it'd pinch him with it's pincers


  2. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    I would say James getting a Duskull that evolves into Dusknoir would be cool but I can't see James having such a powerful pokemon. But then again Jessie has Yanmega
  3. Araleon

    Araleon Chill

    Nah, roslass will go to Jessie. I want James to get Drifblim. But if he had to get a new evo, I'd give him... Um, I;d rather him not get Tangrowth, so I guess... Dusknoir? Or... Maybe Probopass. But I'd rather him get Drifblim.
  4. xoabsolxo

    xoabsolxo Member

    meowth- duh

    wobbeffet- it will stay
    skunky- i see it happening

    mime jr./mr. mime
    caturne- mayeb he will get it back?
  5. TraverseTown

    TraverseTown Tauros

    I'd like Lickitung to come back then evolve.

    Also, Seviper ought to stay for a while, because Cacnea and Dustox were released so recently.

    Chimecho got a mention in that Chingling episode...maybe that's appear with a Gen5 evo.
  6. hmmm

    hmmm Scuffle of Legends

    yeah as soon as i saw drifblim i automatically thought that team rocket would get it as their new balloon....but not yet??? i could see them having a big one or something.


    I do see jessie with lickilicky, but who says they trade back?? Jessie steals pokemon, or at least she tries to. As i recall she did like her Lickitung somewhat, im sure shed love to get it back and keep wobbufett. i would see some rivalry, wobb vs. licki
  7. espeon+glaceon=awsome

    espeon+glaceon=awsome The one and only

    I would like to see James with a Drifblm. But i think he should get a Snover. Neither of them have had Ice, but then again they haven't had a lot of types
  8. Shiny pokemon lover

    Shiny pokemon lover Shiny pokemon hunter

    I don't think he will get an other grass type. That was the reason to why he released Cacnea. He could get eigther Driftblim or Bronzong(a new Chimeco, just stronger)

    If Jessie should get some new it should been Lickylicky(her old Lickytung) but that would probably be in cost of one her old ones since she already has three pokemon.
  9. Meganium

    Meganium Well-Known Member

    Driftblim or Driftloon would be cool for James, but the rockets usually get their own pokes to showcase. Carnivine and Yanmega have first appeared only for them. Lickylicky is a possiblity. If she did have to get rid of someone Seviper is really the only choice since Yanmega is brand new and Wobufett is a staple/mascot now.
  10. AnimeLeprachan

    AnimeLeprachan Wants his new forms!

    Wobbufett- It is probably here to stay
    Seviper- Last Region
    Yanmega- Just Caught
    Smoochum- Filler Episode in Kanto, and Summer school arc, are foreshadowing...

    Carnivine- It's not even been a whole region yet, so he's staying.
    Mime Jr.- Not getting rid of for a while
    Bronzor/Stunky/Burmy- Bronzor for Bottle caps, or Stunky for smelly gas, or Burmy for leaves falling off and get's in James Mouth.
  11. jwla

    jwla Well-Known Member

    I agree with you here. And it's annoying habit? Maybe using Tickle as Tangela. Then hugging James as Tangrowth!
  12. Lucille

    Lucille Well-Known Member

    James with Porygon.
  13. AnimeLeprachan

    AnimeLeprachan Wants his new forms!

    I honestly don't think Porygon will ever be shown, along with his evos.
  14. BabyLugia

    BabyLugia Well-Known Member

    I see him with Shinx or Luxio, but not Luxray XD
    I say he should get a Kricketune or a Skuntank n__n
  15. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    Why does everyone think Jessie will get Smoochum? That would only happen if there is a future Jynx evolution or a Smoochum split-evolution
  16. Araleon

    Araleon Chill

    Well, in the BF filler she expressed a desire for one, and in the ummer chool Arc's rental Pokemon training episode, he had a Smoochum and they got along great.

    But I think you are right, she will only get it if there i a Jynx Evo...

    But that won't stop her from getting a Froslass! And Jame Drifblim... Romance a la Pokemon. And when thee are/have to be ditched in gen 5 or something, then they'll Oak them or something to happily mate...
  17. ash101

    ash101 Well-Known Member


    Mime Jr
    Drifloon -Drifblim
  18. Isis-sama

    Isis-sama Well-Known Member

    Ever since Jessie got Yanmega, I've had the oddest suspicion that she and James will both make one more capture apiece in Sinnoh. Team Rocket has never had more than five pokemon (not counting Meowth, who never does anything anyway) between them at a time, but with pokemon such as Stunky, Skorupi, and Drifloon that are perfectly suited to be Team Rocket pokemon out there and uncaptured not only by either of them, but by anyone belonging to the main cast or rivals (okay, Hunter J has a Drapion, but I doubt the Skorupi Team Rocket catches will evolve while in their care anyway) I have to wonder if the writers have a little surprise in store for us viewers and have Jessie and James each catch something further on into the Sinnoh Saga.

    Then again, I was sure throughout most of Hoenn that James would catch a Gulpin or Swalot to replace his Weezing and he never did, and Jessie's capture of Wurmple caught me completely off-guard since she already had Seviper at the time. So it's not like I have an infallible predicting sense for these things.
  19. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder


    ;336;- I don't see Seviper leaving anytime soon. Maybe by the end of the 4th gen. But if it got a 5th gen evo, it could stick around longer.
    ;469;- Recently caught and fully evolved. Yanmega will most likely be staying for a while.
    ;463;- Jessie and Benny trade back and Lickitung evolves.
    ;202;- Traded back to Benny for being annoying and useless. It has contributed little if anything to the series, is useless in battle, and is not funny anymore. It doesn't deserve its mascot status.


    ;455;- Is the regional grass type that eats him and will probably stick around until at least the 5th gen.
    ;335;- Here's an interesting idea. When Jessie, James, and Meowth start arguing, Seviper and Zangoose pop out and start fighting. It could be a running gag in place of Wobbuffet (did I mention how annoying and unfunny that's gotten?). And if they both get 5 Jessie:
    th gen evos, it could last a while.
    ;426;- James' regional floater.
    ;122;- I see Mime Jr. evolving at the end of Sinnoh and being left at his Sinnoh mansion.
  20. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens


    For sure : Wobbuffet and Yanmega
    Love to see : Smoochum
    Might be leaving us : Seviper. If it's anything like Arbok, she might end up having to leave it eventually.


    For sure : Carnivine
    Love to see : Mime Jr. evolve toward the end of the saga
    Might be leaving us : Cacnea. He might leave it with Gardenia, who knows. Hey, she might even trade him for one of her other grass-types.

    And don't forget about Meowth! He'll always be there =^^=
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