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Team Rocket's Next Pokémon - Catch/Leave V2

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Chelc, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Waterpokes

    Waterpokes Well-Known Member

    What? Do you like Wobbufett?
    Call me crazy, but I want every single of them go away.
    As always, every region except Johto, all on there team is switch, except for Wobbufett.

    As BM14murph said, every Pokemon should go for a fresh start.
  2. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    Yanmega is new pokemon , it does not need a fresh start.
    Seviper maybe needs to leave because it's from Hoenn. But if there is no new snake it'll stay.
    Mime J. won't leave so fast because I don't know if James can replace again his "baby pokemon"
    Carnivine is new from Sinnoh, it can stay for more sagas , like Victreebell that was three sagas. Also I don't think the writers will replace it so fast because Cacnea left in Sinnoh.
    And Wobbuffet- I'm sorry but it will stay. It's like the forth member of team rocket. Look the episode pictures and see..
  3. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    1) We more than likely have about 70 hopefully 100 more episodes left of this gen they have plenty of time left

    Yanmega can have a decent contest run in that amount of episodes
    New snake will more than likely come along bye bye Seviper
    Mime Jr. is just boring now and it won't be long before people start a piplup on it that's why it hasn't been seen in a while so it can leave no problem
    Carnivine i love it and all but it will be replaced by a new grass pokemon that attacks James. And sagas don't mean anything really it's series- Original, Advanced Generation and DIamond and Pearl
    Wobbufett is nearing it's native place it might want to return or get traded for a certain baby with big lips?? heheh nd he's boring now lol
  4. Waterpokes

    Waterpokes Well-Known Member

    And Wobbufett are not appearing in every episode, that might be a sign that they or tired of it or they don't want to put them in. And if they happen to go to Johto, if I say, I think this is the only place it will leave. Or that place in Hoenn, with those Wynaut on that island?
    Or form a gang with that Wynaut at Johto, who only was seen by Wobbufett, Noctwol and Bayleaf, I think.
    I don't know, but if they go to Johto, if I say, this is the last chance of going, if not, he's stuck forever!
  5. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    Victreebell was in Kanto, Orange, and Johto. So Carnivine can be in Sinnoh, BF and next generation region... Don't forget that two grass types of James has left already, Cacnea not before so long time, so I doubt Carnivine will leave so fast.
  6. harryheart

    harryheart Well-Known Member

    Good point - and even if he does catch a new grass type what says Carnivine has to leave - look at the writing for this series and how unpredictable it all is - Carnivine may just become like Wobbufet yet more useful only time will tell however I do agree here that Carnivine might be around for many more years to come!​
  7. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    I doubt it every series he gets a new grass type and they wn't change it this time

    sure they might pull a cacnea with it and have stay around for the first season but after that he can leave

    I'm personally hoping he leave in like episode 3 of the next gen
    He has a bout a year and a half left
  8. Waterpokes

    Waterpokes Well-Known Member

    Carnevine has been here a long time, so leaving will not be to bad.
    Seviper is slowly losing his place to Yanmega.
    Yanmega will properly leave like Dustox did.
    Mime Jr is just on vacation, then will be released, like Chimecho did.
    Wobbufett must leave sometime, hopefully soon!
  9. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    Agree with waterpokes himself

    Although i'd say yanmega will disappear at the end of the filler to some mansion of james' that is good for grass and bug types which is where Carnivine and Yanmega both go

    Seviper can get released at the start of the filler along with Wobbufett (who'll have a huge send off) and be replaced with a Smoochum/dunsparce

    If Smoochum then mime jr stays and evolves with smoochum all the way up to new 5th gen evo if Dunsparce then mime jr goes and dunsparce evolves into new snake
  10. totallylost

    totallylost That one guy...


    Wobbuffet-He's not going anywhere, at all. Ever. 'Nuff said. He's sraying put. Not leaving.
    Seviper- Probably will be replaced with a new 5th gen poison Poke, possibly a snake.
    Yanmega- I think it will leave after Seviper. But I expect it to be around for at least a few more seasons.


    Mime Jr. - I think he will follow Wobuffet's footsteps.

    Carnivine- Will stay for awhile, but will eventually be fazed out by...

    Victreebel-While in Johto, he finds his old Victreebel.

    Meowth stays.
  11. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    Unless a few promotional 5th generation pokemon appear I doubt Team Rocket's roster will change at all.

    Wobuffett - It's painfully obvious that it's not leaving

    Seviper - Jessie always has a snake so it's not leaving until a new snake related pokemon is created. Maybe a Dunsparce evolution?

    Yanmega - It will stay until the 5th generation when it released and replaced by a new bug


    Mime Jr - I hope it doesn't turn out to be a new Wobuffett. That would really limit James' team more than it already is. The only thing he would ever get is a new grass type in every series. Chimecho had a part in the motto so hopefully Mime Jr is similar to it.

    Carnivine: It's not going to leave for Cacnea, Victrebell, Tangrowth or anything. It'll stay until the 5th generation and get replaced y a new grass type.

    That's what I think
  12. Brodioh

    Brodioh Rocking The World

    Wobuffet: Unfortunately it seems he won't be leaving at all 'cause he's a new mascot
    Seviper: won't leave until there is a new snake.
    Yanmega: isn't going anywhere...yet.

    Mime jr: I think it will leave like chimecho did and do it for a different baby-like pokemon.
    Carnivine: This one will most likely leave in the next gen.
    Snover/Bronzor/Stunky: I hope he will get one of these pokemon but I doubt it.

    Meowth: obviously not leaving or evolving
  13. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    I speculate so much i can never embrace the pokemon they have for longer than about 5 eps since i was about 11 lol

    Anyway i'm just hoping that they do something completely random like give them all more than 3 pokemon
  14. Waterpokes

    Waterpokes Well-Known Member

    It's not much to predict, since they basically have only up to five Pokemon together, two to James and three to Jessie. And it's not much to predict, since almost every Pokemon they have appears in the opening.
    But something that I think will happen, is that Mime Jr will leave in Sinnoh or early filler region.
  15. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    It could evolve and then iot will stay for long long time lol
  16. Miss Rarity

    Miss Rarity A rarity to come by

    D: Why all the hate?

    Kojirou's Manene should stay, he absolutely adores that thing and it loves him right back. Although the same could be said for Chiirin... >_>;

    Yeah well anyway I hope Manene stays and becomes like Musashi's Sounansu
  17. lucario750

    lucario750 pokemon master

  18. granbull guy

    granbull guy Vasoline

    i think jessie should lose that ugly seviper
  19. Echoed-Lives-444

    Echoed-Lives-444 Active Member

    I like Wobbufet and think that it wont be going for a looong time.
    I hope seviper goes soon i dont really like it that much
    i dont like carnivine but i dont think it will be leaving too soon
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