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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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that sucks big time guys VAATI i hope ur happy with what u have done u ****

Really, shut up. Vaati hasn't done anything, in fact if you take the time to read my message above, Vaati has been more helpful if anything, just because you don't like someone's attitude doesn't mean that you can use them as a scapegoat and blame everything on them. The closing of SS was everyone's fault, not Vaati's we are all to blame, so you should just really just think about what you just said. Truly, are you such an angel yourself? I mean really, you don't really listen to very many people besides yourself. Perhaps that is why Vaati bans and kicks you on the chat, which I know you don't like. Next time, look at it from other people's point of view instead of just your own.


Team SeaSoul Founder
please guys this is not a right time for arguing .. let's have our happy ending as the best friends for ever ..

all of you have done a nice work here .. thank you everybody for building such a great team with me ..

our team isn't closing because of our last losing DL .. in fact we were very proud that we made you have one of the hardest wars ever .. it was a nice one between TSS and TL .. I won't forget this war =) ..

thank you everybody .. all of you thanks for wishing me a good luck in my future .. same to you my friends .. sometimes we feel that our time is limited .. we can't take care of everything at once .. during the summer .. I felt free enough to make TSS and building it .. but now it's different .. anyways .. don't forget me guys .. I'll try to be online at least once every one or two weeks .. I just can't lose you guys .. I'll miss you all T_T

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Jew 'Fro's Graduate
Oh, don't take me wrong. I didn't think that the war loss is the reason you're closing. I just thought it was odd that all three clans that we HAVE fought are now closing/dead. It was just an observation.

Like I said, good luck with this in the future. It was a hard war battle, and a good one at that



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