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Team SeaSoul

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Name: Shadows
Battling Style: Singles
'Version Name' FC: idk
No. of water pokemon in use: 2
Referred By: AB2
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Rub My Belly?
Woot welcome shadowsfalling


Blue Umbreon
Name: Blumbreon
Battling Style: Wi-Fi Singles Only
'Version Name' FC: White/1635 5297 9855
No. of water pokemon in use: 1
Referred By: Khybon


watch out!
Help me build a hail team on PO guys, all i got so far is abomasnow and frostlass..

And ill return the favour by beating u with the team u helped build helping with future teams.:) :)


Poké Flautist
I was thinking gym leaders would be Jason, Rudolf, D.Gray(since he doesn't like to wait for people to get all the badges), Chels as e4 or GL, Jash, Apple, BGP, Muffin, DM123, and Myself.

E4 is still undecided hahaha

Yay! I'd love to be a Gym Leader!~ ^_^

Fire or Rock would be nice (^_^)☆

WB Fizz

And to anyone who left i will miss you greatly and i wish that you will return one day. Everyone is welcome back in this CLan.....(except hewhomostnotbenamedjets)

At first I thought it said something about a homo then I read it properly :p
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Poké Flautist
Yeah :p

I'm so tired... :(

What's everyone doing? :O

Can we have a doubles tourney soon cause I am itching to show some of my skills!!!!!!

T____T After our Mono-Colour War!
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Everyone's doing it!
I gotta go to the dentist today!!! I love the dentist!!! RAGE!!! My Videa game isnt at my house and i'll have to play SoulSilver o_O'
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