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Team SeaSoul

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Undercover Rocket
Name: Shadows
Battling Style: Singles
'Version Name' FC: idk
No. of water pokemon in use: 2
Referred By: AB2

Welcome to TSS.

Name: Blumbreon
Battling Style: Wi-Fi Singles Only
'Version Name' FC: White/1635 5297 9855
No. of water pokemon in use: 1
Referred By: Khybon

Welcome to TSS.

I would like to join this clan so I hope I join correctly because I read everything on the front page and I love water pokemon...Im currently ev training my shiny kingdra one of my favorite water/dragon and working on mming a shiny milotic for battle...Also, ev training my shiny suicune...
Battling Style: Double
'Version Name' FC: 4298-2266-7507 Black version
No. of water pokemon in use: 2
Referred By: No one just stubbled upon

Welcome to TSS.

Announcement: I don't understand why so many people are leaving. We have tournies going on, an active xat, an active league, just finished a clan war, if people are leaving without voicing exact reasons thats their perogative. TSS has always been a welcoming place for people to return. However, if too many people decide to leave the clan may have to close and you won't have a TSS to come back to.


Back in Black....2
Thank you, Twi. We just saved 2 players from dropping into a bottomless pit into nothing. Obviously, there's something that other clans have that we don't and I'm gonna find out. I'm going behind enemy lines. Wish me luck!


Rub My Belly?
DONT LEAVE GUYS this is hte best clan on serebii why leave. We have movie fridays Robot unicorn Tournaments sometimes (Champion Currentl ^_^) Come on Guys please Dont leave. I know weve been through some rough times but Seriously.

Now on a more Positive Note Tonight we will be watching Video Game Lets Plays on the XAT. If you are intrested please come and watch http://xat.com/foreverseasoul

Also Welcome back Blumbreon and ShadowsFalling19


Back in Black....2
So far, I'm not seeing why members are leading, and I've checked some of the leading clans. any ideas why?


Back in Black....2
AHA! I've noticed a lot of the other clans have been through more wars than us..... ADVANCE ATTACK ON THE SUPERIOR PSYCHICS!


TSS Member

And to above^ I think it's because literally, nothing's going on! And the tourney is going by so slow since people can't FINISH THEIR BATTLES!>!>!!!!

EDIT: And I wanna be in a war :\


Undercover Rocket
Announcement: I have decided that there will be a clan-wide reboot. What this means is all point and ranks will be reset to 0 and Basculin.

Rank ups will now be slightly different. Rank ups will be returned to ONCE per week. However you may rank up on anyday of that week. Also, the max rank you can rise is now going to be 1. This means Basculin can only rnak to Dewotts, Dewotts to Sharpedo, and so on and so forth. This will make rank ups have more meaning and still give people ambition to keep trying to rank up. The ONLY way to pass more than 1 rank is through BoS. This will give more people incentive to compete in it.

Testers will also be reset. Upon reboot a Round Robin Tourney will be held for all people who wish to be testers. The top battlers will be given Tester Positions as they would have earned their place.

A new application form will also be adding which will monitor when you joined and ranked up. This will allow us to weed out inactive members along with finding out when you last ranked up and when you are due for another test battle.

Forum Name: twilight_trainer
Battle Style: wifi
Join Date: June 23 2011

There is no need anymore for FC or PO names (or what version) since everyone is now Gen 5 pretty much and FC/PO names change very easily. When you find an opponent there is no need to use the OP as a reference when you can simply PM yur opponent.

However, the ONLY people who wish to stay in TSS and have to reapply will be Basculins. Everyone currently ranked Dewott and above will merely be put back into Dewott. Also, these members will be given a certain amount of points depending on their old rank so you still keep something from your previous works. Think of it as a New Game+

These changes are most likley going to come on the weekend but can come much sooner (as early as tonight) if I have a chance to properly sort it out.
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That sounds pretty fair, Twi. :3


Everyone's doing it!
Im Re-applying!!!
Forum Name:□□□□□
Battle Style:Wi-Fi
Join Date:June 23, 2011@ 9:29PM


One day at a time.
Sounds perfectly fair to me. U have my full support in this.
EDIT: LOL. All those posts passed by while I was typing this? Hate typing on this DSi.
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