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Team SeaSoul

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Battling Style: PO Singles
Join Date: June 29,2011
Referred By: Myself?

Is the PO Tourney thing still going on?


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Name: PokemonOwn
FC: PO - Name: PokemonGod
Join date: June 29, 2011

Does this allow me to join?

I am really happy to be in this club. :p

Is there a TSS Youtuber? Because I could be that one.


One day at a time.
Welcome... We ran out of cookies, but I'm baking a fresh batch.
Also, it is suggested that u avoid the warm yellow spot of water...
come to xat... u can find it in Twi's sig.
Edit: Just finished the batch... 50 cookies for ny who want them. Max of 2 per customer.
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kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
welcome. beach is open again, lifeguard poliwarth is on duty

also PM twi if you want to be part of the PO round robin tournament
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TSS Member
I want some cookies justin share some

kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
now 5-3 in the PO RRT. just need to fight jason and pokekat if youre reading this
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Back in Black....2
Yes, I agree!

I am currently on a Pokehunt- I'll hunt a Slowking, then a Vulpix-ninetails.After that, to the breeding after I finish with my Victrebell

Wish me luck!


Team SeaSoul Founder
best of luck bro ;)
btw I'm thinking of a clan war soon, well maybe I'll choose the battlers this time.. but for the war which is right after this, our war team will be formed by the tourneys results =)
I believe we have a lot of great battlers now
we're talking about a number of Serebii's top battlers: Giggity, D.Gray Man, AppleButter2, shadowsfalling, and a lot of other great battlers
it's a shame for us not to have a clan war with all these tough guys isn't it? xD
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