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SPPf Username :hithebeat
PO, Wi-Fi, or both? :both
Today's date :9th march 2012
Do you use Xat? :yes
Your timezone? :GMT-5 (US eastern)
Recommended by? :khybon
Did you read the rules? :yes
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there you go not too many tries was it :p


Welcome my friends I am Eliteknight, I am in charge of dealing with your points and battle wins. This may seem like an unimportant job however, you cannot rank up without points. You can earn points in many different ways (listed below). I am your point’s teller here and TSS. Your points will be updated once a week probably between Friday and Sunday. I also take care of your battle wins.




Welcome to TSS everyone starts with 10 points for registering
I will revise the points form as soon as possible I know it isn’t a smart idea to have it done
I will also figure out the best day to update and to receive you points and battles to earn points.

1) Points will only be counted once a week
2) You must send them in prior to my edit or the will not count
3) You must use the proper form to send them in
4) Private Messaging only
5) Labeled as Points & Battle winnings
6) Battles only count for once a week per person battled
7) Do not complain to me if you do not meet my deadline
8) You must have proof of the points when you send them in you can say u beat the Fronteir without proof of your winnings
9) When making your points say the number of times the event occurred
10) Reasons for the battle are required acceptable reasons include: 4HK, Tourney, Request, Friendly (testing a team is not an acceptable answer as one is still learning you will get 1 point if you verse a tss member)
11) Spamming the thread complaining about points will be punished by losing 1 weeks points and Battles
PROPERLY completing the Registration form (READ HOW TO FILL IT OUT) (10 Pts).
- Inviting a new member, with confirmation from the other member (5 Pts).
- Defeating a Serebii member which is not a part of TSS, with confirmation from the other battler by PM/VM (1 Point).
- Defeating a TSS member, with confirmation from the other member (3 Pts).
Note: Points will be added only once per week for each two members once they battle. In other words you can't gain points more than once per week for battling the same person.
- Ranking up (5 Pts).
- Completing an art request for a TSS member (with proof) (3 pts).
- Defeating a Serebii Battle Frontier Brain (15 pts).
- Completing the Serebii Battle Frontier (50 pts).
- Defeating one of the TSS Four Heavenly Kings (15 pts).
- Completing one division of the TSS Four Heavenly Kings (40 pts).
- Defeating all of the TSS Four Heavenly Kings ( 75 pts.)
- Volunteering by doing something good for TSS (depends on voluntary).
Jobs who receive points on a weekly basis
Clan War Captain: (20 Points per war)
Points counting Officer: (5 Points per week)
Wins counting Officer: (5 Points per week)
Tournament Commisioner: (20 points per completed tourney)
Shop Administrators:
Xat Moderators: (10 points per week)
EV Trainers: - (3 points per pokemon)
Clan RNGers: - 10 Points Per Pokemon
Wi-Fi Single Battles Ranking Testers: (Temporarily) (3 points per battle)
Double Battles Ranking Tester: (3 points per battle)
PO Battles Ranking Tester: (3 points per battle)

1) Name:
2) Todays Date:
3) People you invited and joined:
4) Ranked up (only once per week):
5) Defeat seribii frontier brain (proof):
6) Defeat a 4hk (proof):
7) Defeat a division of 4hk (proof):
8) Defeating all of the seribii battle frontier (proof):
9) Defeating both 4hk divisions (proof):
10) Volunteering to do something for tss depends (proof):


PO or Wi-Fi?:
Who did you beat?:
Are they a TSS member?:
What was the score?:
Reason for battle?:

Points and battles will be sorted by rank

If you have any concerns please pm/vm/xat me if you have any concerns do not complain in the thread you will spam the thread and you will be docked one week’s points and battles

Now get battling and come back when you are ready to give the bank some points​
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Guys have anyone heard from Ginji lately?
he has been absent for a while now :S
this worries me, I hope he's alright

Edit: Thankfully his last activity was today :) just checked that..
Ginji and Justin should soon finish their parts :) let's just hope so
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Goldenrod City
time changes like tomorrow morning... or monday morning. i hate losing my hour... also hit, whats with being on after midnight just to join?

Blinky the Mew

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The thread for the war against Enchanted Garden is up, however there are a few "issues" with it that i have braught to thier attention and should be fixed soon.


One day at a time.
Guys have anyone heard from Ginji lately?
he has been absent for a while now :S
this worries me, I hope he's alright

Edit: Thankfully his last activity was today :) just checked that..
Ginji and Justin should soon finish their parts :) let's just hope so

Ginji checks in on the chat frequently, its just you're right. He doesn't post that often.
evs = effort value 252 evs in a strat boosts it by 63 stat points
4 evs =1 stat point
u got 508 evs that u can use
there is a guide in the competitive section


Yo, I'm sorry for not posting as often I've been having knee/leg/lower right back pain lately but I'm still working on my part for TSS ^^"


Back in Black....2
Sorry I haven't been active lately. I've been hooked on Team Fortress 2. What's been happening as of late?


She wants it
In a war we are losing, but nothing much than that.

Where is eevee so I can get my match done.


She wants it
Hey guys won my war match so it comes down to T-dawg vs. the metal overlord. Oh god this will be close.....


DW Breeder
GL with the war TDawg!

...when is new thread up?

oh, and khy- here is the pic u wanted... pls ask for changes!


well apparently, spoiler tags don't work! sorry for the massive pic :|

anyone know how to fix it?
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