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Team SeaSoul

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She wants it
Thanks Elite. Everybody give me a list of THE MOST HAX LIKE POKEMON you know please.

Your team is haxy enough. I know from experience. >_>

But if you really wish for me to commit a murder, jirachi.


Treasure Hunter
Your team is haxy enough. I know from experience. >_>

But if you really wish for me to commit a murder, jirachi.

Hahaha, XD, lol Thanks irock. I've been getting Jirachi and Togekiss a lot.


Actually, muffin, we never did do that trade lol. You got sick or something, came back to say you'd complete everyone's trades, and then I never heard from you. It's my fault for not reminding you, though. I just got wrapped up with other stuff. I know how hard it is to keep track of trades if you do enough. And the fact that you have part of a shop doesn't help lol.


I'm an idiot, that was someone else. >_< Yeah, sorry! We should battle sometime, though. And I know what you mean. Not to mention your everyday life and all. D:


I don't know what kind of life you live, but PoKeMaNz is my every day life...and all....as it should be. Let me know when you want to battle.


Team SeaSoul Founder
hey everyone
OK.. firstly
I'm sorry for being so mean x( I was absent for more than 5 days now, please forgive me
many members been worried about me lately :( shame on me
the thing is, I haven't seen any of my relatives after my uncle's death, I was in Thailand last week, and when I came back I received a huge amount of guests and visitirors at home for consolation.. besides I have started the second term of this semester and a lot of work awaits me already :(
those past few days were too much for me x( but thankfully they passed now..

anyway.. the new thread is ready.. tomorrow I'll post the main OP
but again.. please don't post anything at all before all of the main thread sequence posts are there as the following:

1- Me (main op)
2- Ginji (ranks)
3- eliteknight (members list & points) << supervised by Ginji
4- justin (jobs)
5- Blinky (wars)
6- Jack (tournaments)
7- Twi (4HK)

I have received some really bad news about some traitors trying to snap away some of our members, see this: you're free to leave wherever you want, but you're not allowed to insult the name of our clan no matter what..

lastly, it is sad to see that some members are leaving, but it's a great pleasure to see that others are joining..
the new era shall begin as soon as the new op is approved

one more note: I must thank Eliteknight for updating me :) and acetrainerelliot for letting me know that some people are worried about me xP
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