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Team SeaSoul

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Blinky the Mew

Clever Idiot
eww... change my team name plz, sent you it in PM. Also will have the banner by the end of the day if i get ahold of my bud who is making it.

Cosmic Fury

Evil Overlord
Yes, it is. You can still sign up if you wish.

Cosmic Fury

Evil Overlord
I am going on a LONG-awaited vacation. This might be the last most of you will see of me until Friday or Saturday.


Is that a cookie?
SPPf Username : SuicuneScale
PO, Wi-Fi, or both? : Mostly PO, WIFI if needed.
Today's date : July 11/12
Do you use Xat? : Yes
Your timezone? : GMT -6
Recommended by? : No one.
Did you read the rules? : Yes.. ;245;
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