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Team SeaSoul

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So everyone is bidding their farewells :)
My joy of founding this clan can't be expressed, today I stand before you all to announce that the oldest clan of Serebii is going to rest.. I can't tell if this is a temporary rest, or if it's permanent..
Thank you, to all of you, from the far depths of my heart, I wish if I can write all your names.. but seriously to each and everyone of you, whether we were friends or just a leader and a member who never talked... I humbly lower my head to salute all of you.. you were the reason why TSS became this huge..
we have spent some great times full of fun and joy, and together we have spent some hard times, full of saddness and tragedies, through the 4 years of TSS.. I have came in contact with people from all over the world through TSS, that had its own taste, I just wish if by some way we can continue to contact each other... but I will ask you people to keep the xat, for our people to use and communicate always, we will reuse this xat in case TSS has been rebuilt :)
if anyone wanted to reopen the clan thread, I'll be more than happy! just PM me for it please :)

You were great, you made me so proud, so thank you! all of you!

Thank you all who joined the clan!
Thank you all who became part of the war team!
Thank you all who were employed!
Thank you all who invited other members!
Thank you all who helped us moving forward!
Thank you all who defended the clan!
Thank you all who encouraged us!
Thank you Twi, AB2, Skwog, vaati, Ginji, Khybon, Giggity, kaiser, justinpg, D.Gray, EK, D-Bray, Blinky, MMS, Acetylix, MS, and finally Cosmic, for being the warriors who volunteered to lead TSS!

Thank you Serebii!

And Thank you God! I met the most magnificent people of my life here! I have had an unforgettable experience..

You can all get my BBM PIN, Twitter, and FB accounts in case you want to stay in touch with me :)
I will always be checking Serebii for PMs/VMs too..

Please don't forget TSS, all what I can say now is I'm sorry if I have ever been rude for any reason!

I'll miss you all buddies!

who knows when are we going to meet again?!


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Blinky the Mew

Clever Idiot
I will never forget my time here at Team Treesoul
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