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Team Shocker! (529)


I thought that it was adorable when Hikari gave her Pokemon Poffins, and Eteboth's Appeal seemed excellent to me. I didn't expect Hikari's losing streak to continue, although the fact that Musashi had a great Appeal, defeated Kengo, and won the Zui Town Contest was a big relief. As for Nozomi's pep talk, I would've preferred if that had gotten its own episode.


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I'm so proud of Jessie and Dustox for finally getting a win after so many years of failure! Also Dawn's loss was pretty unexpected. These contests really seem like a big challenge rather than the complete jokes some of May's were. Dawn and all her rivals are all really struggling (Except maybe Nando).


I'm so proud of Jessie and Dustox for finally getting a win after so many years of failure!

Musashi's victory in the Zui Town Contest was certainly stunning, and she seemed even more adept at Contests than Hikari was at this point in Shinou, which I suppose makes sense since Musashi competed in Contests in Kanto and Houen.


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I'm thinking that Jessie won to give Dustox an accomplishment before the farewell episode. Jessie has so much more experience now that it makes sense that she should be able to win a Contest.


In hindsight, I wonder why Hikari's Appeal failed to impress the judges. Even if what she displayed wasn't necessarily the most amazing thing ever, it still seemed good enough compared to what most of her competition was doing.
I was glad that Turtwig was coming along so great with learning Energy Ball. It was pretty funny to see James and Mewoth worried about Jessie being angry at them if she didn't win the Contest. Jessie finally won a ribbon and I just loved that moment so much. Team Rocket finally won something legit and they didn't get blasted off again. I thought that Jessie really deserved to win.


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I´m so happy Jesalina finally got a win. She deserves it as she has worked hard at contests and she performed spectacularly with Dustox in this episode. It was a shame to see Dawn not do too well but it is an opportunity for character growth. It was cool to see Ambipom in action. I do wish Ambipom was still Ash´s though. I hope they trade back.


Zamin said:
It was cool to see Ambipom in action. I do wish Ambipom was still Ash´s though. I hope they trade back.

I thought that Eteboth's appeal in this episode showed that Hikari and Satoshi made the right decision when they traded before since Eteboth had a knack for Contests that was reinforced here.


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Dawn’s tendency at this point to underuse her Pokémon in appeals (the double performance and Ambipom) and go for the flashiest moves was definitely a flaw that needed addressing, and I’m glad it was done the way it was. These back-to-back losses serve as her wake-up call to genuinely improve and that’s why I maintain Dawn really has some of the most human/realistic development; her flaws are real and tangible and they actively cost her wins. It’s shown via her goal and actions and not just implied or barely impactful to her character like certain others.

All the Pearl moments showing Ash was worried about Dawn were really sweet. So was Zoe who came all the way there to show Dawn what she was lacking; she’s a great rival.


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Remember the reason why Dawn lost is because the swift she was using was becoming too much. She kept telling Ambipom to use swift over and faster that just made it disappear. She didn't even try to change it up and it just went on longer than it needed to. There were signs that it wasn't impressive. Brock was telling Ash that he thought it was "A bit much" and even the looks on the judges were not that great.

Zoey as much as people give her flack did the right thing explaining why she lost and why she had to work harder on her appeal performance. Its all about the main attraction of the Pokemon themselves not just all about the moves. I know Dawn was trying to act like everything is fine but deep down she is still feeling really upset about the loss and she did take Zoey's advice to take a break and recharge. This was a harsh episode for Dawn but it shows character development where she learns how not to be too over confident.


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When I first saw this episode I could not believe they let Jesselina win for once and I thought it was going to be a one thing time only, glad they actually gave her an entire contest arc! Her performances were always unique and out of the box thinking. DP will always be iconic for this!
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