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Team Skull, Aether Foundation and Plot Discussion Thread [Contains Story Spoilers]

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by UltimateNinja, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Ginzyvee

    Ginzyvee Member

    I agree as well, they need to go back to the evil team doing their own thing and not trying to use legendaries to make land or water the dominant one. It's been a while since Team Rocket has had anything significant or even anything at all. I think they should bring them back. Especially it being the 20 years and all.
  2. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    Team Rocket wasn't exciting for me. Any teams that involve themselves with legendary is what I like best.
  3. Ginzyvee

    Ginzyvee Member

    Really? I guess I'm just a fan of the old pokemon ways lol. Maybe they can incorporate team rocket as well as another evil team that deals with legendaries.
  4. SlowPokeBroKing

    SlowPokeBroKing Future Gym Leader

    We haven't exactly been given an opportunity otherwise outside of the Gold/Silver storyline.
  5. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    I don't really mind either way, but if the box legends are involved in the villain's plot I hope it's in a more natural way than XY. Xerneas and Yveltal could have been replaced with like... a bunch of Electric types and the plot would have been the exact same. Their involvement felt like an obligation.
  6. SlowPokeBroKing

    SlowPokeBroKing Future Gym Leader

    That's true. The storylines of gens 3, 4, and 5 seemed more natural.
  7. Class Zero

    Class Zero We have arrived.

    My memory isn't great.. but the story for Platinum seemed to me to be one of the best.
    Like instead of the single kid saving the world cliche it seemed to be more of a group effort between the Professor, Cynthia, your friends and you.
    And the distortion world was pretty epic too, a nice change from teleport or sliding puzzles and a fitting place for a final fight. (rip Cyrus) ((not to mention the music was on point))

    So yeah, I guess I'm kinda hoping for a more organised, group effort against the rival team in this one instead of a kid just so happening to be in the right place at the right time.
    And a final showdown in an atmospheric place would be a nice bonus.
  8. Endless

    Endless Sun God ☉

    Huh, to me the plot of gen VI felt more natural than some other generations, especially gen III, or at least more believable. Yes, they could just as well have used countless other pokémon to power the weapon like AZ did, but when they had access to a powerful legendary why bother? I mean they could have just left them outside of the main plot like in gen II but it didn't feel forced to me. I found that easier to accept than the regional team's goal coincidentally being related to the legendary's specific powers. With Magma/Aqua being the biggest "offenders", more so in the original RSE when their motivation for increasing land/water areal wasn't fleshed out beyond "Groudon/Kyogre is in Hoenn, so why not?".

    However I do agree that having the team directly connected to the legendary's power makes the box legendary way more integral to the plot, but that has never been particularly important to me although I know many would disagree.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2016
  9. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    I dunno, it all just felt so... vague? I guess you're right about the coincidental nature of the other plots, but "let's steal their energy" is such a boring plot line for a legendary IMO and made them feel tacked on to the story. I think DP and BW did a good job of integrating the box legends into the villain's plans realistically and developing their lore alongside it. I'd like to see something like that again.
  10. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    Let's have Team Whatever turn the planet into a dead ball of ice by creating the Night That Never Ends. Sure, it's a cliche that has been done to death, but no franchise ever shows the consequences for a never-ending night. Seeing the world turn into a frozen wasteland (fit for ice types mind you) would be a great set up for a final battle.
  11. SlowPokeBroKing

    SlowPokeBroKing Future Gym Leader

    I think, at least in terms of the legendary's role in nature, XY had them so random as part of the story.

    "I want everyone ugly to die! Quick, grab that powerful Pokémon that looks like a deer that protects the ecosystem!"

    Just seemed so irrelevant to one another. I would have preferred Team Flare doing something that would affect the ecosystem, thus bringing out Xerneas. Upon doing so, Yveltal would emerge and cause more destruction because the balance was thrown off. Then, Zygarde takes down Yveltal to restore balance. Or something. I don't know. Regardless, what actually happened wasn't really that great of a story, and I'm hoping for a better inclusion of the box legends if they do happen to be involved with the evil team's plot.
  12. fire fan 888

    fire fan 888 Well-Known Member

    I think Im tired of the whole "evil team" as the main antagonist and build to the box legendary. I have a couple wishes that I doubt will happen, but I can dream

    1) 2 or more evil teams in a "gang war" type of scenario, kind of like emerald, but not "theme" based. I think a "turf war" story can be cool and is easier to relate to in modern times. maybe both are going for one legendary (whichever respective legendary for each version) to wipe other the other(s) if you need the team to involve the legendary.

    2) No evil team, just one antagonist who is really evil. Maybe add some humor that he tries to make a team, but he's too nuts to follow. That makes more sense than a huge mass of people that want to follow some guys dream to flood the entire planet earth. (Note: I feel bad for picking on Gen III but its such an easy target here)

    3) Maybe the legendary is very wild/sentient and evil (or wild in one version and sentient in the other) and on the verge of destroying the planet, and the story is you building your way to save everybody and everyone doubts you. Maybe in sun and moon, one could be feeding energy from the sun and going haywire (sun) and the other can be more graceful, sentient, and focused on cleansing the earth (moon). To earn the right to fight them, you have to prove yourself through the pokemon league or something. I think this is my favorite idea because it would make the games seem so different, like night and day (ba dum tsss)

    3.5) If there HAS to be a team in idea #3, make it like a team that is forming to save the world and sees you as a meddling kid and tries to stop you from your ambition to save the world. Then you'd seem more rebellious and give a mute character some life or something. Idk, just a thought.

    But what I think will happen?

    probably what they've been doing: one team shared in both versions that have some sort of anti-human/nature agenda and lead up to the version's box legendary. I'm a pessimist. If I'm wrong and they do something new, I think #3 (not 3.5. :/) of my desires is most likely to happen because the anime does it sorta like that (like with the deoxys movie)
  13. SlowPokeBroKing

    SlowPokeBroKing Future Gym Leader

    Actually, I think it would make a little more sense (and be fun thematically) if he was very crazy/evil and we watched as the masses flocked to him to form a giant population of fear mongers.

    Donald Trump. I want the evil villain to be Donald Trump.
  14. fire fan 888

    fire fan 888 Well-Known Member

    I have not laughed that hard at a Donald Trump joke. His story: get the rock legendary to build a wall between this region and northern kalos

    I guess the legendary is gonna be 'uge. not a lightweight loser like those last games.
  15. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    I just want the new evil team to be toned down a little compared to how Team flare was. I want the Sun and Moon villainous team to have a scheme that's much more down-to-earth if that makes sense, not some genocide plan. ^^;
  16. MysticKnives

    MysticKnives Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind a genocide plan at all, but I wouldn't turn down a more Team Rocket-like criminal group that are in it for greed. I definitely like the idea of having no specific evil team but a major antagonist. Another idea I'd like (if there are teams which is likely), are version exclusive teams. If they have to connect to the legendary Pokemon in some way, then I'd like it so that they aren't controlling the Pokemon, but are servants under these godly beings. Pokemon Sun could have Team Nova trying to resurrect their Sun God of Ra to unleash it's influence by making Pokemon more feral and aggressive. Pokemon Moon has Team Astral wanting to summon their Great Beast Leviathan to correct the errors of human evil that has plagued the earth. Or, both Teams using underground criminal syndicates as a front (sort of an election) to start wars with a mutual partnership with the Legendary to buy land for cheap prices and sell it for profit.
  17. SlowPokeBroKing

    SlowPokeBroKing Future Gym Leader

    Everybody. This. I laughed so hard just now.

    He runs an empire of building hotels like the one we saw in the trailer. Then one day, he decides to become Champion even though he has no experience battling Pokémon. He keeps saying he'll become Champion and fix all of the region's problems. "The region has problems. It does. It has problems. This I can tell you. Will I fix the problems? I'm working on a plan to fix the problems. The region does have problems that I will fix." People are amazed by his words and amazing spray-tan. Trump is the evil leader and the box legend for Sun. He looks like he's been roasting in it and he thinks everything revolves around him.

    Pokémon Trump and Moon confirmed.
  18. JudySpell

    JudySpell Banned

    I would like if Sun & Moon each have their own villain team much like Sapphire & Ruby truthfully.
  19. Majestic-Flygon

    Majestic-Flygon Active Member

    Same here. I think it would be interesting to see some religion or occult theme with the new Legendaries. Like maybe a God/Goddess thing going on, one team wants the Sun/Moon legendary being superior over the other. I mean there are lots of Sun and Mood god mythology in the world and I speculate that the game might go that path.

    If however there won't be two teams, I see something like Team Eclipse as the name for the new villain team. Maybe something to do with sun dials or moon dial plans. If there won't be any rival teams like Team Aqua/Magma, I would love to see the villain teams wearing a different color in each version. Like something bright for the Sun version and dark for the Moon version.
  20. ninijatt

    ninijatt Half, ninja, half cat, all attitude

    What if there is no human villain this time. But it's the box legendary doing some bad stuff conveniently close to you and you're always too late to stop it like a malevolent suicune or something.

    and of course, Eusine overthrows the local water-type gym and becomes the leader despite not having any water-type pokemon of his own, thinking this will lead him to Suicune.

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