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I know you guys are guna think imma noob, but what defines a flawless pokemon?

That doesn't make you a noob at all.
Flawless can refer to any factor of the pokemon that's considered the best(Nature,IVs etc.).
A flawless pokemon is basically considered the best of its kind(i.e.without any flaws).

Hope that helps somewhat...

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Y'know what would be cool in my opinion?: Clans could make alliances with other clans, and form 'leagues' like the Peloponnesian League and the Delian League. Then clans could war like that. With other leagues. That would be awesome. I think :)


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huh.... y does it look so blury? man i havent battled for weeks. im sooo bored. i think im gonna train some new pokes :D


The sky's shadow
Can u nickname the Gligar Pepper, Vileplume Shroomz, Mawile Magnolia, and Taillow Scooby

for sure, but im giving them all as females so that way you can breed as many as you please, also just caught a female dw spinirak (cant spell it right) would you like one?

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a pokemon is considered flawless if all the pokemon's individual values are at their highest. (31)


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No, i dont need a Spinarak Ernie, thanks though. PM me with a list of the best time to trade, probably later tonight IMO


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I feel so inactive...
U guys making a league? I'd love to join but i'm WAY TO BUSY, I'm probably taking a hiatus until BW2 comes out, or until a week before, to adapt to the meta a little quicker xD


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@Trident no you havent and probably never will tbh. I Dont really like to battle people i know... i get this weird anxiety feeling when i do and it makes me uneasy


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Ive battled more than you think my good friend.
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