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Team Twilight

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Written Insanity~
;197; ;197; Welcome.. To Team Twilight. The shadows of the battle. ;197; ;197;


==Team Overview==

Team Twilight is a team for those who are good at competitive battle to become even better. Members have good sportmanship and are ready to help their friends and team members. Our Mascot is ;197; Umbreon ;197; and the Team's supported types are Ghost/Dark.

If we're in a clan war, we expect all members of Team Twilight to be on our side ^_^

Team Song: Remember The Name - Fort Minor

Link to Team Song Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5YJfPBqPNE

==What we offer==

Like the Team Dawn of old, we offer a nice community with people dedicated to helping you and letting you have a good experience. That's not all of it, though. We have missions, challenges, and tournaments that allow you to get points, the currency in our team. With points, you can buy items, pokemon, etc. Anything from choice band to shiny pokemon to event pokemon.

Members can create or participate in Tournaments, help rate teams, etc.


Missions, as said in the previous section, are the main way to get points. They're fairly easy, but at times could be hard depending on the mission. An example of a mission is this: Post 10 times in this thread and receive 25 points. It's truely that simple. You can then save up those points to then purchase event pokemon and other rare things.


Rank 1= Member
All people who join Team Twilight start off at this rank. There's nothing to say here.

Rank 2= Soldier
Requirement: Defeat 10 other Members in Battle

Rank 3= Elite
Requirement: Defeat 15 other soldiers in Battle

Rank 4= Commander
Requirement: Defeat 20 other Elites in Battle

Rank 5= Executive
Requirement: Defeat 25 other Commanders in Battle

Rank 7= Master
Requirement: Defeat 50 Executives in Battle

Final Rank= High Council
There's only a maximum of 3 High Council Members. They're the admin source in the team, and only those who are the ultimate members may become one. Do not ask to become one, because you will not if you keep asking. We'll contact you if we want you to be a High Council Member.

NOTICE: Once we get enough members, the ranking system will be changed quite a bit.

==How to join==

To Join Team Twilight, you must first meet the requirements. These are:

-You can only be in a maximum of ONE other clan. We want loyal members, and if you're in two-three clans already you don't have time for this one.
-You must have basic knowlege of Effort Values and Individual Values. Not know what that is? Don't try and sign up.
-You must have a wi-fi Team ready for battle right now. You can't join a wi-fi Team if you don't have a wi-fi Team, can you? =// I never thought I'd have to actually make that a requirement.

Think that was it? Nah. We wanna make sure you know what you're doing, therefore the first step in joining is either PMing me or posting this survey with the answers:

Question 1: Do you have a wi-fi team? (must be wi-fi ready)

Question 2: Do you know about EVs/IVs?

Question 3: What is your current record?

Question 4: Have you won any tournaments/leagues?

Question 5: Do you know the standard rules/clauses of Wi-Fi?

Question 6: How long have you been playing competitively in D/P wi-fi?

Question 7: Do you understand the Tiers of competitive battle? (NU, UU, OU, Uber?)

Question 8: Do you have access to Wi-Fi?

Question 9: How many other clans are you in?

Question 10: Are you on the computer at least once a day?

Thanks for going this far. It already shows you've got the guts to be in this team. But the question is, do you have the strength? The final part of testing to get into this team is a battle. Note: We do not accept battle requests over shoddy for this. Contact Femme_Fatale to go into the Battle Registration phase of testing. You don't have to win against her, because dang she's good. She's only evaluating how good you are.

If you have any questions regarding whether or not you're in Team Twilight after the battle test, please contact Fatale. ya hear that? anyone with questions on whether or not they are in Team Twilight must contact Fatale. if you passed the written exam, that's my okay for you being in the team. you need two okays to be in the team. Fatale gives the final one. I don't have the answers regarding whether or not you're in, she does x3

Wow. Did you do all that? If the results come in towards you, congratulations. You're now officially a member of Team Twilight.

The reason we make you go through all this is for three reasons:

1.- We need to know you know what you're doing.

2.- We need people who can follow up with their knowlege of competitive battling

3.- If you can't be bothered to do all that, you can't be bothered to help out this team much, can you?

Other Information:



Team Twilight High Council:


Team Allies: The Super Elites

Total Members: 11

We will issue a clan war this coming weekend ;D


There you have it. That's roughly all information about Team Twilight you probably want to know. If you do want to know more, just post asking it or PM me, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. See you on the team soon ;D

Until Next Time,

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Future Olympian
can i join DAwn im back *huh*
I was made for this! Alright! Now that Team Dawn has gotten a name upgrade, can I join again?

It supported types are now my favorite ones, too... I must be in this!


Maverick of Serebii!
Hey, if you want to continue the war, we are all set with our side. Just Pm me your teams list and i'll make the war page here.
i would be honored to join this clan

Edit: ..............if the war is still on then i don't wanna join D:<
I'd like to join. Is it okay if I just answer my survey questions here?


I feel sick...
I recently joined team dawn. I guess Ill join again.


I feel sick...
I recently joined team dawn. I guess Ill join again.


New Member
I'll join... Again. :( Now i'm not a soldier, and i don't have 84 posts xD


Fish Trainer
So, wait, what? Is Team Dawn now closed? Awwwwwww...........

Anyways, I may as well join this one. Especially if there aren't gonna be so many n00bs this time around.


Brock was pushover!
Ill rejoin Dawn. It really sucks that my Noob Battles Anecdotes thread was deleted along with the rest. There was some funny $h1t in there. LOL


Active Member
I thought you said it could take 1-2 days to get Team Twighlight up, Dawn ;o I'll be signing up in the next few days.


Active Member
I thought you said it could take 1-2 days to get Team Twighlight up, Dawn ;o I'll be signing up in the next few days.


The Torn One
i wanna join, post me if when i have to batlle with femmale or anything u need


Team Advent Leader
I thought you said it could take 1-2 days to get Team Twighlight up, Dawn ;o I'll be signing up in the next few days.

We worked overtime to get everything set up :]

Team Dawn was very successful. Team Twilight takes everything we learned from that experience and refines it. Twilight is going to become an amazing clan, and I'm sure you'll all love it. This time we will not stop until we are the best.
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