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Team Twilight

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With all this "unleash our power" talk, you're in the war lineup, Dawn X)

lol pwnt.
unleash our power! Reminds me of the Hulk >.>
On a semi-on topic note, peanut butter...
That is all...


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lol, femme totally called you on that Dawn.

Sign me up for the war! Go on........... you KNOW you wanna........
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A clan war you say?

If you want me to take part, just say the word.


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Blehhh =.= they're post-poning it for two weeks. THEREFORE; We will challenge someone else .-. and we will have a war against them in two weeks..

A popular opinion for a clan war I've noticed is the Super Elites. Therefore.. I suppose we shall tackle the Super Elites before anyone else. Prepare yourself, team >_> this could be rough.

EDIT: Fatale! wth? x_x Im in the war? gyaaaah >_< lol. *unleashes true power* ... *turns into a magikarp* x.x


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Wait, so I've got to fight..................... myself? Well, this should be interesting......

Also, Dawn, what's happened to the site?


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I closed it. there's no need to have a forum for such a small community that lives all over the world. despite how we have active members, its still very inactive since no one's ever been able to be on at the same time. it may be re-opened again at a future date.

On that note, Dave, gl. I hear you're a tough opponent xD jkk. if you would rather sit out this war since you're on both sides, feel free to. I dont really like putting people on the hot seat like that >_> lol.


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Dave can enter w/o repercussions...been awhile since I spanked him :D

o.o .... .... ... ... lmfao. lol.

anyways, what I had meant was I dont like puting people in the spot where both sides want them on their side/they dont know which side to go to without feeling like a traitor or something. therefore, if you're a member of the super elites, you don't need to participate in this war at all if you want .-.


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so when you get more people in TT than you will reopen the site?, Like when you got about 10-15 people than you going open the site for TT
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i think i'll join though i'm not that good at battling


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dawn wth! u closed the site...again, w/o telling anyone...again! *sigh* =.=
now what do we do =( we should really consider voting on these kinds of things! anywho sign me up for the war. im workin on a monster team ^^ also when do we get our new userbars?


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because its just inactive =// and inactive sites can lead to member resignation. therefore, we will just work through this thread. and on the note of userbars, crazie guy may make some more when he comes back in around 1-2 weeks. then we can all rock out with Twilight userbars >:3

Billyboy, read the first post and please follow the rules. ^_^


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I am sorry Dawn, but as Allies it is impossible for us to declare war with each other. Now if you would like practice our craft in War Games that is 100% acceptable :D
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