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Team Twilight

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Written Insanity~
if you'da been on here more you wouldnt have had to, D2 x.x but yes. there'll be a short period where no testing will occur. this will work out well, actually, since the Team Twilight war vs. the Super Elites can then take place without fear of interruption due to battle testing o.o

JmH Reborn

Project BWI???
I haven't heard anything yet from Doctor Is if they are going to wave the white flag and let us call off the dogs...

But TTw, we are doing a battle royale...all your troops get ready for battle


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Not a problem, the forums are closed ^^.
Not enough activity to be worth it.


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I think we all do.... at least I know I do....


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i want to join so here is my applacation thingy

Question 1: Do you have a wi-fi team? (must be wi-fi ready)yes

Question 2: Do you know about EVs/IVs?yes

Question 3: What is your current record?0-8

Question 4: Have you won any tournaments/leagues?no

Question 5: Do you know the standard rules/clauses of Wi-Fi?sort of

Question 6: How long have you been playing competitively in D/P wi-fi?3-4 months

Question 7: Do you understand the Tiers of competitive battle? (NU, UU, OU, Uber?)yes

Question 8: Do you have access to Wi-Fi?yes

Question 9: How many other clans are you in?none (previosly team dawn)

Question 10: Are you on the computer at least once a day?if i'm in town


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You guys need to stay ontopic too. Discussing why members were banned/stuff is offtopic and not allowed.


Written Insanity~
ok i'm sorry, hey dawn what Crazy's battle test to pass

umm... what? o_O

@iamdawn; i'll battle you whenever :D I wanna finish up this UU team and then I wanna get tons of experience with it =] *aka, im gonna get killed a lot >_<*

Anywayss. every member of team dawn needs to get prepared =]] i guess all of us are going into war? idk. JMH! we need to talk o.o;;


0.0 /oblivious\ 0.0
Lol ^^ iamdawn and Dawn_Hero. Which Dawn will win?
haha, Dawn is going to be to scared to fight a girl =P
im guessing war is OU, yay, how fun
Dawn, try and make it UU, now THAT would be fun
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