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Team Twilight

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Normal/Water Trainer
my score as of now is 8W-1L-0D

im sort of at a disadvantage since i dont use any other pokemon besides normal and water types, like the REAL DAWN would. lol

however, my pokemon have one of the highest stats in the game and have a very wide set of moves, not just water moves.

so this should be interesting =]


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ok ill join (if its ok with you..)

Question 1: Do you have a wi-fi team? (must be wi-fi ready)

Question 2: Do you know about EVs/IVs?
yep effort values and individual values

Question 3: What is your current record?
Team A- 60-6 really good with this one
team b- 0-3 wish this one were as good:(
Question 4: Have you won any tournaments/leagues?
no, but i've never tried either. ive competed in one though

Question 5: Do you know the standard rules/clauses of Wi-Fi?

Question 6: How long have you been playing competitively in D/P wi-fi?

Question 7: Do you understand the Tiers of competitive battle? (NU, UU, OU, Uber?)
yes nu are pokes like spearow and pidgey who serve no purpose in OU competitive battling. UU are pokes like aerodactyl who are a bit overshadowed by others. OU are pokes like blissey genger, etc that are seen daily. Ubers are pokes with base stats that add up to over 600 and are overpowered like arceus, darkrai, ect.

Question 8: Do you have access to Wi-Fi? yes

Question 9: How many other clans are you in? only one but i havent been initiated yet

Question 10: Are you on the computer at least once a day? Yes most every day


Written Insanity~
guys he fight Fatale and other girls too, so he not scary to battle a girl.

Lol. yes, I get pwned by girls daily ;D And im not afraid to admit it lol.

@ iamdawn, do you know about the tiers of competitive battling? cuz that whole "have the highest stats in the game" made me wonder o.o;; But ya. I'll battle you =D


Battler & Collector
whats up w/ the twilight chatbox?

Doctor Is

iWinner of all Time
Good day Team Twilight members, I would just like to confirm when our war begins? Next Friday, if Possible? If so, what formations will be set up? All of our members?
can we run two wars at the same time???
i reckon we could, but im wondering ummm, ethically
also, i know our fearless leader isnt scared to battle girls, there is a thing in this world called a joke, it doesnt matter if the person u are battling is a girl or not, this is pokemon afterall
besides, the girls that do play competitively all seem to be really good, because there are only a handfull of them


Written Insanity~
eheh ^_^

Guys, its with a heavy heart I must say I've decided to close Team Twilight. Teams/Clans these days have become far too pathetic. So many clan leaders are complete noobs, its just worthless, not to mention the large rush of clan members who come who know nothing about competitive battling. I refuse to let my clan fall into that trend. Therefore, Team Twilight is now closed, and Dawn_Hero is now officially retired from clan business ;)

I hope that not all clans fail miserably. with that, I shall take my leave. R.I.P. Team Twilight/Team Dawn, the opposite twins.


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I cant say it was a huge loss. We were hardly... active.


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Well thats sad X(. my one month is almost here and now TT is deleted.


The retire StrawHat
Dawn,Fatale,or Mandude. Let make a clan for everybody to join,and dawn you don't need to be leader...some one else can be it, you can be like a mod. ^_^


Mortal Wombat!
Sorry to hear this Dawn, but like I said before, all of you are welcome in the SE. You don't have to join, you can feel free to just come to our chatbox and hang out, plenty of people do.


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What TT merged with SE or are we just allys. well u are right Eric but unfortunately we're not the organized type of person.
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