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Team Twilight

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oblivious chaos
aww i guess i will have to find something else to kill time with or mabey orginize something suprising who know wat or when but it will be there


The King Of ME!
hey Guys...It's Me Ultimamage...
I've been inactive due to my boarding school (in fact, they don't know I'm on...so I'm hurrying) Don't count me outta the game... I'm coming back for a fight in November... ...crap, gotta go


Written Insanity~
Chaoses, your new clan... or whatever it is you have talked about organizing on the Team Dawn chat... will be a wonderful subject for me to test upon..

Ultima, you're far too late. There is no longer a Team Dawn or Team Twilight. that saga has finally passed away.


I Get Buckets
Is it too late to join ?
Oh yeah. TT is dead so:

Do not PM me about the entry battle anymore; such posts will be deleted without being read

And Dawn, for the love of goodness, deleted this thread already <_<
Not open for further replies.