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Team Valor Hangout Thread

Discussion in 'Pokemon GO Discussion' started by JX Valentine, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Flandre

    Flandre Fluffy Flareon

    Snagged Jynx and Scyther on the way to the train station today! The clock tower in my town is always held by blues but its a 1000 something cp snorelax... its surrounded by valor gyms though so only a matter of time! I still havent seen any slowpokes though... everyone says they are common but I have yet to find one!
  2. Tempo777

    Tempo777 Bird Keeper

    The coolest I have seen was porygon, but I am out of data and waiting for my transfer to a new provider, in the meantime Team Mystic has taken over 3/5 gyms near me, still one for Valor and 1 for Instict

    Why do so many people pick #TeamFrozenMagpie, it doesn't seem to make much sense to me, only hardcore fans would know it has uno in its name so that doesn't seem it...
  3. Dragalge

    Dragalge Constance Rookidee

    Thank you Cometstarlight and FairyWitch for clearing that up!

    If you also want to represent Valor with a Flareon but do not like to rely on luck, nickname your Eevee Pyro! Or if you want a Vaporeon and a Jolteon, nickname your Eevee Rainer and Sparky respectively.
  4. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    I finally won one of the pokemon defending mystics team at the gym by house which seriously its a turf war atm over here because it keeps going red and blue alot XD occassionally I will see a yellow but its more mystics and valors out in my area :p oh I found a squirtle outside my work today he popped out of the parking lot and said hello :p
  5. Tempo777

    Tempo777 Bird Keeper

    Thanks for the eevee tip, now I can make sure I get that nice looking flareon :D
  6. LudaChris78

    LudaChris78 Well-Known Member

    That's great to know! I have like 3 Jolteons (which are my fav) and only one Vaporeon and one Flareon but I want to balance it out.
  7. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Beat the gym at my church (held by Mystic) and placed my mother's Pokemon and one of mine into it. We get home and I go to check on it and someone's already taken over it XD Oh well, better luck next Sunday, or possibly Wednesday.

    In other news, I went to add prestige to another gym in a park. There was a 12-14 boy who kept trying to fight the gym in order to put his in, but kept getting a glitch. I told him I'd help, and we built up enough prestige together to put in his Vaporeon : ) It reminds me of some older Pokemon players who helped me in the main games when I was little. It's nice to have that come full circle.

    Also, I evolved my Eevee into a Vaporeon yesterday. I already had Jolteon and I'm pretty sure the Eevee evolving process is random, but there was something circulating online to name it Rainer, Pyro, or Sparky for each Eeveelution. I named my Eevee, Rainer, and it evolved into Vaporeon. Could be coincidence; probably is, but hey, it worked out XD
  8. Dragalge

    Dragalge Constance Rookidee


    This goes along with this very well.

    Sorry but I had to do it. Especially since I was trying to buy a new charger (because my current one got a little screwed up in Montreal).

    Also got my first Eeveelution Flareon. Yay!
  9. Ithanul

    Ithanul Member

    The near by towns here seem to move between all three colors. But red and blue are the majority. Though, I did come across a lv5 gym owned by Instinct. I know they going to be pissed since I took it down by myself. Don't think they going to like my Vaporeon.
  10. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    team valor paints red around my area for a few days now we seriously beating out the other teams atm which I won one of the gyms for us :3 also does that really work naming a eevee pyro and etc to evolve what you want. I thought that was debunked >.>
  11. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Saw a slew of blue Gyms turn red with my friend while we were out today.

    We didn't have anything strong enough to contribute, even though he's Lv. 18, but it still felt good, man.
  12. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    we just had mystics take over both of our gyms tonight but I will take it back tomorrow since its late where I live and I refuse to walk out at night time to battle. I got work tomorrow if I wake up early enough before heading out to work.
  13. Flandre

    Flandre Fluffy Flareon

    Went to another city today and caught an Arcanine!!! CP in the 1000s as well, I was so happy, but now I can't log into my account as it says "Unable to authenticate" whilst my boyfriend can play just fine. But he's signed up through google and me through the PTC... I really wish I'd have just started on google instead but too late to swap now. ;A;
  14. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Went into town today to find the Gym changing from red to blue, and I saw the people who did it (they left a Vaporeon and a Pidgeot).

    Too high-leveled for me to attack for now; I'll have to grind up to wipe the smirks off their faces.
  15. Tempo777

    Tempo777 Bird Keeper

    Some here I got kicked out of the closest gym twice today :l
  16. I mostly see mystic people around me, maybe because most people join mystic.
    Well at least i didn't join Instinct.
  17. LudaChris78

    LudaChris78 Well-Known Member

    Worst luck ever today. A tauros appeared like a block away from my house. I caught it, and the game freezes. Want to guess what was missing when I rebooted the game? Crazy.
  18. Outburstz

    Outburstz Well-Known Member

    ME TOO I was in my car and saw a Tauros so I pulled over to catch it and then boom not there. I was so upset because there is not a lot of unique pokemon where I'm at.
  19. Dragalge

    Dragalge Constance Rookidee

    I really wish they either explain the whole Nearby-radar thing a lot better or just overhaul it to something that actually...works.

    I mean I saw a Parasect's silhouette not too long ago but it's so frustrating when you do not know where the Pokemon is exactly.
  20. That happened to me too with a CP138 Squirtle.

    It's always hard to track down the starters. It always shows 3 footprints but one time I kept walking then the footprints started decreasing and then the squirtle appeared, I threw my pokeball and the squirtle went inside the pokeball but the game froze and the pokeball wasn't moving at all.

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