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Team Valor Hangout Thread

Discussion in 'Pokemon GO Discussion' started by JX Valentine, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. UmbrionKnight

    UmbrionKnight Well-Known Member

    I just got my first Dragonite today. Too bad it has Steel Wing.
  2. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    it can learn steel wing >.> lol anyway I wish I could find dragonites,dratinis around were I live its scot dry of those I only seen two dratini silhouettes of them and never showed up on the main screen for me to catch :c but congrats on the dragonite ^_^

    so guys I had a fun day yesterday I hatched a bulbasaur and geodude yesterday which I caught some cool pokes along the way nothing super new but higher cp then normal and oh got to level 20 to have access with ultra balls yay! oh got two pokemon in the gym for team valor's honor ;)
  3. LudaChris78

    LudaChris78 Well-Known Member

    Congrats! So a few days ago I went to a charmander nest in philly. Took awhile but after about three hours I got my Charizard! Very happy. I've caught a couple of dratinis as well, but I'm not sure whether to power up my Dragonite (currently 1089 - has dragon breath and dragon pulse) or just save to see if I eventually catch another one.
  4. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    thanks which was super super *cries* last thursday night though because I finally found a dang pikachu around my area and it freaking ran away -_____________- I thrown like 4 ultra balls at the darn thing and didn't want to do the third click *cries*

    I had a decent day today I ended catching a few other things to get my experience to level up to 21 which almost is half way which on that road hatched a few minutes ago a rhyhorn which I need it for the dex first one. I got a few more in the egg incubators with 5km right now and a 10km. I finally after a long time got one XD I hope its dratini I will jump for joy ^_^
  5. LudaChris78

    LudaChris78 Well-Known Member

    Nice! I can't get a 10k at all...I've had two so far and I'm lv23 verge of being lv24.

    So after checking my Dragonites IVs, it has 93% perfection, so I decided that was enough for me! Decided to power it up after catching a few more Dratini. It's now at cp1683. My second strongest Pokemon and it's not even maxed out for the level I'm at...thing is a beast! Now to get more candy... Also happy at a cp715 exeggcute I caught which finally gave me enough to evolve. I checked the evo calculator and it says this thing will go over cp2000 once evolved. Very happy about that! Let's go Valor!
  6. LudaChris78

    LudaChris78 Well-Known Member

    I hope it's ok if I post again, I have a ton of stuff to share!

    Past two days have been amazing Pokemon go days. Yesterday I got a flat tire, but on the same road it happened, My wife and I found a wild Dragonite right there! Crazy. That makes my second one, and her first. Today I caught enough Charmanders to get a 2nd Charizard, and she got enough to get her first. Also caught another Dratini, went up to lv 24, and caught a strong slowbro! Great past few days!
  7. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    so I am getting closer to level 21 ^_^ which I did put a pokemon in a gym but ended up getting taken over by instincts again -_- lately they have been crawling around stealing gyms alot around my area which I don't mind but sometimes I am sick of seeing yellow XD I didn't do much with go today but I ended up a few days ago hatched a 10 km egg and it was hitmonlee and I almost gunna hatch another 10km egg I got. oh also caught a goldeen while walking the dog tonight ^_^ I needed it for the dex oh a few days ago as well caught a pikachu cp wasn't good but still decent.
  8. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Nice! I hit level 20 earlier today and caught my first two Dratini while in Baltimore. While it's awesome that I'm at this level, especially taking the Ultra Balls into account, said items have now try to make my bag ful quicker. I really wished we had the number of items we cab have in our bag expanded because those Max Potions/Revives are going to clog space so much.
  9. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    you can expand your bag because there is a upgrade to hold more items :p you have to buy it though with coins though from keeping pokemon in gyms to defend every 24 hours. I think the price on it is 200 coins to expand your bag as well as your pokemon storage :3 go to the shop and you see it under the normal items like lucky eggs,pokeballs,and lures and etc. also guys I hit level 21 now so on my way to level 22 which I got 10 more ultra balls, 10 more hyper potions and 10 more razz berries ^_^
  10. jacensolo66

    jacensolo66 Well-Known Member

    new to the forums but have been playing for a bit. almost to lvl 26. have pokemon up to cp 1963 without being powered up. joined team valor but havent done any battling, just thrown an occasional pokemon in an empty or already valor owned gym. in the MD area.
  11. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    well guys finally hit level 22 a week or two ago didn't realize that I can post now without double posting XD but anyway so didn't do that much since my last post but here what I did....

    I hatched a magmar out a 10km a few days ago
    I hit level 22 about to go to 23 soon
    I evolved a few new pokemon for my dex entry to gain more experience
    I am at to 320 coins which trying to save them up for lucky eggs to level up faster with pidgeys,weedles,and caterpies
    oh finally obtained a pokemon my vaporeon with a battles won saying in a gym now
  12. Exsception

    Exsception Born Completionist

    Just hit level 22 myself.

    Haven't posted here yet, so here's a few things about my progress:

    I have seen 105 Pokémon and caught 104 (a Rhydon got away from me early in the game)

    My strongest Pokémon is a 1606 Victreebel with max ivs in HP and Defense.

    I've caught about 1,100 Pokemon, evolved 88, hatched 38 eggs, and visited 1,300 Pokestops.

    In speaking of Pokestops, I oughta hit some more soon. Might go to some gyms too, if I have the time.
  13. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    congrats on the level 22 which I am stuck atm on level 23 since I need to get more coins to get more lucky eggs to level up faster again with the evolution method.

    so this is what I did a few days back

    I caught a dratini finally which later on I found a dragonair later that day
    I hatched two 5km eggs which one hatched a ponyta and other ekans
    I caught a few more pokemon like meowth,a few poliwags and etc I need more candy on
    I made gloom my buddy so I can get more candies since I barely see oddish around my parts but I see tons of bellsprouts -___-
    I upgraded my bag three days back
    I can't think that much more besides I evolved my ekans to arbok
  14. Exsception

    Exsception Born Completionist

    Does no one comment here anymore? Guess I'll have a conversation with myself then. XD

    I just recently hit level 24, and caught my first Magnemite (they're SO rare where I am). I also got my first 10K egg in months, and I'm fully expecting a Lapras. I swear, if I hatch another Pinsir...
  15. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    I can't double post so I can't post lol an congrats on the magnemite I caught a bunch of them around the detroit area when I was a convention which I finally hatched a snorlax finally with 1700 plus cp which its leveled up to 2000+ now its got good ivs but people just gain up on it to beat it. I still don't like the team work to take down gym things because it makes the gym easier to take down but its the game oh well. I just hit level 25 last week :3
  16. Exsception

    Exsception Born Completionist

    I wish I had a good Snorlax. XD My best one is CP 1500-ish with Zen Headbutt and Body Slam; the worst possible moves. The ivs aren't too great either, so I never powered it up.

    I think the ganging up in gyms is kinda fair tbh. Taking out 10 other Pokemon with only 6 of yours is a bit unbalanced.
  17. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    that sucks sorry to here :( I don't have those on my snorlax which what I mean it makes the gym go down to fast which around my area gyms change constantly which its unfair to all teams so they can build up coins to purchase things which I can tell they want us to buy coins with our money but some people like to enjoy the game how it is without paying but that is just me XD I find it frustrating I take down a gym and build all that up for my team and then it gets taken down in two seconds by another team which there should be a wait period or something to balance it out so everyone gets there coins for a few days at least or something....
  18. Exsception

    Exsception Born Completionist

    Well, that's better than all the gyms staying the same 24/7. If gyms were never taken down, then those people who don't have any Pokemon set at a gym would never be able to set one down because the slots would always be filled.

    Right now, I'm just trying to process all the move adjustments that were added with gen 2. How does Fury Cutter go from one of the best attacks to one of the worst?
  19. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Gyms are still pretty stagnant where I live, there's hardly any team-effort and too many Mysticspoofers that get notifications that their gym is being attacked. Proof of this is when I took down a gym, solo, set a critter and the area was desolate aside from me.. Guess what happened? I managed to get my 10 coins, and then the gym was taken down. wtf.

    Because it's a crap move in the main games?
  20. Exsception

    Exsception Born Completionist

    Yeah, I've got some Instinct spoofers in my area as well. But I also have about 8 or so gyms that actually swap colors every now and then, so there's always something to do.

    So how are the Johto dexes coming along? I've got 42 gen 2 Pokemon right now, including a Larvitar that I set as my buddy.

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