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Tears for Fears! (521)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl Battle Dimension' started by Serebii, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Chimchar's Tears!

    On their way to the next city, Chimchar is starting to settle into the new environment, Ash's group. However, after the harsh training given to it by Paul, Chimchar is rather on edge all the time and is shocked at how different things are...

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  2. Origamigryphon

    Origamigryphon Shiny Hunter

    Chimchar finally realizes that Ash is everything Paul isn't, and is a happy monkey! :D

    I haven't seen Ash take a hit that serious for a pokemon since Venusaur whapped him way back when Bulbasaur didn't want to evolve. Huzzah!
  3. King Charizard

    King Charizard Well-Known Member

    Looks like a good episode Im going to search for it on YouTube later.LOL Seviper v. Zangoose looks like a funny scene.
  4. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    I will concede I was hoping Chimchar would evolve, but hey we've got plenty of time given how long the region is so it's no big deal right now, though i still hope it goes before/by or in the upcoming gym.

    I am glad though that this episode pretty much proves Chimchar is Ash's for keeps, and how ironic that it does fit him well like those who wanted him to get it at the beginning of the region were implying.

    Nice to see Jessie's Seviper got some good action too, it must really hate Zangoose's as it went and pulled a psyduck several times to fight them, and of course Chimchar got over it's fear of them and kicked thier butts big time.

    Lol now all we gotta figure out is wether or not Chimchar's a girl, after all blushes usually mean something's up, even if this one was caused by a hug and compliments.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  5. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    Abit bitter are we that it's his? You have to admit Chimchar's doing alot better under Ash's command already than it was with Paul for as long as he had it, heck the way it acted throughout most of the episode makes it an even better match with him than Turtwig does.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  6. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix Fire scream your self

    I guess it's it's about time ash got a fire starter. I have a question. Why was chimchar crying
    in the episode I don't get it and I don't care if you call me dense because I know I am
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  7. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Chimchar was crying because it never got treated this nice by Paul.

    Frankly, I'm thinking Paul must have a lot of issues going on.
  8. hatotab

    hatotab Well-Known Member

    This episode was just...so good. It was really entertaining.

    Anyways, I loved how Hikozaru interacted with Satoshi. It was really adorable watching Hikozaru cry, and Satoshi telling it that it can cry if it wants to.
    I also loved the small iteraction Hikozaru had with Nyarth, and the little speech he gave Hikozaru about forgetting the past, and moving on with it's new friends.

    I was also surprised at how Satoshi took a hit for Hikozaru. It was a good moment though.

    Overall, this episode was amazing. The art, animation... Geez, I'm starting to really get into DP now.
  9. CoolTrainerTerry

    CoolTrainerTerry Rising Trainer

    I have to say this is one of the coolest episodes of the Pokemon series.

    Stunning animation.
    Epic scenes.
    The animation, especially the first fight between Seviper and the Zangoose, made the scenes even more epic.
    Humor. Including a funny blast off.
    Emotion. I wanted to cry when Chimchar did.

    One of my favorite episodes.

    EDIT: I totally forgot that the scene with all the Pokemon asleep on the blanket made me go Awwww (Did anyone else notice Buneary had her arm around Pikachu in that scene? The small things like that are what makes DP one of the best seasons, if not the best.)
  10. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    I'm considering this episode the calm before the storm. Particularly in the trade department.
  11. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix Fire scream your self

    Hey paul may treat his pokemon badly but he does not have issues! I'm saying this because he's one of my fav characters or else I'd have thought he has issues too with his family most probably.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  12. Agreed on everything, but you left out Meowth's discussion with Chimchar...while the instrumental of Nyasu no Uta played as BGM.:D Together also played during the defeat of the Zangoose(and TR), finally appropriate for the scene it's in.

    Oak's Lecture was Garchomp, who takes off in ninja fashion and leaves Oak very dizzy.XD
  13. Dogasu

    Dogasu Frustrated Elf

    -The cold opening starts with a bunch of scenes from later in the episode. We see scenes from the Potchama vs. Hikozaru fight as well as some shots of Habunake (and a bunch of other pokemon), trapped in a glass case, being tackled toward the edge of a cliff by a bunch of Zangoose.

    -The opening theme is updated with an all-new image of Satoshi with Hikozaru and his other pokemon. The shot of Satoshi and Shinji facing off against each other is updated as well.
    -Title screen
    -Takeshi is making stew for everyone while Pikachu and Potchama enjoy the smell. The narrator tells us that the gang just finished competing in a Tag Battle tournament and that they're now aiming for Tobari City.
    -Satoshi asks if the food's ready yet because he's hungry...Takeshi yells at him, saying that he shouldn't complain since he isn't doing anything to help. So, Satoshi calls out all his pokemon to help speed things up. Hikari sees this and decides to do the same. Takeshi follows his friends' lead.
    -As all the gang's pokemon walk around, helping out the best they can, Hikozaru watches in amazement. It seems surprised at the happy scene before it.
    -Hikozaru then has a flashback to the meals it used to have when Shinji trained it. We see Shinji put down some pokemon food, still in its can. Hikozaru starts to greedily eat from it. Shinji then turns around and leaves, telling Shinji to go find him when he finishes eating. The flashback ends.
    -Satoshi then hands Hikozaru a dish of pokemon food and tells it to eat up. Hikozaru is apprehensive at first and only tries one pellet. The pokemon happily smiles...maybe it hasn't had food this good before?
    -Elsewhere in the forest, the Rocket-Dan sit down for their own meal. All of their pokemon are out of their Monster Balls. As the gang eats on a meager helping of soup, Habunake perks up and starts to glare in the distance. Musashi asks her pokemon what's wrong, but it just continues to stare in the direction where the footsteps seem to be coming from. Suddenly, without warning, three Zangoose jump out from behind a bush and attack Habunake all at once! Musashi, Kojirou, and all their pokemon scream and run behind a different bush as Habunake fights off the three pokemon by itself.
    -As the fight continues, Musashi starts to worry about her pokemon, so she recalls it back to its Monster Ball. However, as soon as she does, Habunake just pops out again and resumes the battle where it had left off! After Habunake's Poison Tail attack misses one of the Zangoose, Musashi recalls it again. Habunake emerges from the Monster Ball again and continues fighting. Musashi starts to tear up and recalls Habunake for a third time, but as soon as it enters the Monster Ball, it pops right out again. Suddenly, the three Zangoose all use a Slash attack at once, hitting Habunake. The snake pokemon is knocked into Musashi-tachi, causing an explosion that sends everyone blasting off into the distance. However, Nyasu seems to get separated from the others during the blasting off...
    -Back at Satoshi's camp, Hikozaru watch our heroes' pokemon train. Various training battles seem to be going on simutaneously. After looking around for a bit, Hikozaru focuses its attention on a battle between Hikari's Buoysel and Satoshi's Pikachu. Buoysel uses Aqua Jet, but Pikachu is able to dodge it. Without missing a beat, Buoysel jumps up and uses Sonic Boom, but Pikachu is able to deflect it with an Iron Tail attack. Next, Pikachu uses some kind of speed attack. As the pokemon runs around all over the place, Buoysel struggles to keep track of its foe. Hikozaru, who's still watching the battle, also has trouble keeping up. Suddenly, Pikachu appears behind Buoysel and hits it with an Iron Tail, sending it flying. Takeshi calls the match off, declaring Pikachu the winner.
    -After the battle, Satoshi pets Pikachu on the head and congratulates it on a battle well fought. Hikozaru looks on in shock. It then sees Hikari petting Buoysel, telling it that it did a good job as well. Hikozaru doesn't know how to take all this.
    -Hikozaru then has another flashback. This time, it's fighting against Elekid and wins after hitting it with a powerful Flamethrower attack. After calling Elekid useless, Shinji recalls the Monster Ball as Hikozaru does a little dance. Shinji then turns his attention to his fire-type and yells at it, telling it that the fight that it put up was pathetic. The flashback ends.
    -Satoshi approaches Hikozaru and asks it if it wants to try a training battle. Potchama steps up and volunteers to be its opponent.
    -The battle begins with Potchama using Bubble Beam. Hikozaru uses Dig attack, dodging the water attack. Hikari tells Potchama to be careful because it doesn't know where Hikozaru will come out. The monkey pokemon finally emerges and hits Potchama. It immediately follows up with a Fury Strikes attack. Potchama retaliates by using Peck.
    -All of the gang's other pokemon, who had been doing their own sparring up until this point, stop what they're doing to watch the Hikozaru vs. Potchama battle. Everyone starts cheering for the two pokemon.
    -The two pokemon continue taking turns Fury Swiping and Pecking each other.
    -Meanwhile...Nyasu is walking alone through the forest. It hears Satoshi-tachi's pokemon cheering and investigates. As Nyasu watches the battle from behind some bushes, Hikozaru hits Potchama with Dig. The attack sends Potchama flying into the air. Hikozaru then aims a Flamethrower up at Potchama. The water pokemon counters with Bubble Beam. The two attacks collide in mid-air and struggle for a moment before Potchama's Bubble Beam powers through. The water attack hits Hikozaru, knocking it backward. Takeshi calls the battle off.
    -Hikozaru is upset at its loss. It then has a flashback to the moment Shinji released it. Satoshi goes over to Hikozaru and picks it up, asking it if it's OK. Hikozaru is surprised. Satoshi tells his pokemon that it was great and has some really powerful attacks. Takeshi interjects by saying that it had a good variation of attacks. Hikari tells Potchama's opponent that its Flamethrower attack was really cool. All of the gang's pokemon cheer for Hikozaru. After being showered with all this praise, Hikozaru starts to tear up before breaking down and crying. Satoshi wonders what's wrong and hugs his pokemon. Takeshi guesses that when Hikozaru was being trained by Shinji, it never received any positive reinforcement and doesn't know how to handle it. Nyasu, still watching from behind the bushes, cries as well.
    -Later that night, everyone is asleep. The humans are in sleeping bags while the pokemon are sleeping, outside their Monster Balls, on a giant mat. Hikozaru stirs in its sleep as it seems to be dreaming...
    -Hikozaru has yet another flashback...this time, it's fighting a Golone perched on a cliff high above. The pokemon is using Rock Throw, sending CGI rocks falling toward the monkey pokemon. Shinji yells at Hikozaru not to dodge the attack, telling it that it needs to be able to endure it if it hopes to become strong enough to defeat the Zangoose that had tormented it. As Hikozaru is buffeted by rocks, it looks up at the Golone and remembers the Zangoose who had attacked it before. Suddenly, Hikozaru wakes up, startled. After looking around and seeing everyone asleep, it wanders off into the woods.
    -Nyasu is still wandering around the woods, looking for Musashi-tachi. After he finds a clearing where the full moon can be seen, he hears something rustle in the bushes. Suddenly, Hikozaru emerges. The monkey pokemon tenses up and prepares for a battle, but Nyasu tells it not to worry. He invites Hikozaru to gaze at the moon with him, commenting on its beauty. He then starts to tell Hikozaru that even though they're always failing in their task to capture Pikachu and are always hungry, his teammates and him are happy overall. As Nyasu gets up to leave, he tells Hikozaru to make a good life with its new friends.


    -It's a new day, and everyone is running around the camp, helping out with another meal. Hikozaru wants to help, but it doesn't know how. Satoshi notices this, so he approaches his new friend and asks it to help it gather water at the nearby river. Hikozaru happily agrees.
    -Meanwhile, the Rocket-Dan are flying in their Nyasu balloon while a rope hangs below the basket. It is soon revealed that the rope is attached to a suction cup that's attached to Nyasu's butt, pulling him up to his teammates. After Nyasu is reunited with everyone, Musashi asks Nyasu to help guide them to Satoshi-tachi's camp. It doesn't take long to find it. Nyasu hits a button on a control panel that produces two glass cylinders. The two cylinders open up and fire nets onto our heroes' pokemon, grabbing everyone and pulling them up. The pokemon are trapped inside the two glass cylinders...Pikachu, Naetle, Potchama, and Mimirol are in one, while Aipom, Mukubird, Gureggru, Usokki, Pipinku, Buoysel, and Pachirisu are in another.
    -At this time, the Rocket-Dan perform their motto. It's mostly recycled animation except for the part where the members say their names, which has this neat roulette
    effect going on.
    -After the motto, Hikari tries to recall her pokemon into their Monster Balls, but the cylinders prevent that. She then orders her Potchama to use Bubble Beam while Takeshi orders his Gureggru to use Poison Sting. Neither attack does any damage to the cylinders.
    -Suddenly, Habunake lets itself out of its Monster Ball. Musashi looks around, worrying that the Zangoose are back. Her fears become reality when the trio of Zangoose climb the tallest tree closest to the low-flying Nyasu balloon and slash it apart with their claws. The balloon plummets to earth. When the smoke from the crash clears, Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu all work together to hold Habunake back from the three Zangoose. The captured pokemon are still in their prisons. Eventually, the Rocket-Dan decide to jump into one of the cylinders to protect themselves, so they drag Habunake into the one with Pikachu-tachi in it. Habunake is not happy.
    -The three Zangoose begin to tackle the glass cylinder with Habunake in it. Habunake responds by tackling the cylinder from the inside. As the two pokemon have their "battle," the cylinder gets pushed closer and closer to the edge of a cliff.
    -At this time, Satoshi and Hikozaru return from fetching water. Hikozaru sees the Zangoose and becomes scared, remembering the ones who attacked it long ago. Satoshi tells Hikozaru that he knows it's afraid but tells it that it's the only one who can save everyone. Pikachu and the others cry out for help. Hikari and Takeshi smile in a "we know you can do it!" kind of way. The pokemon in the other cylinder begin to cheer Hikozaru on. The monkey pokemon starts to remember all the happy times it's had with Satoshi so far and the talk it had with Nyasu and finally decides to go for it. Hikozaru jumps on Satoshi's shoulder and lets its trainer know that it's going to save everyone.
    -Hikozaru uses Flamethrower as "Together" plays in the background. The attack misses the three Zangoose but succeeds in causing a diversion. Hikozaru hits one of the Zangoose with a Scratch (?) attack. One of the other Zangoose jumps toward the fire-type with its claws bared and is about to attack. Suddenly, Satoshi throws himself between Hikozaru and the Zangoose, taking the scracth on his shoulder! Hikozaru looks up at the trainer who just shielded it and becomes determine to repay him. Hikozaru uses dig, causing the three Zangoose to become confused. Hikozaru pops out of the ground and hits one of the Zangoose, knocking it out. It then uses Dig again and reappears behind the remaining two Zangoose. As the pokemon charge toward Hikozaru, it unleashes a powerful Flamethrower attack that causes its oppoents to faint.
    -After the battle, Satoshi hugs HIkozaru and tells it that he knew it could do it. As Satoshi celebrates, Hikari sees the Rocket-Dan trying to sneak away, unnoticed. Our heroes order their pokemon to attack all at once, so Pikachu, Naetle, Potchama, Mimirol, and Hikozaru all attack the Rockets at once. This sends the trio blasting off again.
    -As the other pokemon cheer, Hikozaru starts to imitate them. The episode ends with Hikozaru dancing.

    The ending theme is updated to include Hikozaru in the various group shots.

    Orchid-Hakase Big Encylopedia: Gablias. After Orchid-Hakase talks about how speedy it is, the pokemon dashes out of the lab, causing the professor to spin around.
  14. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    That was actually Scratch, not Fury Swipes. ;)

    And the "speed attack" by Pikachu wasn't Quick Attack or Agility, it must have been one of those "movement only" commands where the trainer doesn't give an actual attack command.
  15. crystalphoenix88

    crystalphoenix88 Fan 5ever

    dude...Chimchar flinching when Ash brings his hand down to pat him on the head towards the beginning of the episode (right after the eating flashback)? Are we being lead to believe that Paul himself actually physically abused his Pokemon? Having harsh training among his Pokemon is one thing, but I'm starting to wonder when the Pokemon version of PETA (PETP?) is gonna step in...

    anyway, great episode :) I'm a BIG fan of character development (Pokemon and human)...and I love when everybody in the main cast has all their Pokemon out at once...always leads to some interesting interactions
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  16. Ashy Boy

    Ashy Boy Paul's #1 Rival

    The only thing I really hate about this ep is when all the pokemon (sans Chimchar) get captured by Team Rocket. It's annoying and predictable and there are plenty of eps where most (or all) pokemon get captured such as:

    - Manectric Charge
    - Sick Days
    - Forrest Grumps
    - A Real Cleffa-Hanger

    Sorry, but I just really hate it.
  17. Chatsy

    Chatsy Perverted Ash fan

    I'm amazed Pikachu actually got semi-shafted this episode.

    I mean, it didn't interact with Ash much at all. o:


    Gotta love how Ash had all sorts of understandings towards Chimchar, whereas he failed to realize in the beginning of the episode that it's common courtesy to help while the food's being prepared instead of just sitting and complaining XD

    It's also worth noting how Paul's harsh treatment never helped Chimchar's fear of Zangoose, but Ash's sympathy and support made it managed to beat the crap out of three Zangoose. Har har.
    Paul's SO destined to become a fitness instructor XD "PUSH YOURSELF TO THE MAX! NO, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! PATHETIC!". Ash should be, like, a... caretaker or something. wtf XD

    The episode was overall very good, and I loved how badass Seviper was. It ain't takin' no crap from no Zangoose, foo!
  18. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    I liked the scene where Chimchar's watching everyone get the meal ready for the second time. It wanted to help, but wasn't sure what to do until Ash asked it to help him get some water. (Although I have no idea where those big jerrycans came from.) I also liked the whole concept of all the Pokemon helping out and having their own assigned jobs, it's always nice to see scenes from the gang's day-to-day life like that.
  19. Sparkleo

    Sparkleo Low on power...

    Poor Chimchar...

    All he needed was some compassion, and now it's got it. *sniff* So beautiful...
    Paul's gonna regret abandoning it.

    I hope Chim can finally get the recognition it truly deserves!
    Also, it seems to be having a lot of bad luck with Zangoose (How him and Paul first met, the tag-team tourney, and now this), but at least it's finally able to take them down...

    NOTE: I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do this, but here's a amv I made relating to this (and the other 2) episode. If it is acceptable, I hope you enjoy it. Otherwise, delete this post or PM me telling me to edit my post.

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  20. !!-D@rRyL-!!

    !!-D@rRyL-!! Fire Trainer

    does any one know where i can watch this episode

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