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Tears for Fears! (521)


Yeah, ok!
That dub error is amusing.

Reminds me of back in Hoenn when Ash said, "Slateport City Gym, here I come!" when there isn't any Gym in that city. :p


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My thoughts:

*New opening song is the same as movie 10's, but it's now sung by, le GASP!, a girl! Doesn't sound too bad, but not too great, either. Plus, they now have some credits in the opening, which is new (I'm not really digging the font, though).

*Grr, Piplup still sounds lame, and likely will forever... But unlike the tag battles, they finally kept Zangoose's original voice. And if I'm not mistaken, Mime Jr. sounds remarkably like Kayzie Rogers again, so maybe...

*Interesting, they kept Meowth's theme in that scene.

*OK, credits time! The instrumentals of the theme are quite good, but I thought the same of season 10's as well. In voices, we've got the main cast, and in additional voices, we have Julian Reboledo (Paul), as well as Kayzie Rogers (they actually used that name, no more pseudonyms for her, and no more stock Wobbufett/Michele Knotz-Mime Jr.!) and Emily Williams (but there were no other humans today; maybe, Staravia...?)

*Bill Rogers is on script timing now as well; good for him! And we still have James Carter Cathcart on script adaptation (though, as he/Billy Beach/Jimmy Zoppi are all the same guy, it shouldn't be surprising). Plus there's Tom Wayland in direction, and other peeps.

what made you think they would change piplup's voice? it's been the same in the past episodes.. why change now?


Heart of Darkness
And the opening song is much more better
than the last one. The last one made my ears bleed.

What I didn't understand was when team rocket
got out of the glass container, Seviper was no where to found.
This really is an adorable episode. One of my fav in fact. Chimchar is soo cute ^^
The opeaning is great and I really liked the background music. Ash getting scratched looked hurtful to me, wow. Animation was nice and I really liked Ash bonding with Chimchar.. To me Ash kind of seemed like a dad to Chimchar.


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That dub error is amusing.

Reminds me of back in Hoenn when Ash said, "Slateport City Gym, here I come!" when there isn't any Gym in that city. :p
Oh yeah, forgot about that one.

It took me a few seconds to remember that they'd just finished Hearthome. Maybe Hearthome is somewhat difficult to pronounce?

I kinda chuckled at "...Meowth, report!" during the dual blast-offs.
That was great. They blast off seperately, Jessie/James/Wobbuffet/Mime-Jr/etc... up, then Meowth down. First they go "ping", and Jessie yells ^ , then Meowth's ping. That's probably more of an animation/scripting 4th wall breakage right there.



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This was the kind of episode that makes me enjoy DP.

~Pokemon-centric again! Yes! I like seeing all the Pokemon interact in a normal way.
~Chimchar's development! I can tell they'll be handling Chimchar really well. When it cried after the battle, and hugged Ash around the neck, my heart melted. That kind of emotion has been very rare in the DP series so far.
~Seviper and Zangoose! The animation of their initial fight was awesome, even if it was a repeated scene. We haven't seen Seviper battle very well in a very long time, and I KNOW it can battle excellently!

10/10 for this episode. I may record it when it repeats.

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I really liked this episode, here are some of my observations:
I find the background battles highly amusing, Aipom vs. Pachirisu was more like battle of the CGI with repeated Sweet Kiss vs. Swift, Buneary vs. Turtwig was repetitive, just Turtwig attempting Tackles while Buneaty jumps over them, of all the background battles that one got the most screentime, and then Staravia vs. Sudowood, I thought Sudowoodo's Mimic of Wing Attack was pretty cool
Looks like Sarah learned how to give Ash emotion during the break between seasons
Lagomorph shipping moment, when the pokemon are all asleep Buneary has its arm on Pikachu so it looks like they are sleep-hugging
Meowth character development?! When was the last time we had that? Meowth Rules all the way back in the Orange Islands?
And a big combined attack to send TR blasting off, when was the last time we had one of those?



Time to put in my...one...two...cents!

-Wow, the opening wasn't a rap. I love it. I don't want anymore rapping openings. And they actually had credits during the opening. That's a first. Thought I would say that.
-It was probably mentioned already but Eterna Contest? Eterna Tag Team? WTF? Were we in that long of a break? I guess the dubbers forgot because you know nothing really essential. Fantina wasn't there and so Ash couldn't get his gym battle. Oh and Hearthome isn't anything special. Just give the name of contests to Eterna. Don't spit on my cupcake and call it icing.
-Poor Chimchar indeed. Saw this episode in Japanese a couple of months ago and somehow I couldn't stand the English Chimchar voice compared to the other...when Chimchar cried...kind of made my ears bleed for the most part.
-I know it was a tender moment between Ash and Chimchar, but I just couldn't help having a dirty thought race through my mind as Ash rubs Chimchar's butt.
-Jessie showing actual compassion when Seviper was up against 3 Zangoose...Okay never mind. I thought I had something. I see they remembered that Zangoose and Seviper hate each other. But when Jessie kept trying to return Seviper...Made me try to think of Zig Zag Zangoose for a second. But forget about it...it's gone.
-Paul saying Pa-the-tic! I hate him, but nice way of saying that.

Well that's all I wanted to cover.


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My thoughts:

-Good opening, better than last season. Wish it was a little longer.
-Poor Chimchar. Paul was an a**hole training Chimchar.
-Random Zangoose attack! And Team Rocket blasts off again. Wait, where's Meowth? "Meowth report!"
-Love Piplup's reaction to being tossed in the air by Dig.
-Once again, poor Chimchar. Good for Ash comforting him, but WTF with zooming in on Ash rubbing Chimchar's butt?
-Well, we know Buneary still likes Pikachu.
-Wow. Character development for Meowth. That surprised me.
-"Meowth fishing"?
-Yikes, the Zangoose are back! Smart, hide in the contanier that is near the cliff. Ignore the fact the Zangoose are about to push you to your deaths.
-Chimchar to the rescue. Takes on all three Zangoose. I wonder why the writers didn't want Ash to catch one, but that's beside the point.
-I wonder how good PUSA's insurance policies are. How many times is that now Ash has taken an attack since PUSA took over? I remember him Poison Tail and Volt Tackle in the first Anabel episode last season, all those electric attacks in the Eletrike episode, and the Thunderbolt and Flamethrower during the Tag Battle arc.
-Chimchar wins. Hey where's Team Rocket going?
-Well, at least the second time, Team Rocket blasts off together.

Overall rating: 9/10

Really good episode.


I've gotta say. The TR development was great and I don't know how long until we had a overkill blasting off scene.


Smell ya later!
Random Zangoose attack? To many zangoose...
Chimchar beets zangoose!
Seviper vs Zangoose
Pretty intresting episode!


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OK, how much of the original music did they keep in the dub?


"Lullaby for You."
I laugh at the dub error. Eterna City, pfft you guys just left Hearthome!

Pretty good episode, yet again the VA for Ash decides to try out something new...


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I laugh at the dub error. Eterna City, pfft you guys just left Hearthome!

I didn't even notice the error until someone pointed it out. I did hear the Narrator say "Eterna" but mind just kind of ignored it. I guess it has been awhile.

Though it is kind of ironic considering what the next episode is about.

Maybe the Narrator said "Eterna City" because Gardenia will show up in the next episode


Yeah, ok!
I hope people picked up on Meowth's long-running desire to see the full moon. Its been brought up several seasons in the past that Meowth loves the full moon because it reminds him of the Meowsy days.


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I enjoyed this episode although i did feel sorry for Chimchar. Like medea i liked paul saying pathetic even though I dont like him. I picked up on the eterna error as well that was quite funny. Also I like the new theme tune as well much better than the old one*grins*
Looking forward to more of the dubbed episodes im so glad its back its been a while ^_^