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Technological and Genetic Advancement – Tech in the Pokemon Realm

Technological and Genetic Advancement – Tech in the Pokemon Realm

I was watching the original Ghost in the Shell earlier and an odd thought came into my head.

Cybernetic Pokemon, completely robotic made with skinned flesh of the creature they are created after, specialised organs/cells also recycled to allow the cyber-Pokemon to use the attacks their real life counterparts do without fear of say blue screen of death hitting internal processors and buggering it.

Basically if that made no sense to you, a robot Pikachu just fully functional with a Pikachu skin hiding the robotic frame and the pouches to allow for electrical attacks.

Morbid? Perhaps but it as certainly what sprang to mind, the use of advanced technology to employ something stronger, lastable, eternal as long as the core is intact.

So I mentioned this in chat which brought up another possibility, I deleted who said what just in case somebody uses what was said to flame:

Or what if they weren't Pokemon to begin with, but normal animals?
That were re-engineered with a mixture of genetics and technology?
Sounds good
One thing that popped in my head was a tech heavy Mewtwo with the classic armour as additional boost over the synthetics, the “flesh” and whatever the hell else it has under there

I’m having a good think about it now actually, how to employ technology and genetic knowledge into creations for either research or fighting use, why they would, how they would.

But that’s beside the point, how do you feel about the use of the heavy duty almost sci-fi uses of technology in fanfictions for Pokemon? The genetic side, maybe cloning, maybe even ones born to become material?

Please, this is not about the ethics of the idea, just how you feel about use of these two elements. To this day for me personally, I have never read a fanfiction that goes the techy route, it’s usually stops at humans ****ed up and created a wasteland.

Who knows, your own ideas might spark brand now projects for yourself, heck, I certainly want to try furthering cybernetics and genetic hybridisation processes in the future thanks to this :3

Go Ghost in the Shell




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personally, I'm all for it--after all, they should be more advanced than us--not only because Pokemon are tougher opponents than we are, but they had electricity LONG before we had it.

personally, I'd want to see something like a Gauss Cannon or a PPC from Battletech/Mechwarrior in a Pokemon's hands. that'd be sweet. maybe in a war that's coming up.....hmmm....

but as for cybernetic Pokemon look-alikes, I'm all for 'em. wouldn't necessarily be as durable as a Pokemon, because you have to repair the cybernetics, while hte Pokemon can just heal.

Personally, though, just gimme a few shield generators (obviously derived from Barrier/Light Screen) and I can sit inside their field and pound on you all day....plus if you have Psychics for additional Barrer/Light Screens....:D

The mix or a legendary with technologic machinery then again combined with human genetics, it's such a beautiful thought :'(

It's interesting to hear other thoughts though, maybe in one universe, Pokemon exist as Gundam like mechs stomping about, maybe select Pokemon themselves are the tech purists using knowledge to advance themselves maybe?

This topic gives me too many ideas, DAMN YOU GHOST IN THE SHELL :D

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That certainly is an odd thought. What I'm wondering about is less of "how cool an idea it is," and more of "what the point is." Sure, mechanical Pokemon walking around...doing things...looking exactly like the original Pokemon their skin came from...sounds somewhat cool (if not pretty strange), but what would the point behind that be? I haven't seen Ghost In The Shell, so I don't have a great idea of the subject.

I mean, I guess if you're looking at it from a "lifetime" sort of view -- how long they last and how strong they are -- then it could make sense, but... I don't know. It just seems weird to me. It could certainly create some interesting plot elements, but it'd have to be executed very well, in my opinion.

Having giant, missle launcher-toting, evil Pokemon robots would be very strange. There's not much of a need for human weapons, as they already have the powers within them -- the heavy artillery would just contradict what is special about them.

Your idea of how they look...isn't exactly what I'd like to see when it comes to this idea. Why have them look the same when they can have eerie differences? If you had robotic clones, wouldn't they be extremely similar to Mewtwo's clones? Concerning a "different look," let's take Mewtwo for example -- he had that awesome robotic suit, and used it to control some of his powers. While he did get rid of it, none of us can deny how cool that suit was. (Well... It was when I was 8.)

Thus, if there were robotic Pokemon implemented into some sort of fan fiction, I'd like to see more of a difference, rather than just strength and long life. Y'know...spice things up a bit. It could make for some seriously spooky description; I'd love to see that.

But that's just me.


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Same reason as Weaver.
As I said this is just a random diea rolling around in my head, I just created the topic to hopefully kick start a general dicussion on the subject and/or on the random idea that thwacked me.

I've certainly messed with genetics before but never the technolgical side which is why I'm having a good think about it, I do WANT to use it but not for the sake of using it.

You have to of course thing of other elements that come into play with the skinned critter example, there are a whole variety of topics that could be abused in from battle, racing, stealth, infiltration, research as examples. It's one of those odd things really, there is a lot more if you just start to counter think yourself, then the ideas start popping up.

Another example would be, would in this "reality" have the Pokemon with the abilities we are more used to? Could something have happened maybe?

Bit like artwork in that sense, you can stick religiously to the basic fibres in Fantasy artwork, or chuck it out the window and run like hell.

Ghost in the shell, I have no real idea why it triggered it as I've certainly not even considered the thought before. I'm a bit too attached to my hellholes or myths/legends in a world to have bothered ebfore but... I do;t know te thought of dabbling about in cybernetics and the huge aray of avenues they may have access to does stand as very appealing.

This, just like you, is just me. I'm so used to having a concept rooted in plausible then the expo in anything but, I do understand for other people it might be harder to think outside the blatant linearity that kills so many peices of writting and indeed artwork on both originaility and production results.

And it would also seem I'm also on ramble mode, I do apologise.


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One time I thought of transforming a Machoke into a cybernetic creature similar to the Borg from Star Trek. I called it Maborg for a lack of a better name.

Robotic Pokemon doesn't appeal to me (except for the Magnemite line and other Pokemon of the like). I'm a Sci-Fi lover but I like the organic feel to Pokemon.


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For some reason, this made me think of the Ship of Theseus paradox. It's difficult to apply the concept to living creatures, but I'll give it a shot.

Let's say a trainer's Pokémon is near death, either from extensive injury or old age or whatever. Now let's say there exists technology that can upload that Pokémon's consciousness, including all its memories and experiences, to some sort of artificial repository. So, would a cybernetic body with that consciousness still be the same Pokémon the trainer had before, or would it only be a copy?

To simplify further, think of moving a file around on your hard drive. You aren't actually moving the file--the operating system is making a new copy in the new location and deleting the old version from the old location. For all intents and purposes, it's the same file, but it's up for debate on whether it's the original file.

Given the popular theme of how Pokémon and their trainers form very close bonds during their trials and adventures together, the idea of cybernetics raises the question of when two characters truly might part ways.
Pokemon and Machines could be fused to create weapons of warfare.
Oooh. Fun war scenes.


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Pokemon and Machines could be fused to create weapons of warfare.
Oooh. Fun war scenes.


like Pokemon themselves aren't pretty much the ultimate war machines?

The Beams, Fire Blast, Surf, Hydro Pump, plus al lthe defensive techniques....

utter pwnage. tanks wouldn't stand a chance. Dragons would pwn helicopters and planes....

and, to keep this on topic, imagine if technological devices were developed that would augment the powers of Pokemon--devices that would augment the teleportation powers, their protecting powers (Light Screen, Barrier would be the ultimate defensive moves in terms of army vs army battles), their offensive powers...

my fics have always (since the start of the Engaran Wars Trilogy) had army combat....very few humans combatants....:D

personally, I think that implants/technosuits would be SWEET. probably wouldn't use 'em in mine that much, but it's still really cool.

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I concieved this a few months ago but I was too lazy at the time to continue it. D: Glad I'm bringing it back.

I personally don't care whether people employ technology in their fanfiction universes. I'm always pushing for creativity and would love for people to think outside the box. I'm honestly sick and tired seeing the same things over again.

Zephyr Flare said:
Go Ghost in the Shell
Hells yeah :)


Cybernetic pokémon eh? perhaps I should mess around with the idea...

Actually, it would be kinda cool if there was a human like Dr.Robotik (not Eggman) who would capture pokémon and roboticize them.


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Cybernetic pokemon don't necessarily have to be created from scratch. What if a pokemon lost a vital part of its body, and got a mechanical replacement which was later upgraded? That could work...

However, I'm pretty unsure of how some pokemon aren't already cybernetic in the first place... Blastoise has cannons growing from its back, and we can't exactly call something made from steel "organic", can we? Who knows - maybe these pokemon, including those which fuse together in evolutions (magnemite, beldum etc.), pokeballs and the storage system could be remnants of a long lost ancient technology. It doesn't make sense that humans know how to shrink and transport pokemon into spheres the sizes of large marbles, turn those marbles into electronic data and send them all over the place, yet haven't discovered intergalactic travel and colonized other planets...
That would make for a pretty idea if someone decides to use it. ;)


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dude...interGALACtiC? I think you mean interstellar....

my theory for the advanced technology, as said above, solves a great deal of problems--they had access to electricity LONG before we did in the form of electric types, so it makes sense that they would be technologically ahead of us

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Heh, funny this should be brought up... A few months ago around the same time I began my current fanfic, I started another as I tried to find where my writing “heart,” so to speak, was. That one was called IMPULSE, and was a sci-fi, cyberpunk, Ghost in the Shell inspired fanfic complete with cybernetic humans and Pokémon. I only got one chapter done, deciding to focus on TFC over it, but I’ve always thought about the idea and how neat it would be. Recently it’s come up in my mind again but with a different plot and characters (IMPULSE was about a man and his Pokémon infiltrating a cybernetic mega corporation to uncover the secrets of the IMPULSE system, whereas this new plot I’ve toyed with is about a futuristic police officer complete with a cybernetic Pokémon companion who begins to uncover some disturbing secrets...), so who knows what may happen in the future.

Technology has always been one of my favorite subjects, and even in non sci-fi fics I always enjoy when some technological aspects are included. I find it sad that sci-fi (and in particular cyberpunk, such as Ghost in the Shell) is such an underused genre when it comes to Pokémon fanfics...


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my theory for the advanced technology, as said above, solves a great deal of problems--they had access to electricity LONG before we did in the form of electric types, so it makes sense that they would be technologically ahead of us
Won't that mean that they would have invented the human version of the pokeball first? A "Humanorb", perhaps? :D
Still surprised not many have clicked about maybe using a technological edge for their One shot contest entry yet :)

I was actually thinking last night (Why is it while I'm trying to sleep) of Pokemon being cybermetic maybe solely in limb like you said though FMA quickly popped in my ehad when I thought of it :x Still, it's yet another possbility. Hell even hybrids or forced anthromorphics could have it.

The thought has to always be that who the hell defines that the Pokemon reality has to be strictly as it is? Kinda like in fantasy art with Gryphons, there are so many different concepts of the same thing under one banner, you don;t have to gel with a single perception of a concept if you don't want to.

It's part of the fun in both writting and artwork I find.

I did read ages ago about this guy who had Pokemon DNA implants, pulled a very low in the cards person to be faster, stronger and possibly also much more of a ******* in the process. That would certainly fall under the genetics banner but it's still, yet another way of looking at things.

You know I want to draw one of these things now, I might spam my own thread with the concept, lol :'(


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I was wondering something.

When you send a pokeball over the storage system, the pokemon itself is converted into data and sent over. According to the anime, the pokemon is sent to Professor Oak's personal fields, but according to other sources, the pokemon just remains as stored data in the storage system, to be recalled at any time. Considering we never see these fields, the latter seems to fit better.

Therefore, theoretically, the storage system saves a pokemon's personality in the system, while destroying the original body and saving the shape, linking it to the personality. Most pokemon don't seem to like this, according to the games.

(Random thought: In some of the manga, the support for the data theory is found when some dusty old data is dusted off, withdrawn and a pokemon is discovered. What happens to the ones that don't?)

Perhaps the pokeballs work in the same way. If apricorns were the predecessors of pokemon, does that mean that naturally-occuring technology exists and evolved?

Added to that is the fact that Mewtwo is technically part-human DNA. If he can be captured, human DNA can be captured as well. But according to the anime, inanimate/non-organic, non-pokemon objects can be captured as well. What does that make the pokeballs?

Cybernetic pokemon...Fun idea. I was wondering more about whether it would be possible to implant artificial AI into pokemon bodies without installing any hardware. It may be possible - look at Porygon.
You know 've never actually thought about the storage aspect though remembering way back now, Bill was zapping the pokeballs from anywhere to Red in an instant (Bar Fearow, of course :D) It is an interesting concept which I can't say I've seen pursued very often myself yet it's been there the entire time.

Too, man, fic, ideas, seriously. But it is also very interesting to read, even for doi moments :)