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Teen Titans: Future Imperfect (RP Thread) [T]


I <3 Catgirls

Thanks so much Neo/Avenger​

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Discussion Thread

Map of San Francisco is being used as a rough map of the city

It is 10 years in the future of the Teen Titans series, but this is not a good future. The city has gone through what most people call "The Apocalypse." No, not a nuclear war, alien invasion, horrific natural disaster, or a meteor crashing into the world like what killed the dinosaurs. Something worse. You ask me “what can be worse than any of this?” Simple, really; the bad guys have won, good is no more, and the humans that remain are enslaved to do the bidding of their new masters.

For those who are alive, life is never-ending hell and torture, worse than the depths of hell itself. They wake up and go to work. What's so bad about work? "Work" for them is being slaves to the evil dictators of their once fair Jump City. Ordinary citizens have to do as they're told to be able to keep their lives. They need to live to survive this, because surely it won't last forever. Or will it? The authorities and government have been killed, enslaved, or bought off, and the rest of the country, along with the world, have given up on this city, now called Dark City, or The City of Shadows, depending on who you ask. The city has been cordoned off. As long as the bad guys stay there, they can have their way with the city for now. Those who are born in this city are called "The Cursed" or "The Unfortunate" because they are doomed to live out their lives as just tools.

What of the once strong Titans? They are a myth, a tale told as a sort of religion to give hope and motivation to those that need it. They have been scattered into hiding, their powers unused and untrained, weakened by the hands of time. Over the course of the 10 years Robin, the leader, had gone off to train with Batman and came back as Nightwing. But he had been almost fatally wounded in the last stand, and has since been in a coma for 8 years. The team tried to go on without him, but it was impossible to beat the forces of evil without a strong leader. They were horribly defeated and even more horribly wounded, forced to go into hiding to avoid being killed. Raven, Beastboy and Cyborg were the only ones who knew how that fight really turned out.

When Nightwing was brought down by a number of the Slade duplicates they had come up against in this final battle, Raven was the first to fight her way through to reach him and investigating with her powers knew he was as near to death as it is humanly possible to be without going beyond the brink. She knew the knowledge would probably crush Starfire if they were unable to save him. The battle was being lost, that much was obvious. So, Raven did the only thing she could think to do, she made it look to all that watched as though she, Cyborg, and Beast Boy were crushed by a tumbling building that had been under the attack of one of the other villains. There had been so many of them united in this one battle that they must have been rallied under someone, but whose banner they were under was a mystery to everyone but them.

In reality, Raven carried Nightwing away with her power and hid herself and the others as they retreated. In the end Nightwing had to be put in a life support capsule that Cyborg fashioned out of parts obtained from various abandoned hospitals. The three then hid for a time with him underground in an unknown location. When they finally concluded that there was nothing more that could be done by them at the time and that they were endangering him further by the necessity of having to come and go, and therein opening up the possibility that evildoers might follow them to their hiding place, they left him there, leaving no clues to his whereabouts, hoping that one day he would wake up and lead them to victory once more.

Cyborg used the little technology he had scrounged up to make a memory modification device, which he used to erase their memories of Robin's hidden location, even each other's. They were each exposed to the device one at a time by Cyborg, and exited not knowing what they were doing there, why they had come, or any plans of the others on how to hide. When it came time to use the device on himself, Cyborg made sure that he fired his blaster on maximum power at the same time, vaporizing it. He left like the others, without any idea of what he was doing there, why he had come, and where the other Titans were. They had agreed beforehand that it was better this way in case they were captured. The three had disappeared into the shadows, which were everywhere around them, and were lost to the wind.

But Nightwing has not awoken for 8 whole years, and the Titans' spirits are broken. Those that can, try to lead normal lives; at least as normal as possible with evil presiding over everything in their lives. Those that can't, live in the sewers with the rest of the people that have not submitted to evil.

They call themselves The Renegades, and their leader is none other than Starfire herself. Plagued by the loss of the four friends that meant everything to her, her once cheerful demeanor has hardened. She only shows her cheerfulness when she has to use her powers, and even that's not a guarantee. Her one goal in life is to beat the forces of evil one day, and rid the city of their foul, dirty control.

A mineral has been discovered that can give ordinary humans abilities beyond imagination. It's called Diamite. Simply by touch, Diamite mutates people. Some lose their bodies and become monsters with superhuman strength. Others gain the ability to change their shape at will. These are simply two examples of the almost limitless possibilities of what this mineral can bestow to ordinary humans. The properties of Diamite are simply not of this world.

Of course it's not of this world. It comes from Tamaran, Starfire's home planet. It's harmless to Tamaranians, and is therefore used as fuel for it's abundant energy. But other races are mutated by it. Even in small quantities, Diamite gives off potent energy, and a marble-sized piece would be enough to power a city for eons. Many minions of evil would love to get their hands on a piece of Diamite, so the quantity that The Renegades possess is a carefully guarded secret.


And we're off! I expect crappy starting off posts, but feel free to prove me wrong. Mine will of course be crappy, since I admit I suck at starting posts.

The heroes are starting off roughly from Zalck's RP Sample, which just happens to be fitting to start from. The villains will have to start off on their own or from something Neo posts.

I ask, for the sake of other players who may not have read everybody's signups, or forgetful GMs, that you put the following on top of your posts in bold and put in your own information:

[url*=Direct link to your Sign Up post, obtained from the post number to the right side]Character Name[/*url] (Take out the asterisks)
Approximate location, if the character knows it
Affected RPers: Player usernames here


Renegades HQ, Central Gathering Plaza
Affected RPers: Whoever chooses to be listening to the speeches or to follow her afterward. Since player locations haven't been established yet, I have to be this vague

A large underground cavern, at least 25 miles below even the city sewers, The Below was our home. Some also called it Undercity because it was literally under the city. There was this central plaza, with tunnels going off in all directions for various reasons. Personal chambers, recreation rooms, training rooms, storage. There were even some rooms I had not been to. The Below was created even before I came here.

The Captain had just given his speech and people were applauding/cheering. I wanted to say glorious job and just sulk off to my chamber, but it was up to me to motivate these people. They had chosen me to lead because I was with the original Titans and this had been my protectorate city before it was theirs. Sigh, where are you friends? Maybe you are not dead?

I walked up to the podium and started to speak in a meek voice. The microphone would carry it and I would sound like I was speaking loudly. Which I was not.

"Friends, I cannot begin to tell you what kind of odds we are facing. It is rough up there. We must persevere. We must get our city back. I sincerely hope we do not die trying, but sadly some of you will not be with us at some point. It is the sad truth. You will be remembered in our hearts." I coughed a little, pausing.

"We want our city back, we need our city back. We must strive to get it back. We will not yield to the oppressors. Now who is with me?!" I raised my voice to a shriek, yet it still was not very loud. The microphone made it loud and carried it to the thousands who had gathered here.

Cheering and applause, as I stepped down and the next speaker stood up to take the podium.

I walked off toward the corridor leading to the personal chambers, but was stopped by Cat, a mutant who besides being a large feral cat with the agility, speed, and strength of one, didn't have any other powers.

"Starfire, this woman says she is your sister." He said in a gruff voice, pointing to a cloaked figure who was standing next to him.

"I do not have a sister." I answered, attempting to walk between them.

"Now, now, is that any way to greet your sister?!" Yelled the cloaked figure, shaking off her hood while everybody who saw this gasped.

She hadn't changed much. Darker versions of my outfit, with armor covering her skin, and slightly taller than me.

"Sister?!" I turned to Cat. "How could you bring her here?!

"Blackfire says she's here to help us. Help you." Answered Cat, pointing to the Gordanian style handcuffs my sister was wearing. "When we met she asked to have these put on her and gave me the keys."

"Now calm down sister. It's all true. I willingly submit to you and your people." Said Blackfire kicking off the rest of the cloak. "I also know about your problem sister."

"My problem?"

"Yes. You've lost access to most of your powers, and only I know how to restore them." Answered Blackfire while Cat jiggled the keys in one hand.

"And what is in it for you?" I leered at her in anger, wanting to strangle her if it wasn't for the fact that she was already handcuffed and thus weakened.

"Don't get me wrong. Nothing has changed between us. I still intend to kill you and bring your body to my children to feast on." She grinned and giggled evilly. "But I'm the only one who will choose when and where you die, and nobody else. I'm here to make sure nobody else gets the honor of killing you." She paused here, motioning for Cat to hand me the keys, which I accepted. "I submit to you, in order for you to be in shape to fight me in the future." She said this, while kneeling in front of me with her face down on the floor. "This is so degrading, but if it will prove I mean what I say I'll do it."

I pondered on this for a moment. Everything she said was right. All of it. But could she be trusted? "Fine, it is worth a shot." She was still kneeling before me. "But if you betray me, it will be you who your disgusting children will be eating."

Cat ran off to watch the gathering, while we prepared to depart for my quarters to talk.
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Philosopher Knight
Hero/Head of Espionage/Assassin
Renegades HQ, Central Gathering Plaza
Affected RPers: Starfire, Other RPers in the arena

The rogue figure observed the speech of the Captain and see Starfire. He stood hanging from the lights above. He sighed as he realized how much she had been changed. What he wouldn't give to see her emerald eyes sparkle with true mirth once more. He wondered why none of the Justice League was here. The Flash could instantly end this feud or even some of the other folk.

"Damn it Nightwing..." he said. This figure was one of the later Titans and the 2nd Titan known to be here, the first being Starfire. He was the ninja of ice, the assassin of ice with the heart of fire.


Ninjice heard her speech before he saw her go off. As he was going to confront her, he saw Cat bring her...


His face became even more serious as he wondered what was she doing here. He could not hear much though it appears they would be allies...

for now anyway.

Ninjice could only sigh in annoyance. "Wish we had a time machine. We go back and kill that bloody Shade before she could have done anything. Maybe tossing her into a dying sun or the black hole in the center of the Milky Way would work," Ninjice said to himself as he leaped and made his way down to the ground or rather near the sisters.

"So you're Blackfire..." Ninjice said as he looked at her with a critical eye. He had been with the Titans long enough to know about some of their past adventures.

"Current reports are in. Nothing unusual... well beyond the unusual..." Ninjice said as he looked at her. He had long known she was the msot receptive of the team emotionally as well as expressive. Bad news would not be the best idea. However...

"I have heard rumors though... that one of the villains escaped to the outskirts of the city to work on a project that would supposedly end Shade. Ninjice let himself remember the face of the elderly and wounded old tramp who passed on Ninjice the messege in Morse code before he bled to death. He let out a small smirk. "The old man had overheard the villain use the words 'temporal gate' and that was all he heard before scampering off. Whoever this villain is... he could be trying to make a time machine," Ninjice said. The implications were enormous if this lead was true. They could travel back in time and kill Shade.

However, anyone smart to make a time machine and living in the city was either brilliant to not be caught or insane to where Shade could not fanthom their thoughts. His bets were on both.
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Samantha Sparks

Well-Known Member
Kotamae Furukawa
Affected RPers: Marion/Zeshikrom

Kotamae strolled along the docks of the Dark City. He descended from the aristocratic magic users known as the Stiltons, something that was generally unknown to regular humans and non-magic users alike. He had the traits of an average Stilton - androgynous, petite, and not to be messed with.

His silvery-white fox ears popped from his head, along with a pair of fox tails from his lower body. Noting the oddity, he generated an orb of rainbow-hued flames from his hand, before flinging it into the water. An entity could be seen burning and being tortured bu the rainbow flames. He threw some more into the water, torturing more evil grunts.

The half-kitsune hybrid pointed his wooden sword at the drowning grunts. "Consiser this mercy, and be glad that my mood is improving." Kotamae knew that they could breathe in water, since they have been following him for quite a while. This brutal act was bound to mercilessly traumatize the grunts so thaat they would stop 'annoying' him.

"Well," Kotamae then walked towards a mansion. He looked at its balcony, and saw a young lady playing the violin. Just the person he was looking for. He thought it would be rude to interrupt her violin practice, so he simply admired her from below. she truly was a beauty. Of course, his effeminate appearance was bound to make someone mistake him for a seven-year old girl. Up until today, no one knows his actual gender.

The Yoko
Former Jump City Museum
Affected RPers: N/A

The former Jump City Museum was practically an empty, barren place. Nothing was in there, or so it seems.
This day, three perculiar creatures, a Nue, a Yuki-onna and a Yatagarasu walked into this barren indoor place. At first glance, there were no artifacts in it. That's because you're not looking deep enough.
The Nue started to stomp on the ground, strong enough to shake it. The Yuki-onna fired icicles at the same ground whereas the Yatagarasu harnessed the sun's energy to fire a giant energy ray at the same spot. The impact was so strong, people nearby could feel it.

In a matter of minutes, what was left was a broken jar and some rubble. From this broken jar, an ancient evil awakened.
"Thank you my minions! Let us wreak havoc across the land, and seek revenge on that nine-tailed fox..." the fox-like being spread its nine tails and stretched its limbs.

"Sorry to burst your bubble sir, but your archenemy is not in this area. She may, however, have a cub that lives here."
"A cub, you say? Mmhmm... sounds nice, for dinner that is. Do brief me on what has happened over the past many years while I was asleep."
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Name: Lifebane
Alignment: Hero
Renegades HQ, Central Gathering Plaza

Affected RPers: Starfire, other RPers in Area

Lifebane watched and listened as Starfire spoke, it was still strange that he was back here. It had been so long since he had his second short tenure as a Titan, and now, well now there was the chance that his third stint might potentially end up being his last.

He started wandering once Starfire was finished, honestly he didn't find himself going out much nowadays, despite the fact that he wasn't the only hero with the ability to heal, Lifebane was one of the best healers the Renegades had and he didn't want risk someone getting seriously hurt. Especially not what happened to Sorceress, he really didn't think that he could find himself going through that again. Sure he had lost friends in the battle to try and reclaim Dark City and every one of those loses was a hit to his heart and soul, but losing her was soul crushing and Lifebane refused to let that happen again to anyone else.

The healer looked across the gathered heroes, who knew how many of them would actually end up surviving this whole thing, it was absolutely heart breaking when he really though about how it seemed like things were going before everything went to hell. He found himself near Ninjice, Starfire, Cat and... Starfire's sister? Well okay, that was probably going to end up being interesting to say the least. But hey, maybe she would possibly end up reforming, wouldn't be the first time a villain properly became a hero. Snapping out of his thoughts, Lifebane listened to what Ninjice had to say.

"Hope you don't mind me just jumping in here," said Lifebane, "But if those rumours are true, well that could be pretty big for us. Like it could be huge! Did the guy say anything about where in the outskirts of town this 'temporal gate' guy is?"

Seriously if this was true, then holy crap, it would be a huge advantage for them! Assuming that they could actually get the machine off the villain, and also assuming that if the villain did actually have a time machine of sorts that they wouldn't just go and take over themselves.
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Herp a derpy gurl
Marion Bloome ((Sorry, I don't know how to make words be a URL.))
Affected Players: Kotamae/Samantha Sparks

Marion had her eyes closed as she played her violin. It was a soothing melody, and had a lot of emotion in it. Inside, her parents were scoffing. They didn't really approve of her music, but weren't going to go against their daughter's will. In her room, Wyvern's spirit was currently inside the Dragon Blade. The sword seemed to be listening to the song as well.

Marion opened her eyes a bit, then noticed a person staring up at her. She stopped playing and looked closer. Does she have...fox features? Is she a superbeing as well? Marion went into her room, put the violin away, then went downstairs and opened the door. She walked over to the person and curtsied. "Hello. You seem like an interesting person. Could you possibly be a super-being?" Rememeber, Marion. You have to know the facts before trusting someone. Take caution.
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Samantha Sparks

Well-Known Member
Kotamae Furukawa
Just outside Mansion
Affected RPers: Marion/Zeshikrom

Kotamae looked at the lady who seemed to take an interest in his beast-like features. He started to blush a little, and his ears and tails started to fidgit about as the rest of his body moved very little. He felt butterflies in his stomach, and that is rare for him.

"Good day," he spoke in an absurdly effeminate yet extremely genuine voice, "I'm Kotamae Furukawa. As you can see, I'm half-kitsune, half-human. So yes, I believe I am a superbeing. It's nice to meet you." Kotamae followed with a traditional Japanese bow, although the only Japanese genes he had were acquired from his pure-blooded nine-tailed fox mother.

He felt funny inside. He had never felt this tingly before. Of course, he showed no physical signs of such a feeling.

The Yoko
Along the central district
Affected RPers: Anyone along/patrolling the central district

"Ah, so they left the area, but her hybrid cub is still available for the kill. Interesting..." the demon fox, the Yoko, was briefed by his minions about the time he was in a slumber. "I'm sure my sense of smell can help me. It is quite difficult recognising a person I've never met..."

"So boss, what do we do now? " the Yatagarasu spoke in a rough voice as it perched onto the Yoko's shoulder, "we may have to start soon."

"Soon is when we start. For now, we find other forms of worthy prey to appease our hunger. Now, let's see..." The Yoko looked around, before he found a civilian family of three walking along.

"The plan. Remember the plan," the Yoko told his minions. The four of them started to surround the civilian family, before starting to circle them like a predator would do to prey.

In order to keep them in one place, the Yoko fired orbs of black flames, the Yuki-onna tossed icicles, the Yatagarasu fired energy orbs and the Nue slammed his paw down towards the family. All these attacks were aimed for the area surrounding the family so that escape would be near impossible.

This crafty fox probably has more tricks up his sleeve.
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"Patrolling" the central district
Affected RPers: The Yoko/Samantha Sparks and Any other hero nearby

While on patrol through the Central District Gameboy had gotten distracted by the ruins of an old video game store. He immediately started rummaging through to see if he could find any more pre-Dark City artifacts that might be useful or help expand his powers.

"I heard they made new Pokemon games but we couldn't afford it. Maybe there is a walkthrough or something around here" he mutters to himself. "I'm talking to my self again, I need to stop doing that or I might get labeled as crazy"

Suddenly he heard screams. uh oh he thought to himself. The silver clad hero ran as quickly and cautiously as he could. He peeked around the corner and saw several villains messing with nearby innocent civilians.

He examined the four villains as he reached for his communicator. "This is Gameboy, if anyone is in the central district I could use back-up. There are four unidentified villains attacking some civilians and I can't stand by and watch. They look like a giant fox with nine tails, a big crow, a mix of too many animals and something that looks humanoid but controls ice. I'm gonna need help they look pretty strong, I'll hold out as long as I can." He gave more precise coordinates and turned to engage them. He ran out in front of the civilians with his arms spread out.
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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
City Hall (Now Shade's Palace), Civic Center Tenderloin
Affected RPers: N/A

As I looked out the window of this beloved City Hall that of course was mine forever more turned into a gigantic palace, I saw the skies were still a stormy mix of gray and black, just the way I liked it! Meanwhile, everyone was walking by rather gloomily, giving glances at my massive palace just towering over them like the tiny little ants they were. I even gave it a nice, dark, gothic makeover to discourage anyone from doing anything... stupid.

Man, humans were so much fun to screw around with. It was like watching a shooting gallery of ducks go by. I saw one fatass of a "man" go waddling along, barely able to keep his grotesque girth under his t-shirt. I smiled to myself as I used my powers to turn him into a hippopotamus, and then he looked at me with the funniest look on his new, giant face! Kinda like "Oh my god, what did you do... oh wait, I can't talk like this, but... how...!?" Ha, ha, ha, boy, it made me wonder if the local zoo would think one of their zookeepers had gotten negligent this morning. Ha, ha, maybe he'd get fired for it!

"Ah, another beautiful Dark City day," I smiled, admiring the macabre scenery and its lovely oppressed people. "The devil must be dancing a jig. It is beautiful, don't you think Slade?"

Ah, Slade. Slade, Slade, Slade. Such a wonderful creature as long as he did was he was supposed to. Right now, I had him as an adorable chubby bunny, which kept him nice and soft and open to stroking. And fat so he couldn't exactly hobble away or fight anyone. Wouldn't want that going on now, wouldn't we? Course not!

"It's... great," Slade muttered mirthlessly.

Oh wow. Boy, sure wasn't the life of the party, was he? Oh, I knew Slade, AKA Deathstroke was a powerful badass when he normally was on his own, but he was a little wayward and I didn't exactly trust him unless he was in a form that I felt better with.

"Just 'great?'" I asked him, really thinking he could do way better than that. "COME ON, MISTER FLUFFYBUTT, SURELY YOU THINK IT'S BETTER THAN THAT!"

"It's fantastic, I love everything about it!" He shouted excitedly, obviously masking a face of panic.

I suppose... that'd be acceptable. See? Slade was a dependable creature, just needed to be reminded who's boss. In the meantime, I pondered whether I'd just relax today, or go out and greet the townsfolk in my own special way. It was kinda funny to watch them try to appease me as they tried to hide their faces of fear. And it was fun and they always had a hard time trying to get away from it. I think only one or two people managed to get away from me. I knew there was that one girl swimming in the shore who I turned into mermaid, and then I lost track of her and I think she might have swam away. Sure wouldn't let that happen again. And I've turned a few people into bugs and forgot what happened to them. Ooh, sure hope they weren't in a crack in the wall when I left the area. Ha, ha, they must have gone squish when they turned back into humans!

"Humph, I suppose that'll do," I told Slade, stroking his fluffy back and his bunny ears even though I knew he didn't like it. "Not very original, though. Just not... poetic enough, you know? So no carrot treat. Not until you come up with something witty and clever. Which reminds me, Slade. You sure suck at trying to make people laugh."

"Humor is not one of my strong points," He replied in an almost robotic tone.

Well, duh, thank you, Captain Obvious. He should be happy I didn't turn him a goofy hot pink color, although it was tempting.

"Yeah, you sure need to work on that, Fluffy," I told him, really thinking he could do with a little more humor. "But you're in luck. Since you're so insipid the way you are now, any bit of comical change would make the rest of us crack up laughing."

In the meantime, I figured I might go out today. The palace, while fun, was kind of boring when everyone liked to stay away, and there was nothing good on TV when everyone was discussing how morbid things were. I'd make my own TV with my own channels, but then I knew exactly what would be on all the time, and there'd be no surprises, which was lame. It was more fun to see what other people had going on in their heads. Maybe some crazy transformations would inspire them a bit more!

First, I had to figure out what I wanted to wear. And what I wanted for breakfast. Gawd, it was such a pain to figure out what I wanted to do first. I mean, I could wear whatever I wanted without even a closet, but picking from so many choices was tough. Same thing with breakfast. It was tricky to figure out what donuts I wanted, or what cereal would have been good to have.

Still, it sure was fun to be the queen.

Chthonic Flames

Sunset Boulevard
Affected RPers: Any/All Villains

I was in a bad mood.

Grouchy was probably an understatement, but it was turning into a lousy day so far. I had used the last of the painkillers this morning, despite knowing that finding more was going to take a lot of effort. Hopefully I could find some poor schmuck who wouldn't want a fight. I wasn't having too good of a day, and I didn't want to make it any worse. I stared down the roofline which I was walking across. The street was largely deserted, despite the late decadence that Hollywood had provided before the fall. Old theaters, abandoned restaurants, even the evacuated convenience stores which lined both sides of the street were littered with broken windows brought back into temporary function with cardboard, plywood, and any other scrap materials which were around. I climbed up an old fire exit which was hanging down, climbing quickly down the metal ladder back to street level. The only thing which probably resembled the old Jump City Sunset Boulevard was my outfit. Tight shorts, and a tight black tanktop which left so much of my skin exposed.

If I didn't have to worry about tearing through new clothing all the time, I could probably wear something less ... promiscuous. I walked down towards what was an old pharmacy. It was one of the few places in town which I had yet to visit to look for painkillers. If there was any consolation in the way this day was going so far, it was that I would be able to abate some of the pain from my condition by popping some pills. I walked up to the old doors, the automatic sliding doors refusing to budge despite my best effort. Finally getting sick of trying to ply the door open, I just cursed under my breath in German, fortunate enough that even if people were around, they probably wouldn't be able to understand what I was saying. Layering all my knuckles in my right hand with a nice thick layer of bone, I smashed my way through the glass in the door. Well, whatever works, right? Climbing my way through the door, I shook my hand. The pain was already setting in, driving my hunger for painkillers even more. Finally stumbling through the aisles to reach the pharmaceutical area. Climbing past the counter which would have barred access previously, I reached into the old cabinets, finally finding some bottles of older medications. It may not have been the most effective part, but the first two pills finally set me back to normal.

I reached down to the radio which was clipped to my shorts. "This is Ore, everything seems normal around Sunset. Over."


Strongest of pastrys
Training Barracks, Undercity
Affected RPers: No one really, could aid a plotline for C.R.

Aaron had never been one to socialise, even before the accident, before the disaster, before his father's evil torturous nightly routine had begun. At Kindergarten, even at primary, he had never been a person to socialise with. He stood at the back of groups. He did do rugby, and Football, and was often the Co-captian of the Team. Never the Captain. But he was fine with that. Like he had been fine with Captain Reaction stepping up for position of second-in-command. Once Reaction had applied, Renegade willingly stepped down, effective immediately. He knew he wasn't the guy for the job. It was bad enough that Starfire was secluded and depressed, only coming out of her quarters for motivational speeches, and to increase morale.

He was down at the training barracks, helping the younger rebels clean their plasma weapons, or help them perfect their technique. Renegade found it easier to talk to children. They lied less, you could read them easily, and they where usually up front about their feelings and queries. A weedy man burst into the barracks, and hobbled over to Renegade, clutching his leg. Renegade could tell that the guy had hit his leg on a table, probably one from one of the cafe's in the plaza. Renegade didn't know if his powers enhanced his 'Future Sight', but then again, Aaron had always been good at reading people. So was Renegade. Wolf was sleeping inside Renegade's mind, which meant that for once, he had his own thoughts to himself. The man rushed over, and began to speak.

"Lady Starfire requests that you report to the extraction chamber immediately. You will be leading a scouting mission with some foot soldiers, to retrieve some information for Captain Reaction" he wheezed. Renegade, for once in a long while, smiled. He frowned at the same time, but he smiled. The first in a while."Don't you mean that the Captain will be leading the mission? I'm usually the back-up plan in case something goes nasty? Only meant to be there as a pre-caution? Wasn't it you, who said something like that to me, last mission?"

The man looked annoyed that Renegade was taking such a casual outlook on his mistresses personal orders. He decided to count to 10, which amused Renegade further."Lady Starfire, has said that it is about time that you took charge. The Fossil has his own private mission, and Captain Reaction needs to take some proper readings of the patrol route, not just hasty ones which require a meagre bodyguard who cannot even keep his own rifle straight, let alone knowing how to fire it. You will head the mission, because the other two have more important tasks at hand, which requires their full mindset on. You must make the quick decisions, in case a combat situation arises. But I'm sure nothing will go wrong" Renegade smirked. "Then you've obviously never met me before" and with that, he took off at full speed, to greet his companions at the extraction chamber. He glaned back, before he went supersonic, and finally laughed for the first time in 8 years, when he saw that the weedy man had fallen over because of the sheer velocity of the take off, and his toupee had gone askew.

* will do Mist and Butcher's first entries later
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Herp a derpy gurl
Marion Bloome
Outside Mansion
Affected Players: Kotamae/Samantha Sparks

Marion smiled. "I am Marion Bloome." She then lowered her voice. "It's always nice to meet a fellow hero. Follow me." She then went into her mansion, motioning for Kotamae to follow.

Her parents were waiting in the doorway. Her mother scoffed. "That 'person' is not normal. Why do you befriend them?" Marion pouted. "Because the visitor is a hero!" Her father burst out laughing. "HA! All the heroes vanished long ago! There are none left!" Marion felt her face grow red with anger. "What if a hero came from another area? Ever thought about that?" Her parents were silent, then grunted and went into the kitchen. Marion sighed, then turned to Kotamae. "Don't mind them. I'm the only kind one in the family. Now come on." She then walked up to her room, leading the way for her guest.
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Samantha Sparks

Well-Known Member
Kotamae Furukawa
Marion's Room, Mansion
Affected RPers: Marion/Zeshikrom

Kotamae felt tingly within once more. He was almost unknown to what he felt within. But it definitely eased the pain of a hard day's work of torturing annoying grunts.

When Marion introduced herself and invited him to her house - no - her room, he started to blush a little, and commented, "that's a beautiful name..." He was indeed glad she recognised him as Hero, because that was what he was. Her mansion was well endowed, just like the old Stilton Mansion owned by a slightly distant relative. Of course, there were differences.

On the way, he listened to her parent's hurtful comments. Out of embarassment, he hid his fox-like features back into his body, looking 'normal' once more.

One question remains - what was she going to reveal? Did she have an interest in the topic of supernatural beings? The only way he will ever find out is to proceed.

The Yoko
Along the central district
Affected RPers: biggggg5/Gameboy, Anyone along/patrolling the central district

The Yoko's plan worked. It worked like a charm. The prey has landed into the hunting zone. The Yoko had a whiff of the newcomer's abilities. He wasn't able to detect what it was specifically. "Hmmm... smells like modern technology. You will be worthy prey," the Yoko then wailed, "NOW!"

With that, the four beings started to aim their attacks at the newcomer. It began with the Nue literally transforming into a smokescreen, blocking vision for many. Next, a barrage of icicles started to charge at the newcomer. Following those were a stream of black flames from the sides and a stream of pure energy from above.

"Human technology may have evolved, but it does seem quite useless in this case," the Yoko taunted, "there is however, only one way to find out if you are worthy to be my prey."

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Lincoln Way
Affected Players: Ore/Chthonic Flames

Everything was running smoothly. I had "influenced" a few people loitering nearby to set up my stage for me in Golden Gate Park, and so far they had got the stage itself set up and were now unpacking everything else. At this rate, I'd be able to perform before midnight. I felt that Dark City could use a little entertainment but lacked the cash to pay me for my splendid performance, so I figured I could do a show for free.

Oh, but what's this? I could feel strong thoughts coming from down Sunset Boulevard. This person was fairly close, but I wouldn't have even noticed that person had their thoughts not been very strong. It was the equivilant to shouting, in fact. I teleport myself from rooftop to rooftop until I spotted her, across the street inside a pharmacy.

And what an absolutely stunning woman she was. She was a young woman, with hair as black as the darkest of hearts and simple yet revealing clothes. From here, I could read her thoughts better, and from what I could tell, she was in immense pain, though she didn't really seem like she was. She was calming down as I watched though. Ah, of course. Painkillers. Why else would such a young mademoiselle be inside an abandoned pharmacy?

Once again, I teleport, this time to just a few feet from her. Here, I could get an even better look at her. She had scars on her body; no doubt that they were related to her pain. And her eyes were a soul piercing grey, like two hurricanes raging within a white sea.

"Excuse me for interrupting, but do you happen to have something troubling you at the moment?" I say, noticing a radio she was carrying. "Oh, pardon my manners. Pierre de Gaulle, illusionist extrodinare, at your service." I lift my hat off my head and over my chest and do a small bow. A gentleman must never forget to bow when introducing himself to a lady.

(OoC: Whenever interacting with L'illusionniste, it's nessesary to play this music while you read his lines. :p

Or this one. It works too.)
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Strongest of pastrys
Madame Mist,
The Shadow
(name of Shade's half of jump city),
Shade's Palace,
Torture Chamber X
Other RPers affected: None, maybe Shade a little

Madame Mist enjoyed torturing people. As a special treat, Shade had rounded up some soldiers caught aiding civilians, and then fired in their own teammates shouting "free the city!"

Oh, how Mist loved executing deserters. Their where so many different ways. Disembowelling, decapitating, making the victim insane, Rupturing flesh, Exploding, dissolving, disintergrating, and disintergrating. The possibilities where endless. There where 3. One had a steely look on his face. One girl was sweating. And a young man was shivering and whimpering uncontrollably. Mist stepped out from the shadows, and the man on the end wet himself. He had tears streaming down his face. Mist began her speech.

"Do you fear death? Do you fear, the coldness, and the blackness of death, and the inescapable fate that befalls the deceased? Do you fear death? Do you fear the emptiness of life, the husk of your very soul, evaporating into thin air? Do you fear death? Do you wish to escape every fate imaginable? Or is there something worse than death? Well, that is why you... Mortals, kneel before the Mist of dread. Do you know who I am boy?" She whipped around, pointing her long, delicate finger at him. He burst out with a short, sharp scream, which cut off almost as soon as it was emitted. Mist smirked behind her mask.

"You have already broken. I will dispose of you first-" "NO!!!" Shrieked the man. "I cannot die, please don't make me die, I don't wanna die, please sweet jesus oh I'm begging you, please, have mercy!" He had an irish accent, which gave an even more pathetic edge to his voice. Mist's playful smile dropped to a straight face, portraying no emotion. She bent down to him, so her mask was by his head, and whispered the following words into his ear: "Mist. Has. No. Mercy." She punched through his chest, and and pulled out his intestine. She then, quick as a spider, ensnared his throat with his own gut, and threw her Katana, embedding itself through the tubing and into the roof. The dying man was being hung by his own guts. He died choking up his own blood.

She spent no further time on the girl. "You are nothing but a pawn" Mist said. "You could have been so much more, like me, or Shade" She quickly bit into the girls throat with her fangs, tearing out her jugular. The older man on the end grimaced slightly as the blood sprayed over his face, but didn't show much emotion. And finally, it was his turn.

"Clearly, you're a tougher egg to crack. But like all flies, you're 'Keep calm and carry on' attitude, 9 times out of 10, ends up getting you killed by the spider. And boy, do I have something that'll make you cringe". Mist mutated into her spider-humanoid for, and then further into her fully fleged spider-human creature mutant. She moved around the man, scuttling on her high, delicate legs. She removed the sword from the roof, and as it split into 2, she sheathed them both. "Do your worst Witch. I have no fear of you" replied the man. Mist webbed up his mouth with the hands on her torso. "Oh, I know that it would take much too many expensive torture instruments, and a valuable 5 minutes to make you crack, so I'm going for the quick and cheap technique. She pulled the table from out of the darkness. Strapped to the table, where the mans 2 children, a boy and a girl. They had no mouthpieces, and they shouted. "Daddy, Daddy help us!" The man screamed beneath his mouth piece, and struggled on his restraints.

"Yes Daddy, help them" laughed Mist. "You see, I couldn't be bothered to break you physically, so I decided to do something far less taxing and much more fun: I'm going to break you mentally! I'm going to turn your children into my souless Tokoroth minions, and you're going to be able to hear every scream. Every cry for help. And you will call to them, beg and plead To try and reason with them. And then, they're going to tear you apart. And we'll film it all, and broadcast this around the city, every radio, and every working TV screen. My minions are the replacements of your children permanently, like I am the permanent replacement of marie antoinette." Mist morphed back into humanoid spider, with six extra arms. She took out both of her swords, and inched toward the boy, the blades gleaming, the boy's eyes wide with fear, the father's with regret and horror. Mist chuckled before she started. "Let the games begin..."

> : )

*Butcher coming soon
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Herp a derpy gurl
Marion Bloome
Her room in her mansion
Affected Players: Kotamae/Samantha Sparks

Marion closed the door once Kotamae was in. She sighed, then went over to a box next to her bed. She pulled out a halbred with a white handle. It had a golden dragon tribal design on it's blade. "This is the Dragon Blade, given to only the line of Dragon Warriors." She pressed a secret button on the back wall, and it moved, revealing a secret path down to the basement. "Only my family can enter the basement normally, but I'll make an exception for heroes...like myself." She then walked down.

Once the two were down there, she sighed, then began to change. Her hair went into a ponytail and became dark green-blue. Her eyes stayed the same. On her head was a white helment that covered her mouth. Marion now wore a whitesuit of knight's armor with golden borders on the edges. On her feet were golden knight's boots, and on ehr hands were sets of white wolverine claws.

"You may now call me Wyvern."


Dont, move, a muscle
(OOC: So I have my own private mission huh? Sounds like fun.)

The Fossil
Location: Over city, on route to Central District
Players affected: Samantha Sparks and Bigggg5

"Yep, its official, I use quetzal more than any other creature" The Fossil thought to himself, soaring close to a mile above the city. He probably does use Quetzalcoatlus more than any other animal. Not out of favoritism, just out of utility. Big enough to fight minor villans, supreme eyesight, and the ability to fly extremely long distances made for a pretty useful creature.

This was the first time he had flown above the city. Things were pretty strict at tha base, and it had taken him a long time to get permission for a flight patrol. Back when he was with the original Titans north, he did these flights all the time. He had already noticed some weird sphere in the distance, though he made not move to get closer. Best report it soon

"This is Gameboy, if anyone is in the central district, I could use back-up. There are four unidentified villans attacking some civillians and I can't stand by and watch. They look like a giant fox with nine tails, a big crow, a mix of too many animals and something that looks humanoid but controls ice. I'm gonna need help they look pretty strong, I'll hold out as long as I can."

The sudden voice came from Fossil's old Teen Titans communicator, clutched within his huge talons. He recognized the voice. A young kid with an odd set of powers. Fossil didn't recognize these villans, but they almost sounded like Fallen Angels old crew. Carefully shifting the communicator in his talons, he pressed the reply button, linking his voice to Gameboy's location.

All Gameboy would hear was the sound of rushing wind, interrupted by a screech that sounded like a giant hawk.

The Fossil quickly glided towards the Central District. Even at full speed, it took him several minutes to arrive. In midair, he changed from Quetzalcoatlus to Annuragnathus, a much smaller pterosaur with a skill similar to the modern falcon. In a dive, he reached over 150 mph. The catch, however, was that he was only the size of a small bird.

Taking aim at the crow like creature from 500 feet up, he pulled back his wings into a steep dive. The wind rushed past him, making his tiny eyes water. The Annuragnathus's instincts took over from here, adjusting his wings ever so slightly so he wouldn't crash, but rake his tiny claws at his winged opponent.

The crow-like thing was tougher than he expected, but he was able to knock it aside. Still moving at great speeds, he flew past the heros, villans, and civilians, and around the corner of a building several blocks away.

He landed and resumed human form, but not for long. He grew exceptionally fast, sprouting to 27 feet tall. His arms grew stronger, supporting three, 4 foot long claws on each hand. His feet became clawed, like a birds, but dull. His gut exploded into the trademark herbivore potbelly. He grew a short, stubby tail, and his face became an odd beak. In short, he looked like a giant plucked goose with the hands of Edward Scissor-hands.

Also known as Therizinosaurus.

Charging towards the battle, he shrieked, an odd call like that of a startled ostricth. He swung one of his huge clawed hands at the Yoko, hoping to assist Gameboy in the fight.

OOC: Here are the 3 extinct animals he has used;

Quetzalcoatlus: http://www005.upp.so-net.ne.jp/JurassicGallery/Quetzalcoatlus.jpg
Annuragnathus: http://www005.upp.so-net.ne.jp/JurassicGallery/Anurognathus.jpg
Therizinosaurus: http://www.buscate.com.mx/educativo/dinosaurios/therizinosaurus.jpg

Samantha Sparks

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Kotamae Furukawa
Marion's Room, Mansion
Affected RPers: Marion/Zeshikrom

Kotamae gazed upon the draconic knight before him. Simply beautiful and stunning. This glorious moment would be etched in his mind forever, probably until he dies.

"Well then, it is very nice to meet you, Wyvern," Kotamae spoke as he smiled, "I believe that it is only fair that I too, reveal my personas to you."

With that, Kotamae's body started to be engulfed in magical, rainbow flames. In a matter of seconds, a rainbow-hued knight in shining armour appeared before your very eyes. "This is the Rainbow Knight, skilled in melee."

Next, his body was engulfed in silver-hued magical flames. Before your very eyes, a young lady with rather skimpy clothes and a utility belt with weaponry appeared. "Sonic Silver, built for far-range."

Black and white flames then engulfed Sonic Silver, once again revealing a brand new hero. This one was donned in gothic lolita, with her right eye hidden by an eyepatch instead of her hair. "Silence Dogood, professional at magic."

He then began to be engulfed in Rainbow flames once more, reverting back to his original form - Kotamae Furukawa. Complete with the simple, white dress.

Kotamae then let out his hand for a handshake.

The Yoko
Along the central district
Affected RPers: biggggg5/Gameboy, Grassmaster/The Fossil, Anyone along/patrolling the central district

The Yoko noted how the reptillian flying creature almost caught his minion. "Hmm... smells nostalgic and reptillian at the same time. I must say, an interesting combination that will make a great meal!"

Noting how this being was a reptillian shapeshifting creature, the Yoko used one of his nine tails as a counter to knock away the reptillian appendage instead of his flames. The mist then cleared as the Yuki-onna fired frigid icicles at the reptillian beast's back, coating it with solid frost, coupled with a powerful body slam from the Nue.

"You like it cold, don't you? While I do like chilled meals, I also like them topped with grilled garnish!"
With that, the Yoko rose and summoned nine balls of black flames, then reciting a foreign rhyme before theses dark flames rained down on Gameboy.

Meanwhile, the Yatagarasu rose up towards the direction of the sun. This three-legged crow knew what to do. His wings could be seen gliterring. It was indeed ironic how a creature of the sun could be so evilly aligned.


((OOC: Will have Contrary's post up in a moment.))

Lake Merced (the lake, not the district)
Affected Players: N/A

For the poor and the diseased slaving in the cities, Lake Merced was a sanctuary; a place of solace, far enough from the city to escape prying eyes and just outside the filth and darkness that clung to the city like a haze. Granted, the vast forest that surrounded it had thinned over time, and the trees themselves bent with the weight of broken branches and pale leaves, but the lake itself – and its reflecting, pure waters – remained unscathed. It was the perfect place for any inhabitant of the city to lay low – if not for one small, simple problem.

You see, a monster lurked in Lake Merced – according to rumors, at least. No one had actually seen the beast except, of course, the people who claimed to have seen it, and there were always discrepancies between their tales. Some said it had the head of a goat. Others recalled the teeth and claws of a wolf. And still others argued that it had wings, or a tail in the form of a snake. Yet despite their differing stories, one thing was clear: those who went to Lake Merced were rarely, if ever, seen again. Whatever it was, something was out there killing them.

In general, the rumor of Lake Merced’s resident monster was taken with seriousness, (especially because of other stories involving bestial mutants in various parts of the city), but some folks – out of disbelief or desperation – visited the forest anyway. Like the man who scurried through it now, hoping to find some clean water for his family. He navigated around broken branches and fallen trees without ever seeing sight of the monster. In fact, he made it all the way to the lake with all his limbs attached. Perhaps there was no beast after all.

And perhaps he would have continued to believe that, too, had he not bent down to the lake’s edge and filled his canteen with its crystal waters. Oh, it was an innocent act. Innocent enough. But without a proper request to the beast that ruled the woods, the man was no different than the thieves and mutants that wandered the city.

He was just about to turn when an echo came from the brush – a low howl, characteristic of a wolf. And in the surface of the water, a fire began to form. Red eyes, burning from the shadows, reflecting like will-o-wisps. Snarls. Flashes of teeth. He didn’t dare move.

From the water’s reflection, the man could see a figure approaching. It seemed human enough, masked by the shadows. But as soon as it broke into the barrier of light, he could see that it was something else. A beast with the horns of goat, with the teeth of a wolf, the wings of a bat, and the tail of a snake.

A monster did lurk in Lake Merced.

“What are you doing here?” The question, simple as it were, caught the man off guard. Clutching the canteen in his hand, he attempted to answer, albeit shakily.

“I… I was just-“

But his words were cut by a snarl. “No one enters my territory without my consent. No one takes my water. Did you think you could take it for yourself?”

“Pl-please…” the man stammered, “I didn’t… didn’t realize…”

“Didn’t realize?” And at once, the beast had him by the collar of his shirt, dangling him in the air. “I spent weeks creating those stories with which you humans seem to convey information by, telling you all of my leadership in this area, and yet you didn’t realize?”

“L-look, I’m sorry!” He struggled in a panic, “I didn’t mean… please, I-I have a daughter…”

Immediately, the beast freed him from his grip, and he fell rather ineloquently onto the hard dirt. Swirls of fur and teeth swarmed around him as his vision righted, and, before he realized what was going on, he found himself staring into a face that was surprisingly human.

“Every human says they have a daughter,” the beast hissed, “or a brother, or a family. But even if they are called different names, they are all human,” and, standing on its hind legs to address the surrounding creatures, “Take him for yourselves. He’s far too thin for my tastes.”

A chorus of excited barks and cries gave from the mob of animals as the beast began to leave, and bared teeth crowded around the monster’s next unfortunate victim. There was no room for escape; feebly, in the fear that comes from impending death, the man managed a whisper.

“W-what… are you?”

“A Chimera.” The beast said, but by then the man had passed, and the answered was wasted.

For a moment, Chimera glanced at the sight of his subjects clawing at their newfound dinner, perhaps wondering if he should join in on the feast. But before he could satisfy his hunger, a mangled husky appeared from the woods with a black box in its jaws. Voices murmured from within its metal casing, and the dog wagged its tail as though asking if they should be answered.

“Why should I use that human device?” Chimera growled, “Take it back to where you found it. I have no time to answer. If they on the other side of that box wish to speak to me, they must find me.”

The husky scurried away, but Chimera continued to speak. “Besides,” he said to himself, and looked to the darkness hanging above the city, “it is almost time to hunt.” And he let out a deafening roar, calling his subjects into a battle cry.

There was a monster lurking in Lake Merced, alright, and people did well to fear it.


Herp a derpy gurl
Basement of her mansion
Affected Players: Konamae/Samantha Sparks

Wyvern took the hand. "It is nice to meet you as well...for the second time. I'm still Marion." She chuckled, then turned back to normal and let go. Marion smiled. "There is someone else I want you to meet! Well...she isn't a real person." She walked back up the stairs and uncovered her sheets. A life-sized doll that looked almost exactly like her was underneath. The only difference was that wherever blue was on Marion was red on the doll.

"This is Marionette. A nice toymaker made her for me. My parents don't let me go out and make friends, so Marionette is one of my only friends, along with another friend of mine. She's a hero too."

Marion smiled. "I want to make friends with other heroes...lots..." She sighed and chuckled. "Sorry, I got spaced out there." Marion then beamed. "Want to hear my violin again?"


The central district
Affected RPers: The Yoko/Samantha Sparks, the Fossil/Grassmaster and Any other hero nearby

"Kirby! Nightmare in Dreamland!" Is shouted from the depths of the smokescreen. His normally silver costume turned to a bright shade of pink while his feet and cheeks turned rosey red. Not that anyone could see it at the moment.

He takes one quick step backward and starts to inhale at a great velocity. As the three attacks were about meet where he was standing they diverted their course and were sucked into his mouth. He debated for a half a second then decided to shoot the comined energy (rather than swallowing it) in the shape of a star at the one who seemed to be the leader.

As this happens Gameboy also hears the semi-familiar shrieks from his communicator acknowledging the coming of the Fossil.
Ok, at least I'll have some help. I still don't understand how he remembers all those obscure dinosaur names. he thinks to himself. He then uses his strong kirby lungs to blow away as much as the smoke as he can