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Teen Titans: Future Imperfect SU (Little TT knowlege needed to participate)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by bronislav84, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Thanks so much Neo/Avenger​

    The RP thread. Although it's started, signups will never be closed unless we start getting too many villains.

    To ask any questions or discuss other things, please head on over to our Discussion Thread

    Non-Canon Warning
    Although I would like to keep this RP as Canon as possible, there will no doubt be some deviations. I am trying to make this as likely to happen after the main series ends as possible. Nonetheless, a lot of this stuff is made up. For all intents and purposes, this RP is Non-Canon.

    It is 10 years in the future of the Teen Titans series, but this is not a good future. The city has gone through what most people call "The Apocalypse." No, not a nuclear war, alien invasion, horrific natural disaster, or a meteor crashing into the world like what killed the dinosaurs. Something worse. You ask me “what can be worse than any of this?” Simple, really; the bad guys have won, good is no more, and the humans that remain are enslaved to do the bidding of their new masters.

    For those who are alive, life is never-ending hell and torture, worse than the depths of hell itself. They wake up and go to work. What's so bad about work? "Work" for them is being slaves to the evil dictators of their once fair Jump City. Ordinary citizens have to do as they're told to be able to keep their lives. They need to live to survive this, because surely it won't last forever. Or will it? The authorities and government have been killed, enslaved, or bought off, and the rest of the country, along with the world, have given up on this city, now called Dark City, or The City of Shadows, depending on who you ask. The city has been cordoned off. As long as the bad guys stay there, they can have their way with the city for now. Those who are born in this city are called "The Cursed" or "The Unfortunate" because they are doomed to live out their lives as just tools.

    What of the once strong Titans? They are a myth, a tale told as a sort of religion to give hope and motivation to those that need it. They have been scattered into hiding, their powers unused and untrained, weakened by the hands of time. Over the course of the 10 years Robin, the leader, had gone off to train with Batman and came back as Nightwing. But he had been almost fatally wounded in the last stand, and has since been in a coma for 8 years. The team tried to go on without him, but it was impossible to beat the forces of evil without a strong leader. They were horribly defeated and even more horribly wounded, forced to go into hiding to avoid being killed. Raven, Beastboy and Cyborg were the only ones who knew how that fight really turned out.

    When Nightwing was brought down by a number of the Slade duplicates they had come up against in this final battle, Raven was the first to fight her way through to reach him and investigating with her powers knew he was as near to death as it is humanly possible to be without going beyond the brink. She knew the knowledge would probably crush Starfire if they were unable to save him. The battle was being lost, that much was obvious. So, Raven did the only thing she could think to do, she made it look to all that watched as though she, Cyborg, and Beast Boy were crushed by a tumbling building that had been under the attack of one of the other villains. There had been so many of them united in this one battle that they must have been rallied under someone, but whose banner they were under was a mystery to everyone but them.

    In reality, Raven carried Nightwing away with her power and hid herself and the others as they retreated. In the end Nightwing had to be put in a life support capsule that Cyborg fashioned out of parts obtained from various abandoned hospitals. The three then hid for a time with him underground in an unknown location. When they finally concluded that there was nothing more that could be done by them at the time and that they were endangering him further by the necessity of having to come and go, and therein opening up the possibility that evildoers might follow them to their hiding place, they left him there, leaving no clues to his whereabouts, hoping that one day he would wake up and lead them to victory once more.

    Cyborg used the little technology he had scrounged up to make a memory modification device, which he used to erase their memories of Robin's hidden location, even each other's. They were each exposed to the device one at a time by Cyborg, and exited not knowing what they were doing there, why they had come, or any plans of the others on how to hide. When it came time to use the device on himself, Cyborg made sure that he fired his blaster on maximum power at the same time, vaporizing it. He left like the others, without any idea of what he was doing there, why he had come, and where the other Titans were. They had agreed beforehand that it was better this way in case they were captured. The three had disappeared into the shadows, which were everywhere around them, and were lost to the wind.

    But Nightwing has not awoken for 8 whole years, and the Titans' spirits are broken. Those that can, try to lead normal lives; at least as normal as possible with evil presiding over everything in their lives. Those that can't, live in the sewers with the rest of the people that have not submitted to evil.

    They call themselves The Renegades, and their leader is none other than Starfire herself. Plagued by the loss of the four friends that meant everything to her, her once cheerful demeanor has hardened. She only shows her cheerfulness when she has to use her powers, and even that's not a guarantee. Her one goal in life is to beat the forces of evil one day, and rid the city of their foul, dirty control.

    A mineral has been discovered that can give ordinary humans abilities beyond imagination. It's called Diamite. Simply by touch, Diamite mutates people. Some lose their bodies and become monsters with superhuman strength. Others gain the ability to change their shape at will. These are simply two examples of the almost limitless possibilities of what this mineral can bestow to ordinary humans. The properties of Diamite are simply not of this world.

    Of course it's not of this world. It comes from Tamaran, Starfire's home planet. It's harmless to Tamaranians, and is therefore used as fuel for it's abundant energy. But other races are mutated by it. Even in small quantities, Diamite gives off potent energy, and a marble-sized piece would be enough to power a city for eons. Many minions of evil would love to get their hands on a piece of Diamite, so the quantity that The Renegades possess is a carefully guarded secret.

    Where you come in
    You are a resident of Dark City, one of The Cursed. You either start out as a human, an existing super-powered being, or somebody who is chosen to be mutated by Diamite and receive your powers as the RP progresses. Both sides have access to Diamite mutation as an origin of powers, not just the Heroes. Although it is my wish that existing Titans remain as NPCs, they are still up for grabs. Nightwing is not, and the GMs are the only ones that can choose when he wakes up, if ever. Raven is important to the good guys cause, and Starfire needs her gal pal to be around to help keep her sanity. Would be nice if a cool person signed up as her. Canon or made up Villains are allowed, but need to go through the approval process regardless.

    Please refer to this comprehensive thread here for all Rules related questions. While I understand that some things don't apply, I can't go listing 62389574774897584 rules for an RP. There really should be no reason to even list rules at all, since the only people that will be accepted into this RP are mature people who know how to RP. Regardless, if you have a question about which rules apply or and which don't apply, feel free to ask.

    The only Rules I will expressly state are those pertaining to this RP specifically.
    You must try to be active, and post at least once a week. Please don't sign up if you plan to drop off the face of the planet in the near future, or if you really need to then make arrangements with somebody to bunny your character until you return. If you're interacting with other players, please don't keep them waiting unless it's unavoidable. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU CANNOT STAY ACTIVE!
    Please try to post at least 2 paragraphs each post.
    PLEASE try to avoid social gatherings. By that I mean 5 or more players in the same place, just talking and everyone having to react to everyone else. This makes for a lot of work for everybody involved, and the plot can stall. Short conversations with not much else going on would also mean posts end up too short, as well.
    Too many Villains and not enough Heroes, and this RP fails on the spot. This is because of how the plot starts out, with the villains already having a vast NPC majority. I am perfectly ok with no Player Villains whatsoever, but just putting the idea out there.

    Singup form
    Name and Last Name (If you have one): (Your civilian name and last name. Doesn't have to be too special or particularly interesting)
    Hero or Villain: (Yes, made up Heroes and Villains are allowed)
    Super Hero/Villain Alias: (Mostly for made up characters, since not all existing Series characters have civilian names)
    Age: (13 and above please. Existing Titans members would be in their 20s)
    Gender: (This doesn't need to be explained, does it?)
    Description: (Describe your character with as much detail as possible. A link to a picture will only be accepted if notes are under it)
    Personality: (How your character behaves. A good and long paragraph minimum is all I ask)
    Background/History: (What you have been doing for the past 10 years or more. Please include the origin of your powers here, even if it's as simple as being born with it. Two good paragraphs minimum)
    Superpower(s)/Special Abilities/Etc: (Refer to Scott's Power Pool on PE2K which was used in the past for references on good powers, and you are allowed to make up your own, although not too overpowered. Quality over quantity, you know?)
    Species: (Only necessary if you are not human, have been mutated by Diamite, or are an alien. Otherwise put N/A)
    Member of the Renegades: (Yes or No, in which case ignore the next 2 questions. Heroes only)
    If yes to the above, then list your position or duties if you have any: (Military-type Rank, and/or how you usually spend your time)
    If yes to the previous two, then do you want to be mutated, if starting out as a human member of the Renegades? (Yes or No)
    If not a member, were you planning to join? (For people who show interest, but are not members yet. Does not apply to Villains or evil aligned civilians)
    List your job, designation, position, or duties in the Villain community: (Applies to Villains or evil aligned civilians only)
    Roleplay Sample: (This can be a link or an on the spot made up kind of thing. The only people that need this are people who we don't know too well, or have never met)
    Other: (Want to mention something that has not been put into the Form? Put it here)

    I will put up a detailed signup of my own at a later time, though I will say who I'm playing in advance.

    Accepted Members (Character Name)

    bronislav84 (Starfire)
    biggggg5 (Gameboy)
    Grassmaster411 (The Fossil)
    Billy Mays (L'illusionniste)
    DVB (Ninjice)
    Zekshirom (Wyvern)
    Samantha Sparks (The Rainbow Swordsman/Sonic Silver/Silence Dogood)
    THEIRONDONUT (Renegade)
    Food Guy (Lifebane)
    Zalck (Captain Reaction)
    deltakurumiru4 (Calc)
    ansem the wise (Doctor Fate
    MugoUrth (Headache)
    Shen Sorein (Argil/Terra Firma)
    DarkRaven (Shadow)
    Samantha Sparks (Titania)
    Codi Kenhai (Fire Fist Ace)
    Codi Kenha (Cryptid)
    Metrunui (Kayaba)
    Krazy95 (Nightspark)
    Samantha Sparks (The Detective/Hime-miko)
    Grassmaster411 (Raven)

    Avenger Angel (Shade Drache [Now an NPC])
    VampireMace (Bloodbath)
    THEIRONDONUT (The Butcher)
    Samantha Sparks (The Yoko)
    THEIRONDONUT (Madame Mist)
    Pokefan0234 (Chimera)
    Pokefan0234 (Contrary Aril)
    Chthonic Flames (Ore)
    Food Guy (Script)
    MugoUrth (Mirage)

    Banned Members (Three tries to get in is all you get, XD)
    None, let's hope it stays that way. Let's have some fun, people. I don't want to be forced to be mean.

    Crossed out means dropped out.
    Italics means in danger of being dropped for inactivity if inactive for a month.

    Some closing Notes
    As the creator if this RP, I get to choose my character, and since I want to be in the action, I have chosen my favorite and put her in the spotlight. Have a problem with it? Very simple thing you can do. Press the Back button on your Browser, and try to avoid letting the Mouse Cord hit you on the way out.

    Knowledge of the goings on of the cartoon or the comics is not really necessary to have fun in this RP, but encouraged. If you have never seen or read Teen Titans, just think of this as basically a Superhero/Villain RP. DC Comics is soft canon in the case of this RP, and we're just going to assume that the rest of DCU doesn't care about the city. It just makes it simpler for us.

    Reference Information: Here for stuff in general, Here for episodes, though not the greatest. You can find character bios on Wikia and Wikipedia if you need them. There's also the official Titans Tower Teen Titans Cartoon offshoot website, which it not hard to find, unless it's down. All good places for reference.

    Neo/Avenger and I are co-GMs for this RP and he has as much control over stuff as I do.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2013
  2. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    This is interesting. Will be an awesome way to bring back Ninjice. Is there a maximum age for this? Also, I cannot help but be reminded of a Batman arc where Gotham was decimated by an earthquake and cut off by the rest of the US.
  3. biggggg5

    biggggg5 Bigglesworth

    This sounds like fun. Can I reserve a hero slot?
  4. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    There's really no max age, as long as it's reasonable. For example an elderly person wouldn't really make sense.

    There's no need to reserve, as sign ups will remain open. Only if we start getting too many Villains will there need to be reserves since they'd then be locked.
  5. biggggg5

    biggggg5 Bigglesworth

    Here is my sign up.

    Name and Last Name: Will Mason
    Hero or Villain: Hero
    Super Hero/Villain Alias: Gameboy
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Description: Will is slightly taller then average but not by too much. He wears glasses, a red t shirt and blue jeans along with plain shoes as a civilian. Hi costume is a silver bodysuit that covers all of his body except his head which means he looks similar to the silver surfer with his normal face. He also wears a mask similar to robin's that replace his glasses. His appearance changes a little bit with his power but he stays pretty much the same. He has dark brown hair that is often mistaken for black. He is very skinny and not very athletic looking.
    Personality: Will is extremely shy but nice and funny when he gets to know you. He is very quiet even if knows you well and will always listen to you if you need him to. He is very difficult to anger but when he does get angry he is worse than a herd of stampeding bulls. It takes an awful lot to push him to that point such as the death of friend. (Think what would trigger a super saiyin trigger) He also has a strong sense of justice. His personality will also be slightly affected by the character's power he assumes.
    Background/History: Before the fall of the titans he lived a fairly normal life and he admired the teen titans as role models. Two parents, a little brother, etc. He always loved video game and was fascinated with them all his life. He begged his parents for them but they could only afford a worn down n64 and classic gameboy. He loved all the games he could play though, even if they were a little out of date. After he played them to the fullest he took them apart and studied how they worked too. When the villains took over his parents were killed and his little brother was captured by Gizmo. He was only 8 and his brother was 4. He ran after him but was blocked and knocked unconscious by one of Mumbo's weird spells. When he came to the battle was over and his brother was long gone. He vowed to get his brother back and to preserve the one of the most important things before the fall: video games. He was among the first to join the renegades and be exposed to the diamite. The diamite granted him powers to match his personality and he adjusted to them very quickly, he had discovered it when he was talking to a fellow renegade about video games. He grew accustomed to the renegade lifestyle and became an experienced strategist. He spent his free time reading game manuals and walkthroughs for Gameboy advance games and thus became familiar with them as well. Gameboy became one of Starfire's top advisers.
    Superpower(s): Game power mimicry: Gameboy can replicate the powers, equipment and weaknesses of video game characters. To activate he has to say the name of the character and the game they are from and they will gain their abilities and powers. A drawback of this is that the opponent may know the weaknesses of the character he chooses and will be able to strategize around it. Will also look a bit like the character. (Ex: if he says pikachu from pokemon yellow version he will gain the electric attacks and will be weak against earth based attacks and he will turn yellow with red cheeks.) He can hold a power for 30 minutes. The characters he can choose from are limited to n64, Gameboy and gba games because these are the only ones he is familiar with. He is also limited to the heroes of the games.
    Species: human Diamite-mutee
    Member of the Renegades: Yes
    If yes to the above, then list your position or duties if you have any: Colonel. Also official historian to try to preserve what was before. Mostly video games but other stuff too. He can often get items that are hard to come by such as bubble gum and other novelties.
    If yes to the previous three, then do you want to be mutated, if starting out as a human member of the Renegades? Yes
    Roleplay Sample: not from the role play section but still a role play:
    Other: Character list: Mario from Mario and luigi superstar saga or mario 64, sonic the hedgehog from sonic advance, link from ocarina of time or majora's mask, donkey kong from donkey kong 64, pikachu from Pokemon yellow version, Kirby from the amazing mirror or nightmare in dreamland, spyro from the legend of spyro a new beginning. Note: powers may differ depending on game.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2012
  6. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    Hey, Bronislav, remember me? I thought I recognized that name. How have you been? We still cool?

    I think I have just the guy for this.

    Name: Evan Temple

    Hero or Villan: Hero

    Super hero/ Villian Alias: The Fossil

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Description: : Evan can appear intimidating because he is 6 feet tall. He has brown hair that he keeps fairly short, and is really skinny despite his height. He has brown, almond shaped eyes. His skin is white, with a light tan. He weighs 150 pounds and is slightly self-conscious about his weight. He wears glasses, most of the time to see long distance. He takes them off though, for fighting and socializing. He has no facial hair, because he shaves every few days. He wears just a plain T-shirt or long sleeved shirt depending on the weather. Shorts or jeans in the same situation. As for his Hero costume, he wears a green and brown jumpsuit with green on the back, head, and shoulders, and Brown on the front, arms, and legs. There is an italicized F on the chest of his hero costume. He also wears a small mask that circles around his eyes. It doesn’t cover much of his features, but it gets the job done.

    Personality: Evan was a bit antisocial because of bullying in the past. He tries to be extremely nice to everyone, because he think no-one should be treated like he was. He's usually quiet and polite, and reads a lot. He spends time alone sometimes, but tries to hang out with people most of the time. He knows a crazy amount of information about prehistoric animals. He is a carefree person, not worrying about much. In a fight, he has great confidence, because he is very knowledgeable about extinct animals. He is also a comedian, making others laugh is easy for him. Sometimes his jokes fall flat though, and other times he goes too far. He has poor judgment about when to stop joking sometimes. He can get nervous easily, especially around pretty girls. He does not kill villains, but has come close before. He feels extreme guilt anytime he thinks about the civilians he accidentally killed long ago.

    Background/History: : Growing up in London, he was a pretty much normal kid for most of his life. He never really got the British accent, probably due to his parents being both American. He was a bit of a nerd, with only a few close friends. He was bullied a lot, because he didn’t like sports or hunting. Other kids called him gay (even though he's not) and guys sexually harassed him. The school wouldn’t support him, and usually sided with the bullies. Despite his parent’s intervention, school rarely got better.

    His parents were scientists, studying to revive animals that man drove to extinction. They even had a lab, with lots of fossils of every known extinct creature you could think of. In an attempt to bring back the mammoth, they performed a complex experiment witch involved focusing a large amount of energy on mammoth DNA and an Asian elephant embryo. The result was an explosion, killing almost everyone in the compound. Strangely, when the experiment was copied years later, this was not the result. Evan was on the other side of the compound when it happened. The explosion knocked him unconscious. He was only 10 years old. The explosion mixed his DNA with that of the fossils in the lab. Three years later, he accidently turned into a Troodon in his room. For the next couple of years, he honed his abilities.

    When he was 16, there was an accident. He was being bullied, and his rage got the better of him. A combination of his anger and the predatory instincts of a T-rex took over, and he killed the bully. For years, he thought it was the t-rex's instincts that forced him to kill the child, but in recent years, he has has realized and made peace with the fact that it was his own free will that killed that kid, not the rex's instincts.

    He joined the Teen Titans when he was 17, but left when things in the city calmed down.

    After a failed hero league on a tropical island, he met Whiplash (aka Natalie Fisher). They hooked up and formed Titans International, a group of world traveling heroes who go where the trouble takes them.

    Later in life and semi-retired, he heard what had happened to that old town. With Whiplash unable to join him, he left to save this town, or die trying.

    Superpowers: He can turn into any extinct animal. As a paleontologist, he knows a lot more extinct animals than most people do, making him an expert in his powers. He can fly, swim, or run (in animal form) as transportation. He has very limited abilities to communicate with animals while in animal form. His powers also allow him to regenerate somewhat. Ex. scratch marks from a small animal would be more prominent when he is a small animal, but be less serious the larger he gets.

    Also, he can transform parts of his body to match those of extinct animals. There are many limitations to this though. The part is shrunken down, so a T-rex head would be the size of a rotweiller's. He cannot morph parts of his bodies to be from different animals, it has to be from a single animal. Finally, he rarely uses this power, claiming its more efficient to just become the creature itself. Better to be a raptor than to just have raptor claws.

    Species: Human mostly, but technically, DNA from thousands of extinct species runs through his veins.

    Member of Renegades: Yes

    Position and Duties: Private, usually on front line of battle. He also specializes in espionage.

    Mutated or human: As said, mainly human, but with various animal DNA.

    Roleplay sample: (Not sure if I had to fill this out, so please let me know, and I can add something very quickly)
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2012
  7. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Name and Last Name: Marion Bloome

    Hero or Villain: Hero

    Super Hero: Wyvern

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female


    Normal-Marion has a white dress with blue bows on the rims, the waist, and the top of the torso, near the neck, but not exactly. Her hair is long and blond, and Marion's eyes are blue. On her feet are blue flats.

    When in a formal moment, Marion changes into a blue dress with white ribbons on her neck, arms, and waist. Her hair is in a braid, kept in by a long blue ribbon, and she wears blue mini heels.

    Hero- Wyvern has the same blue eyes as Marion, but her hair is shoulder length and dark aqua. She wears white metal armor (imagine a knight's suit, but only the shirt and pants) with gold border on the rims (arms, waist, legs, neck). She wears gold knight's boots and a pure white helmet that covers her mouth but shows her eyes and has a space for her hair. On her back is a golden seath that holds a sword with a white handle and a golden dragon design on a white blade. Wyvern also has wolverine-like claws (though they are more like a dragon's claws) on both her hands.

    Personality: Marion, though rich, is generous, helping people who need it. Her loyalty is large, and she would never go to the side of evil. She acts innocent and like a young girl as Marion, but this hides her inner strength as a Dragon Warrior. Marion always hides the stuff for Wyvern in a secret compartment in her room, since they don't know about her being a Dragon Warrior and would not approve of her hero side. The only other person who knows about her hero side is her best friend, Aeilita, who is also a hero. Marion's one true friend, however, is her doll Marionette, who she talks to when she needs help and pretends that the doll answers.

    Wyvern is a lot more open, and is very athletic and active. She accepts help when it's needed, but mostly goes solo.

    Background/History: Marion had been born into a very rich family. Her father loved power, while her mother loved beauty. They both loved money. When Marion was brought, she was very generous, and this made her parents mad. Everyday, they would tell her things that she could get with power, beauty, and money. However, she simply continued to be her generous self. When the place became Dark City, her parents obeyed without question. Her father was angry that somebody had more power than him, though. Marion continued to be generous to others.

    Soon, she found a rusty blade in the basement while looking for gifts with her best friend, Aeilita. A man's spirit appeared when she picked it up, and the sword became the Dragon Blade. She was to be the new Dragon Warrior, a hero that wore armor that was made from the scale of reptiles, like it was from a dragon. This is where Wyvern came into being. Aeilita promised to keep this a secret.

    Soon, a toymaker secretly gave Marion a life-sized doll that looked similier to her. She named it Marionette, and talked to it about Wyvern's adventures to the doll.

    Superpower(s): Wyvern is able to use the Dragon Blade, a sword used by the previous Dragon Warrior-her great grandfather, who was named Drake. She can release sword beams, as well as a golden dragon spirit with claws. Wyvern can use her claws to slash the opponent. She is also very athletic.

    Wyvern has many long-ranged attacks as well, besides the sword beams. She can use the claws for slashes that use the energy around her to make marks in the air that damage the enemy. Wyvern can also use the two items in conjunction, by combining the sword beams with the claw slashes.

    Member of the Renegades: No

    If not a member, were you planning to join?: Marion rather likes to go solo, but she will accept any help offered.

    Roleplay Sample:

    Other: Marion has a doll that sort-of resembles her named Marionette. It looks almost exactly like her, but it's eyes are brown, and the bows and flats are red instead of blue.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2012
  8. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Can I reserve a hero slot please?
  9. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    You don't need to reserve, but no problem on that Samantha. Look forward to seeing your character!

    Yup I remember you Grass. I've been great. Sorry I took so long to get back to you and your RP finished. I hope you're not mad at me for that, cause I'm kinda sad. I JUST got a new computer on November 2nd. I was hoping to see you here, actually. There is a small discrepancy with your story. You mention Connor, but don't you mean Evan? Will Whiplash be joining later?

    Zek, take your time. There's plenty of it. :)

    We will be getting a discussion thread soon if the mods allow it, and Neo is still working on his character. I'm skimming right now since I'm not at home. If there's any other problems I'll let you guys know later or by VM conversation.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2012
  10. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Are neutral characters allowed, and does the character HAVE to be from Dark City, or can they be from somewhere else if you have a good explanation as to how they got in and why they did?
  11. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Yes, as long as you can explain your reasons for not getting killed by all the villains having their way with practically everybody, why you're there if you're not a regular resident who is now stuck there or wants to help liberate the town, and your reasons for being there in general, you can be neutral. We just don't want the story spilling outside the city, but if the need arises this can change. Just not in the near future.

    This really isn't a place people WANT to be in normally. They're either stuck there cause all means of escape are blocked and they've been enslaved, are enjoying the freedom to do what the heck they want to everybody else, or are there because they want to help set things right.

    I don't see much reason to be neutral, but if you can spin it well, it's fine. ;) Go nuts, pretty much. I once derived advanced technology in a setting that had long lost access to such things. So yea, if you can make it make sense, go ahead.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2012
  12. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Name and Last Name: Pierre de Gaulle

    Hero or Villain: Neutral, but is more aligned with the Heroes

    Super Hero/Villain Alias: L'illusionniste

    Age: 31

    Gender: Male

    Description: Pierre is a tall but thin man, standing at 6'2 but with a frame that lacks both muscle or fat. He isn't really out of shape; he just isn't really strong either. Oddly enough, despite being a world traveler Pierre's skin is very pale, to the point of being almost albino. His hair is raven black and cut short, and also matches the color of his suit. Pierre has a small upside down triangle shaped beard and a thin mustache that follows the curve of his lip. His eyes are round and cyan colored.

    Pierre wears a black formal suit with a white undershirt and a black bowtie, with a black cape on the back of his shirt. He wears a pair of expensive black leather shoes, that were imported from Italy. A red rose is pinned to the left side of the front of his shirt. On his head, he wears a black tophat with a white ringaround the rim of it and a black Zorro style mask around his eyes. Pierre wears a pair of white gloves, and seems to always have a spare pair of them hidden in one of his pockets when the current pair he is wearing get dirty. Pierre always carries with him a silver cane, although the cane has an oddly shaped round handle that appears to look more like the hilt of a sword than a cane's handle...

    Personality: Pierre is a strange person, but a very intelligent one. He is very clever and cunning, and is used to tricking other in order to get his way. Thanks to all the traveling he has done, Pierre is also wise and knowledgable. He often acts eccentric at times, and tends to be a hard person to understand. Pierre acts like a gentleman and has a charismatic nature to him. Most people can't help but like Pierre, and if they don't, he gives them a little encouragement via his powers. He is surprisingly honorable despite being a theif, and often act likes Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. His honor extends to other beliefs of his as well, like how he will not harm a woman, child (although he'd fight either them if it were self-defense), or an unarmed opponent. He has a plan for almost everything, and if he doesn't, he'll roll with it and make everything up as he goes along. Although it won't stop him, Pierre loaths the idea of getting dirty, and will avoid getting dirty by any means if it's an option.

    Background/History: Pierre de Gaulle was born in a small French village near the city of Caer in northern France. His parents were farmers, but Pierre hated his simple rural life, and aspired to be something more. As if God himself answered his wishes for more to his life, at the age of 12 he first discovered his powers when he snapped his fingers and mariaculously caused his pet dog to disappear. To his relief, the dog was merely invisable and reappeared when he snapped his fingers again, but this would change his life forever. He had always been interested in magic, so he quickly came up with the brilliant idea to uses his newfound powers to become one himself. And thus, Pierre L'illusionniste was born.

    At the age of 16 he went on a journey that took him across the entire world and back. He had little money to his name, so he had to get by by stealing, although he was sure to only take from the wealthy and only take what he needed. Eventually though, he began to take more than his own share to give to poor people he met along the way. Growing up in a poor farming community himself, Pierre sympathized with those kinds of people and wished to help improve their lives. Eventually, Pierre's career as a magician took off and he became known worldwide, but even then he continued to stela s he traveled to give to the poor, but now was able to add his own extra money to be given away as well. It is rumored that he even successfully stole from Fort Knox, when a police officer in Hong Kong reported finding a gold bar in the possesion of a drunken man in the street that had the words "Property of Fort Knox" etched onto it, only a day after Pierre had performed in the city.

    Now, Pierre is taking on his biggest act of charity yet: helping The Cursed people born within the confines of Dark City. Thanks to his teleportation powers he was easily able to get into the city undetected, and now is thinking up a plan to perform his biggest scheme yet...

    Superpower(s)/Special Abilities/Etc: Pierre's main ability is that he can create illusions and to trick or deceive others. Like making something appear that isn't actually there, or making something disappear despite not moving at all. Two of his favorite things to do are making himself invisable or creating illusions of himself. Note though that all illusions he creates aren't real, so real objects will just phase through them. He also has the power to control minds, although only limitedly. He can manipulate the thoughts of groups of people, distracting them from what they were focusing on previously or getting them to agree with him on something they'd normally disagree with. He also can take control of a single person, but it requires alot of concentration on his part that can be easily interrupted, and it is harder to perform on more intelligent people, and nearly impossible to perform on aliens due to their exotic nature.

    Pierre can also teleport himself to other places within a mile radius. However, he need to be able to picture the destination in his mind to be able to teleport to it, so he can't teleport himself to someplace he hasn't seen. Anyone who is touching Pierre when he teleports, teleports with him as well. He can teleport a single person who isn't in contact with him too, but the other person must be within 30 feet from him, and can only be teleported somewhere else within 30 feet from him. All of his powers are activated by him snapping his fingers.

    His cane actually is a sheath for a concealed rapier, with the handle of the cane being the hilt of the sword. Pierre is skilled at fencing, but dislikes fighting directly and generally only uses his sword for self-defense.

    Species: N/A

    Member of the Renegades: No

    If not a member, were you planning to join?: He might, but it's likely he'd want to fly solo.

    Roleplay Sample: Well I am currently running another RP on this forum, so if you want a RP example you can just look that up. :p

    Other: Pierre has a great memory and knows many, many languages. They are, but are not limited to: French (of course), English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Russian, Arabic (the version people in Egypt use), Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Japanese.
  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    The Ice Ninja returns!

    Name and Last Name: Diego Vendrix
    Hero or Villain: Hero
    Super Hero/Villain Alias: Ninjice
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male

    Description: Diego is around 5'9” with a boyish face and a slightly pale complexion. When he uses his powers, his skin becomes white as snow however. His hair is jet black like the feathers of a raven. His hair style somewhat resembles a shorter version of Sonic the Hedgehog’s quills. His eyes are a chocolate brown, and they often express his full list of emotions to someone who understands him. He has a rather nice build. He has the build of a ninja so he can be quick, agile and powerful. On his left arm is a tattoo that marks him as a ninja of the Frost Wolf Clan, 霜狼. When he is using his frost hands, they glow a palish snowy blue.

    Diego wears a traditional ninja uniform, a black lightweight but durable robe especially design to regulate his body temperature. Under his robe he has a sleeveless black shirt. He also wears ninja-style durable pants and completes this ensemble with especially designed lightweight shoes that allow him to hit hard with his feet, but still sneak around at ease. He uses glasses and often has a watch on him. He carries wears a black scarf around his neck that can be used to grab a ledge, disguise his face or as a bandage on himself or an ally.

    Personality: Diego is not a cold, frigid or solid person as his powers might make someone assume. On the contrary, he is a warm and passionate person with an occasional fiery temper and a large romantic which he is often shy about. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help people out. However, his social awkwardness and his bluntness often makes it hard for him to talk to people and help them out like he wishes to. He is a naturally intelligent individual and can be cold and stubborn on certain issues. He is also a very artistic individual as he always carries his sketch pad with him and will occasionally make ice sculptures on colder days. He seems to have moments of boundless energy and then moments of sudden exhaustion, an up-and-down trend he is wishing to control through meditation. But the most interesting aspect is the part of him he has in deep freeze. A collection of his lust, wrath, fear and bitterness, this amount of negative emotions followed by his natural abnormal mental state results in an alter ego, a dark side which he simply calls DX. DX appears to be sociopathic, sadistic, and psychopathic, unbound by most rules and his actions can lead to very large consequences. However, most of his desires or his code appears to simply be a much more liberal and twisted version of Diego’s own, so he isn’t a complete enemy. Ultimately, Diego is a kind young man who wished to make friends, find love and help protect his home.

    Background/History: Not so long ago in a town in Georgia, a boy grew up. A boy born in California and raised in Georgia, and who’s bloodline is from Mexico. His name was Diego Vendrix. He was an incredibly bright, but very awkward student, born with a different set of programming. His parents, unknown to his different way, raised like a ‘normal’ boy and had to build up endurance and strength to stand against the merciless onslaught of taunting, cold indifference and occasional bullying because of how different he was. Despite holding out, the resentment grew and he locked it away. He was a bright boy and as time went on, he was able to reconcile with some of his peers, but felt an empty feeling in his heart, one that only love can fill.

    Around before Winter Break, he was taken onto his first ski trip to a mountain up north. There he encountered a man who would change his life. An elderly man of the Far East, he had come to visit his great-grandson before he was struck down by bitter cold and old age. Diego being a good person, did everything he could to help the man and eventually the old man grew well once more. The old man would share stories of ninja and other folklore. Then the fateful day arrived, where Diego was struck by a serious and fatal wound during a sudden and unexplainable blizzard. Thought to have been dead and taken by the mountain, he survived thanks to the old man. With nowhere else to go, the man took him back to the Far East and taught him the ways of fridjitzu, made possible by his near-death by frostbite and the power of qi. Months later, he had completed the basics of his training and was sent off to join the Titans to find his own path.

    He was 16.

    He had fought alongside the Titans loosely, however he grew to trust them. He was also in the shadows and fought his own criminals, becoming known as an expert of espionage, assassination and cryogenics. However, when things began getting dark, he retreated to the underground.

    He is currently considered one of the top members of the Renegade and pretty optimistic despite the situation though a few of the rookies attribute this to him being a few screws loose. He also tries to talk to Starfire to help her out.

    Superpower(s): Diego is one of the only human practicers of fridjitzu, the way of the ice ninja, As shown below as examples. He is able to conjure weapons of ice as well any other miscellaneous ice items such as blocks or keys. The largest item he can conjured is a small wall of dense ice. Besides making ice weapons, he can shoot blasts of snow and his most powerful technique, generate freezing energy from his palm, though it only works through somewhat direct contact. He can also disappear into a puff of mist or fade like ice crystals (to confuse opponent and because it looks cool; aesthetic reaons) He is also quick, nimble and agile in traditional ninja fashion. His fridjitzu draws on his qi and surrounding hydration. The less water there is outside, the more of his own fluids and qi he must use. Intense heat will null his powers and he will dehydrate faster than most humans unless he puts himself in stasis.

    Member of the Renegades: Yes
    If yes to the above, then list your position or duties if you have any: Espionage, Assassination, Pretty good on the frontlines
    If yes to the previous three, then do you want to be mutated, if starting out as a human member of the Renegades? No
    Roleplay Sample: Will add if need be
    Other: Attracted to Starfire, but does not voice it for her sake and for Nightwing’s, who he believes is still alive. He knows the original Titans.
  14. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    NAME: Karynaku'r Savale
    HERO OR VILLAIN: Villain
    GENDER: Female

    DESCRIPTION: Karynaku'r is a name Shade hasn't used in years, but nonetheless, it was the name she was born with.

    In her "natural" form, Shade appears as an immature and reckless young lady dressed in a dark jester's attire, very much like Harley Quinn, except with more flair. Around her waist, she wears a large black, red, and violet bell-shaped dress that looks like it's composed of giant flower petals. She also stands roughly about 5'8", having a lean and attractive appearance. Meanwhile, she has black, violet, and red hair that comes down to her waist, along with red irises in her piercing eyes. She also very rarely frowns, always wearing a confident smirk no matter how much things don't go her way. Meanwhile, her frame is very athletic and acrobatic. Thin, attractive, skilled, and powerful, it takes very little speaking on her part to razzle-dazzle anything that gets in her way. However, with her abilities, it isn't even necessary.

    She can, however, change simply virtually anything and everything about herself thanks to her power, and she often does. Like much of what she creates with her powers, she prefers to make herself cute, but extremely and very deceptively powerful.

    PERSONALITY: Childish, playful, and spirited, but still wicked. Shade takes everything like it's simply a game and she's already winning. Everywhere she goes, the world bends to her will, changes and reflects her dark imagination, where the innocent and cherished things of the world are twisted into darkness. What was once beautiful is now deadly, and what was once cute and cuddly is now cunning and vicious. Shade is extremely guile with her strategies, and adores playing cat and mouse with her enemies, like a poker player with a royal flush of a hand, letting the game go on though she's already got the keys to victory in her hands.

    In the meantime, Shade is playfully sarcastic and cynical, often saying things like "Just because I killed your family doesn't mean we can't be friends," "You sure look cute when you're mad," or "Aww, your scream is so funny that I might just go easy on ya. Nah, just kidding." In essence, her taunts and jeers will get under everyone else's skin and make their blood boil, but very few have the power to do anything about it.

    In the meantime, Shade loves candy and other sweet and sugary things, along with anything that's cute and adorable. She also adores cartoons and cute, furry forest animals. To her, every day is Christmas for the bad guys, and she feels in time, moral codes and the natural order of things will be changed around, and people will just get used to this new culture. She also hates the weak and loves to torment them for their weaknesses.

    BACKGROUND/HISTORY: Shade was originally born as a delinquent child upon the world of Tamaran. Not much is remembered of her parents or where she came from, but early on, even as a child, Shade was imprisoned for crimes of arson, destruction of property, and other malicious intent.

    Shade didn't mind prison, however. She liked it, she got her education from the dark sides of society, and she learned a lot of tricks of the trade just from learning how to appeal to the better sides of fellow inmates through her cunning reciprocity. With enough time, she made plenty of friends, and they eventually helped create a distraction for her while she made her escape.

    Before leaving Tamaran, she was involved in a heist to hijack a container transport carrying the highly sought after Diamite. Much to her design and the overlooking of her fellow partners in crime, everyone else involved in the heist took the fall while she ran off with the payload of Diamite. With it, she actually consumed it, and it in return gave her the amplified, reality bending powers she has today. She would love nothing more than to get her hands on more Diamite and increase the range of her powers.

    Eventually, Tamaran bored her, and she headed to Earth, specifically Jump City, simply traveling through space at blinding, incredible speeds thanks to her ability to warp reality and its laws in the area around her. Seeing as how the people of this city were unaware that such powers could be obtained, she decided it would be way more fun to surprise the unwary and soak in the sweet squeal of panic and hysteria. As a result, she has been the flagship member behind the reason why Jump City is now Dark City. Anywhere she goes, reality is hers to harass, including all those within it.

    The other villains of Dark City know not to mess with her, as she continuously makes one member of the gang, Slade, her abused meat puppet of a plaything. She does, however, sometimes find uses for him, often in the cases where she needs him to do something she doesn't feel like doing.

    SUPERPOWERS: Shade's main power is her ability to manipulate reality within a five mile radius of herself (called "The Aura"), which gives her the ability to change, transform, and modify everything and everyone around her into her own dark, twisted world. These changes are permanent as long as the changed subject, living or not, stays within the Aura. However, anything that leaves this Aura returns to normal, although anything that happened to it will remain. Such as the case of her turning a human into a lollipop and taking a bite out of it. Should the lollipop leave the Aura and return to being human, they will be gravely wounded with a massive bite in their shoulder, for example. Actually managing to escape this aura of reality manipulation is much easier said than done, however. Most of the changes revert back to normal simply only because Shade left the general area to move on to harassing some other area of the city and making sure they're still falling into line.

    Generally, Shade changes the environment around her and those that stumble into it to resemble a darker, twisted world where innocence becomes evil, and the things that humanity would originally find secure, peaceful, or even cute are given a dark and malevolent makeover. Thus, those that wander into this dark aura can expect to be under assault from her minions of attack anthropomorphic rabbits, insidious blood-winged butterflies, and poisonous but deathly beautiful night lily flowers as just a taste of what she usually concocts.

    Shade is also capable of changing herself into whatever dark and menacing form she's in the mood for, though she usually goes for the approach of becoming sarcastically and cynically cute but dark and powerful. She lives for taunting and humiliating her enemies along with preying upon the weak and gullible, obviously. Since she's in the Aura 100% of the time and it travels with her, there's virtually no way to break her out of these transformations.

    Shade also has the power to bestow additional superpowers upon to her allies, along with revive the dead. These additional powers and renewed life will last as long as they stay within Shade's five mile radius Aura, but if they leave that area, those powers and renewed life suddenly become temporary (only last about ten posts). If they return to Shade's Aura, that timer resets and will only count down again upon leaving the Aura once again.

    SPECIES: Alien from Tamaran, though she appears to be perfectly human in her "natural" form. However, this form changes all the time. She doesn't remain human for very long periods of time, feeling as though being human is like walking into an ice cream parlor that sells one trillion different flavors with one trillion different toppings and just going with a plain old vanilla cone.

    MEMBER OF THE RENEGADES: Not a chance. :)
    DUTIES IN THE VILLAIN COMMUNITY: Head commander, overseer, and mastermind behind the Dark City operation. Essentially the big, black, beating heart of the whole reason why Jump City is sitting in the filth that it's currently in.

    (modeling Shade after Janine, by the way)

    OTHER: Welcome to your doom.
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  15. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Name and Last Name: Kotamae Furukawa (Real name unknown and probably never will be known)
    Super Hero Alias: He goes under three personas - "The Rainbow Swordsman", "Sonic Silver" and "Silence Dogood". He does use his casual "Kotamae Furukawa" ego too, though only for tiny hordes of minions.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male, although he looks, sounds and dresses female.
    Description: His regular self looks very simple. Physically, he looks 7. He is 1.1 metres tall. He has long, silver hair styled in a hime-cut that reaches down to his butt, also concealing the mysterious eyes that no living being has seen before. His skin is almost as white as pure snow. His figure is completely flat, yet curvacious at the same time. He conceals his body in a sleeveless, long plain white dress. In this form, he wields a simple wooden katana, which does a surprising amount of damage. Occasionally, when in this basic form, white fox-like ears and a pair of fox tails may pop out from his body.

    The Rainbow Swordsman - Kotamae's hair is now all seven colours of the rainbow. He is veiled in a thick, metallic seven-coloured armour that resembles that of the knights of the medieval past. Its surface is reflective and bright-coloured. The default blade that comes with the a longsword known as the "Seven-coloured Blade". It is also metallic and shiny, and is about 1.3 metres long. It takes the form of a European Longsword. The wings he can summon from his back in this form, known as "Rainbow Wings", are more chrome-coloured than rainbow, and appearance-wise, they resemble the wings of holy angels.

    Sonic Silver - Kotamae wears a pair of silver breast pads and a tiny silver crotch plate, an extremely skimpy outfit indeed, meant for enhanced agility. He also posseses a silver visor for enhanced vision, and a utility belt that contain only two pairs of silver desert eagles near the hips. These desert eagles can extend into 'rifle modes', which causes them to take the form of PGM Hecate IIs. The wings that can sprout from Sonic Silver's back, the "Silver Wings", resemble those of a generic dragonfly, silvery and translucent. His wingspan is 2 metres.

    Silence Dogood - Kotamae dons a tiny black tophat decorated with a white ribbons. He also wears a black, long-sleeved gothic dress with a rose at the end of each sleeve. The top of the gothic dress is adorned with white ribbons at the centre of the chest area, in a criss-cross pattern. In this form, only Gin's right eye is revealed, sealed by a medical eyepatch, ironically. He often carries an gothic-styled black umbrella in this form. The wings that can sprout from Silence Dogood's back, the "Twilight Wings", are pretty odd. The left wing is holy white in hue, and is as feathery as an angel's. The right wing is chaos black, and is as wicked and demonic as a demon's.

    Personality: Kotamae is a very grim young man. It is extremely rare to see him smile. His sometimes offends in a highly aggresive manner, although he generally thinks and strategizes before striking. He is surprisingly mature for his age and appearance. Just like his Kitsune mother, he can be absurdly cunning and mischievious, especially when he is in a good mood. Even if there are many around him, he will always feel lonely until someday, someone fills the crater in his heart. He is also extremely tsundere, and treats most people with a cold shoulder, until he warms up to them and the hole in his heart starts to fill...
    Background/History: Kotamae was born from a human father named Gin Furukawa, who was androgynous, just like him, and Gin's familiar and wife, Tamae the Nine-tailed fox. He had the blood of a family of magicians - the Stiltons. Few knew of the Stiltons, or their abilities, but these abilities were varying and powerful, and Kotamae was lucky to be born into such a wealthy and powerful family. In addition to being gifted with the magic in his blood, his kitsune half grants him great power as well. He thought he was fortunate until one day, the Apocalypse started.
    The Stiltons found a way to escape to another dimension. However, Kotamae simply refused to leave this realm as he saw people suffering, and his love interest and fighting partner was killed in the Apocalypse as well. His willpower and determination was strong. Thinking twice, his parents allowed him to stay in this realm, and told him to 'bring harmony so that all can be peaceful once more'.
    This is what he's doing right now.
    Superpower(s)/Special Abilities/Etc: In his basic form, Kotamae can sprout basic fox ears and a pair of fox tails to enhance his sense of hearing and pick up what he cannot in his regular form. His mysterious eyes hold a secret - they are able to rob an eye-based ability from a person temporarily, although this ability with stay with Kotamae even after the opponent gets it back. For now, he possesses the 'Eyes of Purgatory", stolen from a demon he exorcised when he was merely ten. When he reveals the eyes underneath his hair(this ability is active), anyone who makes eye contact will instantly burn in purging rainbow flames. These rainbow flames feel more like being physically tortured with morningstars and guillotines than being burnt. He can also use 'Rainbow Flare Magic', which feel more like physical blows than actual burning. He can easily bring an energy sphere chanelled by this magic near a certain element (for example, he can bring it close to a water body and can use water magic, bring it close to flames and he can use fire magic, use it in a windy place and he can utilise wind magic, etc.), then utilise the element for combat. He can channel magic into objects, such as weapons. Apart from magic, he also practices swordsmanship and gunwielding. His exceptional parkour skills come in handy very often.

    A passive form of magic in his blood, 'Androgynous Blood', allows any gender-discriminating attack used on opponents to always work. Vice versa also works, which proves to be a weakness. He can also utilise gender-discriminating weapons through this ability.

    He can utilise a certain magic that allows him to alter clothing and armory at free will. However, when it comes to his three magic-based outfits, The Rainbow Swordsman, Sonic Silver and Silence Dogood, he must recharge his mana once he turns back to normal after utilising them.

    In his 'Rainbow Swordsman' alter ego, he is exceptionally skilled in melee combat and swordsmanship. The armour grants greatly enhanced defense in return for reduced speed and agility. While primarily melee-based, he can channel his 'Rainbow Flare magic' at a foe in the form of either a physical attack or a beam. By sprouting the wings that come with the armor, the "Rainbow Wings", he can hover and levitate at speeds equivelant to his regular running speed, and it also makes up for the fact that his parkour skills are highly reduced in this armour.

    As 'Sonic Silver', his skimpy and almost-none clothing allow exceptionally high speeds, ridiculous range and enhanced agility that are generally used for dodging numerous attacks. This great feat has been gained by sacrificing defense and defensive skills, save evading attacks. His gun-wielding skills are shown to be great in this state, almost never missing and always highly accurate. He can channel magic into his guns to fire powerful shots of silver-hued flames, that do not burn, but feel like physical pain. The wings he sprouts in this form, "Silver Wings", gives him supersonic speeds and agility that could easily tie in with an aeroplane.

    As 'Silence Dogood', he has balanced defenses and speed that are equal to Kotamae's, and is even more proficient in magic than Gin himself. His rainbow flames now take the appearance of 'Twilight Blaze', which is black, white and grey in terms of hue, and hurt even more than regular rainbow flames. Behind the medical eyepatch lies a power known as "Satanic Eye", which when revealed, enhances the power of 'Twilight Blaze'. The wings he sprouts from his back, the 'Twilight Wings', provide slightly enhanced speed and aerial advantage. He also carries a parasol in this form, which is used for melee offense and defense, as well as being used as a parachute.

    Whenever Kotamae is being overpowered, primarily due to working alone, he is reveals his kitsune form - a white, two-tailed fox about the size of a car. This kitsune form is skilled in agility, defense, range, offense and magic alike. However, this form cannot be activated under normal conditions and sacrifices two things - sanity and self-control. This causes Kotamae to go berserk and obliterate anything in his path, friend or foe. This form is always veiled in painful, shiny rainbow flames. When the beast is slain, an unconscious, vulnerable, Kotamae will be revealed, ready for the kill.

    Species: Half-kitsune (Kitsunes are fox spirits of Japanese mythology. They primarily embody fire)
    Member of the Renegades: No, although he will help them when he sees them.
    If not a member, were you planning to join: Nope. He loves helping others, but does not expect anything in return. He may change his mind though.
    This is from one of my old Roleplays on another forum.

    "I wouldn't want any slicing or dicing, but I really want to try these new guys!"
    A rather high-pitched war-cry could be heard throughout part of the Melody Desert. It had an odd squeak to it. This war cry originated from Alhena Mebsuta, a traveller from Castor City, Gemini Zone. She wore a rather sexy corset that would've been great if she had a larger chest. It gave one the reminiscent of a cowgirl or sheriff.
    She took out a pair of katanas - one pink, one blue. They had text written on their crystal-based blades. Next thing you knew, odd, synthetic, wood-and-paper wings spread from Alhena's back, allowing her to fly past the bandits that stood before her, then slice their feet to immobilise them.

    She succeeded, but in the process, her wings were punctured, causing her to lose flight and fall.
    "Oof! Ow! NO! SORA! You will pay... but maybe a little mercy won't hurt..."
    She shot their arms with the Big Dipper, an odd Desert Eagle, before leaving.
    "Goddamn perverts. Goddamn thieves. Picking on me, looking down on me... this is what they get."

    Alhena proceeded. She was glad she didn't get gangraped, or get her money stolen. That would be simply horrible. She still felt a little chilly, though.
    Other: He is currently trying to find a familiar he can trust. Virtually no one knows his true gender, except his family.
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  16. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Just note that Bron has the power to override these, but I've read the sign ups and here is my feedback.

    @ biggggg5 - Will Mason AKA Gameboy

    Great character, I think the power is also pretty cool and unique. I'm also familiar with every single character from the character list, so I think that's good to go.

    I checked out your role play sample, and it's okay, but just note that every time a new person speaks with quotation marks, start a new paragraph. Some formatting changes might help as well, such as keeping it in the same tense (past tense usually works best). In other words, this:

    "Unown huh? Well I suppose I should do all that I can to help." Big says. "Are you sure it is ok to force all of them out of their home though? It doesn't seem right" This came from the horsea he had in his arms. "Don't worry Queendra I think we are just getting one of each forme so that scientists can study them. The government wouldn't allow a mass capture like that after what happened to the dratini in the Kanto safari zone." Big reassures her. "Oh ok! I guess that is ok!" She says cheerfully. "Let's go help people then!" She hopped out of his arms and started off hopping towards some ruins. As the trainer followed he let the Heracross known as Hercules out of his Pokeball. The bug type immediately salutes his trainer. "I told you that this isn't necessary." "Yessir!" He says without dropping the salute. Big sighs. "Alright. You have the type advantage on unowns so you will probably be doing the fighting ok?" "Yessir!" The Heracross says again. "Come on guys!" Queendra yells back. "I can barely hop on land and I'm way ahead of you. Lets get a move on!" Big grins and runs towards his pokemon.

    Should look more like this:

    "Unown, huh?" Big asked. "Well, I suppose I should do all that I can to help."

    "Are you sure it is okay to force all of them out of their home though?" The Horsea Big held in his armed asked. "It just don't seem right."

    "Don't worry, Queendra, I think we are just getting one of each form so that the scientists can study them," Big reassured her. "The government wouldn't allow a mass capture like that after what happened to the Dratini in the Kanto Safari Zone."

    "Oh, ok!" Queendra said cheerfully. "Let's go help people then!"

    She hopped out of his arms and started off hopping towards some ruins. As the trainer followed, he let the Heracross known as Hercules out of his Pokeball. The bug type immediately saluted his trainer.

    "I told you that this isn't necessary," Big told Hercules.

    "Yessir!" He said without dropping the salute.

    "Alright," Big sighed. "You have the type advantage on Unowns, so you will probably be doing the fighting, okay?"

    "Yessir!" The Heracross said again.

    "Come on, guys!" Queendra yelled back. "I can barely hop on land and I'm way ahead of you. Let's get a move on!"

    Big grinned and ran towards his Pokémon.

    Do it like that and you'll be fine. So yeah, I'd say Approved for this one.

    @ Grassmaster411 - Evan Temple AKA The Fossil

    This dude reminds me a bit of myself.

    Anyway, I really like his superpower, it's unique and original. I'll be honest, I've never seen anything like that before, so kudos to you for coming up with that.

    A role play sample would be appreciated just so we know where you're coming from, but honestly, judging from this sign up, you know what you're doing. This is great, so I'll give it the green light. Accepted.

    @ Zekshirom - Marion Bloome AKA Wyvern

    So far, so good, it's not done yet, but I like what I see so far. Just make a "hey, I'm done" post when you're done with her sign up so we know it's ready to be checked out.

    @ Billy Mays - Pierre de Gaulle AKA L'illusionniste

    Everything checks out. I've seen plenty of your RP posts before, so to me, I know what you're capable of.

    I think the only iffy thing I have is how exactly he got the powers in the first place since they seemed to just come from out of the blue, but it's not a big deal. Accepted

    @ DVB - Diego Vendrix AKA Ninjice

    I like the ice ninja theme. Besides Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, I haven't seen that used much before, so I think it's cool and I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.

    Again, like in Billy Mays's case, RP sample isn't necessary, I already know how you RP and it rocks. Accepted

    @ Samantha Sparks - Gin Furukawa AKA The Rainbow Swordsman/Sonic Silver/Silence Dogood

    I know it's a work in progress, but so far, so good. Again, like in Zekshirom's case, just give us a heads up when you're done and it's ready to be checked out. Cheers.
  17. Chthonic Flames

    Chthonic Flames DepressionEscapist

    We need some more Evil in this town.

    I'll get something more legitimate tomorrow,
  18. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Imma make a sign-up for this. Sometime after the weekend is when it'll be done.

    Claiming Super-Quick Thought. Or, you know, things related to it. Captain Reaction will be on duty!

    Also, can my character be second in command to Starfire? That, or right now I have him as 'Strategist Field Commander'
  19. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Hmm...Teen Titans? Interesting...

    Mind if I reserve for a semi-heroic character? My only concern is that she isn't human, she's an alien (then again, so is Starfire...).
  20. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Neo I appreciate you saying I can override you, but please don't. We're partners. We should be able to override each other if there's enough reason. I've been interested in what Neo has to say, since I personally haven't had any glaring (strike-worthy) problems with any of the characters. Now then, I'll do my formal comments and add everybody.

    @ biggggg5 - Will Mason AKA Gameboy

    Ok so we agree Neo. It's a little breaking the forth wall, but it's fine and I love the character and am familiar with all the "forms" so to speak. I also agree with organizing the posts a little.

    @ Grassmaster411 - Evan Temple AKA The Fossil

    As I said, it's good to see you again.

    I've read the character and it's really good and believable. The only thing is it mentions Connor, probably from where you're reusing some info from a second character. Except for that, you're good. I've read some of your RP and you don't need a sample. It's ok without.

    @ Zekshirom - Marion Bloome AKA Wyvern

    Yea it looks great for what you've got so far. Please let us know when you're done.

    @ Billy Mays - Pierre de Gaulle AKA L'illusionniste

    Well if Neo says you don't need a sample then you don't need a sample.

    Being born with it is a perfectly valid power origin, although it would be nice to know which side of the family it comes from (Hereditary), if there was some kind of radiation exposure at birth to cause a mutation, or something else.

    @ DVB - Diego Vendrix AKA Ninjice

    I like this character, and appreciate that he likes Star. She will appreciate it too. Just keep in mind that she's been mentally unstable since losing technically her family and lover. She can't accept Nightwing is dead, either.

    Also if Neo says you don't need a sample then you don't need a sample.

    @ Samantha Sparks - Gin Furukawa AKA The Rainbow Swordsman/Sonic Silver/Silence Dogood

    It looks good. Keep it up. Just keep in mind that "Species" refers to what kind of being you are. Human/Earthling would be more appropriate, ignore that field entirely, or put N/A (Not applicable). Or the way people have been putting Human mutated by Diamite. Either way is fine.


    Chthonic Flames we are certainly in need of a couple villains.

    Zalck that's an interesting power. I assume your character won't really be fighting? But sure, utility isn't a bad thing. Reacting much quicker than others can provide an advantage in fighting, anyway. As for being second in command to Star, that's reserved for a couple NPCs and in case Raven shows up. Technically there really isn't a second in command, since Star just organizes everybody's day to day duties.

    Sure Morpher, but please read the stuff people have already asked about. If we can get a discussion thread I'll move those questions to it, but for now we have light discussion by posting or VM.


    I must point out that I'm not planning to control the plot from the outset. A GM controlled RP might as well just be a fanfic. Planning everything is not a good idea, since this is a multi-person story. We have some ideas on what we want to happen when, but generally everybody can and should work to shape the story. If we stall badly, Neo and I will of course come up with something, but don't let us stop you from taking charge of the plot. A good idea man or woman can go a long way.

    Oh, and I'd really like to see some people choose some Canon characters from the show. Makes it slightly more realistic, you know? We still need a Raven.

    And here's Star.

    Name and Last Name: Koriand'r Grayson/Kory Anders-Grayson (Assuming they got married at some point)
    Hero or Villain: Hero
    Super Hero/Villain Alias: Starfire
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Description: [​IMG] Basically she's like this, but older.
    Star has orange skin, and red hair. Her eyes are a bright colored shade of green. She has a gray metallic shoulder guard with a high collar, and a green stone of unknown origin in the middle. The stone on her neck is actually hollow and contains a compartment for the small piece of Diamite she possesses. She wears a purple tank top and matching skirt. She wears really high purple boots and metallic arm guards with the green stones as her choker, but these are real. There is also a smaller metallic arm guard on her right arm.
    Personality: Originally the eternal optimist, Starfire usually doesn't have a care in the world. But since she thinks all of her friends are dead, she has become similar to Raven. She tries to keep her spirits high, because her powers are based on her emotions, but she ends up crying a lot over that day in battle in her room in the HQ. She's very emo and blames herself for her friend's deaths under that building. Her powers usually don't even work when shes not fighting, which pretty much means they generally never work, so she has almost forgotten how to use them. Weirdly enough, Star's powers have been changing recently. They seem to respond to negative emotions instead of positive ones. Although it hasn't fully happened, her powers are changing to match her new personality. Eventually her powers will work off of both positive and negative emotions, but for now, it's very hard to use them either way.
    Background/History: There's really too much to say about her life before the RP, since basically I'd have to recant the entire show and possibly the comics.

    But Star is currently still the queen of Tamaran, but she prefers to let the man who raised her do most of the governing and live on Earth.

    Since their crushing defeat at the hands of evil and everybody's supposed death, Starfire has withdrawn into herself. She was there when the building killed her friends, and blames herself for not being able to prevent it.

    She wandered the streets for days after that fight, her clothes torn and ragged. With the Tower destroyed, she couldn't go back and get a new set of clothes. She eventually passed out on the dirty street from lack of water and food. When she woke up, she was in the sewer with very dirty and disheveled people staring at her.

    They explained to her that they had picked her up on the streets, thinking she was dead and wanted to give her a proper burial. Then after they saw she was breathing, they force fed and dripped water into her throat. They explained that they were people who would not bow down to the bad guys, and had chosen to instead live in the sewers, stealing food and money from aboveground. These kinds of people were generally left alone because it was too much trouble to kill them. Nobody really cared about them either way, and most of them hid from the topsiders anyway.

    She decided to try to organize them a little. In time, these people became her friends, and although not all of them knew how to fight, it didn't matter. Some had skills in carpentry, others used to be mechanics and IT Technology experts, while others were contractors and construction workers. There was even a karate expert. The list went on.

    By quietly stealing things from aboveground, they were able to establish what passed for living quarters and a computer network. They knew that there were people who worked in the sewers, and were loyal to the "government" so they put their living quarters and other things even lower than the sewers, a place called The Below.

    The Below had only one entrance, one that was under a part of the old Dump/Junkyard on the edge of the city. Even if the junk above the entrance was removed, the door is actually part of the floor, and lifted up for entry and exit.

    One day they met the old Junkyard Hermit, Fixit, who was about 90% cybernetic. With his help, they really got The Below hidden well. He installed a security system, a hologram cloaking system, and improved their existing technology.

    Even with the enormous strides they had made, it wasn't enough. They needed more power. Starfire decided to fly to Tamaran and retrieve a some Diamite. Her being the real Queen, it wasn't very hard to get a piece.

    The people of The Below wondered what this strange rock was that she had brought back. Before she could stop them, they touched it and were transformed by it. Starfire felt sorrow for allowing her friends to fall victim to the Diamite's power, but they comforted her and said it was fine. They had a new way to fight the forces of evil.

    These people could exist quietly and peacefully for generations to come, if only they'd never step foot outside. Of course that's not really possible since they need to sometimes steal food or technology. But as long as they stay put, nobody aboveground knows there's a growing resistance movement.
    Superpower(s): Flight that can go up to high speeds, Starbolts (A type of green energy projection shot from the hands, which can take the form of projectile energy or superheated liquid), Superhuman Strength (Includes agility and durability/endurance), Resilience to hostile conditions such as the vacuum of space and radiation, Laser eyes (Colored green), Omnilinguistic assimilation (language learning) through lip contact (Prefers to kiss a Male of a species. Besides English and Tamaranean she currently knows Japanese and Spanish)
    Species: Tamaranean
    Member of the Renegades: Yes
    If yes to the above, then your position or duties if you have any: Leader
    Other: Star is both emotionally and mentally unstable. Whenever somebody mentions any of the Titan's names, she's known to get violent or destroy things, and it's best not to upset her with bad news.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2014

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