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~ Teen Titans North v2 ~

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    OOC: Sorry if this is annoying, but I thought asking these questions on the thread would be easier than asking everyone individually.

    @FallenSanity: When Prophet Steel is metal, how much does he weigh?

    @Deltakurumiru4: How hot can Susano's fire get? I have an animal that might be fire resistant, meaning it could possibly take the heat for a limited amount of time.


    Lifebane could't see him, so he decided to continue his patrol. He found a nearby office building and used the elevator to reach the top floor, then the stairs to reach the roof. On the roof, he contemplated which animal to use. Not quetzalcoatlus, it really was too big. Most pterosaurs were. Maybe ramphorynchus or Anurognathus, they were both small and manuverable pterosaurs. On the other hand, they were also small enough for a hawk or eagle to kill. He did NOT want to end up a meal for some city predator. No chance of the cat incident happing again. Maybe a bird? The best he could think of was the Haasts eagle, and with a 15 foot wingspan, it had the same problem as quetzalcoatlus. Then he got it. Big enough to avoide predation, small enough not to be seen, and faster than anything else in the sky. It even had translucent wings.

    The King of the Carbonifirous Period.


    Identical to its modern day counterpart, this giant dragonfly had a wingspan of 3 feet, and was 1.5 feet long. His eyes formed a dome covering 90% of his head, giving him 360 degree surround sound vision. He could fly in any direction without having to turn around. Scientists predict that because some of today's dragonflies can at 60 mph, meganuera could fly almost 120 mph. It was the top predator of its time, hunting insects, small amphibians, and small reptiles. Only the crocodile sized amphibians gave it any trouble, but meganuera was usually several hundred feet above the ground. His weapons included a sharp knife-like proboscis, and dagger-like hooks on its legs. In its time it had no threat, no weakness. But it did here. Meganura lived in an atmosphere with almost twice as much oxygen as todays, meaning it was now just a sprinter. After a few minutes of fast flying, he would have to rest.

    Lets Ride! thought Calvin as he took off from the roof. He caught a thermal (a pillar of warm air) and rose almost 100 feet before gliding. Flying over the city, he took a quick look of his surroundings. Lost lifebane, zombie girl takling to burned drunk guy, wolf kid in regular cloths walking around, and some pop-star talking to a tapir lion thing. He took off in a different direction, hoping find something to do.

    After a few minutes, he spotted a girl in her late teens in a cowgirl outfit talking to a raccoon. Wait, he thought. Hadn't I heard something from the original Titans about a psychic cowgirl? Or maybe Fallen Angel said something about it. Either way, she looks concerned about something, Ill go see what I can do. He desended to the alley and landed near the girl and the raccoon and quickly changed back to human, hoping not to startle them. "Hi there. Im fossil, one of the new Teen Titans. Are you lost you looked concerned about something."


    6 dollars
    TT comunicator
    Velociraptor claw mold
    cell phone
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2011
  2. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (Grassmaster411): Okay, I’ll attempt to answer as much of that as I can…

    There’s no need for any new major villain NPCs… but you can always PM me if there’s a villain you’re seriously interested in using.

    There was some confusion about the alcohol thing… apparently I misread something

    Cadaver is 85-95% clinically dead, and her soul is trapped in her body. She still has some life-like function, muscle movement and brain activity, but even those have some reduction in quality. Advantage is however, that the safety limitations that the brain puts on the body are no longer functioning and her nervous system damage/shutdown has prevented her from feeling most pain.

    There’s a button in the advanced post page that will activate the spoiler tag.

    I made a sketch of Detour, but I can’t post it until photobucket starts behaving… however I see you removed that question.

    I’ll story post when I have story to add.


    I got the image up... the red part should be pink, but my color options were limited

    Prophet Steel's minions are normal NPC, anyone can do anything with or to them, but most people are curtious to the creator and don't over do it. Houls animals are a little more delicate seeing as they are related to his power, so be sure to give him more control over their actions, but feel free to injure and be injured by them.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2011
  3. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Detour - Izu Miramoto

    Izu thought for a moment. "You know, I really would like to try out some American cuisine. After coming to America, I don't think I actually tried it yet." Sadly, Detour didn't know of any place she could go to. All she knew was that she wanted some REAL food. She's had burgers and fried chicken before in Japan. McDonalds and KFC were all over the place. There were also Domino's, Subways, Long John Silver's, and other things as well. Other than those, she's never had a taste of American food.

    "Oh geeze, I'm so nervous. I can't think of an American food joint off the top of my head." All she knew was that after that incident at Kap-AHH Sushi, she was never going back there again. Infact, Izu didn't know it yet, but Kap-AHH had actually been shut down recently due to that incident. Now it's called the Happy Baku. Izu also didn't know it yet, but the Happy Baku got its name from, of coarse, Izu herself. And even then, Izu wanted American food. "Again, just take me to your favorite American food joint. Preferably not fast food, please."

    Izu started to walk down the tower. She waited for Musica at the steps. "Again, somewhere American please. I don't want to go back to that Bust-A-Kap-AHH Sushi place again." Now she's picking up American humor as well. It was amazing how fast she was learning the ropes.

    Teen Titan's communicator
    Cell Phone
    Back Stage Pass
    2 Brown Bears
  4. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    OOC: Aww, we lost a villain? Oh well, I'm sure we'll get another one sometime soon. That or we'll lose a hero. Or maybe even both...

    So the alcohol thing was a myth, eh? Perhaps I can change that...
    "It's Our Little Secret"

    Venifica scowled upon hearing Susano's comment about her room. Not dark enough? Come on. The eerie green lights in the basement outside her room weren't dark enough? The fact that her room was in the dungeons was not dark enough? Her altar wasn't dark enough? The chandelier which she could swear bore resemblance to one of the newer Pokemon wasn't dark enough? The dragon pillow wasn't d... wait, that she could understand--it was a cute and comical dragon. After glancing around, she almost wanted to head upstairs to see Susano's room, comparing how "dark" it was in comparison to hers.

    But her frown turned upside-down upon hearing Susano's other remark, the one about dates. And no, I don't mean the fruit that grows on palm trees. What he said about his brother reminded her of when she was in elementary school, when she heard several of her classmates teasing each other about dating, about getting married and having kids, and getting cooties of course. In fact, she remembered smiling to herself, thinking about how stupid they were for thinking that way. Once she got to middle school, especially once she discovered her powers, her favourite targets for her curses were people who were dating, especially those who acted in a pimp-like fashion.

    Well anyway, Venifica mused a malevolent laugh upon hearing Susano's comment. "Of course, we all know what happens to those who think that dating is a silly game..." She made a will-o-wisp hover just above her hand--it made the light from the chandelier seem bright in comparison.

    But afterward, she realised what Susano was really saying. If he was talking about dates at a time like this, then that could only mean...

    The will-o-wisp poofed into nothing. For quite some time, Venifica hadn't the faintest idea of what to say.

    "Please..." Venifica finally muttered, an almost petrified look on her face, "...you may sit down if you like..."

    Before doing so, she took off her cloak again, hanging it up on one of a series of hooks on the chandelier. She could just barely reach the hook by standing on her toes. When that was done she sat down on her bed, inviting Susano to sit next to her. As she did so, she felt something poke her... it was her wand. Removing it from within her belt, she held it before her, a thoughtful look on her face.

    "Whenever anyone besides me holds this wand," she explained, "they experience a nightmare. Back when I was doing evil things--more evil things, rather--quite a few of my enemies would try to steal it. So I consecrated it in such a way that it would punish all those who did so." A smirk appeared on her face. "To do so I used an altar very similar to that one over there..." and there she pointed to the small table on the stone-floored half of the room, the one with a notebook on it.

    There was an awkward silence, at least to Venifica. She thought talking about her wand would distract her from the topic of dates, but it didn't work. The truth was, she had never been on a date before, and the thought never crossed her mind in a positive sense. And how did they work for people who... weren't normal? It probably involved expressing each other's interests, but without seeming selfish. Well, demonstrating her powers on Susano was certainly out of the question, though for a moment she did wonder what they could do to him. And since it was quiet, maybe playing some music from her laptop? But what if he didn't like the music? What if he said it "wasn't dark enough" like everything else? The average goth back in high school probably would have said so at the very least. For a moment she hoped he wouldn't peek into her closet and see what bands were featured on her T-shirts. How likely was that anyway? It was rude to peek into a closet... wasn't it?

    Another look at her altar gave her somewhat of an idea... Telling Susano to hold on a moment, she left the bed and headed over to said altar, placing her wand on her desk along the way. Then she removed her lighter from her belt pouch, using it to light the two candles on it as well as three others on her desk. One of them was inside a candle holder that looked like a miniature jack-o-lantern. Then she turned the chandelier off. The shadow that it now cast on the ceiling resembled a spider somewhat, which twitched its legs as the candle flames flickered.

    "You know," Venifica commeted as she sat back down again, "I'm not quite sure how late you plan on staying up, or how tired you are. As for me, quite frequently there are nights where I just can't sleep, almost as if I am afraid to." She paused--where the heck was she going with this anyway? For a while she gazed at the ceiling, twiddling her little thumbs. But then she looked straight again. "Heh, don't tell any of the others this, but sometimes when I've had a particularly stressful evening, I find that a glass of wine helps me fall asleep. In fact, I even managed to smuggle a bottle or two into the tower."

    Now why did she even say that? And what was she supposed to say now?

    "...Would you like some?"

    - Teen Titan Communicator (attached to belt)
    - Small amount of money (in belt pouch)
    - Lighter (in hand)
    - Pocket knife (in belt pouch)
    - Bandages (in belt pouch)
    - Wand (on desk)
    - Cloak (hanging on chandelier)
    - Bottle of wine (not saying where)

    ((In case you haven't noticed, I only mention the cloak in the inventory if Venifica's not wearing it.))
  5. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH


    "Well, i mean, with you, er...i was thinking more like dark and frightning, but this is actually not bad. Acutally, more cozy and cabin like." defended Susano, hoping he didn't make her any madder. He did NOT want to get on her bad side. Hopefully, she wouldn't metion anything more about his disderbing family, especially his brother and that freaking snake of death. She was busy looking around her room, as if his comment caused her to rethink her room. She created a will-o-wisp, along with a malicous laugh that sounded cute to Susano. Okay, something is wrong with me tonight, thought Susano, concidering that she was evil. Maybe it was true that they were close, but to be together...would not be a bad idea. He almost didn't catch her motioning for him to sit next to her on the bed.

    Sitting down, Susano removed his sandels and placed them near the door. She was commenting on how her wand could cause nightmares if he touched it. "If you were in it, it would be a dream" muttered Susano under his breath, hoping above hope she didn;t hear him. She was busy grapping a bottle while saying that she found a glass of wine helped her sleep. "Um...we shouldn't...but then again, no one is in the tower...maybe one glass would be okay...." said Susano, though in a soft spoken tone.

    Inventory: Yomi's wallet, cellphone, titan communicator, hidden blade
  6. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    OOC: Sorry that I haven't posted in like FOREVER... my life is kind of a mess right now. But here I am and here's a Whiplash post!


    Houl had stopped responding. Peter. Peter was with Houl. Despite the fact that she knew it wasn't his fault, despite that she knew it wasn't her fault, Lash was livid. Peter, the only constant since she'd left her forsaken home in Pennsylvania, was gone.

    Hungry pushed her wet little nose into Lash's leg and looked up at her with forlorn eyes, as if to say At least he's with your friend. Houl. Was Houl her friend? Lash pondered that. Of course, Cadaver, Blindlight, Venifica, Diego, and even Susano were her friends. She'd never actually spoken to Izu, so she didn't know much about Detour, other than her rivalry with Houl. And that was enough to incline the confused cowgirl into disliking Detour. She didn't understand. Then again, neither did Lash. Lash was confused, angry, and powerless in an alleyway with a hungry raccoon. If Peter had been there, he would have commented on how low she was.

    "Can't get much lower, can ya sis?" Lash mumbled in her best Peter-voice. It wasn't very good. She sighed, lowering her body back down to the ground, defeated. She placed her head on her knees, picturing that place that Houl had sent her a picture of. The struggle with the animal control guys. The whole thing. She couldn't get it out of her head. A low growl erupted from her throat. Hungry's ears perked up immediately.

    "We're going to find him Hungry." Lash said with a smile, "We have to find Houl. Or else I'm going to get lost and end up killing someone in the street." Lash clambered to her feet, but as she did so, Hungry climbed up Lash's new, clean uniform. "I just put this on!" Lash hissed, checking for pawprints or claw marks. It wasn't important now.

    Lash ran quickly down the alleyway, at some point falling onto all fours. She made a running leap for the dumpster and propelled herself off of the top of that onto the low roof of the Italian restaurant she'd been camped out behind. Smells of garlic and alfredo assaulted her newly heightened senses as she remained perched at her new vantage point. Even with her gymnastic skills, she wouldn't have been able to do that before.

    "Wicked." She muttered to Hungry. Hungry's stomach grumbled and she glared at Lash, as if to ask, When are we getting food? "Soon Hungry, I promise!" Lash muttered. Now, if she was Houl and he was Whiplash, how would she find him? Before she'd relied on psychic links, thoughts, and general intuition to locate the boy. But how had he found her?

    Lash thought back to the time at the hospital. She had no idea how he'd found her, or when he'd killed Dr. Smith. The memories were flooding her, Houl pinned to the ice wall, her own temper tantrum, Cadaver letting her let him go. The room where he'd bitten her and almost lost his mind. Lash's heart fell.

    "The Ravenous Bite," She whispered under her breath. Hungry shuddered on her shoulder. Obviously all of Houl's powers hadn't quite kicked in yet since she hadn't experienced the mind numbing hunger that the bite brought Houl. The way it had almost erased his memory before she'd established the link. She had to find him before the bite did. Lash lifted her nose to the air and sniffed.

    Garlic. Alfredo. Garbage. Raccoon. Something dead. More garbage.

    No luck. Lash hung her boots over the side of the roof as she gazed out into the city. Where in the world was Houl? And how in the world would she find him?

    Lash slid down off of the roof into the street opposite of the alleyway and headed away from the Italian restaurant. The smell of garlic and decomposing meat was grossing her out. She began a slow walk down the street in front of the restaurant, trying to ignore the lack of thoughts from around her. Her head felt empty, quiet. Almost like the calm before the storm. She knew if her powers ever returned to their proper home that it would be even harder for her to stop the voices.

    Lash pushed and shoved through the people in the street, ignoring the comments of "Hey!" and "Is that a raccoon on her shoulder?". She wanted to find Houl. She wanted Peter back. She wanted... something. That last part she wasn't sure about. There was an almost intangible hunger growing in the pit of her stomach, something that she knew was bad. But she knew that she'd have to try to satisfy that hunger eventually. Hopefully after she found Houl. That's when she bumped into a small shape.

    "Sorry," She muttered at the tiny boy in front of her, "Didn't see you there." Then her eyes widened. Was that... Houl?! In people clothes?!

    "Houl!" She squealed excitedly, swooping down to give the little boy a hug, "What the heck are you wearing? Where've you been?" Then finally, she regained her composure. "I need your help."

    1. TTN Communicator
    2. Cell phone
    3. $13.58
    4. (Clean) uniform
    5. Hungry Hungry Raccoon
  7. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness


    "An 'American' place it is." Musica smiled, as he began to lead Detour to a certain resteraunt called "Shu's Blues". In truth, he really liked going to other places as well, but taking a girl to KFC wasn't very charming. Then again, neither was having to change how you looked to take the girl out to eat. Shu's Blues was the second-best steakhouse in the city according to magazines, but Musica thought it'd be rude to take Izu, who had a tepir with her, to a place that served pork. After all, pigs and tepirs had a slight resemblence. Especially in the snout part...

    Come to think of it, tepirs seemed more like pigs than horses. Strange that their DNA is closer to those of horses than of pigs.

    Once they got to the resteraunt, he smiled and turned around to Izu. From there, he began to explain the place to her, using a soft and gentle tone. "This place is Shu's Blues, a steakhouse that also serves popular American seafood such as lobster or crab. The only reason it's named after a Japanese name is because the live music player is a Blues player named Shu."

    Smiling, he opened the door, but instead of going in, he held it open for Izu to go inside. "After you."

    Contact Lenses (in a case)
    Glasses (wearing)
    Wallet (in a pocket)
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  8. aggiegwyn

    aggiegwyn Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but with school started, I think it's obvious that I'm not going to be active enough for this RPG. Plus, it's not like Katelynn was a huge part of this anyway. She was just Diego's girlfriend. Unfortunately, this also takes out DVB, so that's two goodbyes. I'm really sorry and I really want to stay, but I can't post often enough for this.
  9. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Aggie/DVB: Alright, if that's what you 2 need to do, I'll make note of it on the player list... but don't you dare think you didn't have an important impact on the story.
  10. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    Its none of my buisness, but why dont you just say Ninjice and Blindlight are going to a different town for a while to train together. That way you dont have to quit and can still be here. You could come back whenever you think you have time.

    By the way, I made what I think is an accurate version of a Baku in Spore. I will post a picture here if I ever figure out how. If anyone wants to see it, my Spore account name is Raptorian411.

    Story post after we get Houl's reaction.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2011
  11. aggiegwyn

    aggiegwyn Well-Known Member

    Grassmaster-yah, that works. VampirateMace, if that's chill with you, I'm willing to go for it.
  12. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Yeah, I believe DVB was going to ask you (aggie) for premission to make a post along those lines. But let's try not to clutter up the thread with too many non-story posts.

    However I'll be story posting after I get Fallen's reply...
  13. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Detour - Izu Miramoto

    Izu smiled as she walked in. "Thank you Musica. ..." Oops. No one's supposed to know that's him. Fortunately, no one in the resturant OR outside seemed to notice. She then went up to Musica and started whispering in his ear.

    "Sorry bout that. I forgot you wanted to keep your identity secret. ...Kuro, was it?" Izu was really ashamed she almost gave out his identity. "I'll try to be more careful." And with that, Izu and her Tapir went over to a table and sat down. The tapir on Izu's shoulder made a funny noise as Izu picked up the menu, which drew attention to her. But Izu couldn't help but giggle at the sound her tapir made.

    "Hmmm... I've had hamburgers before, but the only ones I ever ate and liked were at Burger King. Hmm..." Then she spotted something that looked good. "Shirloin Steak? I wonder what that is? I think I'll try it. What are you going to have?" In a way, Izu was very exited that she was going to try American cuisine. But she realized she hadn't picked a side yet. "Au Gratin potatoes? What is Au Gratin? I think I'll have some of that too." So hard to choose, but Izu went with random things. And what she didn't eat she could feed to her tapir. Maybe her Song Bird was getting hungry too.

    Teen Titan's Communicator
    Back Stage Pass
  14. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness


    "Ah, I'll also have a Sirloin Steak. This resteraunt makes it very well." Musica replied, smling softly. He looked through the menu for a bit to look at the side menu, and grinned once he found what he was looking for. With a caring smile, he began to speak again. "As a side, I guess I'll have a salad. If you want, we can also get another for your tapir. Bread comes out as a free service before the meal, so we can give some of it to your bird."

    When the waiter came with some bread and set them on the table, Musica smiled, and began to speak. "Two Sirloin Steaks, please; with one with salad as a side, and the other having some au gratin potatoes."

    "Okay, and how would you like your steaks made? Well done, medium, or rare?" the waiter asked, and Musica smiled softly, before answering.

    "I'll have a well-done." Musica spoke, before looking over to Izu. Any country should know what well done, medium, and rare meant, so he hoped Izu did. if she didn't, then she could always ask, so he wasn't very worried. However, since she didn't know much english, Musica couldn't help but worry...

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2011
  15. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    OOC: Sorry about all the questions lately, just want to get everything straight. About what time is it in the game?


    She must not have heard me. thought Fossil as the girl with the raccoon still sat there mumbling He was about to speak again when she said "We're going to find him Hungry, We have to find Houl. Or else I'm going to get lost and end up killing someone in the street."

    The comment shocked him. Kill someone? Who is this girl? Did I just discover a new villian? thoughts raced though his mind. Before he could react, she took off down the alley. And even started running on all fours, but at an incredible speed. She then leaped onto a dumpster and from there jumped onto the roof of a restaurant.

    Fossil stood there for a moment, dumbstruck and mouth agape. "Wow. whoa. wow." he stutered before composing himself. "You idiot, after all you've seen and done, THAT shocked you?" he asked himself. "Must be some sort of trampoline or springboard in the dumpster. yeah, like an optical illusion." He took a few steps back, and ran for the dumpster. He leaped onto it and propeld himself forward and...

    ...Face-planted into the wall like a cartoon character. He fell on the dumpster, rolled off onto the ground and landed on his back. "ouch" he groaned. Then he heard a voice say "Wicked." The Girl! He had forgotten about her after the fall. In a hurry to hide, he rolled underneath the dumpster and waited. He listened carefully, hoping she hadn't seen him. In a few seconds, he heard her say "Soon hungry, I promise." Now that made sense. he thought sarcasticly. He changed to coelurosaurvas, and using his gecko like feet, scaled the wall just in time to see her slide down and onto the opposite street. He fluttered his insect like wings to fly but hesitated. Why am I following this girl? The police could handle this. he thought. They probably wouldn't believe me. Girl in cowgirl outfit with a raccoon on her shoulder talking about killing someone. Even if they knew I was Titan. Although he would never admit it, he felt some kind of, desire to follow her.

    He took off, flying inbetween buildings, lamposts, and even through open windows if he could find an easy way out. In a few minutes, he had caught up with the cowgirl. Wolf-Boy! he was now very suspicious of the girl now. Houl was a known villian. Unless he's defecting to the good side. It was a possibility. He found a comfortable spot to perch behind the sign to a store and watched them, hoping something good would come from this encounter. Nothing else to do but sit and wait. he thought to himself.

    Coelurosaurvas: (Yes, its rex from Primeval.): http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs30/i/2008/117/b/d/Primeval___Coelurosauravus_by_Kawekaweau.jpg
    Coelurosaurvas was about 2 and a half feet long. Most of that was tail.

    Cell phone
    5 dollars
    Velociraptor claw mold
    TT communicator
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  16. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    ~Ninjice ★ Diego Vendrix

    Ninjice was holding Katelynn bridal-style as they were facing the setting sun. "Are you sure about this, Katie?" Diego asked her. During their walk home, there was a conflict. A mysterious hologram appeared before them. It was an astral projection of the the guy the goons from the restaurant were talking about. He was hooded and looked short. The voice was distorted, but judging from it, it might have been a kid.

    H~ello heroes. I didn't expect for this to happen. Then again, not even I can predict the future...

    Your powers are great. However, besides you two, the only competence is with the boy of black fire. Then again, the stream of new arrivals may turn the tables. Regardless, I have my eyes on you...

    The hologram then disappeared. It was obvious the hidden message though. He would be after them. They needed to leave the city before anyone else could become targets. Not only that, they needed to become stronger.

    "The new guys will help take care of the city. Meanwhile, we have to train. We have to become stronger than we were," Diego said as he though of a plan. They would travel around the country. Go to the barren outreaches, meet mystics and unlock new powers. Diego had told Robin they were taking a leave to train. He understood, having left on one himself. They were standing on edge of a building where a small aircraft awaited them. It could shrink down and would make returning easier.

    "Wherever we go, we go together," Diego said to Katelynn as she nodded. This was their promise to one another. They got into the aircraft and disappeared. At the tower, Robin is preparing to tell where their comrades are.

    Run while you can... Man of D... your time will end soon and not even your Witches or Soul Brother will protect you... a sinister voice echoed.

    Somewhere, an ominous chill may have gone down Susanoo's and Venifica's spines.

    In Drop Bag
    (1)Teen Titan Communicator
    (2)Magic? Smartphone
  17. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    OOC: Aggiegwyn and DVB are leaving?!? *sniffle* Well, fortunately I've figured out a way for Ninjice to be integrated into what happens to Venifica later on, so he will not be forgotten. Nor will Blindlight.

    Uhh-oh, this RPG's slowing down a bit... But I can tell you all this now: Despite what the real world might bring, I plan on staying in this RPG to the very end. Speaking of things ending, I'm hoping this day in the RPG will end soon... I'm hoping things will be more fun the next day. As far as time goes, I think it's sometime in the late evening, around 8 or 9-ish.
    "A Toast to the Darkness"

    Venifica put on a broad, wicked smile when Susano accepted her offer. "But remember," she whispered to him, "you cannot speak of this to anyone, especially not Robin or any adults."

    With that having been said, she slid off the bed and rummaged around underneath it. Typical teenagers often kept many things under their beds, ranging from clothes to old mouldy food to diaries to things they wished to keep hidden from others. In Venifica's case, there were a bunch of what appeared to be old pillowcases and sheets stuffed under her bed. It was from within the folds of one such sheet that she withdrew the aforementioned bottle of wine. Fortunately the cork had already been pulled out, so it was easy to open. Then she went over to her desk and retrieved a couple of deep blue glasses. When she moved in she initially thought of only bringing one, but after a while she wondered if something would happen such that she would need two. Ah, even those without psychic abilities have occasional precognitive moments like that.

    After pouring out the two glasses she immediately hid the bottle back under the bed, for it would be disastrous if she forgot about it later. Then she sat on the bed next to Susano again, handing him a glass. Rather than taking a sip straightaway, she raised the glass in front of her, pondering something for a bit.

    "Watch this."

    She held the glass in such a way so that her palm faced upward, cupping around the round part with the stem in between her fingers. While doing so, she looked to be soundlessly mouthing the word "two", concerned about whether that would work. After a while, an eerie purple glow rose from inside the glass--though it looked more reddish due to the colour of the liquid it was sitting in. As it rose, it took on the form of a flame. Two, actually. One stayed in her glass; the other rose out of it and meandered over to Susano, where it landed in his glass. As soon as it did so, both will-o-wisps grew brighter for a split second, before vanishing in a puff of what looked like smoke.

    "I always used to think this helps it taste better," she remarked. "At any rate, this one is to the night, and to the mysteries that arise in absence of the sun." They toasted, and she took her first sip.

    After a few minutes, when the glasses were either half-empty or half-full (who am I kidding, they're actually about an eighth full, because you never fill up a wine glass all the way), the room grew silent. A stark kind of silent. The purple ambience in the room seemed to become less friendly, and Venifica could swear the flames on the candles got a lot smaller. It was as if an ill-minded ghost had just wandered into the room, invisible yet somehow making its presence known. Unintelligible mutterings of a sinister voice echoed from the corner. Even the temperature seemed to drop a few degrees.

    "I swear that's not the alcohol taking effect..." Venifica breathed, a tinge of fear involuntarily running down her spine.

    - Teen Titan Communicator (attached to belt)
    - Small amount of money (in belt pouch)
    - Lighter (on desk)
    - Pocket knife (in belt pouch)
    - Bandages (in belt pouch)
    - Wand (on desk)
    - Cloak (hanging on chandelier)
    - Wine glass (in hand)

    Meanwhile, in some sort of dark space

    Three men stood in a round room with no doors or windows. A teen was sitting cross-legged on the floor, wearing a straitjacket and appearing to be bound in chains. His eyes were closed, and he looked to be patiently waiting for something, something he was in livid anticipation of. An older man sat on an ornately decorated chair, though his face was covered with a mask and he refused to move. By contrast, the third occupant of this room was standing, his eyes open and face exposed. He was tall, with a beak-like nose and pointed chin, dressed in a three-piece suit. He also wore a bright purple cloak with a pair of devil-like wings on the brooch that fastened it in the front. With such an appearance and the fact that he was the only one standing, it was apparent that he was the one who had called this meeting to order.

    "First, a toast, my fine acquaintances," the cloaked one spoke, brushing his long black hair out of his boyish face.

    He snapped his fingers, and three wine glasses materialised in the centre of the room. They spun around for a while, then floated over to their recipients. As soon as the toast-proposer caught his glass in his cupped hand, all three glasses glowed with an eerie purple light. This light materialised into purple flames sitting right inside the wine. The occupant sitting on the chair seemed surprised even with the mask on, twirling the glass around and wondering how the flame could do that without going out.

    "Oh don't mind them," the comparitively loquacious one continued. "They help enhance the taste, as I like to say. Now, as I was saying before, a toast," and here he raised his glass, the others following, "to the darkness, and to the delightful mystery and anguish and forlornment and macabreity..."

    "Er-hem," the man in the chair corrected, while he adjusted his mask. "The last two aren't real words."

    "Point being!" the night-loving poet remarked, pointing up at the ceiling which was as dark as the void that is all of existence. "That we, revelers in the night, join together and relish our influence once more."

    There was a chilling silence, as if the flames drained away all hope and emotion in this space. The teen in chains finally opened his eyes, glancing at a couple of boxes in the corner, ornately decorated with runes on the surface.

    "Tonight!" the purple-cloaked lad proclaimed again. "Is no ordinary night. I daresay no term those muggles, shall I say, can come up with could possibly capture the... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... of this night." The other two exchanged odd looks, while he drained his glass in one gulp. "Tonight we will paint the veil red, which will turn the world black. This veil will smother all who dare live, ensnaring them in the most agonising concoctions that the shadows may offer..." and here he made the flames dance around in their glasses, "...draining them of the last traces of light and life inside of them..." and the flames flashed blue for a moment, viciously excited about what their master had to say, "...causing only those who possess such malevolent hearts as ours to tingle with venifluence..."

    The maskee in the chair facepalmed. And so did my conscience as I typed the word "maskee".

    "It is my wish that everyone could experience these..." and here he took a worried glance at the chair, "...wonders. So let us extend our reach to the stars above." A sigh. "Let us toast."

    The flames vanished in flashes of bluish smoke, yet the wine remained still in the glasses until it touched the occupants' lips. The lights dimmed, and everyone present could feel their reach already beginning to extend to other dimensions...
  18. FallenSanity

    FallenSanity Ruby in the Diamonds

    Prophet Steel - Michael

    Michael had not noticed the communicator. He knew it was simply the poor girls mind trying to make up for the recent passing of her many friends, by making her think her companions were not gone. How sad... Yet understandable. Michael shook his hand, and jovially waved hi hand in recognition.

    "Ah, my dear girl, I was at the hospital only recently. They had to deal with some burns. Nothing major. I don't think there is much to worry about, my body has survived many things. As I am sure yours has."

    He motioned at her undead torso, in reference to the fact that the undead were practically impossible to injure. It was no wonder that she had survived. But she was still the key to his injuries. And he had to know more about this...
    "Actually, I was quite hoping you would see the medical physicians yourself. You are clearly delusional. I can understand that losing people you hold dear can result in sever mental anguish, but none the less, the pumpkin nurses should be able to help."

    Michael patted her shoulder, hoping she would start to make her way there.

    Scrubs pants (Wearing)
    Wallet (Stolen - $70)
    Car keys (Hyundai GETZ)
    Cheap Zombie Mask (Wearing
  19. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    OOC: sorry if i messed up on wine taste and such, but being a minor, I NEVER HAD WINE!


    "Thank you" said Susano after taking the wine from Venifica. Before he took a sip, Venifica started a small fire inside the cups, but it died down quickly enough. It tasted slightly sweet, but it felt warm down his throat. "Relax, i have no intention of telling anyone about this. Its our little secret." said Susano, laughing softly. He was sure to drink slowly, but he started to notice that Venifica was getting quiet.

    "You okay? I guess it was impolite of me to force you into a social situation, when you seem to be the type to avoid these." said Susano, swirling the wine in the glass. Looking at the diwindiling flames, Susano lit the candels with his black fire, casting shadows around. He diwdled his thumbs, finding the situation a little awkward. He moved slightly closer to Venifica, moving at least half an inch. Suddenly, a cold shiver went down his spine, causing him to flinch slightly.

    In his room, a long red rune covered box was propped against his wall, as Orochi, the nine headed snake, slithered around it, enjoying the warmth comeing from it.

    Inventory: cellphone, titan communicator, hidden blade, wallet ($25)
  20. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (delta): Don’t worry you’re not missing much (not a minor)… wine, particularly cheap or improperly stored wine, which would have been the easiest for Venifica to get, is rather bitter.

    *Cadaver, Candy*

    The masked boy’s strange behavior continued. He shook his hand then waved hi at her. He continued their conversation in a most annoying calm manner, “Ah, my dear girl, I was at the hospital only recently. They had to deal with some burns. Nothing major. I don't think there is much to worry about, my body has survived many things. As I am sure yours has. Actually, I was quite hoping you would see the medical physicians yourself. You are clearly delusional. I can understand that losing people you hold dear can result in severe mental anguish, but none the less, the pumpkin nurses should be able to help."

    She stared at him blankly for a moment as he patted her shoulder in what she assumed he thought was a comforting way. Pumpkin nurses? And she was supposedly the delusional one?

    They’d come to a stalemate of sorts, each insisting the other need to visit the hospital and each convinced the other was the delusional one. But she was the sane one, well, mostly. So it was up to her to convince him to go, or to walkway before the argument got any further. Pity she wasn’t that quick. After a moment she managed to think of something that would get her started. She glanced back at the hospital commenting, “Well, actually I’ve just come from there recently myself. In fact I was looking for a burn victim…” Burn victim, no this couldn’t be him. He wasn’t that burned, not crushed, not barely conscious. She wondered if he had seen the other victim though? Could she ask him? Wouldn’t hurt, “Say when you were up there, did you see patient brought in, someone badly burned and injured?”

    Of course whatever his answer… there was always a chance his delusions made it something she couldn’t trust.

    [In Drop Bag, unless otherwise stated]
    (1) Teen Titan Communicator (on bag)
    (2) old school ID card
    (3) shipping receipt
    (4) Change, 3 pennies, 2 quarters, and a dime
    (5) Small flashlight
    (6) hospital staff guide

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