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~ Teen Titans North v2 ~

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Pokefan0234

    Pokefan0234 Ka-Ra-Tay!

    Hey guys... sorry that I haven't posted in a while. School kinda killed me... but lucky, I've returned from the grave! =P

    (And now to see if the RP will revive as well...)

    =^= Houl =^=

    It was taking a while for Whiplash to find him. A really, really long time. Like “The-time-it-took-for-Ruby-to-come-out-in-America” time. And it was making Houl a nervous wreck.

    Sitting against a wall on the far side of town, Houl’s eyes scanned the crowd with a feverous anticipation. She hadn’t been answering any of his thoughts – if she could even hear them. After all, he wasn’t very good at this “telepathy” thing. What if she was lost in the alleys, looking to raccoons and stray dogs for directions. What if the animal police had killed her?

    Or worse… what if the Bite had gotten to her? What if she had killed one of them?

    The thought of the Ravenous Bite caused him to shudder. It’d taken him years to master its ferocious appetite – and still, the curse would take control of his senses. He’d turn into a monster, the bane of the living, driven by a bloodlust only told about in legends. What did humans like to call him? A lycan? He wasn’t really a wolf, though, as much as he liked to think it. No, he was a beast, a species in its own right. Not human, but unfortunately not an animal.

    Sighing, he stood up and stepped into the crowd, leaning back and forth within the traffic. The mass of humans looked like a tsunami, a giant wave towering into the sky. Curse his chronic shortness; if he were just a few inches taller, he might be able to spot Whiplash’s face in the crowd…

    His thoughts were interrupted by a person rushing through the people. As they dashed around the stares of humans, they took a sharp turn, catching Houl by surprise and knocking him off his feet. “Hey!” He shouted, then paused, unsure of what else a human would yell in a situation like his.

    Luckily, he didn’t need to think of another answer. “Sorry. Didn't see you there” the dasher muttered, turning around slightly so that he faced Houl. No, wait… it wasn’t a he. It was a she! And that she… was Whiplash!

    Whiplash stared at him for a moment, examining his human attire with confusion. But it only took a second for recognition to return to her eyes. “Houl!” She squeaked, reaching down and giving him a fuzzy hug that he ever-so inexperiencedly returned. “What the heck are you wearing? Where've you been?" Then quickly, she regained her composure. "I need your help."

    Houl raised an eyebrow, puzzled. “You need… help?” He asked, hoping that this “help” thing had nothing to do with his powers. They were complicated enough for him to understand, let alone explain them to a human…

    His eyes wandered from Whiplash to the raccoon on her shoulder. “Who is this?” he asked, reaching up to give the creature a pat on the head. At the sight of his hand, the raccoon growled, and he let his arm fall limp to his side. His head fell. Was his relation with his animal brethren only because of his powers?

    Perhaps it was better to change the topic. “I was chased by a bunch of animal police officers. One of them called me a werewolf,” he smiled, “ ‘cause I bit him. I tried to use your powers,” he added, “but Peter hit me with a trash can.”

    You hit yourself. Peter said in his defense. Houl ignored him.
    “Peter said that I could get my clothes washed if I changed them.” He flashed another childlike smile. “He said you would know where to get them washed! They’re really dirty. See?” He took off his backpack and pulled the zipper, letting Whiplash see for herself the blood-and-dirt stained fur hiding in the bag.

    As he closed up the backpack and replaced it on his back, his eyes spotted a flicker of movement. His curiosity aroused, he spun around, looking for the mysterious shape that had flashed across his vision. People stared and continued walked, commenting about that raccoon-girl and her strange little brother that wanted to pet it. (Well, maybe it wasn’t that strange, someone said, since he was a kid.) Nothing. Maybe he was just imagining it. He turned back to Whiplash slowly. Something didn’t feel right about this place…

    “… We need to go.” He said, and he hurried off toward the deserted area behind the stores. It was probably better if their conversation was held in a more private place, anyway.

    Inventory (including animals under his control):

    + 10 dollars
    + Backpack
    + Wolfskin shirt and pants (in backpack)
  2. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    (@Pokefan) sorry, but it would be easy for someone to underestimate Houl right now.

    @Everyone: Guess who was in the plane Fossil saw.


    Still watching, he began to doubt that Houl was a serious villan. He looks like a lost little boy. he thought. And as for his powers, if he's supposed to control animals, then either raccons are immune or angel guy was lying. Figures, the winged wonder's probably a villan himself.

    As Houl started to drag the cowgirl away, Fossil realized he would have to follow again. Across the road. Full of people. This is gonna be rough. He leaped off of the rooftop he was on and glided as far as he could, but the building surrounding the alleyway Houl was going too were too tall to reach. He changed to ramphorhynchus and flapped his way to the top of the building. Landing on the roof, he changed to human and rolled to the center. He looked up to see plane lights far up in the sky.

    Taking out his Communicator, he played with the controls until he was fairly sure he knew how to use it. He switched it on. "Hello, this is Teen Titan Fossil of tower 2. I am am requesting information on a known villan and a possible unknown villan." he took a deep breath and continued. "Can anyone tell me anything about the villan Houl? I have been following him for a few minutes now, and I'm starting to have doubts. Some guy obbsessed with everyone's buissness who calls himself Fallen Angel said he can control animals, but I have just seen conclusive proof that contradicts that." "Also, I have been watching another possibly new villan. She is around late teens, early twenties, wears a cowgirl outfit, and carries a raccoon on her shoulder. I overheard her talking about killing someone." "She has just made contact with Houl, and the two are talking. If anyone has any information on the two, please respond. Fossil out".

    Satisfied, he placed his communicator to the side so it wouldnt get absorbed into him when he transformed, and changed into a troodon. If you could compare every modern day animal to a dinosaur, troodon would be a cross between an owl and a chimpanzee. Amazing night vision, and possibly the smartist dinosaur ever to exisit. It was getting late, so he needed the night vision. He perched himself on the side of the building where Houl and the girl were, and waited for either a response to his message or action on the ground.



    TT Communicator
    V-Raptor claw
    Cell phone
    5 dollars
  3. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    [Detour - Izu Miramoto]

    "Errr..." Izu was picking up some fancy words since she moved here, but those terms were still new to her. "What are those terms again?" The waiter seemed a bit frustrated at the comment but tried to stay calm when answering. He wasn't used to teenagers asking him such questions. "Rare basically means under cooked, but most people swear it tastes better. Medium means close to fully cooked. Well means fully cooked, but people swear against it.

    Izu and her tapir both tilted their heads. "Why," Izu said. The waiter looked at the tapir, and now started to get even more cross. "Uh, maam, no pets in restaurant, especially exotic ones." Immediately, Izu remembered a permit she showed to the Principal at school. It was in her pocket. She pulled it out and said "I have a permit to allow me to bring my pet tapir into buildings with me." The tapir made another cute yawning noise while lifting it's trunk. The waiter didn't find it cute, but he seemed to shrug it off. "Very well. Rare, Medium, or Well?"

    The waiter STILL didn't explain well to her. "I think I'll just have mine well done. Thank you." And with that, the waiter walked off before saying "Whatever" under his breath. With that, Izu looked at Musica and smiled. "This is so romantic."

    Teen Titan's Communicator
    Back Stage Pass
  4. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness


    He had to admit, Musica almost laughed when he heard that she didn't know what "Rare, Medium, and Well" meant. However, he had stopped breathing for a moment, stopping the laugh, since he didn't want to be rude. Instead, he simply smiled. This girl truly was entertaining...

    However, when she said that last sentence, Musica blushed slightly, and replied. "yea, I guess it is..."

    His phone suddenly began ringing, and quickly took it out. Still, since he was with Izu at the moment, it'd be pretty rude to answer a call when he was on a date... but then again, it'd also be rude to just reject the call without giving anything to say what he was doing... So, when he saw that it was Aoi, he quickly stopped the call. "Excuse me for a bit."

    Suddenly, the look in his eyes changed, and he, as Kuro, texted "I'm busy. Talk later, okay? If it's urgent, kill me later, but leave me alone for now." to Aoi, and put away the phone. Once again, he began to speak, showing his trademark smile. As Musica, he really had to smile way too much... that's why he liked being Kuro or Fallen Angel more. Still, it was fun to see people's reactions, so it was fine. "Sorry about that, shall we continue?"


    same as before. busy at the moment, so just putting this up.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2011
  5. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    OOC: Sorry I haven't been posting in so long... But there's not much for me to do until later tonight (in the RPG), as I have plans for something in the middle of the night (I've probably mentioned this about five times already...).

    And the bitterness of wine... really depends more on its type than its cheapness, so I've noticed. In some it's more of a dryness. And I've come across several cheap wines that are actually not that bitter... at least not in the sense that tea that steeps for too long is.

    Venifica's eyes lit up at the same time that the black-flamed candles did. Since the black flames were made of real fire (unlike her will-o-wisps), they stayed burning on the wicks. As Venifica was looking around at the beautiful grayish-purple light now illuminating the room, she noticed something that wasn't there before: a strange box covered in runes. It was sitting in the corner with a couple of regular boxes she had not yet unpacked.

    "Well that's strange..." Venifica commented, slowly rising from her seat. "I don't remember bringing that box in..."

    She took a few steps toward the box, eyeing it carefully. It was an old-looking box, encrusted with runes. A tiny label in the corner read "To Venifica, From Ninjice". But there were no handles, no lid, no wrapping paper to tear apart... how was she supposed to open it?

    "These runes on the box..." she noted, bending curiously over the box. "I wonder if it is enchanted in some way. Come to think of it, this box has an awfully familiar air about it..."

    Indeed, it produced a fleeting, almost somber feeling, the same one she felt whenever she looked at her wand.

    Her wand. At that point she scurried over to her desk to retrieve it. Upon returning, she knelt down before the box, holding her wand up near it.

    Whatever curse may be on this box, not that Ninjice would ever put such a thing on it... let me use the darkness contained in this wand to remind the box that it is indeed delivered to me.

    Gently, she lowered the round tip of the wand until it rested on top of the box. The second it touched, the runes on the box glowed in the same purple hue as her will-o-wisps. She watched as the box faded into nothingness, leaving behind a small cloud of black mist. When the mist vanished after a while, she could see a flat object consisting of a large ring with a sort of webwork in the middle, decorated with beads and ribbons and a few feathers around the edge. Venifica knew at once what it was.

    "It's a dreamcatcher!"

    Venifica examined this dreamcatcher for a few seconds more. Then she reached into her desk for a push pin, searching for a place on the side of her desk to push it into (it wouldn't go into the stone walls of course).

    "I suppose Ninjice knew about all the nightmares I've been having lately," she remarked as she hung the dreamcatcher up. "It's strange though, because it's always the same nightmare, and there's this person or spirit or whatever who always appears, yet I have no idea who he is. There were some nights that I feared falling asleep because of it. But tonight I... don't really feel that fear. I feel quite content now, actually, perhaps relaxed enough to go to bed any minute. But I can't help but wonder why Ninjice gave me such a thing..."

    At that point Venifica read the note that was also in the box:

    What... Ninjice was leaving?!? That wasn't good... Then again, she would no longer have to be annoyed by him or feel awkward around his relationship with Blindlight. After reading the letter, Venifica took a second look at the post-script... it was written in slightly different handwriting than the rest of the letter, and what was with every other letter being capitalised?

    "So there should be a box for you as well..." she said to Ninjice, looking around the room again. "I don't see one anywhere... perhaps it is in your room?"

    Venifica paused a moment for a yawn. Then she gave Susano a sideways look, and a very complex one indeed. She put on a smile that rivaled Mona Lisa's in its mystery, yet it had an almost dreamy quality to it.

    "Shall we go up to your room and see?"

    - Teen Titan Communicator (attached to belt)
    - Small amount of money (in belt pouch)
    - Lighter (on desk)
    - Pocket knife (in belt pouch)
    - Bandages (in belt pouch)
    - Wand (tucked inside belt)
    - Cloak (hanging on chandelier)
  6. FallenSanity

    FallenSanity Ruby in the Diamonds

    OOC: We need to get to the hospital and not just stand here for god knows how long. :/

    Prophet Steel - Michael

    Michael stood for a moment, as he pondered what she had said. A burn victim, a burn victim... Oh yes! The fellow that had been next to him in the ICU.
    "Yes, there was a burn victim! He was either asleep or unconscious when I saw him though, so I don't really know what to tell you... But if need be, we could visit him. I wouldn't see a problem."
    He held her hands gently, ad if he was worried for her, as he continued to speak. "Come now, let's get going." They started to walk, to make their way to the hospital. It was funny, she wanted him to go and get checked out, while he wanted her to go and get checked out. One of them was completely insane right now, and the more he thought about it, the more Michael was unsure who it was.

    The large hospital could be seen from behind a few of the smaller buildings, and it was clear that it was quite busy. A number of cars were parked out front, in the large carpark zone, and an ambulance was sitting out front in the emergency spot. Michael stopped as they two of them neared the building after a long silent walk, as he felt something in his head. It was painful, not enough to bring him to his knees, but enough to make him cringe. He saw images, explosions and fires, screaming men, and...
    No, he was hallucinating. That didn't matter. As his brain slowly returned to it's level of normality he looked over at the woman, and forced a weak smile.
    "Ahe, we should go and check on the injured man."
    He continued on with her, rubbing his forehead; what the hell did he just see?

    Scrubs pants (Wearing)
    Wallet (Stolen - $70)
    Car keys (Hyundai GETZ)
    Cheap Zombie Mask (Wearing
  7. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (Kiruria): I suppose you’re right, wine is a more of a dry-bitter… but there are also certain bitter flavors that many people can’t taste.

    (Fallen): I feel the same way …not that we need to go to the hospital, but the standing there part. (Going to ignore the bunnying because it was so helpful.)

    *Cadaver, Candy*

    The masked man seemed to light up at her question, "Yes, there was a burn victim! He was either asleep or unconscious when I saw him though, so I don't really know what to tell you... But if need be, we could visit him. I wouldn't see a problem."

    "Come now, let's get going," he insisted starting to walk with her hand in his. Cadaver obliged to follow him, there really wasn’t much harm he could do her, “Sure.”

    But the hospital? Was she really going to go back there? What sort of trouble would see be in if she went back there?

    They could soon see the hospital and parking lot. It looked like it’d gotten busier in the past however-many-minutes.

    The man seemed dazed for a moment as the neared the building. Before Cadaver could ask him if he was okay, he spoke again, "Ahe, we should go and check on the injured man."

    He was rubbing his forehead as he continued on. Cadaver was a bit apprehensive, but followed him anyways, asking, “Are you okay? Does your head hurt?”

    Entering the building, she was relived to see that receptionist was off wherever, doing whatever. She scanned down the nearest direction sign, where would their burn victim be?

    A spirit floated by. Cadaver shuddered, turning to the masked man once more, “You know where we’re going right?”

    [In Drop Bag, unless otherwise stated]
    (1) Teen Titan Communicator (on bag)
    (2) old school ID card
    (3) shipping receipt
    (4) Change, 3 pennies, 2 quarters, and a dime
    (5) Small flashlight
    (6) hospital staff guide

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