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Teen Titans North Version 3D!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Grassmaster411, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    Teen Titans North Version 3 D! Rp Thread

    In a town somewhere in Northern Californa, there was peace. Ever since the arrival of dozens of heros, crime rates plummeted and there was really nothing for these remaining heros to do. So they left. Some in pairs, some on there own. The city was peacefull for more than a year now. But now things are changing.

    Several villans have appered, forming a small "league of villans". Though at this moment they only number 3, they are on the rise. And the local police forces are helpless to stop them. This city already has one of the highest crime rates in America, and its reputation is growing. Hundreds of petty crooks roam, alone with the few true "super villans".

    Robin, the leader of the original Teen Titans, has sent messengers looking for new young heros to form a team with. He's hoping to form a new Teen Titans in this City, and with it, a new Tower. Cyborg is already building it, buts its current location is a secret.

    You are one of the heros contacted by Robin or another Teen Titan. You will fight to protect the innocent citizens, the city itself, and your fellow teamates. Be original, 1 or 2 powers for a single super. Keep them constant as well, dont make them mismatched, like having both gravitational powers and the ability to talk to animals.No super powers that give instant victory or an unfair advantage, and nothing lethal either.

    Additionally, since the Teen Titans are full time heroes, so you won’t have to go to school anymore or worry about keeping up appearances as far as your secret identity goes (if you have one). However if you wish to try and balance an additional life with your crime fighting life, you may, BUT if you mess-up you’ll let your team down.

    Finally, you will arrive to the outskirts of town, a small rural area with forests and a nearby mountain range. Here you will meet Robin, and he will explain your new livivng quarters and answer any questions you might have. He will also give each new Titan a Communicator, your lifeline and key to the tower. Your luggage has been sent ahead of you, so all your boxes of clothes, med/hygiene supplies, make-up, and personal leisure items (like books and DS) have already arrived.

    OR, are you not the goody goody type? Do you relish in the pain of others? The League of Mischief is your key. They are the villans in this town, and they have a habit of using the underground and black market to advertise their organization. They consist of 3 villans, which will be NPC, controlled by me for the first 1-3 posts. They are:

    Blackice: A 21 year-old girl with dark secrets. Her skin is blue, and covered in incriut tattoos. She has long charcoal black hair that goes down to her waist. She wears a tattered green Kimono. Her powers are a general control of ice, creating it, moving it, forming it, and using it for travel. She is the brains of this threesome of terror, directing movements and attacks. She has a cold, dark, and calculating persona, and would not hesitate to sacrifice a hostage. She is also known to use her seductivness to her advantage.

    Knucklehead: His name means more than you think. With an I.Q. of -12, he is confused by the simplest things. He is mostly a machine, only his head still human. But he has incredible strengh. He could pick up and throw an Eighteen wheeler. His robotic body is huge and bulky, with arms and legs like industrial hydrualics. It is unknown how he got these. Because of his 'intelligence' he mostly does whatever Blackice tells him.

    The Phantom: From French descent, this ghostly villan is always prepared. He wears a black cloak and top hat, and his face is covered by a smiling opera mask. Inside his cloak, he carries almost every weapon imaginable. Swords, knives, throwing stars, daggers, katana's, grenades, and even nunckucks. He also has power. He can beccome invisible, and phase through walls and other solid materials. He is the tech guy for the team, and rarly talks, even to his teamates.

    (these NPC will be more or less active depending on how many villans sign up. The more villan character we get, the less these NPC's will show up.)

    So now its time to choose. Hero or Villan? Make your choice wisely, it may not be set in stone...

    1. All SSPF rules apply
    2. No controlling other peoples characters (aka bunnying)
    3. No bullying, rude talk, disrespect or put downs outside of character
    4. Only approved players can participate.
    5. Place your name and location at the top of the post.
    6. No spam, flaming, or harassment.
    7. There is to be NO teleporting, gaining powers or weapons, or major character introduction, WITHOUT my approval.
    8. No god-modding or invincibility.
    9. If you are inactive for a month, you must repost your sign-up and prove to me you will be more active. This is called suspension.

    Approved players:
    -Approved Characters.
    Grassmaster411-Therium (The Animal Morpher)
    VampirateMace-Mini Wraith (Ghost Hands)
    MugoUrth-Izu Morimoto (but-kicking baku)
    Mon1010-Lucky Star (Lucky Leo)
    GoldenHouou-Sweettooth (Matter Mistress) ((Same as Cavity))
    Okikumew-Kelly (Portal Princess)
    Treeckos Awesomness-Bushfire (Fire Truck)
    MugoUrth-LongBottom (The Boulder Bully)
    Aggiegwyn-Jane Moriarty-(Time Bender)
    VampirateMace-Dark Cloud (Ghostly Prankster)
    Mon1010-Claire-(Ghost summoner)
    Pokefan0450-Houl (Animal Armaggedon)
    GoldenHouou-Cavity (Matter Mistress) ((same as Sweettooth))
    NPC-BlackIce (The Ice princess)
    NPC-KnuckleHead (Braindead Basher)
    NPC-The Phantom (Silent Killer)


    For Hero’s:
    You arrive at the quardinete’s given to you by Robin. (Arrive however you want to arrive. Bus, car, flight, other.) It’s a small, field surrounded on three sides by forest. The front side is facing a dirt road, hardly used. The field is about a quarter mile away from the city itself. Standing in the field is Robin himself, looking quite out of place and waiting for the new Titans to arrive. Nearby are the luggage and belongings of the new hero’s. When you arrive, Robin greets you and gives you your own TT communicator. He also tells you that he is waiting for the rest of the Titans to arrive and it won’t be long. Underneath your feet, you may feel vibrations, as if there were heavy machinery moving around, but there are none in sight. You wait for the others to arrive.

    For Villains:
    Almost smack dab in the center of the city, an entrance to an old subway station is where you have been directed. From there, you travel through the subway tunnel itself on foot, until you reach a small office door on the side. Going into the small office, there is a waiting room, almost like the waiting room of a dentist’s office. As you arrive, you see a garage sized door taking up the back wall of the room. In the door, about 9 feet up, is a mail slot, which slides away to reveal a dull gray eye. The voice connected to the eye says “Password”. You were not told a password, and after your response (whatever it may be) a female voice from behind the door says “Just let them in Knuck.” The door opens, revealing the giant villain KnuckleHead in the doorframe. He steps aside (but still takes up 70% of the doorframe) and a female voice says “Take a seat. The others will be here shortly. Then your debriefing will begin.” You wait for the others to arrive.

    Abandoned Field

    Flying in the air on the wings of a Red-tailed hawk, Ben arrived in the city where he would now call home. The small, GPS system in his talons would have looked strange to any birdwatchers in the area, but he needed it for finding the exact meeting spot. He watched the sights of the city through eyes that could see a flea on a dogs ear from 100 feet away, noticing every detail. In the alleyways, he saw deals and other illegal activity going on. H wanted to stop it, but he was alone, and he thought it better to get the help of other hero’s to clean up this mess.

    He finally reached the field, because he saw Robin 2 miles away. Red stands out in a forest. He also saw the luggage of other titans-to-be lying around, along with his backpack. He landed near it and began to change to human.

    His feathers were slurped back into his skin, revealing a pink, very disgusting bird. His beak softened and flattened back into lips and a nose. His eyes stayed the same size, but lost vision power and became brown. He began to grow, from one foot, to two, three, four, five, and finally six feet. His arm bones rearagened, becoming longer and stronger, and growing fingers. Organs shifted, bones thickend and dissolved. Finally, he dinosaur like talons shrunk and became human feet again. Fully human, and in bike shorts and a t-shirt, he said. “So am I the only one to show up?”

    Most people would be disgusted by the transformation, but Robin had seen worse, and took it in stride. “Nice to see you make it. You’re the first to arrive, so we have a bit of a wait for the others.”

    Ben sighed and waited for others to arrive. "I hope this dosent take long" he thought
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2012
  2. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Dimitri Hanover/Longbottom

    Dimitir was a notorious bully back at his old school in Jordon. He was always punching kids, putting thumb-tacks on peoples chairs, starting food fights. But his most heinous crime was drowning a student in a river. Afterward he was expelled from school. His family was under a lawsuit at the time, and Dimitri decided to run away. Eventually, he found an old cave where he found a magic crystal, and after pulling the crystal from the cave's ceiling, the cave collapsed. Dimitri was presumed dead. But the next day, the Jordon school collapsed much like the cave did, but the cause is currently unknown to all. ...All except Longbottom.

    Years have passed since Dimitri was on exile. Eventually he came to California where he heard of a group called the Teen Titans. Would Dimitri turn a new leaf and begin his life as a hero? Yeah right! The first site of a Teen Titan's flier caused him to spit right at the paper, before piercing it on a spike made of stone, which he created himself. And that's when he met Blackice, the leader of a completely different super group. But this group was evil, and that was Longbottom's style. Dimitri lived his life like he had something to prove, and soon was his chance.

    And now today. Longbottom had entered the old subway where BlackIce told him to go. He started to search the subway for the door that led to the hideout. Eventually, he found the door. Entering the door led him to a waiting room with a huge garage door. Longbottom walked up to the door and peered and looked up at the mail slot. He noticed a big grey eye staring at him. "Password?" the one behind the door asked. Longbottom, of coarse, was not given a password so he responded with "You didn't give me no stinking password!" After saying that, another voice sounded. “Just let them in Knuck.” And with that, the door opened and Longbottom got his first glimps at Knucklehead. He was HUGE. He also kind of startled Longbottom a bit. "Heh, not bad, Brutus." The lady started to talk again. “Take a seat. The others will be here shortly. Then your debriefing will begin.” Knucklehead stepped aside for Longbottom to come in and eventually, Longbottom took his seat and waited.

    ((OOC: I may have given Longbottom a good rep before, but believe me if this was a videogame: Longbottom would only be the FIRST boss.))
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Leo Silverstone/Lucky-Star
    Abandoned field

    Leo Silverstone, AKA Lucky-Star rolled as fast as he could to make sure he made it to his destination on time. The only part of his hero uniform he was wearing were the goldish brown sneakers with wheels in the soles. The rest of his outfit was average civilian clothes consisting of a red tank top and a pair of blue jeans held up by a black belt. The rest of his uniform along with his other stuff was still in his luggage, which had been sent there ahead of time. Leo was excited to join this team. He had left very early to make sure he made it on time.

    As he whizzed through the city, several random people he passed by experienced bouts of good fortune. "Oh my god I won ten million dollars!" An old lady Leo had passed by shouted happily while waving her winning lottery ticket in the air. He also passed a casino, where suddenly every slot machine in the building suddenly became triple sevens and started spewing out thousands of dollars worth of coins. Everyone was also winning whatever game they were playing. He passed a basketball court which had several people playing a game on it. There a teenage boy made the final basket and won the game for his team one second before time was about to run out.

    Soon, Leo reached the end the city and entered the forest. He continued skating untill he reached the empty field. There he found Robin and another boy, along with several pieces of luggage, among them his own. He put weight on his heels, which caused the wheels on the soles to pop back in, and he stopped a few inches in front of the boy wonder. "Am I late?" Leo asked while catching his breath.

    "Nope, right on time." Robin answered. "You're actually the second person here. Though, I'm amazed you're not in uniform."

    "Sorry. I didn't think we had to wear it for this. I don't wear mine all the time."

    "Well, it's good that you made it. We still have others to wait for."
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2011
  4. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Snow-Wing, the Snow Spirit
    In the forest

    Inside the forests, everything was still and quiet. That was, until a vibration made them wave as if there was wind. However, it was not windy at all. A wolf, named Snow-wing, had made this happen.

    She ran through the forest, excited that she was there. Robin had asked her to become one of the new Teen Titans, and she was VERY happy! Though she had told him she would be a human when she got there, she had not told him about her other forms. But, she would have to just explain!

    Soon, Snow-wing heard a few footsteps that were not her own. They were coming from....somewhere, but where exactly? Soon, she followed the noise, and saw a young man in a owl costume. Was he called to be a titan as well? But that was too personal. She decided to trust him at first, and walked up to the man. Snow-wing then said "Hello! My name is Snow-wing. What is your name?"
  5. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    ~Mini Wraith~
    - Abandon field -

    The bottom of Mini Wraith’s staff scratched lines into the dirt as he made his way through the woods to the coordinates Robin had given him. He wasn’t sure why Robin had picked such a remote location, though seeing the road made him regret taking such a direct route. Soon he could see Robin and their luggage up ahead. Some of the other heroes were already there as well.

    He slipped his ‘Camping GPS Junior’ (it was the cheapest one in the shop, and he didn’t have much money) into his utility belt, as he approached them. He tried to stay positive, “Hey Robin… um, why are we meeting way out here?”

    “Just wait for the rest of the team, they should be here soon,” replied Robin ignoring the question, which in Wraith’s opinion was pretty typical. At least he could rest for a bit.

    Wraith looked up at the other two heroes, two boys, one of which was in civilian clothes. He thought about asking about their names and powers, but what if they got offended that he didn’t know who they were? He was still kind of new to the hero game.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2011
  6. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    Maxi Clemens/ Metal Havoc

    The large metal garage doors opened to reveal two bulk heads in the room. First Havoc though of how many weapons he could make from the metal door and that if these were to be his colleagues for the next few months, possibly years....he was going to hate it. Both of them were your stereotypical all brawn no brain type of people. Especially the one that asked him for the password. That one was clearly empty in the head. Havoc walked passed the idiot muscle slowly and saw out of the corner of his eye that the dope was looking at thE metal crescent around his eye. Havoc shot a quick evil eye at the bulkhead that made him somewhat squirm. He continued to the conference desk and sat as far from the other one as possible, he couldn't stand sitting next to a person. There was complete silence until Havoc began tapping his fingers on the metal table. However unlike a normal person, when Havoc tapped his fingers on the desk, the desk acted like a think liquid. So, it was like water dropping into a puddle...however the drop of water was Havoc's fingers and the puddle was the desk. Havoc, after a while realized the idiot guarding the door was staring at the desk where Havoc's fingers were tapping....he instantly got annoyed and said,

    "Take a picture it will last longer," the baffoon instantly stared at the door waiting for the next person to arrive.....silence fell over the conference room once more.
  7. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!


    Denise zoomed by, her cloak fluttering in the wind as she worked her magic. Of course at the moment her magic was a little bit dodgy, but she couldn't help it that she was excited to be a Titan and that it was sort of interfering with her concentration.

    "Sorry!" she shouted in apology as she just missed a couple, Denise needed to get herself in check.

    She tried to clear the excited thoughts out of her head and concentrate solely on her spell. It worked, luckily, and soon she found herself in a small cleared field, and standing in the field were a couple of people... and Robin!

    "Hi guys!" she called out once she was safely on the ground. "I hope I'm not late."

    Robin assured her that she wasn't, which Denise was more than happy about. She sized up the two other Titans, two appeared to be normal teen boys, so she would be interested to see what their powers were, and the third looked, well, he looked sort of human but at the same time not human. This was enough for Denise to take a mental memo to get to know this Titan later. But now was the time for introduction.

    "Well I am Sorceress, really don't know if you have heard of me, but anyways that's who I am," she introduced herself with a big smile.
  8. Robotic Wind

    Robotic Wind Banned

    Oliver Parro/Pygmii Owl
    "Huh?" Oliver looked and saw a wolf talking to him. "My name is Mr. Parro." he then walked off to the subway.

    Interesting...A wolf in the forest. Where was the owls? snow owls should be there. Did it scare them off? If I wasn't busy I would of protected them. The rock next to me was loose. It would of been so easy for me to kick it at the wolf's right leg to stun it then I could of used that time and finished it off with my knife. Oh well. I have to met Blackice at the subway first. he thought.

    By the time Oliver was done thinking he was walking down the subway stairs. As he continued Oliver was doing his "thing" and analyzing the subway tunnel.

    I see my door. I'm exactly 25 collumns away from the door. It should take me somewhere between 54-67 steps to reach the door. This must be an old tunnel. The tracks are no where near the shape they should be in for a train. This place is dirty, rotten, dark. ansent of everything good. Full of lonliness. This is perfect.

    Oliver walked up to the door and a loud voice yelled out "Passwrord".

    To which Oliver responded "Password? I must have choosen the wrong subway. Forget you saw me."

    "Just let him in, Knuck." a female voice said.

    Oliver turned and saw the door open so he turned sideways and did what was normal to him, a sidestep, a movement he was most use to. Then as he got in the door way and noticed two other males. Then he heard the voice say again. “Take a seat. The others will be here shortly. Then your debriefing will begin.”

    With this Oliver sat as far from the other two as he could. It wasn't that he had anything against them he just wanted to be by themself.

    (My posts will normally be long so, I can have Oliver anaylze most things.)
  9. Paradoxe

    Paradoxe not actually psychic

    The Mad Hattress

    The Hattress started her descent down the subway stairs. It was a bit uncomfortable to walk in 6 inch heels, but at least they worked for her. After a couple flights of stairs, she found her way into the abandoned station. She could feel a cold draft drifting through the station, and to make things worse, she was wearing a revealing cocktail dress. She had only chosen to wear skimpy clothes to impress the two males of the League of Mischief Blackice told her about. She was hoping she could get on her good side, and eventually join their ranks. It turns out it might not have been such a good idea. She ventured on and stepped down onto the train tracks, and took a left. She knew she was approaching the door since it was getting colder.

    "Blackice must be the owner of the thermostat, too." she mumbled to herself.

    Eventually, she found the door Blackice had mentioned. She opened it up to reveal what looked to be a dentist's office. At the far end of the room was a garage door that took up a majority of the wall. She strolled over and knocked on it as if it were the door to her grandmother's house. Of course, no answer. Quickly getting impatient, she banged on the door with both fists.

    "I'm coming." she could hear from the other side. All of a sudden, a slot in the door, about 9 feet up, opened up to reveal two beady eyes.

    "Password?" the monotone voice bellowed.

    "Kiss my a-" before she had a chance to finish her sentence, a feminine voice yelled out:

    "Knuck, let her in."

    The garage door opened to reveal a freakishly huge man, maybe about 10 feet tall.

    "Oh, you must be Knucklehead...you're bigger than I thought you would be. Can you move out of my way now?" the Hattress said calmly.

    Knucklehead moved out of the way without a word, letting the Hattress barely slide into the room. Once inside, she could see 3 of the "villains" were already inside, waiting for the meeting to start. She noticed they all were starting to stare, which is what she was aiming for. She examined the three men that were sitting, but couldn't find a reason to strike up a conversation with any of them. She sighed, and took a seat at the corner of the table. She waited, and hoped a more attractive villain would arrive soon.
  10. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    ~Mini Wraith~
    - Abandon field -

    A girl in a cloak zipped into the field, landing near them. Wraith watched her with intrigue. She had short hair somewhere in the brunette to dirty-blonde range, and was wearing a cloak of a deeper red than Wraith’s own cloak. (assumption) She called out to Robin, "Hi guys. I hope I'm not late."

    Robin gave a tired sounding phrase about how she was right on time. She seemed happy enough to hear this, and turned to the other new heroes, “Well I am Sorceress, really don't know if you have heard of me, but anyways that's who I am."

    “Hi,” replied Wraith, happy to have this lead into a conversation, “I’m Wraith. (someone else can point out his complete name, cause he won’t) I see you can fly, I have time related powers myself.”

    He made a welcoming gesture while talking, but never actually extended a hand for a handshake. He didn’t like handshakes, people were always going here and there, and sometimes touching something (or someone) that moved so much made him dizzy. Come to think of it, the rumbling that the ground below them was making, was making him a little on edge as well. He didn’t wear shoes (mostly because he couldn’t afford them) so he’d notice the unrest pretty quickly.

    “Do you feel that?” he added deciding it might be important.
  11. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Snow-wing, the Snow Spirit
    in the forest-> a field

    Snow-wing watched as Mr. Parro walked away, then continued to where Robin was. Soon, she found a field surrounded by the forest she was just in. She walked over to where Robin stood, then began to become her snow spirit form. Snow-wing's fur became hair as she grew to be about five foot three. Her skin became to be apricot colored, and a long silky icey blue dress with snowflakes. Then, a pair of shoes with icey blue snowflakes appeared on her feet. She was now a human hero.

    Snow-wing smiled at Robin, and he said "Oh, you're here Snow-wing. Just a few more now." The snow spirit nodded, then looked at the other heros. Three boys and one other girl. "Maybe Mr. Parro wasn't called to be a titan like myself." Snow-wing thought. Since there really wasn't anything to talk about with the others, she just sat in the grass and picked random blades as she waited for the other new titans to come.
  12. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Orlando Jackson/Jack O’ Lantern

    Central area of the city, check, abandon subway, check, then go down it on foot… nah. Why walk when you could ride? The roar of his motorcycle echoed down the tunnel followed by a screeching stop at the office building. Orlando wasn’t going to leave his precious vehicle outside; but instead in this dank subways of villains. He wasn’t fully attired since it would have attracted a lot of attention; but he did have his Jack O’ Lantern black wig with the red streak in bangs on and his blue and red contacts in; they didn’t need to know his true identity, so from here on he was Jack O’ Lantern. Black hoodie, hood up, and jeans finished the outfit a large black and white backpack was tossed over his back. It had his completely costume just in caused he need it.

    Jack left his bike parked outside the door and went into the first area before marching back to the garage doors. Before a gruffly voice asked him what the password was; they hadn’t given him a password. He was just going to say it was ‘password’ before a woman voice told him to let the guy in. The door opened and large brute moved out of the way to let him; that must of have been Knucklehead, not very bright was he?

    As he entered he began to look inspect the people around him. So far his new ‘friends’ was looking like this: two not so bright looking fellows, two stuffy smarties and one girl quite nicely dressed. So many choices to pick from but of course he went to the obvious choice.

    “Why hello, that’s a lovely dress you’re wearing,” he smiled softly at the lovely lady and pulled down his hood showing the rather silky looking black-hair hidden under it. The man took the seat near to the corner of the table right next to the girl. His multicolor eyes looked at her into her green eyes. “I hope you don’t mind if I sit here. So what might your name be? I’m Jack O’ Lantern but you can just call me Jack for short.”
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2011
  13. Robotic Wind

    Robotic Wind Banned


    Oliver Parro/Pygmii Owl
    *Italics is Oliver's thoughts.*
    These people...What do they think of my costume? They came in here trying to cover up who they are. Funny, I came in here looking as insane as ever yet I aswell hide who I truely am...

    "Did y'all see the Owls? Neither did I..." Oliver begin talking in a loud whisper and it turned into a yell after the pause. "They are gone! They have flown away! Something is forcing these creatures out of our life! We need to band together and save all of the owls!" Oliver yelled with his fist in the air.

    I wonder if these guys believe me. The Snow Owls are gone but, thats because they have grown use to me and now reside in my barn. Not in the forests... have these guys ever heard of my Owl filled barn?
  14. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Dimitri Hanover/Longbottom

    Longbottom was unsure of what Oliver was trying to say. Was he saying owls went extinct? That obviously wasn't the case, owls are all over the place. And what is it with owls? Didn't Robin's mentor, Batman, have a parallel twin named Owl Man? Was this guy basically just the parallel universe version of Robin?

    ...That didn't make sense. From what he's heard of Oliver, his Super Name is Pygmy Owl. The Batman and Robin duo, Robin isn't called "Vampire" or "Lasiurus" or named after any type of bat. ...He's named after a bird. Owlman and Pygmy Owl didn't ring much of a bell. Maybe they had no relationship. But in any case, he was drawing attention to him. Longbottom stared at Oliver with his one eye NOT covered in a patch wide open to show he meant business.

    "Hey, could you keep it down, you're starting to annoy me. And cut the business with the owls disappearing. There are owls everywhere." Longbottom had no idea what he was getting himself into. But that was Longbottom for you, picking fights even if he can't win them.
  15. Paradoxe

    Paradoxe not actually psychic

    The Mad Hattress

    The Hattress stared at the clock, watching the hands go by ever so slowly. She looked around to check if anyone new had come in, but dismissed the idea when she remembered Knucklehead was ordered to ask for a "password" each time someone appeared at the door. She looked back at the clock. It was already 1:04 in the morning. She hoped the meeting would end soon; she seemed to have these blackouts everyday at 8 AM, on the spot. She didn't know what happened during the blackouts, she just knew they happened every day.

    She jumped a little when Knucklehead bellowed out another "Password?" Another "villain" must've found their way down here. She hoped someone even remotely interesting walked through the door; the three who were already here looked like mindless drones. She had taken the time to give them all nicknames. Until she learned their names, she would distinguish each one with her made-up aliases. In one of the chairs nearest to her was Pirate Boy, who didn't look like much if a pirate except for the eyepatch. The one sitting next to Pirate Boy was the one called Robot. She actually wouldn't mind striking up a conversation with him if he wasn't all metal-ly. He looked like the fricking Terminator, but not nearly as intimidating. He was cute nonetheless, she would give him that. And over there in the corner, all by himself, was The Little Owl. He was the funniest out of the bunch, as he actually dressed up like an owl. If she didn't know any better, she would mistake him for a prisoner that had just escaped from an insane asylum.

    While she was busy taking pride in her clever nicknames, she didn't notice Knucklehead had already let the next villain through. She glanced over at him and thought one thing: street thug! Suddenly, he started to stroll over to where she was sitting. Why me? she thought to herself. He reached where she was sitting, and he spoke:

    “Why hello, that’s a lovely dress you’re wearing.” The gentleman type, eh? At least he didn't act like a street thug. He took a seat next to the Hattress, and removed the hood that was shielding his face. What the Hattress saw changed her entire oponion of him. He revealed his silky black hair with a crimson streak down his bangs. Most people would shun away from such an outlandish hairstyle, but the Hattress was attracted to things like that. Then, they both locked eyes. He had red and blue contacts in his eyes, but they seemed to...hypnotize her. While looking into her eyes, he spoke again. “I hope you don’t mind if I sit here. So what might your name be? I’m Jack O’ Lantern but you can just call me Jack for short.” She blushed. All this time, she had never thought up a name for herself. She couldn't always be called the Mad Hattress. She blushed again when she realized it was taking so long to say her own name. She was finally abe to stammer out "M-my name is Madeline-"

    Just as she finished her sentece, The Little Owl had to go and ruin the most, if not only, romantic moment in the Hattress's life. "Did y'all see the Owls? Neither did I..." Oh god, this boy does belong to a mental hospital. "They are gone! They have flown away! Something is forcing these creatures out of our life! We need to band together and save all of the owls!" Owls. He was on a crazy rant about owls. This is why she could never have nice things, crazy people were always getting in the way. She looked back over to Jack and made a little-half smile, but dropped it. She sighed, and sunk down into her chair.

    (OOC: I guess you can call her Madeline now. *shrugs* Oh, and Alice has blue eyes. The Hattress has green eyes. Just so you know.)
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  16. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Susano, Sasori

    Susano had read the note over and over again on the plane ride a few weeks ago. Despite that, he still read it as he walked through the forest to the spot that the titan were supposed to meet up. He was never one for heroes, but thanks to his eyes, well, might as well give it a whirl. His cloak flapped slightly in the wind, and all seemed quiet to him. Well, besides his rambiling thoughts.

    "These people are most likely well versed with their powers. I can barely keep mine under a lid. What if we have to reveal our civilian names? I escaped tyranny once, and found a good life. I can't lose what family i have left." He muttered, and kept talking to himself all the way to the abanded field. Several people were already there, including two girls and three males, one in civilian clothing. Odd. RObin was waiting in the center of the field.

    "Ah, Susano, is it?" asked Robin. Susano nodded before sitting down near the girl with a blue dress. His eyes constantly moved around the place, from person to person to object to object.
  17. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Snow-wing, the snow spirit
    in a field

    As Snow-wing waited, a male walked over. Apparently his name was Susano. She stayed quiet as Susano came over to her. Were there many more coming? Snow-wing decided to pass by the time by randomly creating and destroying mini glaciers. It was what she always did back at her home.

    Soon, she got a bit bored. This wasn't her home, this was somewhere she hadn't even been to before! Should she introduce herself? Yes. If Mr. Parro didn't come, maybe he was just running late. Snow-wing turned towards Susano and said "Hello. My name is Snow-wing."
  18. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    Maxi Clemens/ Metal Havoc

    'What....the hell' he thought to himself as he scanned the now almost filled table. There was an owl kid, who clearly acted insane. Havoc recognized this because he simply had no type of insanity behind his eyes....no type of crazyness, just sanity. He actually disliked this....owl....thing a little less because of this front he was putting up. He then looked around and found the only girl there. She looked like she came straight out of that Lewis Caroll novel. However, Havoc appreciated the overly sylized outfit and she wasn't half bad to look at. Then his attention was averted to the man speaking to her. "What....a douche" he whispered low enough so no one would hear him. His pure white eyes scanned the kid quickly and he was clearly a halloween/ jack o' latern styled person. 'So unoriginal,' he thought to himself.

    Suddenly Havoc realized something, out of any of the other villains there, those two and him are probably the most menacing and could do major damage to anyone standing in there way. The Owl being annoying and the other just rubbing Havoc the wrong way, these two were so interesting. So he stood up walked over to the pair and introduced himself.

    "Exuse me, since introductions are needed, I am Metal Havoc," he said in a ever so slight british accent and bowed as if he were bowing to the king and queen. " You are?" He took the lady's hand and stared straight at her. Havoc needed to get her away from the douche but, at the same time be friends with the man, so he used his great ettiquite, and introduced himself to the lady first. The three of them, he felt, you clearly the most intelligent there and could probably be a devastating trio.
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Leo Silverstone/Lucky Star
    Abandoned field

    Soon, some more people began to arrive. First was a guy who looked almost inhuman. He reminded Leo of ghost. Next, a girl wearing a cloak who called herself Sorceress teleported in, Leo thought she was interesting, she seemed cheerful. Then the ghostly looking guy spoke to her and introduced himself as Wraith. It was a fitting name. Then another girl in a blue dress who called herself Snow-Wing appeared. Lastly, a guy named Susanoo appeared and sat next to Snow Wing, she spoke to him as soon as he sat down.

    Now it was Leo's turn to speak to someone. He went to his luggage, and pulled out a small box containing a deck of playing cards. He took the cards out of the box and walked over to where Susanoo and Snow-Wing were. "Hello, you can call me Leo for now." He said, while shuffling the cards he was holding in front of them. "Would either of you like to play a game of Poker to pass the time? I should warn you. I'm feeling lucky." He said with a grin. Ever since Robin told him what his powers were, he'd taken a lot of time to test them. Mostly through playing games of chance.

    OOC: Contrary to a lot of the heroes on the show, Leo wears normal clothes when not in action, and prefers to be called by his first name when not in costume.
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  20. Monty

    Monty The North Wind

    Arsenal stepped down from the bus. He quickly thanked the bus driver and jogged towards the field. He was surprised that the bus came this far out. He came to a clearing that was cluttered with other young heroes. A grin spread across his face. He had never interacted much with people like him. Arsenal obvious excitement was barely contained as he bopped across the field towards Robin.

    "Is this everyone?" Arsenal asked Robin before turning around to examine the small gathering. There were a few people that looked...interesting to say the least.

    "Just about." Robin replied. He then proceeded to give Arsenal a Teen Titans Communicator. "Here you go. Be sure not to misplace this."

    "Cool." Arsenal said as he gladly took the communicator. He looked around the field for someone to talk to. Apparently, more people should be arriving soon. The more Arsenal stood and surveyed the others, the more he began to notice something else. There was a strange mechanical whirring and slight vibrations below him. Strange.

    Arsenal made his way over to the ghostly boy standing alone. Melancholy seemed to emit from him.

    "Hi there." Arsenal said as he gave a small nod to let the b oy know he was speaking to him. He reached forward to shake his hand. "I'm Arsenal. What might your name be?"
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