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Teen Titans North Version 3D!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Grassmaster411, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. aggiegwyn

    aggiegwyn Well-Known Member

    Jane Moriarty/Evelyn Cortez

    “How did you kill him?” The police man asked, trying his best to hide any form of emotion, but clearly uneasy, most likely due to a paranormal phobia. The poor fellow. He was going to have to get more and more used to things that are say…different.

    “W-well…after I was taken into prison, I spent a long time focusing on breaking my grip from him. Since he was a distance away, it was weaker, and eventually I was able to break free. I told the detective as much as I could before my body was taking over again, releasing the prisoners, then breaking him free from his own handcuffs.”

    She paused, taking a moment to breathe, since through her act she had been crying pretty heavily.

    “After that he was so angry that I can’t even remember what happened, he had such a tight grip on my mind that it’s not even in my own memory. But I was suddenly riding in a car, at an alarming speed. I saw Wraith and within those few moments I took one of the few chances I had to end my pain. If I was going to die then he was coming down with me.” Looking out the window, she continued. “I don’t know why, but somehow I survived that crash. I took the gun that was stored in the car, and shot him before he had the chance of gripping my mind again.”

    There was a pause in the police, but they all began to stand up and get ready to go.

    “Miss Moriarty we may be back shortly to ask more questions, but as of now, consider yourself free.”

    Moriarty waved to them as they left her door, with tears filling her eyes.

    And finally, they were down the street. Ugh, they were so tedious to deal with. At least that little story would hold them off until the heroes started whining. Now was the next part of her mission. She would need to head for the zoo, since animal control would need a little bit more business before she could finish things up.

    As she was walking out she adjusted her neat bun which was considerably smaller on her head. And it was getting less and less neat since her hair was shorter. She couldn’t remember why she had cut it, which was a strange sensation she had never encountered before. She ordered the driver to take her to the local zoo. He did as such, and leaving her at the entrance she sent him with some money for dinner. Not that it would help, most stores were closed. Oh well, that wasn’t her problem.

    But she did have a problem. It was a boy at the zoo, a sole boy. And before him was a giant elephant. Well, it was either a villain or a hero. Either of which would be a problem.

    Pausing time, she inspected his features to find anything she’d recognize. There was nothing spectacular about the boy himself, but the trail of feathers behind him was very telling. Those were pidgeon feathers, but she knew of only one shapeshifter so far, and that was the bird from earlier, the one who tried to save Wraith. That must have been a hero. Well, that was just fantastic. She would have to either intervene with whatever he was doing with the elephant, or she would let him continue on his way before conducting her business.

    Well, she was a firm believer in “ladies first”. So, heading over to stand before him, she sat herself on the gate, studying his cocky expression before releasing time. To his eyes it would be that girl he scarred earlier, somehow over in his view of what used to be the elephant.

    “Hello, fledgling. Was it a nice flight here?”
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2012
  2. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    *Highway, Crash Site*

    Between Izu’s ESP and Amanuma’s spell the cops seemed convinced that they should probably head out. Apparently there would be no investigation. But either way, standing around on the highway seemed like a stupid idea.

    A boy walked up to the group, "Thanks guys. I have no idea why they were like that. I've never had trouble with cops like that before… Oh, are some of you guys new? I'm Therium, one of the Titans here. We'll have to keep introductions for later, there are escaped prisoners and villains all over town. There’s a closed down zoo a few miles from here. I'm going to get some powerful DNA from there and come back, so we can round up all the escapees."

    So this kid is the tiger, Therium, a changeling, realized Amanuma trying to make a mental note. The escaped prisoners and villains information however caught his attention. No wonder the police weren’t doing an investigation, they already had a full plate.

    Therium transformed into a pigeon and took off.

    “Guess we’re splitting up then?” commented Amanuma rhetorically as he looked over the remaining heroes. It seemed pretty obvious given the new information that they would not be going to the tower. He shrugged (being unable to sigh) and headed towards the side of the highway, out of the way of traffic. With the cops gone, traffic was starting to creep around the accident and paramedics.
  3. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    @Aggiegwen. Ben was a pigeon to fly there, so I'm guessing the mention of owl feathers was a mistake. Don't worry about it though, I know you are traveling so it might have been typed up quickly. No big deal.

    Ben Mansfield

    Just as Ben was pondering how to get into the exhibit of such a large animal safely, The girl, not just a girl, THE girl who killed Wraith was standing before him. No warping, no rush of wind, just there. How she did it, Ben had no idea. But she posed 2 major threats. She could ruin the element of surprise by giving away his idea, or she could kill him outright. She already had a reputation of killing heros. She even spoke to him, making it obvious she knew his powers. "Hello, Fledgling. Was it a nice flight here?"

    Ben imediatly went into a fighting stance. He had no time to morph, her being right there. She could kill him while in mid-form. He raised his fists, ready for, well he had no idea what to be ready for. She had caught him so off gaurd he had nothing for the current situation. Still, he wanted her dead. He had never wished for someone to die before, but now he did.

    "What do you want?" he said, unable to keep his voice full of anger and fear. Sure, his powers were more offensive than Wraiths, but that dosent matter much when someone can crash a car on you. The elephant gave a low growl in the background, aware that something that dosent happen every day was going on in front of it.

    Ben suddenly remembered his communicator was on him. In his pocket, to be exact. His eyes shifted there for a split second, thinking about grabbing it to call for help. He decided to put it off. Weather she had teleportation powers or super-speed, either would make it a dangerous move.
  4. aggiegwyn

    aggiegwyn Well-Known Member

    OoC: Whoops, sorry fixed that. ^^"

    Jane Moriarty

    She almost laughed as the boy shifted into a battle position, offering to fight with his fists. He obviously didn’t have time shift into some sort of dangerous animal. Or to grab the communicator that was creating a bulge in his pocket. It was funny to watch people that were different than her. Unlike her, they didn’t have all the time in the world.

    "What do you want?" He asked in a voice that was filled in so much emotion you could almost smell the teenager scent. She gave a big grin.

    “Tch, tch, tch…” She said, shaking her head with closing her eyes and shaking her finger, as though she was scolding a child. “That’s no way to greet an old friend, is it?”

    Pausing time, she took the communicator from his pocket, and positioned herself behind him before releasing time again.

    “But you’re going to need this if you want to call your other buddies.” And with a toss to the seal exhibit, the communicator crashed into the water. “Whoops.”

    Honestly, she didn’t even really need him. She didn’t need him to move, and even if he got the power of that elephant all he would do is cause more destruction to the city he was trying to protect. She doubted he had any experience in safely avoiding creatures while being an elephant. So she figured if she didn’t need him, she would play with him.

    After all, she had all the time in the world.
  5. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    ((OOC: Since Billy Mays isn't posting, I cannot go anywhere with Longbottom yet.))

    Izu Miramoto/Detour the Mirror Baku

    Eventually, the cops backed off, making Detour a little more calm. "Guess we're splitting up, then," Amanuma asked. Detour, as of right now, was in no condition to fight. And Amanuma seemed convinced no one was going to the tower. But Detour could have sworn EVERYONE was going there. "I'm going to have to call it a day for now," Detour stated. "We need to rest." Detour then started off toward the tower. Detour, of coarse, turned back into Izu and her tapir along the way, because... well... let's just say obvious reasons.

    As Izu and her tapir walked through the city, all they could see was mayhem. Chaos consuming the entire town. And right now, they couldn't do much about it but rest up and fight again the next day. But still, all through-out the city, all they could see. How did it become like this? How did the city get to such a state? It was saddening, but Izu and her tapir just shrugged it off for now until they eventually got to the tower.

    ((OOC: Short post, sorry.))
  6. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    Ben Mansfield
    Abandoned zoo.

    The villaness was no doubt not at all intimidated by Ben's feeble attempt to arm himself. She obviously had the advantage and was making no attempt to dissuade him of that. He scolded him, mokcing him as if he was a child.

    “Tch, tch, tch…” She said, shaking her head with closing her eyes and shaking her finger. “That’s no way to greet an old friend, is it?”

    She dissapeared, and instantly reappeared behind him. It took him a moment to figure out what was going on, but he soon felt an emptyness in his pocket. He reached for his communicator, but it was gone. He wheeled around to face Jane again.

    “But you’re going to need this if you want to call your other buddies.” And with a toss to the seal exhibit, the communicator crashed into the water. “Whoops.”

    Luckily, or unluckily, the seals were no longer in their exhibit, and had been moved out with many of the other animals. Ben knew he was no match for her. At least not one-on-one. He then had a crazy idea. More like an idea that wouldn't even trick a toddler, but it was worth a try.

    Ben shifted his gaze as if he was looking behind Jane. His face became puzzled, then alarmed. With a disbelieving voice, he said. "Wraith?".

    If she looked. Ben would make a beeline for the seal pool. Not to retrieve his communicator, but as an escape plan. Fast as this villaness was, there was no way she could breathe underwater.

    The elephant, alone in its exhibit, watched the unfolding acts of the two humans with curiosity. It felt no threat from either, but there actions were not typical of the humans that were usually here, and they smealt different. Like they were more than meets the eye. Just like him

    Crowded Area

    Slice was still standing there, waiting for a response from them. Were they suspicious? Did they really guess at his true intentions? Before they answered, A beeping sound came from Slice's pocket. He pulled out the black, cirular device, andflipped the top up like a phone. Putting it to his ear, he said hello, then listened. A few minutes later, without having said a word, he put the phone-like device away.

    "I gotta go, some friends of mine are in the middle of a heist against LoM. Here, you can contact me with this." He said as he handed them a blank buisness card. "I'm sure you can figure it out." He then walked away, non-chanlontly. He didn't respond to anything else they said. As Slice approached the alleyway, he broke out into a run. Pursuit would only reveal an empty alleyway, with no people there and a dead end.
  7. aggiegwyn

    aggiegwyn Well-Known Member

    OoC: I was worried there that you were going to leave us!

    Jane Moriarty

    She could tell that he was in a rush for a plan, especially when she saw his eyes lighten up on something behind her, and said "Wraith?"

    She stopped and simply sighed. If he was going to resort to that she wouldn’t play with him anymore, and the game would be over. Unfortunately she didn’t think to bring the gun, assuming she wouldn’t really feel like killing anyone after the events of today. The sad thing about killing is that after it’s all done they don’t do any begging. And begging was one of her favorite parts. Looking at him, she realized that she had already caused him to suffer so much. She could feel the hatred brewing within his eyes. He wanted to kill her. He wanted her to feel his friend’s pain.

    And strangely enough, Moriarty questioned whether she would allow him to or not. Despite all the chaos she was creating, and how many lives were being lost due to her twisted cause, it was slowly beginning to satisfy her less. When would she stop? This city? This country? The world? The answer was never. Because there was never going to be a way to relinquish her unending boredom. There was nothing that wouldn’t remind her of what she has done over and over and over again: inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. There was nothing that was going drive her away from this fault. And what was so great about it? Staying alive? It was like going in one direction, forever. It all ends in a destination that no one can change. Immortality doesn’t exist.

    So looking at him, she wondered what he would do, if she just stayed there, or pretended to faint or try to run. What would he do if she pretended to apologize or change sides? She wouldn’t find out, and she decided to do something very extreme.

    She paused time, grabbed the communicator from the water, and set it to dry. When it was, she unpaused it, standing right beside him, and slipped it back in his pocket.

    “I’ve changed my mind.” She whispered into his ear. “Call your friends, tell them that the murderer is waiting for their revenge.”

    With a sickly grin she stepped back and sat on the bench, facing him with mocking eyes. This was going to be fun.
  8. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    Ben Mansfield
    Abandoned zoo

    Ben's sudden impulse idea was a huge failure. In fact, it seemed to annoy the murderer more than anything. Ben was about to run for the water, where he could morph to trout and wait her out, when something very strange happened.

    She dissapeared and reapeared again, this time to put his now dryed communicator in his pocket. She then whispered into his ear "I've changed my mind. Call your friends, tell them that the murderer is waiting for their revenge."

    She then went to sit on a bench, as if mocking him. Ben was again filled with intense anger. This bi*** seemed unbeatable, being able to teleport and steal things in the blink of an eye. Ben was about to call for backup, but sudden thoughts stopped him. Thats what SHE wanted him to do. So she was obviously prepared for that. Ben had to do something she didn't want or predict.

    Ben had one animal form he can become faster than all the others. Thats because of their similar DNA. By the time a stopwatch reaches 10, he can be fully morphed. So he choose this animal.

    He shrunk slightly in height, from six to four feet. But he bulked up incredibly, going from 140 pounds to 210 pounds. Black fur sprouted all over his body, except for his face, hands, and feet. His feet became more like hands, lengthening and gaining dexterity. His spine arched forward a bit, making him unable to stand upright for long periods of time. His face jutted outwards, forming a stronger jaw and furter extending brow. Powerful canine teeth formed from weak human teeth. He was now the closest living relative to humans, but four times stronger. The chimpanzee.

    Ben knuckle walked to the nearest fence made of iron bars. With one hand, he pulled a bar loose. A feat no human could do. He raised the bar in the air and let loose a primordial roar. Charging forward, he ran on first four legs, then two as he got closer to Jane. He swung the bar with incredible force, aiming for her midsection.

    OOC: Am I the only one who, after reading this thought "Tarzan and Jane"?
  9. aggiegwyn

    aggiegwyn Well-Known Member

    OoC: Yah, that makes sense, except that Jane is a huge jerk. XD

    Oh, and in the next one, we should have a scientist be a hero so that he could figure out a way to stop Jane's powers, and thus rendering her defenseless. Without her power, she's useless.

    Jane Moriarty/Evelyn Cortez

    She looked as his hand headed for his pocket, but then stopped midway. He thought she was planning something sinister. As though she could handle herself against ten than one. Stupid boy. She watched as he rapidly changed into a chimpanzee. She imagined he wanted to move swiftly in order to avoid danger. As he headed for the fence, most likely to create a weapon, she simply sat and watched. She could freeze time now, as he was swinging the bar, but she decided against it. Such a selfish boy, he wanted all the revenge to himself. Well she would give him the satisfaction.

    The bar hit her, and no doubt it hurt, and she was thrown to the ground. Luckily it avoided her ribs, and because she hadn’t eaten anything she didn’t throw up. But she did feel like she was out of air, and she coughed and lifted herself to stand, swaying.

    “Stupid…ignorant…selfish boy.” She whispered, her voice cracked and dry. “As though you think I really care who you bring!” As she said this, her voice elevated in volume. “You’re pathetic. You tell yourself that you’re avoiding a trap, but I know what you really want! You truly think that you loved that ghost boy the most! You honestly think that you’re the man who deserves the revenge! That you’re a man at all!” Screaming this, she clutched at her stomach, enduring pain just to do this.

    She would enrage him. He would kill her. And no longer would she have to endure the hardships of boredom. She was tired of knocking down cities and building them again. She wanted to do something different.
  10. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    *Highway, Crash Site*

    Amanuma made his way onto a less busy street, keeping an eye out for trouble. He noticed a sign hanging diagonally on it’s pole, indicating the direction of the forgotten zoo. That was where Therium was going wasn’t it? Amanuma considered heading that way. Therium seemed to think there were still animals there, and if there was anything of the crocodilian persuasion, Amanuma could gain a powerful partner.

    He waited for a break in the traffic and scurried over to the other side of the street. The contents of his bag clanked together dully. It was worth a look, and he could always put it on hold if he ran into some of the rampant criminal activity.

    He spotted a couple of thugs up ahead busting up a hotdog cart and terrorizing the owner. Time to do some terrorizing of his own, Amanuma rushed forward reciting his evil repulsion spell. Both the crooks reacted like someone unseen had shoved them, and looked around for the source. Spotting Amanuma they had a non-verbal debate about the productivity of trying to fight him, then ran off.

    Amanuma held a hand down to the vendor, “you alright?”

    “Ye-eah, I t-think so,” stuttered the man looking up. Fear flashed into his eyes as he realized what was looking down at him, “No-o, please don’t hur-rt me. I’ve been th-hrough enough.”

    Amanuma rolled his eyes and started off again, leaving the man on the ground.

    Dark Cloud
    *City, Street*

    Dark Cloud looked from one end of the street to another. This was hilarious, and he hadn’t even done anything. People were rioting all around him. No just any people, people in orange jumpsuits who’d obviously just broken out of prison, and a few regular clothed people who’d decided to take advantage of the chaos.

    He wondered if BlackIce had had anything to do with this, it didn’t really seem her style, and she’d just got done preaching about how they could be the good guys if they took the good guys out. Bleh, it still left a bitter taste in his mouth.

    He tried not to think about it. In fact, there was so much excitement here, how could he be thinking about it?
  11. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    City, Street

    All Hades had broken out in the town. Susano was lucky enough to avoid the worse sections of the riots, but things were just out of hand. He could try to calm down a smaller riot or two, but he was injured, so they would easily single him out. "What a bother. I could easily heal if i still had my healing fire, but i lost it. Too much evil i think. i really need to learn how to not do that" grumbled Susano to himself. He avoided another riot group, and his mind began to drift to what had happened since he was here in the city as a Titan.

    After the unfountinite disbanding two years ago, Susano has been roaming around Califonia, trying to get a better grasp of how his fire can be used as a weapon. he sold his brother's sword for money in order to eat, and began to use his fire as a way to get money for housing as well as food. He went underground for the remander of time, and their he lost contact with Venficia. he sometimes thought about her, but he was more preoccupied with surviving. Robin contacted him, and Susano joined in a heart beat.

    Susano snapped out of his musings to see the abandoned lot come into view. he stood next to the tree that lead into the tower, but before he opened it, he saw Izu in the distance. he stood by the door, and wanted for her. he needed to talk to her, and this was as private as a spot as they are going to get.
  12. OkikuMew

    OkikuMew Well-Known Member

    ((OoC: I'm still alive here!!! So sorry I didn't post for awhile... I just had so much going on in serebii and irl, and I'm not sure exactly what to post at this point here... I'll try this little non-bunnying workaround.))

    Kelly Voclain
    Main room's kitchen, Titan Tower

    She looked over Leo, but didn't utter a single word, to her slight confusion. She forgave him however, thinking he perhaps was confused himself or didn't hear her question because with the loud alarms. She ran up close to the big television, grabbed what she thought would be its remote, and started to try figuring out how to control it.

    After quite a few minutes struggling with the menus, she was able to at least shut down the alarms and put the screen on the news channel. And there she saw all the problems happening: The mayor murdered, a prison outbreak, and just now a major car crash... She wondered how in the world all this occurred on the same day, at the same place. Although on impulse she would've tried to find Ben to help him personally, but she knew good and well she was currently in no shape to help him this way in such a crisis.

    "Mr. Ben, ...guh, uh... Mr. Leo, pardon me," she muttered to the lucky hero as she passed him the controller, "please continue looking into the control room and see if you can find a way to call for the backup Le... I-I mean, Ben, asked for. I'll look into the library to see if I could find some maps that could be useful."

    As she zoomed through the library's door and closed it behind her, the newscaster switched the broadcast of the happenings of the city to some other story in Louisiana: A certain Kelly Voclain, the daughter of a rich scientist named Sebastien Voclain, has gone missing without a trace... Although the police suspected a kidnapping with a eventual demand of ransom, none truly knew the circumstances of her disappearance...
  13. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Izu Miramoto/Detour the Mirror Baku
    The Tower

    Izu and her tapir eventually made it to the tower. There they immediately saw Susano. (Ugh, him again?) Izu thought at the sight of him. Izu had a feeling Susano wanted to talk to Izu, but right now, Izu didn't want to talk to him, so she immediately walked past him without saying a word.

    Eventually as she got inside, she felt more safe to morph back into Baku form. If Izu and her tapir were merged, it would stabilize their healing process. But while inside the tower, she realized that she has not been inside the tower for a long time. She didn't even know where the stairs to the bedrooms were, but she eventually found the living room, so she lied down on the couch instead.

    ...But while on the couch, she had a feeling that Susano was still there. The only words she could muster were "go away," before trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in on the couch. But all in all, Susano's presence still bugged her.
  14. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    OOC: @Aggiegwen Actually, if you keep Jane around a bit longer, she'll meet someone who might be a match for her. Hint Hint.

    @Everyone: Also, I suggest that everyone still interested in participating in this RP go to BlackIce's location. No one should try and take them on, just get there. Villans can join up with them if they want to. All mysteries will be revealed there....

    Ben Mansfield
    Abandoned zoo

    Ben hit her sqaure in the stomach. The pain would be intense, due to a chimps incredible strength. Most people think of a baby chimpanzee when they think of a chimp, but the huge, cannibalistic, and violent adults are a force to be reckoned with.

    “Stupid…ignorant…selfish boy.” She began to scream. “As though you think I really care who you bring!” As she said this, her voice elevated in volume. “You’re pathetic. You tell yourself that you’re avoiding a trap, but I know what you really want! You truly think that you loved that ghost boy the most! You honestly think that you’re the man who deserves the revenge! That you’re a man at all!” Screaming this, she clutched at her stomach, enduring pain just to do this.

    Ben had no response to this. The chimpanzee instincts, however, did. Baring his fangs, he rose to his full height, held his makeshift weapon high in one hand and pounded his chest with the other. Chimps take screaming as either a warning or a challenge, and this was no warning. Once in the position above, he let loose another chimp screech.

    "Ho ho ho ho ha Hrawhhrawhhrahw!"

    Ben charged her and flung his body into the air. Swining both his feet forward, he kicked her sqaurly in the chest, sending her flying down to the ground. Wasting no time, he pinned her to the ground with his dexterous feet. Standing above her, he raised the iron bar above his head, ready to strike.

    Ben almost killed her then and there. His arm twitched before he caught himself. His rage was still there. He still hated her. The chimpanzee instincts wanted to kill her too. To rip her limb from limb and feast. But thats partially why Ben stopped. He knew that the chimp would take over if he crossed that line.

    But the main reason he stopped was because of what she said. "That your a man at all". Once discovering his powers, Ben began to respect all life to a very high level. He didn't swat bugs. He released caught fish. And thats what had angered him. That she took a life.

    But if he took hers, returned the favor, did that make him any better than her?

    Yes. But not by enough.

    He dropped the iron bar on the pavement. It clattered on the ground. He still pinned her arms with his feet, but he simply stood above her, breathing heavily. Then he spoke in telepathy.

    <No. I'm not a man. I have no idea what I am. But I know what I'm not. I'm not you.>

    Swinging his other arm, he cuffed her in the head. Purposfully weaker than he could have. Ben had never knocked someone unconscious before, so he had no way to be sure of that. But he took her pulse after the blow. She was still alive. That much was certain.

    He stepped off her and began to drag her away by her foot. Dragging her was effortless, due to his huge strenght. He headed for the exit of the zoo.

    Town Square
    League of Mischief

    Town hall, stood mostly abandoned. Only a skeleton crew kept the town's economy alive. But strangly, they had not been robbed, despite all the chaos going on. Just outside the building, little signs of human life were apparent.

    A sewer cap suddenly flew upwarps from its resting spot. BlackIce climbed up from the sewer ladder, quickly followed by The Phantom. Knucklehead punched through the ground behind them, dragging his 1 ton body onto land. There they stood, unaposed.

    BlackIce spoke. "Phant, cover us. Check any hiding spots. Kill the norms, bring the heros to us. We'll follow. Knuck, with me."

    The Phantom wasted no time. He became intangible and invisible, completly undetecable. He ran off, checking areas likly to harbor snipers of assasins.

    After a few mintues, BlackIce began to stroll in the direction he ran off in. Knucklehead followed closely. Once they reached a point where they were in the center of the street, Knucklehead began to rampage. He smashed cars, ripped out street lights, and threw anything in their way 50 stories up. BlackIce handled any people. She froze civilians feet as she walked by, by sending beams of blue from her hands. Any criminals who refused to join them were either frozen solid or crushed. Most criminals, after seeing this, decided to join them. They followed the two supervillans, wary but confident.

    BlackIce, Knuclehead, and their now growing posse of crooks continued their state sponsered mayhem. They followed the invisible Phantom, who flushed out any hiding humans.
  15. Treecko's Awesomeness

    Treecko's Awesomeness Treecko is claimed!

    OOC: So, I'm back. Whatever happened to the hotel? Ah, well. Time to participate in PLOT! Also, can two of an RPer's characters meet and/or fight? Because Bushfire vs. Humidity is definitely something I would enjoy writing.

    Cyrus Astraeus/Humidity
    Over city hall

    Now, where was that hotel? Cyrus had almost lost interest in searching for it, and he didn't seem to be getting any closer. Being from the other side of the country from this city certainly didn't help matters. And he was still hungry. He looked down and saw something odd. It looked like BlackIce and a giant robot with a human head leading a group of criminals through the city while the aforementioned gorilla-bot causing general chaos by smashing things like there was no tomorrow. He drifted downwards and materialized on the ground. A crook walking behind him bumped into him as he appeared.

    "Hey, watch it, kid! You lookin' to get your rear handed to ya'?"

    Cyrus looked at the man. He was about Cyrus's height, and quite a bit bulkier, but definitely didn't dress the part of a supervillain "To be fair, you don't seem to be much of a threat."

    "What'd you just say?" The man growled.

    Cyrus decided he must be hard of hearing. "I said that you don't look like a threat!" he said, yelling this time.

    "That's it," the man said. He swung his fist at Cyrus, who vaporized just in time.

    Cyrus reappeared and glared at the man. "That was rude of you. If you had been able to hit me, I could have broken my nose. That would have made this entire ordeal very difficult." Cyrus grabbed his hammer from his back and swung it at the crook's knees. The man let out a squeal of pain before collapsing to the ground.

    "Why you little-" the man pulled out a gun and aimed it at Cyrus, who once again swung the hammer, at the man's head this time. The man stopped moving and another thief who had been watching ran up and took his pulse.

    "He's dead," the main said wide-eyed. He ran off to join the rest of the group, and Cyrus followed. He wondered where they were going.
  16. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    *City, Zoo*

    As Amanuma reached the zoo, he was greeted by an unusual sight. A bulky black primate, a chimpanzee, dragging an unconscious girl by her foot, out of the zoo. Amanuma tilted his head. Everyday he saw things that he’d never have considered normal in his lifetime, and things no modern person would as well. But this, this was probably the oddest thing he’d seen in a while.

    He didn’t bother with his standard repulsion spell, animals were inherently neither good nor evil. He reached into his bandages and withdrew his spell scroll. He scanned down to a spell he knew would cause a torrent of rain, something that might detour the chimpanzee if things started to go downhill.

    Amanuma stepped forward, and calmly instructed, “Come on now, let her go.”

    Dark Cloud
    *City, Streets*

    Dark Cloud walked in delighted amazement through the streets. The destruction was amazing, showers of glass, burning and mangled cars. A burning liquor bottle whizzed past his head. Okay, time to get moving. He dashed off as the bottle smashed through the window of a car behind him.

    There was an explosion as he ducked onto another street. Here there was another small mob, almost as if on parade... and well, if that wasn’t BlackIce at the lead. And KnuckleHead making a mess of anything he could find? This defiantly wasn’t playing hero…

    Dark Cloud lurked in the shadows watching them from a distance. What was she doing?
  17. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    (OOC: I'm waiting for Susano to post before I bring up Detour again.)

    Dimitri Hanover/Longbottom

    The situation between him and the other two villains was over before he knew it. Eventually they walked away, leaving the boulder bully behind. "Challenge Blackice? Hmph!" Longbottom was starting to go on a self ramble right now. A power trip if you will. "They're so pathetic. They can't even cause problems themselves, so they have to call in puny creatures to do their bidding." Longbottom slammed his Morninstern into the pavement below. The flailed weapon creating a large amount of cracks upon impact.

    "They couldn't even challenge me. Neither can the titans. Why should I work with peasants. I am a GOD! I can do anything! Their powers mean nothing to me as they could never hope to challenge Longbottom. League of MISCHIEF? Just mischief? Not even "evil" or "death?" I..." In his moment of self indulgence, Longbottom forgot that the Morningstern he acquired with a five-finger discount was now being tracked by the police. And here they were, rows of police standing right infront of him. Longbottom didn't even flinch. "I'll show you all!"

    Longbottom stomped down onto the ground, creating a huge wave of gravel to fan out and knock the cops backward. ...None of the cops were killed by the attack, but it gave Longbottom a chance to escape. And Longbottom ran to a random location, eventually coming across Blackice and her band of chuckles. He witnessed the chaos they were causing. Blackice was freezing people to death, and Knucklehead was destroying everything in sight. Longbottom started to have second thoughts about challenging them, but still. Longbottom would need a little persuading before he would return to the league of mischief.

    "I can take them!" Longbottom said to himself. ...But Longbottom couldn't launch an attack. All the mayhem they were causing. Deep down, Longbottom had the feeling that challenging them would be too risky. That, and he wanted to be part of the action. ...And they haven't even reached "strike 3" yet. Instead, Longbottom soon approached lady Blackice and bowed to her. "I am here, mylady. Longbottom at your service."
  18. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    @Treecko'sAwesomeness: Its generally considered rude and unimaginative to have your own characters fight, because it makes it hard for other people to interact with other players. While I'm not going to stop you from doing that, I would rather see them fight other characters. Also, could you try and post for both Humidity and Bushfire at the same time? Makes things easier.

    Ben Mandfield
    Abandoned zoo

    Ben was dragging Jane along when one of the heros from earlier, with some kind of egyptian theme, approached him. He smelled wierd, like he was missing something, but the chimps sense of smell wasn't good enough to pinpoint what. He took out a scroll, and seemed to look for something. Satisfied, he walked over to Ben and addressed him.

    "Come on now, let her go."

    Bens rational thinking kind of dissolved here. <Do you have any idea who she is!?> he asked, mostly rhetoricly. <A murderer. A murderer of heros. I'm bringing her in, and you'll have to kill me to stop me.>

    League of Mischief
    Main Street

    BlackIce saw Humidity's assault on the crook. Big Mistake. She approached him, not at all intimidated by his powers. She spoke.

    "I have no use for individual normals, but if you are here to oppose me, I suggest you find a quicker way to die. I don't have time to deal with someone who is stupid enough to take me on right now.

    But if you join us, I can garantee your life and a position in this victory." Finally finished, she continued forward until they got to a large U-haul truck.

    One BlackIce had purposfully placed there before hand. Opening the back, she revealed a large amount of weapons, mostly guns. "Alright." she said. "Any normals should grab a gun now. Supers, leave the weapons alone, the norms need them more."

    This is when Longbottom arrived. After his quaint introduction, BlackIce said "Good, we need all the help we can get. Stay with us, I expect opposition from the local forces soon."

    A little farther ahead, where Dark Cloud was hiding in waiting, The Phantom appeared out of no where behind him. Luckily, the Phantom recognized Dark Cloud from the meeting. Tapping him on the shoulder with the handle of a large and menacing knife, the Phantom then pointed in the direction of BlackIce and her growing troops. The message was clear. Go and meet them. The Phantom dissapeared again, becoming intangible and invisable at the same time.
  19. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    *City, Zoo*

    An unfamiliar voice cropped up in Amanuma’s head, <Do you have any idea who she is!? A murderer. A murderer of heroes. I'm bringing her in, and you'll have to kill me to stop me.>

    “Ah,” muttered Amanuma softly. This seemed to be telepathy, or perhaps he’d finally gone insane and was now hearing voices. Actually that did seem pretty likely, but he had plenty of paranormal evidence that would lead him to believe in telepathy too. Amanuma decided to believe he was still sane, because likely this creature was Therium, “Okay, I can appreciate and support that mission. But for your own sake, would you mind not giving her road rash? The authorities tend to frown upon unnecessary injuries.”

    Dark Cloud
    *City, Streets*

    As Dark Cloud watched, the annoying earth bender Longbottom approached BlackIce. He seemed to be joining her legion, and they soon began unloading a horde of guns from the back of U-Haul truck.

    A black form appeared in front of Dark Cloud. Surprised and slightly annoyed since that should be his trick, it took Dark Cloud a second to realize this was Phantom. The silent creature tapped Dark Cloud on the shoulder with one of his knife’s handles and directed him towards BlackIce before disappearing again.

    Join BlackIce? But… he’d turned his back on her. To go crawling back, that’d be pitiful. Best not agitate the knife wielding psychopath though, because Dark Cloud was pretty sure Phantom wasn’t intimidated by him.

    Dark Cloud strolled out of his hiding spot, putting on his best, I’m here because I chose to be façade. While BlackIce’s crew reacted to him with mixed levels of concern, he simply walked right through them, up to her. He took another look around at them before addressing her, “Hey Cupcake, what’s going on?”
  20. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Susano Night
    Titan Tower

    Izu didn't speak to him when she went into the tower. Susano knew that she had every right to be mad, but now was not the time to be stuck on something so...damaging. Susano followed her, and found her on the couch, trying to sleep. He was about to speak when she manged to muster a "Go away" before trying to get comfortable. Susano wanted to talk, but it looked like he would be the starter this time.

    "Look, Izu, you have every right to be mad at me" Susano began, trying his best to reach her through his words. "In fact, i really shouldn't be complaining about how you hate me right now, since that's what i wanted. I thought that if you hated me, you would try to forget me and continue your life with Musica. In fact, i wanted you to not be with me at times. I kill people, i've robbed graves, i was once in league with the wrong people, i had a dark past. If you continued to care about me, you might have been swept up in it all, and i couldn't bare that happening. I've screwed up so many times, i can barely recount them all, and this is my biggest yet. You don't have to care for me again, but please, at the very least, find some small piece in your heart to forgive me, just for today. That's all i ask." Susano stood near the elevator out. He could here the chaos, and knew that he and Izu needed to move out soon. He was still injured, but his legs were both working, and he still had one good arm. "After today, you can hate me forever. But for today, the city needs us as Titans. Please."
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