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Teen Titans North Version 3D!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Grassmaster411, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Izu Miramoto/Detour the Mirror Baku

    The new Titan member offered to help Detour. "If it's possible, yes you may help." Detour thought back to that fight with Houl. "We got into a fight earlier with an evil misanthropic super in a wolf pelt. And honestly because of people like him, real animal lovers cannot be taken seriously." It's true. ...To an extent. "Anyway, we are Detour, a girl named Izu Miramoto and her pet tapir to form the mythical Japanese creature known as a Baku. Only instead of reading dreams, we create them." Detour used the term "we" instead of "I" because Detour was technically two life forms.

    Detour continued to look at her ankle. With her ankle in that condition, it would be next to impossible to even move. Detour was unsure what Kelly could do, but she hoped for the best. "I've actually been a Titan for quite a long time. Almost as long as Whiplash and Fossil, a little more recent, though." Detour pointed to the cowgirl and the dinosaur shifter.

    "We..." Detour started. "And I mean us, Whiplash and Fossil, were superheroes around the time when we only had to deal with one or two villains at a time instead of a whole bunch of villains. And the wolf pelted misanthrope just happened to be one of those villains. We go way back, but... I'm not sure if he's currently around the area."
  2. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    OOC: Yeah, know there are more heros than there should be, but since none of the Player controled characters can beat the League Of Mischief, I needed a third guy to take on BlackIce. Also, hope the pictures of the creatures the Fossil is using help. I know most people don't know about most of the extinct animals I have him use.

    Ben Mansfield
    Town Square

    Things quickly became out of control. It was heros vs villans all over the street, with no end in sight. Detour and Kelly were double teaming Dark Cloud. Longbottom and Bushfire were duking it out, while Amanuma fought Humidity. Jane was still unconscious, and Susano had yet to make his move. Therium had been surprised by the cluster-you-know-what going on before him, but now he joined in the fight. Leaping into the air almost 10 feet, seeming to fly over the heads of the nearest fighting supers.

    He landed near Detour and Kelly. Knucklewalking to Kelly, he grabbed the chain of the handcuffs and tried to pull it apart. After a few seconds of groaning effort, the chain snapped. <Glad you could make it Kelly.> Ben said in telepathy. <We need all the help we can get.> Ben stood by them. A wounded Baku and a battered 13 year old were surely to be considered easy targets by the villans.

    The Phantom phazed through the ground, reapearing below Fossil's Kaprosuchus form. The Fossil switched from Kaprosuchus to Archeopteryx to avoid the Phantom's blades, and he flutted about over head for a few seconds, before becoming an Indricotherium, the largest mammal to ever walk on land. Its deserves the title, at 20 feet tall, 30 feet long, and 20 tons. Stomping his feet like he was trying to squish a bug, the Fossil tried to put the ghostly villan out of commishion. But the Phantoms speed plus intangibility made is easy to avoid the pillars of muscles coming at him.

    The metallic hero rushed at BlackIce, seemingly immune to her ice beam. When he was a few feet away, she stopped her beam and slapped her palm on the ground. The ground froze for several feet around her, causing the metalic hero to slip and fall. BlackIce then flicked her hands. They instantly became encassed in ball of ice, with spikes jutting out. She leapt towards the metalic hero, hoping to bash his head in. Metal man rolled over just in time, and BlackIce slammed her weaponized hand onto thr ground. These two continued their back and forth for some time. BlackIce was saying something to the metal hero, but others probably wouldn't hear.

    Whiplash was starting to strain to hold back Knucklehead. He was still floating in the air, but he was now beginning to bob up and down. The fact he was constantly swining his arms like piledrivers didn't help either. Through a strained voice, she yelled "Hey Foss, how 'bout we switch dance partners?"

    The Fossil, still as Indricotherium, looked to her and nodded. Unfortunatly, in that moment he let down his guard, the Phantom hurled a grenade directly at his head. One could see Fossil shrink rapidly from his current form, but to what was hidden by the explosion.

    When the smoke cleared, there was nothing there. Whiplash's eyes widdened in horror. "NOOOOOO!" she screamed, hurling Knucklehead at the Phantom. Phantom wasn't looking, but he was able to avoid the landing behemoth just barely. Then, from the ground, something was growing. Within 3 seconds the Fossil was standing up behind Knucklehead and Phantom.

    "You do know I can become extinct bacteria, right?" Said the Fossil sarcastically. He then changed to a troodon, a small raptor-like dinosaur. He began climbing and racing around Knucklehead. The troodon's speed and agility made him look like a blur. The Phantom hurled several knives at The Fossil, but they stopped in midair. They then turned around and shot back at the Phantom. Whiplash was manipulating Phantoms weapons.

    The Phantom became intangible again, avoiding the knives. He then shot out several dozen weapons towards Whiplash. Knives, katanas, short swords, grenades, even a boomerang. Whiplash put out her hands and they all shot right back at the Phantom. Phantom leapt into the air, but stopped. Whiplash was holding him in the air. Any weapons he threw at her from this position were deflected.

    Archeopteryx: http://thestickytongue.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Archaeopteryx-Jim-Robins.gif

    Indricotherium: http://www.lsdimension.nl/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/indrico1.jpg

    Troodon: http://www.buscate.com.mx/educativo/dinosaurios/troodon.jpg
  3. OkikuMew

    OkikuMew Well-Known Member

    Kelly Voclain
    Town Square

    "If it's possible, yes you may help," the creature answered.

    "...It'll have to wait a little longer to assist you it seems," Kelly pointed as she struggled with the handcuffs, "I... can't even get up with my hands attached behind my back. I apologize for the setback."

    After a small pause, the female entity spoke again: "We got into a fight earlier with an evil misanthropic super in a wolf pelt. And honestly because of people like him, real animal lovers cannot be taken seriously."

    "Hmmm, I haven't made acquaintance with such a man yet, but I will take it as a good thing."

    "Anyway, we are Detour, a girl named Izu Miramoto and her pet tapir to form the mythical Japanese creature known as a Baku. Only instead of reading dreams, we create them."

    Kelly first found particular that Detour called herself with "we", but quickly understood the moment she mentioned the fusion between the girl and the tapir.

    "That is quite an unusual but impressive powers, miss Miram... I mean, Detour," she corrected herself, not to be impolite towards the unnamed tapir. "My abilities, although limited by my... unfortunate coordination, consist of bring forth portals, or teleporting gates if you prefer, and to be immune to casualties caused by falls."

    "I've actually been a Titan for quite a long time. Almost as long as Whiplash and Fossil," Detour pointed the appropriate heroes, "a little more recent, though. We... And I mean us, Whiplash and Fossil, were superheroes around the time when we only had to deal with one or two villains at a time instead of a whole bunch of villains. And the wolf pelted misanthrope just happened to be one of those villains. We go way back, but... I'm not sure if he's currently around the area."

    "That is quite interesting," the young teen tilted her head and widened her eyes in curiosity, "perhaps after this ordeal is over, may you please teach me a thing or two related to the Teen Titans, and perhaps fighting? I..."

    Before she could complete her sentence, Ben, still in his chimpanzee form, leaped at their side, then then pulled the chain of her handcuffs and successfully broke them, freeing Kelly's arms.

    "Glad you could make it Kelly," he stated in her mind, "We need all the help we can get."

    "Ah, thank you Ben," she answered him while moving her wrists then pushed herself up.

    When finally back on her feet, she immediately looked at Detour's severed leg. Unfortunately, she wasn't too sure exactly what to do, not having any knowledge of first aid (which Kelly promoted to take a note in her mind to study in the matter later). Yet even if she did, she thought, Detour wouldn't be in shape to continue the battle. The only solution for this, as much as it disappoints her to leave the other heroes behind, was to bring her into the Tower.

    "Seems the only thing I can do for now is to bring you to the base to rest", she addressed to the baku. "Thankfully, as far as I know of the supers within the team, I'm the best person to ask for fast-travelling... somewhat." she paused for a moment, hoping she'll be able to bring Detour to safety even with her faulty power. "...Ben," she looked at him, "you will be able handle things from here for the time of my absence, correct? I do not want to come back and see the area in ruins and consider you dead again," she lightly giggled.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2012
  4. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (Not sure that’s a fair assessment… and what makes some of the best heroic tales is that the hero[es] can find a way defeat a villain against whom their powers are not a good match.)

    Dark Cloud
    *City, Train Tunnels Below Town Square*

    Dark Cloud glanced down the track, he could see further than a normal human since they were illuminated by the red glow of his eyes. A short distance off he spotted a maintenance hatch. Ghosting through this portal he rushed up the stairwell that led to the surface. He paused behind the second door, listening.

    The battle was raging outside, but he couldn’t tell exactly how close he was to the action. He could take a peek, but that would be risky, he might be seen and that would ruin any potential for ambush. Speaking of ambush, he didn’t even have a weapon.

    He closed his eyes, trying to remember anything that might help him, but for the life of him, he could not dreg up any pre-memories of this battle. Why would so pivotal a battle be one that he was forced to forget?

    Honestly, he didn’t even know what they were fighting for. Just that BlackIce expected him to fight. Why? What for? Did she simply think he owed her for Wraith? She wasn’t even the one that did the dirty work. Of course, Phantom was still around, so either way, he had to put on a show. Or try to remain intangible indefinably.

    Dark Cloud walked through the door, surveying the scene. The Pink Thing and Cannonball Girl were a good fifty feet away, in the midst of BlackIce’s horde. Dark Cloud knelt down and picked up a angular softball sized chunk of rubble. It was a crude weapon to be sure, but asphalt to the head never felt good.
  5. Treecko's Awesomeness

    Treecko's Awesomeness Treecko is claimed!

    Aden Brand/Bushfire
    Town Square

    The villain pulled a wall of earth up from the ground, blocking Aden's fireball. That approach wasn't going to work.

    "That's too easy," the villain said. "How about waffles, instead."

    While Aden wondered what this pun could possibly be hinting at, another wall appeared behind him. Behind the first wall, the villain kicked said wall forward to flatten Aden. Thinking fast, Aden focused on the wall, causing an explosion large enough to blast a hole in its bottom. He dove to the ground, the wall passing harmlessly over his body. While the dust stirred up by the collision was still settling, Aden came up with a plan. He coated his entire body with fire, unhurt due to his resistance to heat and that same property in his clothes, and charged forwards at full speed. He planned to win this battle through hand to hand combat, starting with a punch in the face. "I've got an idea," he said, intent to keep up the cooking puns. "How about you get tenderized?"

    Cyrus Astraeus/Humidity
    Town Square

    Cyrus let a smug smile onto his face, but it was quickly wiped away when the mummy shot more bandages at him, yanking him to the ground by his wrist. Seeing the crocodile-beast above him, he swung his mallet with his free hand, but it passed straight through the creature.

    "Oh," he said. "It's fake." Cyrus vaporized his way out of the bandages and stood up. "We'll see how the reptile helps you know," he said as he swung his hammer down at the mummy lying on the ground.
  6. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Izu Miramoto/Detour the Mirror Baku

    "No, please. I'll be fine," Detour tried to get up, but no use. Her ankle just weighed her down. Detour did not want to be taken out of the battle. She came because she still wanted to fight. She could still use her mind to her advantage in battle. But with her twisted ankle, she couldn't even move.

    "Maybe not," Detour stated. "I was kind of worried I would have to sit out in the beginning, but I came anyway because I didn't want to be a deadweight. But I was already hurt before hand." Detour held out her claw for Kelly to take. "I guess I have no choice," Detour stated. "But make it quick. I still want to fight."

    Dimitri Hanover/Longbottom

    "Oh please." Longbottom wanted none of that. He sent another wall of Earth in his path before wielding his Morningstern. "Too bad you don't have one of these," he said, moving around the wall. Longbottom then swung his Morningstern at Bushfire, hoping to land a hard hit. "You might be made of fire, but you're still unarmed."
  7. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    *City, Town Square*

    The villain was catching onto Amanuma’s tricks. Falling to the ground, he swung his hammer through the illusionary Ammut, "Oh. It's fake." He then evaporated out of the bandages and reformed standing, "We'll see how the reptile helps you now."

    He swung the hammer down at Amanuma. Amanuma rolled out of the way, allowing the hammer to hit the asphalt, chipping it.

    “Not very friendly are you,” muttered Amanuma pulling himself up. His bag clanked nosily. Ammut’s time was up, now that the villain knew she was fake, Amanuma needed a new spell. He didn’t need his scroll for this one, this was on of his specialties. He recited the words that would call down a torrent of rain. It might not be enough to flood the area quickly, but he figured an evaporating villain might have trouble in a storm.
  8. Treecko's Awesomeness

    Treecko's Awesomeness Treecko is claimed!

    Aden Brand
    Town Square

    "Oh, please," said the villain, pulling another wall from the ground before Aden could land an attack. "Too bad you don't have one of these," he said, pulling out a mace. Aden's goose was cooked. The last thing he saw before the jolt of pain was the spiked ball on the end flying towards his body. The metal tore through the cloth and flesh on his right arm, and Aden thought it might have been broken. As his body resisted fire, he couldn't cauterize his own wounds. He was bleeding all over the place. He caused an explosion underneath his enemy, or at least where he thought his enemy might be, to buy himself some time. He tore a strap of cloth from his shirt and quickly tied it into a makeshift bandage around the gash.

    "If you think that can stop me," Aden said, "you've got a lot to learn."

    Cyrus Astreaus/Humidity
    Town Square

    The mummy rolled out of the way of the hammer yet again. This was getting annoying.

    "Not very friendly, are you," he said.

    "I'll have you know that I'm perfectly friendly," Cyrus said. "You just aren't on my team." While Cyrus was talking, he failed to notice the spell the mummy was reading, as well as the storm clouds gathering overhead. By the time he was finished speaking, however, the drops of water were hitting his head. "Damn, " he said, unable to change form in this weather. He was going to have to rely on his hammer now. On this note, he swung said hammer at the now standing hero. On the bright side, this rain wouldn't be any help to the two fire themed heroes he had seen.
  9. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    *City, Town Square*

    "I'll have you know that I'm perfectly friendly, you just aren't on my team," retorted the villain. He cursed as soon as the rain started falling, which gave Amanuma hope that his spell would give him an edge in this battle. Now all he had to deal with was the sledgehammer, speaking of which, here it comes.

    Amanuma didn’t manage to fully dodge this time. The hammer swept across his torso, then collided with is bag, which cracked loudly and released a cloud of dust from the loosely woven fabric. The dust was quickly dampened and dissipated by the rain. There was damage to his bandages and cracks in his lower ribs, but not really feeling pain or needing to breath, this particular injury wasn’t a big deal. Amanuma was more concerned about the contents of the bag. Amanuma scowled, “Now look what you’re done, you’ve broken one of my canopic jars.”

    (you came pretty close to breathing in organ dust)

    He stepped further backwards, he had to keep the rain going, so that left him his bandage manipulation and post-mortem martial arts. He wasn’t yet desperate enough to try and wrap the villain up, so he shot out a bandage at the hammer instead hoping to swipe it from the owner’s hands before the villain managed to break one of his arms or legs.
  10. OkikuMew

    OkikuMew Well-Known Member

    ((Mugo: Hope you don't take the fact of pulling Detour in the portal as bunnying (or at least don't take it badly), I just want to speed things up a bit and saving you from writing quite a short post!))

    Kelly Voclain
    Town Square -> Somewhere in the Forest

    "No, please. I'll be fine," the baku first said.

    Kelly gave her a worried look, not quite sure if she was sincere on that point. She tried to get up, but collapsed the moment she put her weight on her injured foot.

    "Maybe not," Detour winced in pain. "I was kind of worried I would have to sit out in the beginning, but I came anyway because I didn't want to be a deadweight. But I was already hurt before hand. I guess I have no choice," as the tapir girl held her claw to her, "But make it quick. I still want to fight."

    The little lady felt much obliged to held her "hand" tight, and tried her best to hold her up under her arm despite her small stature and limited strength.

    "Alright then," Kelly bit her bottom lip, hoping things will turn out alright for the rest of the titans staying for the fight, the baku and herself, "as soon as the portal shows up, we slowly walk into it."

    She closes her eyes, concentrating as much as she can to arrive at the base safely. As much as she wants to move as fast as possible, there was no way she has to fail this move while being accompanied with someone in a bad shape. After what she thought was long enough, she swooped her hand in a circle then lifted her eyelids, which she then saw a translucent but blurry orange portal, big and well-placed enough for two people to comfortably walk though, appear in front of them.

    "So far so good," she sighed in relief. "Let's go. Careful f-for... anything, though."

    She carefully entered the portal, pulling Detour into it along with her. To her discouragement though, the portal on the other side was slanted frontwards, making Kelly fall face first into the dirt. She did her best for the baku not do the same by letting her go she she wouldn't follow her "lead".

    "A-are you ok, miss!?" she stuttered, worried she would be even more in pain than she was.

    She then looked at her surroundings. Well, she was at least in a forest, with similar flora than the one the base's entrance was hidden. But... as much as she remembered clear as day how the "elevatree" looked like, she couldn't see said special tree anywhere.

    "Uhhhhh..." she mumbled, " You do where know is the entrance?"
  11. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Dimitri Hanover/Longbottom

    Longbottom was caught in the blast, and got sent backwards. He fell to the cement, but immediately got back up. "If you think that can stop me," the fire user said, "you've got a lot to learn." Longbottom dusted himself off and took a step back. "Hmm, try this one on for size, then." Longbottom raised the ground below him to make a small pillar to stand on. He then jumped downward, slamming his Morningstern into the ground. The ground then shook violently around the area, catching many surrounding people off balance. Possibly even interrupting other fights.

    "I think I've learned enough about you do-gooders," Longbottom said. "Maybe you should learn something." He then stomped downward, causing another less violent, but still unnerving quake in the surrounding area. He wanted to shake Bushfire up a bit.

    Izu Miramoto/Detour the Mirror Baku

    Detour had never been to this part of the base, so her guess was just as good. "I don't know..." Detour was honestly upset about having to sit out of a battle. She wanted nothing more than to kick butt. But since she had a busted ankle... oh it's been said enough. Deep down, Detour wanted to have fun anyway, so she decided to make a joke.

    "I do know one thing," she said. "I do know that my plan worked. We acted helpless just so you could teleport us out, and we could get you alone. And now, we will delight in assisting your demise. ..." Of coarse, it would be hard to be convincing with an actual wound. Detour also didn't use her powers, so that helped in telling it was a joke as well. "...Wouldn't that suck?" she said with a friendly giggle.

    ...Detour had the feeling Kelly wouldn't be laughing at the joke. "Sorry, I guess I just wanted to make light of the situation." Eventually, Detour spotted an odd looking tree. "Hey, maybe that's it," Detour said, trying to crawl over to the weird tree.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2012
  12. OkikuMew

    OkikuMew Well-Known Member

    Kelly voclain

    Detour had the same fate as Kelly did and fell to the ground, but to her relief, she didn't seem to be too much of pain. As she lifted herself up and brushed her dress, the baku answered her:

    "I don't know..." The young teenager's face switched to a desperate look. "I do know one thing," she continued, as the little lady's ears suddenly perked up in curiosity and hope, "I do know that my plan worked. We acted helpless just so you could teleport us out, and we could get you alone. And now, we will delight in assisting your demise."

    "W... What!?" Kelly muttered, completely bewitched by what she said.

    Her mind went on overdrive yet again: Her fighting the villain was just a show? And Ben... Ben was into it two!? Her little body started to lightly shake, mortified.

    "...Wouldn't that suck?" she added with a smile and giggle.

    "...Huh?" she stopped moving completely, staring at Detour in complete confusion.

    "...Sorry, I guess I just wanted to make light of the situation."

    "Oh... Oh! C'était une farce! A joke!" Kelly exclaimed, placing her hand on her chest and laughing nervously. "O-oh my, you completely got me there! You have frightened me for a moment; I had enough of being a victim of theft and kidnapping within 24 hours, I didn't quite cherish the idea of having trahison added to the list. I accept your apology though," she politely nodded, "you had good intentions behind your words."

    After a few moments of both of them looking around, Detour said while looking at and odd-shaped tree:

    "...Hey, maybe that's it," as she crawled towards it.

    "Oh, let me help you, it is not a good thing to be moving in this position," Kelly offered her hand to the baku for her to get up. "...Unfortunately, it is not that tree, it actually looks more... ordinary than this one, and larger too..."

    Suddenly, her eyes widened: she just got a brilliant idea.

    "Why... why didn't I think of that earlier!" she used her free hand to gently slap one of her cheeks, "Our communicators should display on the map its location! I... just hope..." she tapped on the pockets of her dress, then digged into the last one she touched and pulled out her communication machine. "I still have it," she sighed in relief, "It could have very well be taken while I was tied up. Let me see..." she randomly pressed a few buttons to finally get the locator application open. "Alright, let me see here..." she pressed a few more buttons, "...Ah hah! from our position, we need to go North, but a tiny bit to the West... well, this way," she pointed behind her, a bit to her left. "Let's move on, shall we?"

    While still holding Detour up as much as she could, she walked towards the direction she mentioned, deeply staring at the communicator's screen.
  13. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    OOC: Alright, time to end this. Any villans who don't want to be arrested should leave.

    Ben Mansfield
    Town Square

    The fight continued, violence disrupting the once peacful town. Things began to take a turn for the worse for the villans. Therium, not wanting to just stand around, was now leaping and taking down normal criminals.

    The Fossil, still a troodon, had been running circles around Knucklehead. He was much too fast for the giants metal fists. Doing so, he had observed something. Inbetween his limbs and torso, wires connected Knuckleheads body parts. If Troodon could have smiled, The Fossil would have. Stricking quickly and accurately, he cut the wires connecting Knuck's right arm to his shoulder with his teeth. The arm went limp.

    "Uhay, stop that!?!" Knucklehead mumbled, but to no avail. The Fossil already switched from Troodon to microraptor, for better manuverability and to make himself a smaller target. Jumping and gliding, he landed on Knucklhead's shoulder and cut the wires connecting to his left arm. It also went limp. Fluttering down to his legs, he cut a few more wires and rendered the bulking behemoth imobile. Knucklehead fell forward, landing facedown.

    His opponent defeated, The Fossil reverted to human form and ran towards Whiplash. She was still holding The Phantom in the air, in a weird standoff. The Phantom could become intangible and drop from her grasp, but to prevent himself from going underground, he had to become tangible again. When he did, Whiplash could grap him again with her telekinesis and raise him into the air. The Phantoms attention locked on Whiplash, he didn't see the Fossil running towards them. Whiplash however, did see him coming. She moved the Phantom to the left, and swung him back. The Fossil, expecting this, changed to procoptodon (giant kangaroo), leaped into the air, and kicked Phantom hard with both his feet. Their combined forces was enough to knock out Phantom. He fell to the ground unconscious.

    BlackIce continued to brawl with the man of metal. They were down to physical hand-to-hand combat, punching and kicking like kung-fo masters. BlackIce was slowly being pushed backwards. She then tripped over a discarded machine gun. Not one to go down so easily. She flipped the gun over with her foot, caught it, aimed and shot it. Bullets richoched everywhere. Unfortunately, our metallic hero is not completly immune to bullets. He fell backwards, not moving.

    BlackIce stood up and took carefull aim, whena flash of white flashed by. The gun was now gone. "Looking for this?" the cocky twelve year old said as he held the weapon above his head. BlackIce launched another beam at the boy, but he was gone by the time it reached her. The speed demon pre-teen rushed her again, smacking her at highway speed. He turned to hit her again, but BlackIce froze the ground, causing the boy to slide out of control. He might have been injured had Whiplash not caught him.

    BlackIce never saw the fifth hero sneak up behind her. He had shaggy brown hair ans wore puke green clothing. He came up behind Blackice and placed his fingers on her forehead. She was halfway turned around before she collapsed, squirming on the ground. "Hey Lash, I got her. She won't get up for a while, I hit her with some pretty strong stuff." the puke green clothed man said.

    "Nice work Dooby." Whiplash replied. "Check on Titainium. I think he might be hurt." She turned to Fossil and the younger kid. "Fossil, Skyler, round up whoevers left. We need to end this."

    Microraptor: http://www.dinosaurfact.net/Pterosaurs/Microraptor.php

    Procoptodon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16182919@N05/3064706451/
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