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A Tentacruel

Foo Fighter

Nostalgia is my pal
Uhm, no you can't. I doubt anyone can. Just because someone in the movie jumper can telport doesn't mean that he can actually do it. Nice video trickery, but I'll need more convincing proof. *****.


Your Big Buff Bro
I wish I had telekinesis, so I can carry all my books from class to class. I have to carry about 4 books until B4. And Im in freakin' 9th grade. I'd also want to just use them on me and just float in the air, and I can fill the void of boredom.


That guy.

No ones cares if you can bend a spoon with your mind, really. Half of s can do it ourselves.

Tell us when you can bend the Stimulus pack with your mind.
Not open for further replies.