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Tentacool & Tentacruel! (019)


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Good episode, it aired not too long ago too, so I still remember everything very well.
Where I live, they started to show the pokémon episodes from the beginning on Sundays (now they're in Johto), while they're at advanced challenge on Saturdays (the spinda episode).


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This was the second Pokemon episode I had seen in my life.. or the third.. I'm not sure but it was one of the first episodes of the series I had seen.. The first time was back in 1999 when Kids WB used to air on Weekday mornings. then after that I think I only saw it once and later Kidswb hardly aired this episode, I think Until fall 2000 when they created "Pokemon the road to indigo" when they were half way on the orange islands.

The episode was great, the tentacruel pwned every Pokemon in sight it was increible and they were about to kill the Humans if it wasn't for Misty.


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giant tentacruel r kinda creepy:p


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A good episode, I enjoyed seeing the giant Tentacruel and all the Tentacool destroy the city reminded me of all those daikaiju movies I like. Nice that this episode focused on Misty and her love for Water Pokemon, i'm surprised that she's never caught a Tentacool seeing as how much she likes them this would've been the perfect time to get one, but at least she got a Horsea which is an excellent addition to her team. I liked seeing Misty steal Ashes "caught a Pokemon" pose she looks great doing it.


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I like this episode. It was pretty good. I always thought it was cool how Tentacruel was talking through Meowth.


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If Misty like tentacool so much she should have caught one in a later episode

I am going to start a fan club in support of Misty catching a tentacool
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One of great pokemon episodes.Seeing how giant Tentacruel and Tentacools destroy city was enjoyable,and this episode also showed how much Misty loves water pokemon.It was also pretty cool when Tentacruel used Meowth to talk through him.

Too bad that Misty never caught Tentacool,and im actually surprised that she still doesnt have one,considering how much she adores him.

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I agree, this episode is definitely one of the best. It was emotional, funny where Nastina (or her sister, forgot) tried to butt in, but it didn't ruin the emotional flow, TR was hilarious and did not play an arbitrary role (i.e. not being there for the sake of it). This episode made me love Tentecruel (I got a bit disappointed when I saw that normal Tentecruel aren't larger than anything in particular... ;_; ) and Tentecool oh they're so cute). I wish Tentecruel would make another appearance... (not that it'd happen or anything...)


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I have NEVER seen this episode... I really wanted to see it too because all of the groups pokemon battle... Darnit!!!

you can go to megavideo they have a lot vids

btw this ep was crazy with the tenta crashing the city


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Throughout the entire episode, I was wondering about Horsea's connection to the Tentacool. I don't think I got a proper answer, sadly.

But there's something to be said about a Tentacool attatching to the side of Meowth's head like a brain slug, using him as a mouthpiece.

That giant Tentacruel can't survive... it's much too huge XD; Then again, you never know.


it has been a while since i saw this episode isn't this the one with the tank firing at the giant tentacruel i can remember seeing something about that.

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Nastina made me laugh, did she really think that the Tentcruel was going to let her build that hotel without a fight?

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Nastina made me laugh, did she really think that the Tentcruel was going to let her build that hotel without a fight?


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Oh wow, i Loved this episode...i never knew Pokemon could have this kind of episode ^_^ i almost cried when Misty asked Tentacruel to stop...so brave..


This episode was great because Misty was able to catch Horsea and tried to tell Tentacruel to stop with the disaster because it wasn't their fault that its territory was disturbed. Nastina was put blame as a result of that.


Another one of my favorite episodes because of Water Pokemon xD Tentacruel was pure awesome & I thought it was an interesting add-in that it controlled Meowth as a puppet. Horsea was so cute & I'm so glad that Misty got it even though it's been sitting at the Cerulean Gym for like 500 episodes. Anyways, one of my favorite parts of the episode is where they're like: "Send all the Tentacool back to the sea!" But the Tentacruel pwned them all. Also, I was touched by Misty's speech that convinced Tentacruel to go back. Definitely a great episode.

I give this episode a: