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Tera Type Suggestions (Regulation E)


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I’m trying to change a few of my Pokémon’s Tera types (primarily for singles, but can also function in doubles) & I’m torn on a few options based on the current meta:
* Pyroar- Normal or Grass
* Noivern- Fire or Steel
* Tinkaton- Ghost, Steel, Ground, or Flying
* Gliscor- Water or Dragon
* Scizor- Water or Dragon

I was originally going to go with Water for Gliscor & Scizor (and with my Gliscor having Crabhammer it’ll get a Tera stab boost), but with Ogerpon being popular right now I thought Dragon would work better to give them Grass, Fire, and Water resistances

Tinkaton is also a hard one to decide on. Mine currently has Tera Steel & it functions as a jolly attacker with status moves like Encore & Thunder Wave, but I’ve been looking at Smogon & old YouTube for ideas and all of the other types I listed seem like interesting options
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