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Teravolt: The Origins! (PG-13)


Unova Forever!
This fic is rated PG-13 due to some violence and mildly suggestive content.

My fictional autobiography, based on the events of Black and White.

Oh, here’s the theme song for this:

Life in Unova was incredibly dull. For all its beautiful skyscrapers, amusement parks, and seemingly endless stores, I never left my small corner of the region. But today was different. Today, I would be a Trainer! Yes, I know most people become Trainers at age 10 or so, but my mom was incredibly strict about letting me go out by myself. Somehow, I managed to convince her.

“Teravolt! Come downstairs! Pick yourself a starter so I can stop hearing these creatures whining at me!” my mom yelled.

“Coming!” I rushed downstairs and selected a Snivy, who I named Tornado. “What do we do with Oshawott and Tepig?” I inquired.

“Give them to your friends. They’re outside.”

So I ran outside, “Hey, Cheren, Bianca! Here, my mom’s being a pain about these starters. Go pick one, and let’s go exploring!”

“Alright...” Cheren pondered which starter he would select for what seemed like ages, but finally settled on Oshawott.

To her dismay, Bianca had to pick Tepig, which would evolve into Emboar. She thought Emboar was hideous.

“I’m using an Everstone on this! I don’t want an Emboar!”

The Tepig seemed to have picked up on Bianca’s harsh words, and looked ashamed.

“You know,” Cheren raised an eyebrow, “there’s no law that says you have to keep your starter. I’ve known plenty of Trainers who have gone on to become Champions without using a single starter or legendary.”

“You’ve met...Champions? Who have legendaries?” Bianca’s eyes widened in shock. “I’ve never even seen a legendary, much less caught one!”

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it, Bi,” Cheren smiled.

“Hey, if it’s alright with you, mind if I hold onto the Tepig?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, please! Take it!” Bianca thrust the fiery pig into my arms, Tornado looking on nervously. He didn’t want a Fire type as his companion.

“It’ll be alright, buddy. I’ll make sure he won’t hurt you,” I named the Tepig Gerald.
“Let’s go!” Bianca was already rushing off to the nearest route.

“H-hang on! We need our Pokédexes! And we need to go through the obligatory tutorials!” Cheren yelled from across town.

“What tutorials?” Bianca questioned.

“Forget I said anything! We need to get to the professor’s house!”

We did so. Professor Juniper smiled and gave us our Pokédexes, then guided us to Route 1.

Looking at Cheren, the professor nodded and smiled, “You already seem like quite an experienced Trainer. I think you can teach your friends from here.”

Cheren stammered, “T-thank you, Professor. I’ll do my best!”

The professor walked off and left us to our own devices. Bianca picked up a Minccino, and Cheren acquired a Blitzle. I caught a Purrloin. I was determined to collect as many Pokémon as I wanted to prepare for the Gym battles.

Bianca held our hands as we went to the nearest town, which made Cheren cringe.

While Bianca and I learned how Pokémon Centers worked, Cheren waited outside. His behavior perplexed me. First, mentioning Champions with legendaries, then tutorials, and now not even going to a Pokémon Center? Maybe my friend wasn’t as beginning a Trainer as I thought.

Bianca rushed out of the Center, nearly tripping over a stray tree branch in the process, “I’m back! I’m back! Let’s get going already!”

“Geez, Bianca,” Cheren rolled his eyes. “Don’t rush the process.”

All of a sudden, some sinister mafia-looking soldiers appeared in the distance. They marched toward us, with a twenty-something man with long green hair at their helm.

“Humble citizens!” the man shouted. “It is time for revolution! It is time for freedom! We must relinquish the bonds between us and our Pokémon. We must put them in the wild, WHETHER THEY WANT TO GO OR NOT! WHO’S WITH ME?” he was met with silence. Glancing toward us, he smiled, “Citizens! My name is N, the benevolent lieutenant of Team Plasma! Our goal is to liberate Pokémon from their Trainers! Will you join me in my quest?”

“No thanks. I’d rather keep my Pokémon. They seem to like me,” I glanced at them approvingly.


N and I fought for a few minutes. Since he had only a Purrloin, I quickly beat him.

“Oh, well, I’ll be back. Stronger and more ready to preserve JUSTICE! So long!” N and the soldiers marched away.

“What just happened?” I asked Cheren.

“Some lunatics. Ignore them, you should be fine.”

We arrived at the next town, a quiet place called Striaton City. Jazz music played softly in the background.

Little did I know that this one town would change my life forever. Okay, maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but still.

End of Chapter One
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Unova Forever!

here they are:

Cheren Landon: He’s driven and methodical, and gets annoyed by Bianca’s boundless enthusiasm. He frequently consoles Teravolt when things go wrong. It’s inferred that Cheren’s actually a human from Earth who found a way into the Pokémon universe. This is why he makes references to game mechanics and tutorials since on Earth, Pokémon are in video games.

Bianca Simmerson: Overly optimistic, always rushing to get to the next destination. She’s very caring, but that can get her into trouble, especially regarding Team Plasma. She feels frustrated when a Pokémon she encounters isn’t cute, and this is what made her relinquish Tepig to Teravolt.

Cilan Jones: Teravolt’s first and primary boyfriend. He’s an unusual combination of outgoing and laid-back. Currently in the process of pursuing a career at culinary school. Noticeably less annoying than his anime counterpart.

Chili Jones: Incredibly short-tempered and emotional, but incredibly sweet. He’s also dogmatically passionate about rock music, and has blasted it in the restaurant when his brothers aren’t around. Highly physically affectionate, which has resulted in some PR issues...

Cress Jones: Arguably the most mature of the Joneses. Has a reputation for being the “mom friend”. He has an especially close relationship with Chili, even though much of it involves Cress chastising Chili for some mistake or another.

and yes, the Joneses obviously have more personality than what’s described here but I was tired and lazy ok
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Unova Forever!
“Shoot! I actually have to do a Gym battle when I just want to explore,” I muttered.

“You’ll do great! I promise!” Bianca cheered.

Somewhat apprehensively, I stepped into the Gym.

“Oh, COME ON! Please let me put on some music for once! I’m sick of this godawful jazz...” a teenager with red hair shouted at a teenager with blue hair, who was probably his brother.

“Now, now, Chili, stop being so cross. You’re going to scare the customers.”

“I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE—“ the redhead looked at me. “Oh, uh...I-I think I’m, I’m gonna go now...” he walked off, ashamed.

“You don’t have to go away,” the blue-haired boy sighed. “Sorry about that. My brother can be more than a little crazy at times. Anyways, the name’s Cress. And you are?”

I shook his hand.

“I’m T-Teravolt,” it would be an understatement to say that I found him more than a little attractive. “I just became a Trainer today. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Lovely meeting you too,” Cress smiled. “Well, I have to get back to work now. My other brother, Cilan, should be out shortly, if you need any help. Looks like you’ll be battling him. I suppose I’ll see you around.”

A boy with green hair walked towards me, apparently coming back from baking something, “Hey there. I’m Cilan. As my brother said, it seems you have no choice but to battle me today.”

My heart pounded rapidly, “I’m Teravolt. I, do I h-have to battle y-you? I-I just, I don’t...”

This was three years ago, when I had no idea how to interact with attractive people.

“Are you alright?” he looked incredibly concerned, which only made me more embarrassed.

“I-I‘ll be fine. Sorry about that.”

“It’s no problem. Plenty of people are nervous about their first Gym battle. If it would make you more comfortable, we can go ahead and get this over with.”

“I’d like that a lot,” I relaxed.

Since I had Tepig with me, I defeated Cilan and earned my first Gym Badge.

Apparently, my Purrloin had snuck away from me while I was battling.

“Hey! You! This thing yours?” Chili rushed toward me, thrusting the Purrloin into my lap.

“Yeah! Thanks!” I told him.

I glanced to my right and noticed Cilan cowering in a corner.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“YES! Everything’s wrong! I HATE CATS!” he yelled.

I considered this an affront to my well-being, since cats are clearly the greatest animals in the world. Instead, I whispered, “Oh. I didn’t know that,” and put the cat back in my bag.

“I-It’s alright, I suppose,” Cilan stood up, still pale from seeing my Purrloin.

Taking a look at my watch, I realized it was already 4:30.

“Already? My friends are gonna be worried if I don’t head over to see them,” I put my head down. “I wish I could stay. I really, really do.”

Cilan blushed, “I—well, I guess you can stay, if you’d like.”

We sat down and talked for quite some time. Then, I heard a knock on the café door.

It was Cheren, staring at me, “It’s 5:00. Get out of here, please. I’m tired, I need to leave.”

I was surprised by his bluntness, “I’m sorry, I just don’t want to. You and Bianca can go on ahead.”

Cheren scoffed, “What? You ditch the people who’ve known you all your life for some guys you’ve only known for a few hours? Forget it. I’m out of here,” he stormed out of the room and slammed the door.

I felt like crying, “I shouldn’t be so selfish. I’m sorry, Cilan. I have to go now; I’ve got to make things right.”

“If it would help you feel better, I can walk with you. Of course, I’ll let you and your friend work things out amongst yourselves.”

“Y-you’d really do that for me?” I felt astonished.

“Of course I would! I’ll be right behind you.”

Cilan and I walked out of the café and talked for a while longer.

Along the way, I noticed Cheren using his phone in an alleyway. He seemed to be texting someone. I went over to apologize to him.

“Hey, Cheren,” even though I felt incredibly guilty, I tried to sound calm.

“Leave me alone,” Cheren turned away, still texting.

“Alright. I just wanted to apologize for being so harsh to you. I love meeting new people, and sometimes that can get in the way of my older friendships. I never intended to hurt you. You’re my best friend, after all. I apologize,” I inwardly sighed in relief.

“Thanks, I guess. Don’t brush me off like that again, or I won’t forgive you as easily as I did,” Cheren muttered. “Oh, Bianca was wondering about you. She asked if you had a good time with your new boyfriend.”

“M-my what?!” my ears turned red in embarrassment. “Cilan’s n-not my boyfriend. I...”

Cheren smirked, “Well, you sure look like you want him to be.”

“That’s up for debate!” I shouted indignantly.

“Very well, then. I’m going to find Bianca. Catch you at the Dreamyard. It’s east of the city,” unhappy that Bianca wandered off yet again, Cheren waved and trudged away.

“Alright! Bye!”

Once Cheren was out of sight, Cilan came up toward me, “Hey, I had a completely crazy, hopelessly unrealistic idea. I was wondering if you’d like me to travel with you. It seems like your friends are going on separate paths than you.”

“You’re joking, right? I mean, I’d love for you to, but you have Gym stuff,” I was lost for words.

“Eh, I’ll just put a sign up that says Congrats! You earned the Trio Badge by default! On vacation, be back whenever. -Cilan. And no, I wasn’t joking.”

“Thanks so much. That would make me so happy, really,” I smiled.

“WELL, IF YOU’RE GOING, THEN I’M COMING TOO!” Chili ran out of the building and abruptly hugged me. I flinched.

“What have I told you about harassing the customers? That’s not good business ethics. You could get sued for that,” Cress sighed. “If you’re that insistent, l have no choice but to join you. You need someone to keep you in check, Chili. And I’m serious about not hugging Teravolt.”

“Fine...” Chili let go of me reluctantly.

I stated, “My friend Cheren said that I’d meet him at the Dreamyard. I have absolutely no clue what that is, but he said it was east. I guess we’ll head there next,”

The four of us walked toward an abandoned factory overgrown with weeds. Whatever was there, it didn’t look promising.

End of Chapter Two
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Unova Forever!
Chapter Three Prologue:

Dear Diary,

Yeah, yeah. I know I’m too old to be writing crap like this, but I really don’t care right now. Ok, so here’s what happened. Some pretty girl with a cat came in today. Absolutely beautiful. The cat, I mean. Or maybe the girl. Or both. Anyways, it was great.

Can’t stop thinking about her.

Then she spent too much time with Cilan. Way too much. I couldn’t take it! So I ran out of the room as fast as possible. And, of course, Cress ran after me. He’s such a pain, really. And he got pissed at me for hugging her! Said it was “harassment” or some crap like that. I just—
Well, at least she didn’t mind. I’ll get to spend more time with her...hopefully a lot more time with her.


*slams diary on desk, throws it at the wall*



Unova Forever!
Theme for Chapter Three:

Cilan, Chili, Cress, and I stepped into the Dreamyard apprehensively. I feared that some renegade Ghost-type was going to rush at me and steal my soul. That didn’t happen. Either way, the ruins were difficult to navigate.

Soon enough, I spotted Bianca running towards me, “TERAVOLT!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!” Bianca hugged me and grabbed my hand, leading me away.

“Look! It’s a bunch of Munna! They’re so cute!” she pointed toward some pink elephant-looking creatures with purple flowers on them.

“They do look cute. Is everything al—“ I stopped, as Bianca had ran over to catch the Munna.

“Everything’s perfect! These are Marcy, Maggie, and Madison! My new treasured Pokémon!” Bianca held each Munna up in turn.

“Awww...it’s great that you’re happy,” I smiled empathetically.

“Uh, Teravolt? I think you ought to look at this,” Cress peered into the distance. “The Team Plasma guys are back again. Probably going to cause us more than a bit of trouble, so I’d suggest we leave. Now.”

“I believe you,” just as I was about to follow him, a Plasma guard grabbed my arm.

“You’re coming with me. That, or I’ll FIGHT YOU! I need your friend’s Munnas!”

“...If you’re trying to steal Bianca’s Munnas, why do you need to fight me for them? They’re hers,” I stated.

“Never mind that! Fight me or DIE, SCUM. We need the Dream Mist to achieve our grand goal!” the guard shouted.

Chili stepped up, ignoring the fact that the guard looked entirely intent on killing us both, “Excuse me? Did you just call her scum? Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen.”

“Ha! You don’t look like you could put up a fight if your life depended on it,” the guard smirked.

“What? You wanna BET, idiot?”

“Guys, please break it up,” Cilan sighed. “Look, just leave us alone. I don’t care about Dream Mist, I’m just here to spend time with my friends and family. Is that too much to ask?”

“YES!” Chili and the guard shouted; the guard glared at Cilan with murderous intent.

Just then, a man wearing a black cloak and possessing a cybernetic eye walked in.

“MISTER ROSENBERG!” he scowled.

“Y-yes, Sir Ghetsis?” the guard trembled.

“You are to be exterminated for making a fool of yourself. Team Plasma is to be an enlightening force, dedicated to freedom, truth, and justice. We are not to murder those who bother us. Is this understood?” the man named Ghetsis gave Rosenberg an icy glare.

The guard knelt down in fealty, “I understand. I will accept my fate.”

“Very well, then. It was nice knowing you. Oh, by the way, give me at least one Munna or this will happen to you,” Ghetsis vaporized the guard with a blue gas emanating from his hands.

Tears came to Bianca’s eyes, “O-okay...goodbye, my dear Maggie! I’ll never forget you,” she sobbed as she turned Maggie the Munna into Ghetsis’ hands.

“Wise choice, young one. I shall use this creature to bring light and joy to all of Unova. Thank you,”

With a sweep of his cloak, Ghetsis faded into the darkness as silently as he had came.

Cheren arrived to comfort Bianca, hugging her tightly, “It’s okay, Bi. Everything will be alright in the end. I promise we can save Maggie. And do I break my promises?”

Bianca, still weeping, managed to tell Cheren, “No...you never have.”

“Exactly. Hey, Teravolt,” Cheren noticed me. “I’m going to Bianca’s house for a while so I can help her find Maggie. She needs some emotional stability right now. I can provide that.”

“I hope everything will go okay for you. Bianca, call me if you need anything,” I told her.

“I-I will...” Bianca smiled slightly, leaning on Cheren’s arm for support as the two of them left the Dreamyard.

“What just happened?” Chili felt nervous.

“You just got saved from having your butt kicked, that’s what,” Cress laughed.

“Guys, what will we do now? I met Cheren and Bianca here just like I was supposed to,” I said.

“Well, I have an idea!” Cilan chimed in. “We go over to my house and do some investigating! We have to see what those Plasma guys really want from us, if we’re to save the world and all.”

“Hold on. You’re seriously inviting me over?” I was perplexed.

“I sure am!” Cilan exclaimed.

“What’s with this nonsense about saving the world? How’d you get that from some selfish weirdo killing his underling?” Chili scoffed.

“Ah, that’s what happens with these sorts of things. When a bad guy shows up, you have to stop them,” Cilan shrugged.

“Well, let’s go, then. Better to get a handle on this sooner rather than later,” I stated, more eager to spend more time with the guys than in saving the world from destruction. With that, I arrived at the Jones house for the first of many times.
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Unova Forever!
Interlude Theme:
yes Chili is a complete stalker and i love him to death ok

It was a Saturday evening at the Jones house. Chili was busy playing PvP Minecraft upstairs, while Cress was working on a violin composition. Cilan was out running errands, as usual.

“Screw this!” Chili threw his PS4 controller on the floor and unplugged the console aggressively. He had lost the previous round of Minecraft. “Cress! Come here!”

His brother was paying no attention.

“Please come here? I need to talk to you about something!”

“That’s more like it,” Cress set down his violin and sat next to Chili. “Always good to be polite, you know. What’s up?”

“Well, I, uh, f-feel k-kinda confused...oh, forget it, you wouldn’t understand...”

“No,” Cress grabbed his brother’s arm. “When you’re like this, I know something’s wrong, and you don’t do well when a problem’s unresolved. Talk to me.”

“F-fine...wellthetruthisIthinkTeravolt’sreallyattractiveandIdon’tknowwhattodo,” Chili mumbled.

“Talk to me. As in, actually comprehend what I’m saying,” Cress felt exasperated already. Chili had asked to talk to him, but was now being a complete bother. Oh, well.

“Promise you won’t make fun of me?”

“I promise.”

“Okay,” Chili took a deep breath, “I have a crush on Teravolt. I don’t know what to do about it.”

“That...was completely obvious. I mean, hugging her after you’ve talked to her once and then threatening to beat up a guard who insulted her. But, anyways. It’s perfectly normal to have romantic feelings for someone. It’s just a matter of what you do with those feelings,” Cress stated.

“B-but I love her! I-It shouldn’t matter what I do!” Chili punched a pillow.

“Well, if you don’t want to get in a sexual harassment lawsuit, it does.”

“I KNOW THAT!” Chili yelled.

“Please stop yelling at me. I’m trying to have a conversation with you, and getting mad at me doesn’t help,” Cress put his hands in his face and sighed.

Pleassseee tell me what to do about this!”

“I am telling you what to do. Think about what you do or say around Teravolt before actually saying or doing it. Okay?”

“Okay...” Chili hugged his brother, obviously feeling lonely.

Cress hugged him back. “Is there anything else you want to talk to me about?”

“I’m afraid she’s going to end up with Cilan...or you...and not me,” Chili pouted.

“Regardless of what happens, it’s not the end of the world. Also, why me?” Cress asked.

“Because you’re mature and play violin, while I’m an emotional wreck who plays too many video games.”

Cress chuckled. “That’s fair. But seriously, don’t put yourself down. I care about you, and so does Cilan. Give it time, and Teravolt will care about you, too. In fact, I think she already does.”

“Really?” Chili looked at his brother and smiled.

“Yeah! Even if it’s not romantic, at least not yet, anyway.”

“I’ll never lose hope! Ever! Teravolt will be MINE ONE DAY! ALL MINE!” Chili shouted enthusiastically.

“Good luck with that. Well, I’d better get back to my composition. Let me know if you need anything else. Love ya, bro,” Cress smiled.

“I-I love you too! Bye!” Chili felt motivated enough to return to playing Minecraft. However, the console took too long to reboot, so he settled for writing instead. Something lighthearted. Something...relatable.

It had this sappy title:
A Burning Passion: The Eternal Love of Teravolt and I

End of Interlude.
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Unova Forever!
“Well, here we are!” Cilan held the door open for me and his brothers as we entered his two-story townhouse.

“So,” I sat on the family room couch, “how do you propose we find more about these Plasma people?”

Cress sat next to me and showed me a website on his phone, “It’s easy. They have info all over the Internet. Heck, their spokesman, N, is a celebrity! He gives rousing lectures and models for Elesa’s studio.”

I looked at him quizzically, “Who’s Elesa?”

“Only Unova’s most famous Gym Leader; you’ll meet her at some point. She runs Nimbasa City’s amusement park,” Cress stated.

“Dang. I can see why she’s want to hire N. He certainly looks like a model.”

“Exactly. Perfect medium to get his ideas across. Now, I don’t think he’s a bad guy. But his dad, Ghetsis, certainly is.”

“Yeesh. So the bulky guy that annihilated that guard is N’s dad. They certainly look alike,” I sighed. “Must be tough having a dad like that.”

“Doubtlessly. Oh!” Cress’ phone dinged. “N posted a video just a few minutes ago. It might give us a clue as to what Team Plasma is up to. Guys? Can you come here?”

Chili was busy listening to music, and Cilan seemed to be creating a map of some sort.

Seeing that neither of them were responding, Cress walked over to Chili. “Hey, it’s me. Please, I have to show you something important.”

“No...” Chili turned away. Apparently, he was writing while listening to music.

Cress whispered, “If you don’t get up, I’ll tell Teravolt what you’ve been writing myself.”

That was enough for Chili to abruptly sit up and run over to the couch. “Sorry about that,” he smiled at me.

Cilan soon came over, “I was just creating a map of where Plasma’s been the past few days. What’s up?”

“N posted a video. Now let’s watch it already!” Cress said impatiently.

“Greetings, citizens! Your loyal, lovely N is back with a vitally important message,” he smiled brightly and brushed his hair back. “As you all know, Team Plasma has been working tirelessly to preserve the wellbeing of Pokémon and their Trainers alike. I have just freed the Pokémon I gathered in Accumula Town. Now I will be traveling to Nacrene City to deliver a speech. I’ll even be giving out autographed merchandise from my show! I hope to see you there! Ciao!” N waved and turned off the camera, ending the video.

“He’s incredibly charming. I can see why people like him so much,” I stated.

Chili stammered, “Y-yeah...he r-really is.”

“Come on, don’t tell me you have a crush on N, too,” Cress teased.

“W-whaddya mean, too? I-I don’t like anyone! Agh! I forgot my phone at the café! I’ll see you all later!” Chili rushed out of the house, slamming the door.

“Oh, not again...” Cress sighed.

“He really can be a handful at times, huh?” Cilan gave Cress a hug in hopes of making him feel better.

“Tell me about it. So I guess we head to Nacrene City. Chili should catch up with us soon, I hope. If not, I’ll be extremely worried,” Cress said.

The three of us got into Cilan’s car and drove to the city. It didn’t seem as crowded as I expected.

“Alright! Come on, Teravolt! We don’t want to miss the speech,” Cilan waved me over to a plaza where a small group of people were waiting. N was standing in a corner talking to a security guard. Soon, the guard walked toward the entrance, eyeing Cilan, Cress, and I suspiciously.

At precisely 11:30, N stepped up to the podium. With a sweeping gesture of his hand, he began to speak, “Humble citizens! It is an honor to be here with you all today. I see some familiar faces, as well as some brand new ones.” When he said “familiar faces,” he looked right at me. I pressed closer to Cilan.

“To some uninformed individuals, it seems like my team is trying to wreak havoc upon Trainers. But alas! This is not true in the slightest! Our mythology says that a long time ago, the fierce Original Dragon was split in two. One half represented truth, and the other, justice. It is my goal to preserve these virtues, and bring the dragons to you all! They will listen to my justice-filled voice! They will heed my cry! The dragons and I will free humanity from their shackles of slavery, and eliminate Trainerdom once and for all! We! Will! RISE!” N shouted heroically as the audience clapped and cheered.

The applause died down, and N concluded his speech, “When you walk through these towns, remember the hard work of the Pokémon that were willing to DIE for you. Just so you could gain fame and fortune at Gyms. In a perfect world, there would be no battling, only harmony. I beseech you all once more to join me in my quest. Remember to do unto others as they would do unto you. Thank you, everyone,” N bowed and stepped off the stage. The audience resumed clapping.

“Holy—he’s an excellent speaker,” I stared at N in awe as he packed up.

“Indeed. Now, we have to get you to the next Gym. It’s right across from the plaza,” Cilan motioned toward it. “I’ll walk you there, and wait for you outside.”

Cress looked at me, “I’m going to call Chili and see if he’s alright. Catch you later,” he hurried away.

The Nacerene Gym wasn’t that difficult to beat. I came out unscathed with the Basic Badge in hand.

“Back already?” Cilan smiled. “Trainer stuff must not be that difficult for you. By the way, Cress went out to pick up Chili. He’s at a park right now. They should be back soon.”

“I’m glad they’re alright,” I stated.

Just then, Cress pulled up in the car, “Hey, you two, get in. I’m tired and really need to get home. I just spent the past half-hour reassuring this guy that I didn’t think he was crazy,” he motioned to Chili, who was in the backseat.

“Teravolt, we’re going back home,” Cilan glanced at me.

I got in the car next to Chili. Just my being there made him feel better. We talked on the way about our plans for the week, which didn’t involve much. Chili invited me to play video games with him that night, and I was happy to oblige.

We arrived at the house in about five minutes.

As I stepped out of the car, I felt compelled to ask, “Hang on, am I...living with you guys?”

Chili bounded up toward me, “Yeah!” he beamed. After receiving a glare from Cress, he took a few steps back and said, “I mean, I guess, since it’s not like you have anywhere else to go or anything...”

“Aww, thanks so much!” I felt on top of the world, never mind the fact that Team Plasma guards were probably tormenting people the next town over.

Cilan told me, “Come on, let’s get you inside. We’ll have to set you up with a room and everything that entails, but it shouldn’t take that much effort.”

I walked inside and closed the door behind me.

“Follow me,” Cilan said. “Hope this doesn’t seem awkward or anything, but I was wondering if you’d like to stay in my room. I say this because there’s only three bedrooms in the house. If it would make you feel any better, you can sleep on the floor.”

“I-I’d love to! Thanks so much for letting me stay here with you,” my heart beat faster than it ever had before around him. Even sleeping on the floor was good enough for me.

“Hey, no problem. It’s the least I can do.”

Once upstairs, Cilan gathered up a sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow, “I hope this is good enough for you. It’s a bit old, but it works.”

Anything this boy could give me was good enough for me, “It certainly is,” I told him.

“Alright, glad to hear it. Anyways, it’s late in the afternoon now, so I should start making dinner. I’ll tell you when it’s time. Chili and Cress will be up here if you need anything,” Cilan walked downstairs toward the kitchen.

On this wonderful day, some beautiful, ever so long-lasting relationships were formed.
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Unova Forever!
A few minutes later, Cress came in, “Mind if you come over to my room? Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble.”

I gladly obliged.

“Here, sit with me,” Cress moved some blankets on his bed so I could sit next to him.

Once I did so, I asked, “You sure I’m not intruding on anything?”

“Not at all, Teravolt. Just felt like getting to know you better, that’s all.”

I couldn’t help but blush. “Oh, thank you...what exactly would you like to do?”

“Doesn’t matter to me. Well, now that I think about it, wanna watch a movie?”

“Sure! What do you have?” I inquired.

“Uh, the only thing I bothered to bring upstairs is Monsters Inc,” Cress said sheepishly.

“That’s my favorite childhood movie. Basically any 2000s Pixar movie is amazing, so I’d love to watch it with you,” I smiled brightly.

“I’ll get it set up then,” he did so, and we began viewing this great movie.

“Honestly, laying down when watching movies is just better than sitting up. Besides, for all my intelligence, I’m incredibly lazy. You probably already guessed that, though,” Cress laid down on his bed and I was incredibly tempted to join him. I’d wait until he asked.

He paused the movie, “If you’d like, you can join me. Just don’t get too close, alright?” anticipating my reply, he added, “You don’t have to worry about upsetting me.”

“O-okay!” I really did feel more relaxed as I laid down a few feet from him.

We were at the scene where the grumpy slime monster says, “I’ll be watching you...always watching you...” (easily my favorite part of the movie) when we were interrupted.

“Watcha doin’?” Chili had abruptly opened the door. “I noticed you had the door closed. So I—oh, you’re just watching a movie.”

“Yeah,” Cress rolled his eyes. “I had the door closed because the hallway was bright. And we’re laying down because it’s more comfortable this way.”

“You sure that’s it?...”

“Get out,” Cress snapped. “Normally I’d let you stay, but please leave u-er, me alone.”

“Fine. But until I have proof otherwise, this only confirms my suspicions...” Chili closed the door and walked out dejectedly.

“Is he alright? Should I go over and check on him?” I asked.

Cress shook his head, “No, not now. Let’s finish the movie and have dinner first. Then you can get all the time with him you want.”

“Alright,” and soon enough, the credits rolled. I noticed that Cress had fallen asleep. I wanted to wake him up and talk to him. “Hey, Cress?”

“Mm...Yes?” he opened one eye and looked at me.

“I feel like talking with you.”

“About what?” he still looked exhausted.

“Anything, really,” I stated.

“I guess I have the energy to talk. Ah, here’s one of my favorite questions to ask people. If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?”

Now, my actual answer was, “I’d date you and your brothers,” but that’s too much, too fast.

So instead I said, “I’d get a boyfriend.”

Cress guffawed, “Really? I mean, that’s understandable, but...out of all the things in the world? Wow,” He paused to think for a moment. “I’d probably rip tags off of mattresses,”

I raised an eyebrow, “How is that more outlandish?”

“It’s not,” Cress stated. “I was trying to make a joke, but I don’t do well with humor. Advice, yes. Jokes, no. On a more serious note, it’s always been my dream to become a famous violinist/lawyer. So that’s what I’d do.”

“You play violin? I played piano for many years, but my piano teacher retired,” I said wistfully, “if she hadn’t, I’d still play.”

“Cilan plays piano. I’m sure he’d be happy to teach you. He mainly does jazz compositions. Actually, most of the stuff played in our café is pieces he’s written.”

“That’s amazing! I appreciate jazz; it helps me write and study. So I’d love it if he’d teach me at some point,” I smiled.

“Speaking of Cilan,” Cress looked at the clock, “I think we have to eat now. You can talk about that with him over dinner.”

So we headed downstairs. Cress had to force Chili, who was in the middle of crying and tearing pieces of paper in anger, to come.

Cilan was incredibly kind and made us chicken alfredo (I have no idea how he knew that was one of my all-time favorite foods), but he did. We had cake afterwards, which cheered Chili up. I took a mental note that he, like myself, was a sugar addict.

I asked Cilan about teaching me to play piano, and he said yes! I was overjoyed. He told me we’d start lessons the following afternoon.

After dinner, Chili rushed upstairs to his room. I remembered that he wanted to spend time with me, and I wasn’t going to break my promise.

His eyes lit up when he saw me, “Hi! Teravolt!”

“You feeling okay?” I said worriedly.

“Well, I feel better now that you’re here,” to my surprise, Chili pulled me extremely close to him on the floor. “A whole lot better.”

Although still surprised by how openly affectionate he was, I said, “I’m happy that you’re happy.”

“I know I said I wanted to game with you tonight, but I feel like doing something else...” he grinned.

“What would that be?...”

“Well, come here and find out.”

I felt a bit apprehensive. Excited, but apprehensive.

“Now you’re the one who doesn’t look alright. I’m not going to hurt you. I promise,” Chili reassured me.

So I stepped closer, and closer.

“Gotcha!” I gasped as Chili laid down on top of me aggressively tickled me.

“G-gah! I-I, what are you d-doing?” I cried out, as I wasn’t used to this.

“Didn’t expect that, huh?” Chili giggled and kissed me.

“AHEM,” Cress opened the door and cleared his throat. “What on earth are you up to?”

Chili quickly got off me. “N-nothing! Nothing at all!”

“Mmhmm. Yeah, you’re coming with me for a bit,” Cress sighed in disappointment.

“Okay...” Chili walked toward his brother, and Cress led him away.

“Teravolt! What happened?” Cilan came up toward me, looking terrified.

“Uh, I kinda got attacked,” I pulled down my shirt from where Chili had it up.

“Oh, my...” Cilan shook his head, “ I thought I’d told him not to do things like that...”

“I-it’s fine. I’ll be alright.”

“No, what he did wasn’t okay. Once you guys get to know each other more, I’d be fine with it. But now? Not so much,” Cilan did seem protective of me.

“Here, come over to my room. To help you feel better, I can play you a song or two.”

“Thank you! I’d love that!” I said happily, and we walked to Cilan’s room.

I bothered to write down the songs Cilan played for me, so they’re here in case anyone wants to listen to them:

Ai Kurubaro Trio-In Your Own Sweet Way

Barry Harris-Body and Soul

I listened intently, thoroughly enjoying his piano playing skills. When he finished, I applauded him.

“Oh, thank you. You’re very kind, Teravolt,” Cilan smiled. I loved his smile, and him in general. So bright and enthusiastic...I’m going on again, aren’t I?

“Aha! I have a marvelous idea!” Cilan shouted.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“An Uno tournament! Just the two of us!” he proclaimed.

I cocked my head, “How do you have a tournament with two people?”

He shrugged, “Basically we play until we get sick of it. And when we do get sick of it, we just throw the cards at each other. It’ll be great!”

“Not gonna lie, that sounds amazing. Let’s get to it, then.”

Cilan and I played Uno for two hours straight. By then, it was 10:00 at night, but I didn’t care at all!

“You’re a delightful person to play this with, you know,” Cilan said.

“Y-you too, Cilan,” I told him.

“Thank you. It’s nice having a break from work and everything else. If it involves spending time with someone I care about, all the better!” Cilan beamed.

“You care about me? I care about you, too,” unable to contain myself any longer, I asked, “Can I hug you? Pretty please?”

“Well, sure. I did compliment you a lot, after all,” Cilan laughed and wrapped me in a tight hug that I thoroughly enjoyed.

“I think I’m gonna go to bed now, but wake me up if you need anything. If you want to stay up, Chili and Cress are in Cress’ room. I think things have calmed down by now. See you in the morning!” Cilan said.

“Goodnight!” Quietly, I added, “...Ciley...”

I felt adventurous and wanted to see what Chili and Cress were up to. I knocked on the door to Cress’ room. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Cress replied.

The moment I stepped in the door, I was met with an outburst of emotion.

“OH MY GOD! TERAVOLT, I’M SO SORRY!” Chili sobbed and hugged me.

“Hey, you’re good. We should just get to know each other more first. We can go game if you’d like,” I said empathetically.

“R-really? I thought you’d hate me. I’m so glad. Come on, let’s go!”

We ended up in Chili’s room, relaxing on the couch. We played Mario Kart for an hour and a half, and as expected, he won every. Single. Round. I am terrible at Mario Kart.

But it was fun. I looked forward to spending more time with Chili in the future.

After saying goodbye to him at 11:00 that night, I went back to Cilan’s room and laid in my sleeping bag.

“Hey, Teravolt,” I heard Cilan’s voice. “Just wanted to say goodnight to you and give you an extra hug. You look like you need one,”

I would never refuse. So we embraced and went to bed. I had never felt so indescribably loved in my entire life. Living with Cilan, Chili, and Cress truly was a blessing.
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Unova Forever!
The next morning quickly arrived.

It was 6:45. I did not want to get up.

“Oh, Teravolt!” Cilan told me. “Time to get up! We’ve got a lot of work to do!”

I groaned, “Come on, it’s 6:45. Can’t I sleep in just a bit longer?” I pleaded.

Taking advantage of my obvious affection for him, “Nope! Come on! Will you get up for me, at least?” he pleaded.

“I will...” with that, I reluctantly got dressed and headed downstairs.

I was immediately greeted with:

“Surprise! I made you something in honor of spending your first night with us!” Chili was radiating with happiness. He handed me a piece of paper that read “1001 Things I Love About Teravolt.”

“Aww, t-thank you! You made this all by yourself last night?” I asked.

“Yeah! Well, Cress helped too. That’s why he took me into his room. He said that even though I couldn’t be extra close to you now, I could show my appreciation for you in other ways,” Chili smiled.

“That’s so kind of you both. I’ll read it tonight, alright?”

“You’d better!” Chili nudged me playfully.

“Uh, guys? Hate to break up the moment, but we have a problem,” Cilan said worriedly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It seems an old enemy of mine is back in town.”

“Come on! Don’t tell me you’re still upset about that Burgundy lady?” Cress glared at Cilan.

“SHE PRACTICALLY DESTROYED MY REPUTATION!” Cilan huffed. “This is no minor problem!”

“Alright, fine. No need to be so defensive, Cil,” Cress rolled his eyes.

“Teravolt, avoid Burgundy at ALL COSTS. She looks like this,” Cilan pulled up a picture of a lady with purple hair.

“She doesn’t look that harmful,” I replied.

“That’s the danger! First, she accused me of cheating! Becoming a Connoisseur through manipulation!”

“Hang on, you’re a year older than me. I don’t think you’re legally allowed to become a wine expert,” I stated.

Cress whispered, “It’s basically a Pokémon expert. Don’t get him started.”

Cilan didn’t even listen to my objection, “Then she said that Chili was involved in some sex scandal! And that Cress was a money launderer! It’s TERRIBLE! I spent six months trying to restore our reputation, you see.”

“I see,” I understood his anger, but I wanted him to feel happy. I wanted to have another wonderful day, not marred with hatred.

“Why am I always the one who has to do these things?...” Cress muttered, walking over to Cilan.

“Hey, Cilan. Teravolt’s right next to you. I know you wouldn’t want to upset her,” Cress walked right back to where he was on the couch.

Cilan realized what he’d done and profusely apologized, “I tend to go on about things, don’t I? Sorry about that...”

“It’s okay! Now, what are we going to do about this Burgundy situation?” I asked.

“Great. Just great,” before Cilan was able to respond, Cress sighed with exasperation. “This is only going to make you more upset, but this is a thing now,” he showed Cilan a video with N and Burgundy discussing N’s latest speech.

“OH! That lady’s involved with Plasma!” Chili blurted.

“Ehhh?” I had no idea what was going on right then.

“Exactly! I saw her at the park the other day! Cress didn’t see her because he was busy texting someone while we were sitting together. The lady was talking to a security guard who looked like one of those Plasma guys but without the white and blue uniform,” Chili stated matter-of-factly. “Somehow, I don’t think she’s as well-intentioned as N.”

“You can say that again. I guess the only way we’ll get through this is by facing danger head-on. Tell her how I really feel about this,” Cilan growled.

“So now I have to deal with two overly emotional people. Thanks a lot, guys,” Cress said in exasperation, “Also, Cil, you’re generally conflict-avoidant. I don’t what’s gotten into you now. Just try to stay calm; we don’t want to make the situation worse.”

“I AM CALM!” Cilan shouted, “Okay, maybe I’m not! Just leave me alone for a few minutes so I can regain my sanity...” he went to his room.

“Is he okay?” I asked worriedly.

“He’ll be fine! He gets like this sometimes. He’s normally pretty laidback, but he gets really upset when he ever does. It’ll be fine,” Chil delighted in reassuring me, I noticed.

“That’s good to know,” I replied.

Ten minutes later, Cilan returned, “Alright, I’m back!” he sounded more confident.

We heard a knock on the door, “LET ME IN, YOU FREAKS!”

“I know that voice...Teravolt, go upstairs right now! I don’t want her to hurt you,” Cilan told me sternly.

“I’m not gonna let you in, alright? So if you wanna stand out there in the cold, be my guest!” Chili yelled.

The intruder picked the lock to the door and opened it.

There stood the lady we were just speaking of, Burgundy. With a knife in her hand.

“What? Ya think you’re gonna intimidate me with that? Come on, I’m a black belt, for the gods’ sakes!” Chili challenged.

Burgundy scoffed, “After the crimes the three of you committed, killing you would be merciful. Besides, don’t think I don’t know about y’all’s plan to destroy Team Plasma. We’re trying to HELP you, you fools! And you don’t APPRECIATE IT!”

“Of course we don’t. You’re attempting to abolish a part of culture, Pokémon-related things, and not being very kind about it. Besides, your boss is a complete sociopath,” Cress added.

“What is it with you guys? I’m calling Ghetsis on you!” right as she pulled out her phone, Cilan snatched it from her.

“That’s what happens when you rant too long. Ah, the work of villains. Going on and on about their evil plan, giving just enough time for the heroes to escape,” Cilan mused.

“AAAAUUUGGGHHHH! THERE’S NO POINT IN KILLING YOU IF I CAN’T BROADCAST IT TO THE WORLD! I’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME!” Burgundy shrieked and walked away, unaware that the aforementioned heroes had possession of her phone.

Cress looked incredibly giddy, “Time for me to crack this!”

“You know how to hack stuff?” Chili asked.

“Sure do! I do a lot of things when you all aren’t around. See ya later!” he ran up to his room.

It seemed safe to come downstairs, so I did so, “You know that I heard everything that just went on, right?”

“Oh, Teravolt...” Cilan sighed. “Don’t do that. You’re worrying me!”


“I don’t want you to get traumatized! That lady tried to kill us!” Cilan exclaimed.

“You’re always so concerned about me. I-I love that!” I blushed.

“Glad I can help. Here, guys,” Cilan said, “to recuperate after this scenario, how about we go somewhere after Cress is finished breaking into Burgundy’s phone?”

“I’d love that!” Chili and I shouted in unison.

So we lounged around for most of the day. Chili showed me a few songs he’d been listening to, and Cilan and I finally started our piano lessons. It didn’t take me long to relearn how to play, which was nice.

At about 2:00, Cress came back downstairs, “I FIGURED IT OUT!”

“That’s great!” I told him. “If it’s alright with you, we were thinking of going out somewhere today.”

“I’d like that,” he stated. “Where were you thinking of going?”

“Well, we hadn’t gotten that far yet,” Cilan replied. “Wait! I know just the place. Castelia City has all sorts of things to do and shops to visit. How about we go there when you’re all ready?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

“They have really good ice cream!” Chili exclaimed. “Teravolt, I can get you some.”

“I’d appreciate that, Chili. Thanks.”

“No problem! Let’s get going before it’s too late!”

“No such thing as too late,” Cress said. He was usually one to stay up until midnight on most days.

So we headed out on a new adventure.
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Unova Forever!
While you all wait for me to get back to writing, I created a playlist for this series!
hey it lets me scroll through all the songs i put there neat

Original Theme: Semisonic-Closing Time
New Theme: Tobu-Part of History

Cilan’s Theme: Odd Chap-The Little Man Who Wasn’t There (Extended Mix)
His Other Themes: Mo Falk-I’m Back to JVST SAY YES-All I Need
Chili’s Theme: Beartooth-Loser
Secondary Theme: Owl City-I’m Coming After You
His Other Themes: Teminite-Aspiration to You Me At Six-Finish What I Started
Cress’ Theme: The Blue Stones-Let It Ride
His Other Themes: Fox Stevenson-All Eyes On Me to Tantrum Desire-Guided Rhythm


Unova Forever!
We traveled to the busy city of Castelia, after being stuck in traffic for about a half-hour or so. When we finally arrived, I was in awe of the towering skyscrapers and the sheer volume of stores there.

“This is amazing! I rarely get to visit an actual big city. Thanks for taking me, guys!” I said cheerfully.

“Hey, anytime,” Cilan smiled. “There’s a nice shop that I enjoy visiting right around the corner. Wanna come with me?”

“Yeah!” I told him.

Then we arrived at a bustling gift shop.

I gasped, “First you made alfredo, and now you’re taking me to a gift shop? It’s like you know all of my favorite things, Cilan!”

He brushed his hair back, “Just a hunch, I guess. Here, let’s take a look around,” He took my hand, making me even more excited and embarrassed.

We walked past an adorable Vanillite plushie that I immediately purchased.

“Why would you buy a Vanillite plushie when you can actually catch one yourself?” Cilan asked.

“Because Vanillite evolves into Vanilluxe, which is hideous. So I’ll take the plushie,” I declared.

“I wasn’t objecting,” Cilan responded.

Just then, Cilan wandered to the other side of the store. I wondered what he was doing, but I figured he’d tell me. He didn’t.

“Alright, I’m back,” was all he said, which was good enough.

I noticed someone standing near the checkout. Two people, actually. It was Cheren and Bianca! I walked up to them and said hello.

As usual, Bianca gave me a hug, “Cherie, er, Cheren and I figured out where Maggie is! The Plasma guys are milling around here. One of them has Maggie! We’re gonna get her back!”

“I’m so glad you found her!” I smiled.

“Me too!“ Bianca looked at Cilan. “Oh, you’re here with your boyfriend, Teravolt!”

“H-he’s not my—“ I started to object, but Cheren was already leading Bianca out of the store.

“We’re going to confront those Plasma guys now. Come out and help!” Cheren shouted.

“I’ll be there soon!” I was reluctant to leave Cilan, even for a noble cause.

“Well? Go on, help out your friends,” Cilan said.

“I want you to come, too...” I told him.

“I will. Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to leave you,” he reassured me.

We headed out of the gift shop and to the city’s center. Cress was lecturing a Plasma guard, and Chili was keeping himself sane by listening to music, as usual.

Cress paused, “Oh, hey, Teravolt, Cilan. I was telling this guy off for stealing someone’s Munna.”

“That belongs to my friend, Bianca. I’ll go get her,” I told him.

I didn’t even have to tell Bianca. She ran over and snatched Maggie from the guard’s hands. “MAGGIEEEEE! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!” Bianca squeezed her Munna tightly, who cheerfully squealed in relief, “Muuuun! Muuuun!”

“Marcy and Madison missed you so much, Maggie! Let’s get you home; you must be traumatized!” Bianca glared at the guard and beamed at Cress before walking away, clutching Maggie tightly.

To our surprise, that villain Ghetsis materialized in an alleyway and marched toward us. The first thing he did was yell at the guard, “IMBECILIC GUARD WALTER! YOU LET THAT CHILD GET AWAY! You must be eliminated,” Ghetsis growled.

“No! I want to hear you speak one last time. Sir,” the guard bowed.

“Fine. But then you must die. Incompetence will not be tolerated in Team Plasma, after all,” he turned to Cilan, Chili, and Cress, and I. “Now, I must educate you.”

“I am perfectly well-educated, thank you very much,” Cress smirked.

“Oh, shut up and listen. Don’t you know how to respect authority?!” Ghetsis screamed.

“Well, one, nope! Especially if that person’s a psychopath who hired someone to kill me! She’d probably have Teravolt killed, too, which is despicable!” Chili shouted.

“Well, what is evil to one is righteous to another,” Ghetsis calmly told Chili, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“GET OFF ME, CREEP!” Chili spat, swatting Ghetsis away like the disgusting insect he was.

“So, my son told me you were at his speech. Do you remember the story of the dragons that he so eloquently told?” Ghetsis gave me an icy stare.

I wanted to run away; I thought I was going to get killed. Instead I nodded, frozen in place.

“Beautiful. At least someone pays attention. Now, it is my job to spread this legend across the land and create a beautiful world! I am the chosen one, perfection incarnate! BOW BEFORE YOUR GOD!” Ghetsis spread his arms out dramatically. Only Guard Walter bowed.

“This doesn’t mean you will survive, Walter. It was nice knowing you,” Ghetsis pulled a mace from his cloak and began bludgeoning the guard with it. Cilan shielded my eyes.

“Let’s get out of here,” Cress led Cilan, Chili, and I away to the opposite end of the city.

Chili started crying, “I just wanted to have fun with you guys. What’s wrong with me?”

Cilan sat next to him, “You had a stressful day. We nearly got killed and then Ghetsis had the audacity to kill someone around us. Remember, you did say you and Teravolt were going to get ice cream before we went home. Would that help you feel better?”

“Y-yeah. I’m such a wreck...”

“You’re no more of a wreck than I am,” I took Chili’s hand.

Cress looked at Chili, “don’t get in trouble.”

“I won’t,” Chili said.

We then walked over to Castelia Ice Cream. Unoriginal name, but I didn’t care.

“What would you like?” Chili asked.

“Doesn’t matter to me. You can pick,” I told him.

He raised an eyebrow, “...you sure?”

“Yep,” in truth, I wasn’t all that confident. But, hey, ice cream is ice cream.

He ordered us cookies and cream, undoubtedly one of the best ice creams out there.

“Thanks so much!” I told him.

“You’re welcome!” Chili took my hand again. “How ‘bout we go home now? I’m still pretty stressed.”

We headed to the plaza where Cilan and Cress were waiting.

This time in the car, I sat next to and talked to Cress. I found out that he loved books about as much as I did (a ton), and made it a priority to spend some time with him later on.

Although we were stuck in traffic again, we made it home safely.

“Hey, wanna go upstairs with Cress and I? I really wanted to show you that paper I gave you this morning,” Chili asked.

“I did say I’d read it, didn’t I? Let’s go, then,” the three of us went upstairs.

Cilan told me he needed some time to himself, but he’d be more than happy to catch up with me later in the evening.

As soon as we walked into Cress’ room, Chili collapsed on the couch, “I wanna show you what I wrote about you right here and now!”

I pulled out the document and handed it to Chili, but Cress was the first to speak.

Cress looked embarrassed, “The first thing I noticed about you was how much you appreciated me. Of course, I get compliments, but a lot of times I feel like people’s emotional regulator. Whereas I felt like you instantly cared about me, so I had to reciprocate that.”

“And the first thing I noticed about you was your smile. I also LOVE that you’re just as affectionate as I am. If I had my way, I’d cuddle with you right now! I don’t get that often,” Chili gave me an extremely tight hug.

Cress rolled his eyes, “Why do you feel compelled to do this around me?”

I still felt like complimenting them both, “Guys, thanks so much for everything! You’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Or ever!”

Cress blushed slightly, “Well, I wouldn’t know about ever.”

“You have no idea how to take a compliment, don’tcha?” Chili laughed.

“I do,” Cress replied. I was drowning in appreciation for those two right now.

So after this, we went through the rest of “1001 Things” together. I shared some things that loved about Chili and Cress, too. I adored Chili’s bright smile and affection for me, and how mature and calm Cress was in stressful situations, a trait I wished to have.

Eventually, it was 8:00. As much as I appreciated the compliment session, I wanted to spend more time with Cilan before it got too late.

“Alright, bye!” Chili said.

“You’re welcome to come back anytime,” Cress smiled. “I enjoyed this immensely.”

“I did, too! See you two around,” and I walked away to Cilan’s room.
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Unova Forever!
Interlude Two:

“Father, I-“

“SILENCE!” Ghetsis snarled.

“I wanted people to be happy. For myself, to study mathematics and the natural order of things. I didn’t want violence! I just wanted peace and freedom,” N shook his head. “Was that too much to ask?”

“Yes. Power is the ONLY way to truly gain influence. Force! No mercy!” Ghetsis paced the floors in anger. “You try to win fame through videos and speeches! I say, that is meaningless!”

“But you’re wrong!” N shouted. “People have influenced entire countries without killing people! Take Martin Luther King Jr., for example! He fought tirelessly for change, and didn’t kill anyone! And it worked!”

“All lies and propaganda! Hitler and Stalin did far more for their countries! People feared them, N. FEAR is power.”

“Yeah, but then you know what happened? They got overthrown, Father. That’s what will happen to you if you keep this up!”

“I am UNSTOPPABLE! You underestimate my power. I would say, son, but you have diverged so far from the man I wanted you to be...”

“Well, good! The son you wanted was a murderer and a dictator. That’s not who I am. That’s not who I will EVER BE,” N said confidently. “I’m warning you, your grandiosity will destroy you. Freedom will win, Father. Mark my words.”

N put his hat on and strolled away from Ghetsis. His father was maniacal, always had been. Locked him in this little nursery all his adult life. Well, N had enough. It was time to be free, and nobody could stop him.
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Unova Forever!
Hey, you,” Cilan smiled as I sat next to him, “Everything going okay?”

“I’m great!” I said, although he could definitely notice that my ears were burning. I hate when that happens.

“Teravolt,” Cilan inquired, “is something bothering you? You keep acting nervous around me. Could you tell me what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know if I can say...” I put my head down.

“It’s alright. I’m not leaving you, you know.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll tell you, if you really want to know,” I still didn’t want to look at him.

“I’m listening,” he replied.

I took a deep breath, “Here goes. Truth is, I like you. A lot. Am I making sense?”

Cilan chuckled, “I kinda get where you’re coming from. I am a very interesting person, aren’t I?”

“There is that. Really, though, I have a crush on you, and I—“ I shamefully buried my head into a pillow.

“Oh!” he was surprised. “Well, you could have just told me that. Teravolt, please sit up. I’m not mad at you.”

“You’re not?...” I sat up and gazed at him.

“Of course not! I, er, care about you too,” Cilan took my hand. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

I honestly felt like fainting, “If that’s the case, can I call you Ciley?” although I didn’t know this at the time, this would be a nickname I’d call Cilan by for years.

Cilan blushed, “That’s fine by me.”

“I didn’t mean to—“ I was going to apologize, but he gently put a finger over my mouth.

“Shh...I told you, there’s nothing to worry about. You’re not upsetting me in the slightest.

I hugged him. “T-thank you.” At this point, I felt like a hormonal disaster, but I didn’t care. If Cilan would love me no matter what, then that’s all I’d ever need.

“You’re very, very welcome. I do have an idea. Since our last attempt at spending time together was disrupted by a villain, maybe we could try going somewhere else tomorrow?” he asked me.

“That would be marvelous!” I beamed. “I was thinking Nimbasa City! Cress was telling me about it earlier, and there’s a Ferris wheel and some roller coasters and FUNNEL CAKE! I haven’t had funnel cake in ages!”

Cilan laughed, “I love funnel cake as well. We’ll go first thing in the morning, then. In the meantime, you really do look tired, Volt.”

I nodded, “I just wanted to see you before going to bed.”

“That’s sweet of you,” he stroked my hair with utmost gentleness.

I ended up crawling into bed with him, although he wanted me to sleep apart from him. I figured I’d get to hold him in time, so this didn’t bother me as much.

If I thought waking up at 6:45 was bad, Cilan woke me up at 5 in the morning.

“Come on! Remember, I said we were getting up first thing in the morning!”

“But it’s 5...I thought you meant 7...” I closed my eyes, “I don’t want you to go.”

“We’re going together, silly!” Cilan teased. “Besides, we have to cross Route 4, a desert, to get to the park.”

“What lunatics would put an amusement park near a desert? Deserts are scorching!” I exclaimed, waking up. “They’re also full of sand, which is coarse and rough and gets everywhere! Ever tried to go camping on the sand? I have, and it’s AWFUL,”

“I never said the amusement park-desert thing was a good idea. Did you really think I’d make you walk in the sand? We’re driving!”

“That’s reassuring. Let’s get going, then,” I replied. We drove to and through the desert.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted five bird-like beings with one eye floating around. I had never seen the likes of them before, so I asked Cilan what they were.

“Those are Sigilyph. They guard the Relic Castle, which is currently under renovations, sadly. We may be able to visit some other time,” he responded.

“Well, I’m gonna take a look around,” I hopped out of the car and slowly walked toward the Sigilyph.

Who goes there? a voice in my mind stated.

“Er, I, uh, I’m Teravolt!” I said with anxiety. Picking up that the voice came from the Sigilyph eying me suspiciously, I continued, “My boyfriend and I are going to the amusement park around here. I noticed you all.”

Ah, very well...do you wish to know the secrets of the desert?... the Sigilyph fluttered close to me, its companions following.

I felt confused, but Psychic types were known for being enigmatic. I simply replied, “Sure.”

Allow me to share with you the story of my people... the leading Sigilyph paused for emphasis. Long, long ago, this desert was a vast agricultural town. The Relic Castle, where the first king lived, was glistening and bright. Feasts were held there to celebrate our commercial prowess, since we sold produce all over the world. The king let everyone visit his castle, no matter how rich or poor. We were his guards, and he treated us like family. Yet one day, the king fell ill and died. At the time, his cause of death was unknown, though later speculation suggested he succumbed to food poisoning. We guards stayed vigilant, watching for his killer. But the killer was lost to time. We never forgot, however. We guarded the castle after the king’s death. The new monarchs failed to treat us or their subjects, as kindly as the first king. Over time, the commoners left the city and headed to more populous areas, as did the monarchs. The castle now known as the Relic Castle was left to crumble...and so did we. As the guards died, their souls were placed in vessels shaped like birds. They came to life one day, and my species was formed.

Tears came to my eyes, “How tragic. I’m sorry the rulers treated you poorly,” I sympathized.

It is alright, the Sigilyph’s blue eye met mine. This was hundreds of years ago. Although we never forget, we move on with our lives It is rather lonely in this desert. If you wish, I may accompany you on your travels. My name is Malech.

“That would be wonderful! Thank you, Malech,” I gently encapsulated him in a Luxury Ball I found, “Don’t worry. I’ll let you out once we reach the city. At the moment, I have Gerald the Pignite, Tornado the Servine, and Priscilla the Liepard on my team. I hope you’ll all get along,” I smiled and walked back to Cilan’s car.

“What took you so long?” he inquired.

“I was listening to a story a Sigilyph told me. His name is Malech, and he’s going to be joining me!” I exclaimed.

“Lovely! Anyways, we should probably head to Nimbasa. It’s not that far off.”

Shortly afterwards, the shimmering neon lights of Nimbasa City were in sight.

Cilan and I walked toward an arcade area. I wanted to use the claw machine, even though I knew it was a waste of money.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Cilan asked.

“Absolutely!” I said defiantly. “Mom never let me use claw machines, but she’s not around now, so why not try one?”


I saw a Meowth plush in the claw machine, but I couldn’t get it. Cilan pulled me away from the claw machine after two tries, because “I care about you and I don’t want you wasting your money on this.”

This was slightly bothersome, but I managed. After wandering around the amusement park more and nearly dying on a roller coaster, we came to a Ferris wheel. I really wanted to go on with Cilan, since the sign did say “couples only”.

Unfortunately, we were interrupted. A man with long green hair rushed up to us. It was N!

“Sorry to bother you two, but we have a problem. A really serious problem!”

“So, what’s going on?” I asked.

“Well, this is private conversation. I don’t want anyone else hearing about this. Come on the Ferris wheel with me; we can talk there.”

I smiled nervously at Cilan, then looked back at N. I hoped Cilan didn’t feel like I was cheating on him, “That’s fine,” I managed to say.

N sat next to me on the Ferris wheel as we enjoyed the view together. He sighed and began to speak, “As I said before, I have a serious problem. My father, Ghetsis, kicked me out of the house. Not that it was a big deal to begin with, since I’m glad to be out of solitary confinement.”

“Hold on. Solitary confinement?” I was baffled.

“Yep. He locked me in a castle with no human contact whatsoever. It was structured like a nursery! For babies! Only Pokémon could take care of me. At first, he told me that I was the king of Team Plasma. He treated me like one. Soon, I grew restless. I knew there was more to life than the four stone walls I inhabited...” N mused.

“There most definitely is. How did your father react to this?” I asked.

“Not kindly, to say the least. First, he stopped talking about me being king. Then, the Pokémon who attended to me stopped coming. My belongings gradually disappeared, until I was left with nothing but my clothes, my Zorua, my bed, and my math books. It was tragic. Just the other day, I told Father that I wanted tranquility and freedom for everyone, but he insisted that power and bloodshed conquered all. So I fled the castle for the first time in my life,” N exposited.

“Your dad is a complete psycho! Anyways, why’d you come see me?”

N explained, “I came to see you because you seem kind. You didn’t cower in fear before me, or treat me with hostility, even though I associated with some pretty evil people.”

“Although I don’t always succeed, I try my best to be kind to everyone I meet,” I stated. “I’m glad you trust me.”

N laughed, “Hey, me too. So, what do you say? Ready to help me take on Fath—I mean, Ghetsis?” he asked.

“Definitely. I’ll do whatever it takes! Would you mind if I ask my friends Cilan, Chili, and Cress to help too? Cress already cracked into Burgundy’s old phone; I think he’ll tell us what he’s found tonight or tomorrow.”

“I suppose you can. Just don’t forget about me, alright?” to my surprise, N planted a kiss on my forehead. “Give me a call if you need anything, and don’t tell your ‘friends’ about what I just did.”

Before I could comprehend what he meant, the Ferris wheel stopped. N left as quickly as he had came.

I walked to Cilan and took his hand, “N enlisted me to help stop his dad, and reluctantly said you and your brothers could help, too.”

“See? I told you we’d end up saving the world!” Cilan exclaimed. “We can talk more about this at home. After all, you do have another Badge to earn.”

“I do?” I was so focused on my date and N’s conversation with me that I completely forgot about my training! “Crap! I’ll go do that before it gets any later. Love you! Bye!” ran over to Elesa’s Gym.

After struggling to beat the supermodel (that Emolga was a nightmare!), Elesa handed me the Bolt Badge. Apparently, she had written an autobiography in her free time and handed out signed copies to all her challengers. It contained several pages of photos throughout her extensive modeling career. I thanked her for the gift and went on my way.

Once I exited the Gym, Cilan held out his car keys and asked, “Ready to head home?”

“I guess so. But it was great hanging out with you, Ciley!”

“You too!” he put an arm around my shoulder and we drove home.
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Unova Forever!
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Unova Forever!
When we arrived, Chili opened the door and hugged me, as expected, “Where were you? I was worried about you! I missed you!”

Cress rolled his eyes, “I had to put up with this all. Freaking. Day. I need a break.”

Remembering that Cress was the one who first told me about Elesa, I pulled out the book she gave me from my bag, “I think you might like this.”

Cress’ eyes lit up, “I’ve wanted to read Elesa’s autobiography for ages! This is great!” he snatched the book from my hands and moved up to his room.

While Cress took the book from me, Chili had some time to think, “Wait a minute. Were you out with...” he crossed his arms in indignation. “I thought you loved me!”

“I do, Chili, I do!” I exclaimed.

“Then WHY doesn’t it FEEL like it?!”

“I-I’m sorry you’re envious, I—“ I stuttered, not wanting to upset him further.

“Ah, forget it!” Chili huffed. “I have too much, er, trig to do! Yeah, that’s it! Gods, I hate math!” rushing outside, he slammed the door behind him.

Cress poked his head out of his bedroom door, “Is something wrong?”

Noticing Cilan and I’s concerned expression, he pieced together what happened, “Is this what happens every time I’m not around? I apologize, I didn’t intend this.”

“Relax, Cress,” Cilan responded. “It’s not your fault. We’ll work something out.”

“You are right. I’ll come down in a few minutes, since I am completely engrossed in this book. It’s well-written, for sure.”

Cilan and I waited for ten minutes for Cress to finish reading.

“So, what are we gonna do now?” I asked.

Meanwhile, at the local Starbucks, Chili vented to an inattentive barista, “So, yeah! I’ve been betrayed and entirely screwed in the past twenty minutes!”

“Mmhmm. Hey, number fifteen, your order’s up!” the barista yelled.

“I just need someone to listen to me!” Chili complained.

“Listen, kid. This is a Starbucks, not a bar. Go see a therapist,” the barista sighed.

“But my therapist is my brother and he isn’t here right now!”

“Kid,” the barista glared. “You get my drift? I don’t have time for this. I’m overworked and exhausted. I’m going to take a lunch break now,” she stomped away to her break room.

Chili turned to the young man who was picking up his coffee, “Could you talk to me?”

“Uh, I’m late for work? I just had to get some coffee,” the teen walked backward and nearly spilled his coffee.

Chili sighed and put his head on the counter, “I’ll take two glazed donuts, please...”

Before Chili could receive said donuts, a whirring sound was heard outside of the Starbucks.

The barista ran out of the break room and exclaimed, “What’s this nonsense?”

“Let me in or I’ll tear this place apart!” a familiar voice yelled. It was none other than Burgundy, armed with a chainsaw that she rammed into the café door.


“Ma’am! You’re going to have to pay for a door replacement!” the grumpy barista told Burgundy.

“I ain’t paying for nothin’! I’m doing this for Team Plasma!” Burgundy said.

“Arceus have mercy on us all...” the barista glared at Burgundy and ordered the customers to evacuate.

“That’s right, freak! You’re going down! You’re no match for justice!” Chili jumped up from his seat triumphantly and marched over to Burgundy.

Paying no mind to Chili, Burgundy began sawing the café benches and breaking the coffee makers.

Chili’s eyes widened, “You’re seriously destroying my favorite coffee machines? At my favorite Starbucks in all of Unova?! SCREW YOU!” Chili felt like tackling Burgundy, but he was no match for a chainsaw that could kill him instantly. So he did something he’d never dreamt of doing. He ran.

Nearly slipping on the coffee that had spilled from the cracked machines, Burgundy jerked upward just in time to see Chili escape. Irresponsibly slinging her still-running chainsaw over her shoulder, she tried to run out of the café, “You’ll die by my hands, fire boy!”

“Hey! Only Teravolt can call me that!” Chili called out indignantly.

“OH GODS! WH—AAAAUGGGHHH!” Burgundy shrieked. Apparently, the chainsaw she was carrying stabbed her in the back.

“Are you—“ Chili stopped in his tracks and flinched. He hated the sight of blood. Taking a deep breath, he dialed 911. Even though this lady was downright psychotic, he wasn’t about to watch her die.

Soon enough, an ambulance came to pick up Burgundy. Chili sighed in relief, but that feeling didn’t last long. He frantically called me.

“TERAVOLT! YOU OKAY?!” he cried.

“Er, I’m fine. What’s going on?” I asked.

“My favorite Starbucks got completely demolished by that witch Burgundy! She came in with a chainsaw and tried to stab me with it, but it stabbed her instead. She’s in the hospital right now. It’s a wonder I’m not dead,” Chili replied.

Still thinking about how angry he was at me just a few hours before, I was hesitant to ask if he could come back to the house. Instead, I asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Well, no! I’m still pissed off at you! I just, uh, called because...I...FORGET IT!” Chili hung up on me.

I pressed my head against Cilan’s warm chest, “I thought he wouldn’t be mad at me anymore.”

“He’s just being melodramatic. Since he called you, I don’t think he’s actually mad at you,” Cilan tried to reassure me.

“That may be true, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it,” I replied.
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Unova Forever!
“Hey, you two,” Cress sat beside Cilan and I. “I’ve been wanting to show you something. Remember how I hacked Burgundy’s phone? I found out some things that are pretty shocking but important. I would have showed you sooner if you guys weren’t,” he paused, “going on a date and such.”

“What did you find?” Cilan asked his brother.

“Well, one of the first things I noticed was Burgundy’s lengthy conversations with Ghetsis. She takes her role as assassin and lackey pretty seriously. In fact, she practically worships him,” Cress explained. “It’ll be difficult facing a foe who’s a cultist.”

“She’s proven herself to be impulsive, though,” I pointed out. “Running away instead of killing you guys with that Swiss Army knife, and now nearly killing herself in an attempt to murder Chili.”

Cress shrugged, “Eh, fair point. We still need to figure out how to stop her and Ghetsis from destroying the world.”

“While Cilan and I were out,” I said, “N asked us to help him take down his dad. I’m sure he’d be more than willing.”

After more discussion, we decided that calling N would be in our best interest.

“Oh, Teravolt! Hey!” N exclaimed. Once I asked him, he replied, “Yeah, I’d be more than happy to assist you guys. My dad’s growing crazier by the minute. Not sure if you’d heard this or not, but he ordered Burgundy to kill you guys again. A news report just came out that she wrecked a Starbucks and nearly killed herself with a chainsaw in the process. Anyways, I’ll be over in about fifteen minutes or so. See ya there!” N said brightly.

“Yeah, I heard about the Starbucks thing. I’ll see you in a bit,” I suspected that N had a crush on me. No idea how things would work there, but I’d handle that when the time came.

Soon enough, N knocked on the door and Cilan opened it.

As he walked in, N told us, “It’s nice to finally meet you all,” he turned to me. “Mind if I sit with you, Teravolt?”

“Thank you, but I’d rather sit with Cilan,” I responded.

“That’s fine. Anyways, I’d say the first step to defeating my dad is to defeat Burgundy,” N stated.

“Isn’t she hospitalized? Since everyone’s aware of her crimes, I think she’ll be arrested shortly,” Cilan suspected.

“Probably not. You have no idea how much power and influence Team Plasma holds over Unova. It’s crazy!” N said with frustration.

Suddenly, I heard the door fly open.

“GUYS!” Chili ran into the room, out of breath. “Today absolutely su—“ he glanced scornfully at N. “What on earth are you doing here?”

“Brainstorming how to kill my dad with Teravolt and your brothers,” N stated. “You?”

“Man, I live here. Can’t I get a break?” Chili walked over to N and whispered, “If you lay even a finger on Teravolt, I will singlehandedly murder you and everyone you love. Metaphorically. Got it?”

N looked shocked, “Yeah, I guess.”

“Anyone got any other ideas?” Cilan inquired.

Dead silence.

“We can always storm Team Plasma’s castle and kill everyone! That’ll surely end their reign of terror!” Chili exclaimed.

“I really don’t want to kill anyone,” N and I said in unison.

“Dang it,” Chili snapped his fingers in exasperation. “I’ve always wanted to.”

The rest of us glared at him. After a few minutes of silent brainstorming, an epiphany came to us! But it wasn’t until much later that we found out where it came from.

Far away in the sky, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, Unova’s guardian dragon deities, were well aware of Team Plasma’s goals. Though they were gods, they feared Ghetsis would become strong enough to siphon their powers and bend their will to his own. Needless to say, they were just as eager to stop Team Plasma as N, the Joneses, and I.

“Brethren,” Kyurem’s icy voice resonated, “we need to talk.”

Reshiram sighed, “Yes, Kyurem. The time is coming. I can feel it in my bones. Ghetsis is getting more and more desperate. If we are not careful, he shall kill us all!”

“Why must you be such a pessimist? I thought you represented truth!” Zekrom grumbled.

“BRETHREN,” Kyurem growled.

“Right, right. Actual discussion is warranted,” Zekrom rolled his eyes.

“Since I am apparently not allowed to express my doubts, I suggest we meet those people,” Reshiram stated.

“Those people? Who are they?” Kyurem inquired.

“Lately, I have observed a few humans. One of them is a girl named Teravolt—“


“Be quiet,” Reshiram continued. “She is in league with Cilan, Chili, and Cress Jones. They are attempting to form an alliance with Ghetsis’ son, N.”

Kyurem stomped his foot, “N? He has been groomed by his father! Do you really think he will be much good?”

“I do,” Reshiram said. “Despite this, he seems firmly wedded to the ideals of truth and justice, which we hold dear. He is actively seeking to overthrow his father. Yet, despite his brilliant mind, he is unable to conceive of a way to defeat Ghetsis. Same with the girl and her...companions? She seems very close to them, yet it is not typical human practice to hold multiple romantic partners simultaneously. Anyways, you see my point, do you not?”

Kyurem nodded, “Now we must give them an idea. But what to give?” the dragon guardians possessed the unique ability to plant ideas in people’s heads, as long as they aligned with the dragons’ noble ideals.

Zekrom said, “Remember our relics? The Light and Dark Stones? I surmise that Ghetsis wishes to take them hostage and control us. We could encourage the humans to take the Stones before Ghetsis is able to. This shall certainly foil his evil plan!”

“You are suggesting that humans take control of our Stones, which we have so carefully guarded?” Kyurem glared at Zekrom.

“Would you rather the Stones be in the hands of that villain Ghetsis, or those of people who strive to do the right thing?” Zekrom posited.

Kyurem silently acknowledged the pitch-black dragon’s point.

“So it is settled!” Reshiram exclaimed, his white tail flaring with glee.

“Indeed. Reshiram, you are the one most skilled at idea implementation. I think you should do this,” Zekrom suggested.

Reshiram obliged, “Humans that my heart holds dear! Heed my call, and preserve the truth! Find the Stones, and save the world!”

It seemed like we’d be sitting on the couch for centuries. Nobody was getting anywhere. Cress was sipping a cup of tea, Chili paced agitatedly, and N was thinking with a smile on his face. I was chit-chatting with Cilan about television shows I’d been watching recently. Right at this moment, we got somewhere.

“Aha!” Cilan shouted. “I have the perfect idea! I remember hearing an old legend that the legendary dragons possessed two stones, called the Light and Dark Stones. These had the power to bend the will of the dragons to their possessor, so they’ve been locked someplace unknown to humans. It’s reasonable to assume Ghetsis is motivated to take control of the Stones. I think we should retrieve them before he does.”

“Thank the gods!” N was relieved. Cress and Chili high-fived each other.

Although this idea excited me, I still had to ask, “How, exactly, are we gonna retrieve the stones?”

“I’ll have to do some research on that. For now, though, be glad we’re starting out!” Cilan kissed me, blissfully unaware that there were other people around.

N’s jaw dropped, “WHAT? NO! Oh, come—“ and he fainted. He definitely had a crush on me. Sighing, I wondered, why must life be so complicated?


Unova Forever!
After an hour or two, N regained consciousness. I sat with him as he lay on the couch in an effort to comfort him.

“H-hey...” he weakly clasped my hand. “Sorry about that...”

“There’s nothing to apologize for, N. Despite our best efforts, emotions get the best of us at times. I can stay here as long as you need me to,” I added.

“Really? I-I’d appreciate that...” he closed his eyes.

I walked over to the kitchen and made him a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It’s one of the only things I know how to cook.

“Thank you...you’re too kind,” N smiled as he ate the soup. His face started to brighten.

“Feeling better?” I asked.

“A little. You can leave now, if you’d like. I need some time to myself, and you need to figure out how to get the Relic Stones. I’ll...see you later,” N told me.

I walked upstairs to Cilan and I’s room (how I relished calling it that!) where he and his brothers were waiting.

“Alright, we’ve formulated a plan now, Volt,” Cress said.

“Why didn’t you let me in on this?” I inquired with frustration.

“Sorry about that. N felt pretty sick, and he did want you there. It wasn’t the most responsible choice, not telling you about what we’ll do right away. I’ll let you know now, though,” Cilan explained. “First thing, you’ll head to Driftveil. It’s not far from Nimbasa, thankfully. From the map I drew recently, I surmise that Team Plasma is hiding out in the industrialized freezer there.”

“How am I going to keep myself from freezing to death?” I asked.

“I’ll be here to keep you nice and warm, you know,” Chili wrapped me in a tight hug. Cress rolled his eyes, but chose not to intervene, “Once N’s fully recovered, we can head there. I don’t know if N will be comfortable interacting with Plasma’s agents, but I’ll ask just in case. If he comes, great, if not, he can stay here and do some research.”

“That’s a well thought-out plan. I’ll go down and check on N again,” I headed back down, glad I had a clear goal in mind.

“Teravolt, you’re back already?” N was sitting up by now, watching something on television. He turned off the TV.

“Apparently. I wanted to see how you were doing. Everything alright?” I asked with concern.

“I’m feeling plenty better now, thank you,” he noticed my questioning expression. “Is there something you wish to ask me?”

“There is. Sometime today or tomorrow, I’m going to head over to Driftveil’s industrial freezer where Team Plasma might be hiding out. I wasn’t sure if you’d be comfortable interacting with your former colleagues or not, so I figured I’d ask,” I told him.

N stuttered, “I-I...don’t think it would be safe. The Plasma guards are ruthless, even more so now that they’re aware of my betraying them. They wouldn’t hesitate to kill me or you. I’ll stay here, and call you if I need anything.”

I nodded, “That’s fine by me.”

The following day, Cilan, Chili, Cress, and I headed out to Driftveil. The bustling port city was full of merchants that day, which made it difficult to navigate without being frequently stopped by a salesperson. Nonetheless, we found our way to the industrial freezer.

“Oh, gods, it’s freezing in here,” Cilan shivered. “I really should’ve brought a coat.”

“You didn’t bring a coat? Man, I thought you were smart! I rarely get cold, and even I brought one!” Chili chastised.

“Can I borrow it?” Cilan asked, and Chili reluctantly handed over the coat.

Cress, a rather accomplished skater, had to guide me through the icy patches. I could barely walk a few feet without slipping. After a few hours, the heart of the freezer was accessible. A conversation went on behind a closed door.

“It smells like fish in here. Disgusting! How stupid must you all be to pick a damned freezer as a hiding spot? There’s an entire CAVE near this city! Why not go there?”

Although the voice’s harsh tone sounded like Ghetsis, I knew it wasn’t him. Perhaps he had enlisted other people?

“Well, excuse me, high and mighty Zinzolin! Stop questioning our decisions at every turn!” Burgundy’s voice rang out. Apparently, Plasma united to take Burgundy out of the hospital as soon as possible.

“I’m one of the Seven—“ the man named Zinzolin was interrupted by Burgundy.

“I don’t give a Rattata’s derrière that you’re one of the Seven Sages. Quit being so full of yourself!”

Ever proud to be bearer of information (and interpreter of my thoughts), Cilan informed me, “The Seven Sages are mystics. They’ve memorized ancient philosophical texts, which they, of course, interpret to Ghetsis’ will.”

Chili tapped his foot impatiently and said, “If y’all don’t stop talkin’, I’ll head in there myself!” he didn’t even wait for us. “Guess who’s baaack!” he smiled defiantly at Burgundy.

Burgundy slipped on the ice in shock, “It’s you!”

“Who is this...child?...” Zinzolin stared at Chili.

“Consider him my enemy,” Burgundy stated.

“Ha! Ya hear that, guys?” Chili called to me, Cilan, and Cress. “I’ve been upgraded from nuisance to enemy!”

Cress walked in and grabbed his brother’s arm, “Would you quit making a fool of yourself for just one second?”

While the two of them were quarreling, Cilan and I made our way into the freezer’s core. It was just our luck that we were soon surrounded by eight different Plasma guards.

As they were about to pummel us to death, a few more people entered the room.

“Howdy, y’all. I see you got some troublemakers to deal with,” a man in a cowboy hat said.

“We’d have come here sooner, but I had to deal with lots of school stuff,” Cheren said. I was glad he and Bianca were alright, although she looked agitated.

“Don’t you DARE hurt my friends!” Bianca shouted.

Burgundy waltzed over to her, but the cowboy hat man tased Burgundy, then Zinzolin. The guards released Cilan and I, then cowered in a corner, fearful of doing anything since their leaders were knocked out.

“Y’all are comin’ with me. Looks like you got some ‘splainin’ to do,” glancing at me, the man in the hat introduced himself. “My name’s Clay, Gym Leader of Driftveil City. Your friends heard some shoutin’ in this here freezer, so we came to investigate. My Gym’s only a block from here; I encourage you to challenge me! See you then,” Clay carried Burgundy and Zinzolin out with his bare hands, and Cheren and Bianca followed him. The Plasma guards chased after them, but Clay and the teenagers were much faster.

Once Cilan, Chili, Cress, and I exited the freezer, I went toward Clay’s Gym, only to find Ghetsis yelling at the man.

“Where on Arceus’ earth did you put my people?” Ghetsis asked.

“Somewhere you’ll never find ‘em,” Clay smirked. “Even the guards are locked up.”

“Ah, forget the guards. They’re too dumb to be much help, anyways. Tell me where Burgundy and Zinzolin are, or I’ll chop off your limbs and feed them to the Houndooms of the Distortion World!” Ghetsis threatened.

“I’ll never tell. Go ahead, kill me. Or are you too scared?” Clay challenged.

“S-stop!” a woman’s voice exclaimed. “D-don’t kill him! We have two little children! Please, I’ll do anything!” It was Clay’s wife.

“It’s too late, now. This city will have to find a new Gym Leader. Or if I had my way, none at all!” Ghetsis laughed maniacally and incinerated Clay with his blaster, then strolled away to the eastern end of the city. Clay’s wife sobbed over her husband’s ashes.

“Oh, gods...” I cried, too. Seeing how Clay dealt with Plasma made me want to battle him, unlike any other Pokémon battle I had.

The Gym’s manager walked out and gave me Clay’s Gym’s Badge as consultation.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t stop Ghetsis. I was too frightened,” I bowed my head in shame.

“It’s—I’m not going to say it’s alright, but it’s understandable.” the manager said. I’ll tell you this one thing. I see it in your eyes, kid. Though it might not seem like it, you have the strength and willpower to defeat Ghetsis. Perhaps more importantly, you’ve got friends. Don’t give up,” he walked toward Clay’s wife and led her back to her house.

Despite the manager’s efforts to comfort me, I wept as I entered Cilan’s car.

“What’s wrong?” Cilan asked me.

“G-Ghetsis...Clay’s, h-he’s...HE’S DEAD, AND IT’S MY FAULT!”

“Oh, darling,” Cilan wrapped his arms around me. “I know it isn’t your fault, even though it feels like it. Come on, let’s get you home. You won’t have to worry about Ghetsis there; you’ll be safe with me. I love you, alright?”

As I prepared to break the news to N, I still couldn’t help but feel guilty. When we arrived home, I saw N lying on the couch.

“You seem distraught,” he noticed.

“I-I am. Here’s the short version of what happened. Your dad, h-he murdered Clay, Driftveil’s Gym Leader,” I choked back more tears.

“Gods, I should’ve been there. I could’ve...” now N was the one to hug me. “This is awful. Absolutely awful.”

“At least Burgundy, the guards, and one of the Seven Sages, Zinzolin, are locked away somewhere. Clay moved them to safety before Ghetsis could find them,” Cress tried to reassure us, but neither N nor I felt like being consoled. The Joneses went to their rooms, leaving us in peace.

“Please, stay here with me for a while,” N pleaded. “I can’t handle this by myself.”

“I know, N, I know,” I hugged him tighter. I wondered, Am I in love with him? What am I supposed to do? I...I’d better talk to Cilan about this later. For now, I guess...I’ll enjoy the moment.


Unova Forever!
Ch 13: The Caves of Destiny!

After talking to me for a few hours, N donned his cap and left at around 8:30 that night. He wished to see me again, and soon.

I headed up to my room, where Cilan was waiting for me, “Come here, won’t you?”

“Y-you really want me to?...” I felt nervous. I didn’t want to make him upset.

Cilan laughed, “Don’t worry about it. You look like you need something.”

“A-alright,” and so, Ciley and I’s first cuddle began. I loved feeling his warm body. I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that, so I’ll move on. The next morning, I woke up rejuvenated.

“Good morning, love,” Cilan kissed me.

“Good morning. So, what’s next?” I asked.

“You really are one-track minded about this Relic Stone thing, huh? What I figured is you’d head over to Chargestone Cave. There’s probably a bunch of Trainers there you’ll have to battle, though,” he replied.

“Why is everything about battling?” I complained. “I just want to have fun and collect Pokémon, for the gods’ sakes! Battling is tedious!”

“I wouldn’t agree with you, but I understand where you’re coming from. I have to make breakfast, so I’ll be downstairs. Let me know when you’re ready to go,” Cilan kissed me once more and went downstairs.

The moment I landed on the last step, I saw a familiar face waving at me through the window. What on earth was N doing here at 7 in the morning? I opened the door anyways, “Fancy seeing you here, N. How’s things?”

“I’m alright. A friend of mine said that my dad was going to Chargestone Cave today, so I was thinking about going with you. I need to get over myself and face my fears, you know?” he stated.

I nodded, “Cilan and I were just talking about that, actually. Come on inside,” I gestured toward the family room, and N entered.

Chili looked at him with contempt, “Ugh! Why do you keep showing up!”

“Bro, you really need to develop a filter,” Cress pointed out.

“Quit chastising me!” Chili snapped.

I inwardly laughed, because it seemed like those two were always arguing with each other. After the five of us ate breakfast, I gathered my things for my cave expedition.

N took my hand and led me outside, “I’ll guide you to where the cave is.”

“No you’re not!” Chili slapped N’s hand away from me, and took mine. “I’ll take it from here!”

Cilan whispered an apology to N, then said, “But you don’t even know where you’re going, Chili.”

Despite Chili’s insistence that he went to the caves frequently, N led us there anyways.

“Be careful, Teravolt,” N advised. “There’s plenty of Plasma guards to watch out for. I’ll be right behind you, as will the Joneses.”

The flashlight I packed illuminated the darkness. To my chagrin, I found a Galvantula nest at the entrance, so I ordered Gerald the Emboar to Flamethrower it. Although Cilan objected that this would displace a Galvantula family, I reminded him that sacrifices were necessary to ensure Ghetsis wouldn’t control Unova.

We wandered farther into the caves, Cress giving numerous pieces of geological trivia along the way. He sure had a lot of hobbies.

“Halt!” a gruff voice shouted. Two men dressed as ninjas emerged from the shadows.

“Who are these guys?” I asked no one in particular.

“We are two-thirds of the Shadow Triad, Lord Ghetsis’ protectors!” one man explained.

“I thought the Seven Sages protected Ghetsis?” I mused.

“Foolish human! Ghetsis is one of the Sages! They are his allies! Now, come! He is waiting for you,” the ninjas instructed us to follow them. After I battled several guards, Ghetsis was in sight. Shockingly, Burgundy and Zinzolin were by his side. The shadowy men bowed to Ghetsis, then flew out of the cave.

Ghetsis laughed, “Oh, I see! You think you can defeat me! Were you that foolish to believe your ‘hero’ Clay would conceal my allies from me? They were right here in this room!”

“Clay‘s death shall not be in vain!” N shouted. “We all have dreams, Father! Yours is to take over the world, and mine is to make everyone free! Life isn’t about putting everyone into black and white categories, like you do by murdering everyone who doesn’t obey you! It’s about understanding people’s perspectives, especially since you never understood me!”

“Human,” Ghetsis regarded N as another obstacle in his way. “I only wanted you to see things my way. The world would be a safer place under my control. Crime rates would decrease drastically since everyone would fear me. Besides, if people were to attempt a coup, I’d have the legendary dragons slay them,” he leaned back in his seat.

“I like that you don’t even acknowledge my identity,” N tried to sound calm, but I could tell he was hurt. “Either way, you’re severely underestimating our abilities. I’ll do anything to protect my friends! My love for them permeates every cell in my body, and no threat you make will ever, EVER remove that!” he clenched his fist in anger.

Ghetsis mused, “You’re far too passionate. While you figure out those pesky...emotions, I’ll be on my way. Come along, Burgundy, Zinzolin, guards. We must go to the castle!” He swept his cloak on the cave floor and exited.

Once Ghetsis was clearly out of sight, N wept, “I should’ve killed him when I had the chance. We’ll work together to stop him, but I can’t help feeling like all my efforts are futile and that he’ll turn me to dust!”

Cilan put a hand on N’s shoulder, “Hey, remember, we’re all here for you.”

“Yeah! Ghetsis is nothing against us!” Chili shouted.

“Like you said, our love is stronger than his hatred,” Cress stated.

“I know Reshiram and Zekrom will come to our aid!” I squeezed N’s hand, and he smiled at me.

“You all are too kind. Truth is,” N wiped tears from his eyes. “I’ve never had anyone care for me the way you guys do. I keep pouring my heart out around you because no one else has listened. I’m not normally this emotional, I swear.”

Chili, ever affectionate, suggested we do a group hug to help N feel better. We gladly obliged.

“We’re in this together! Let’s get moving. After all, I have another badge to earn!” N looked noticeably cheered by my enthusiasm.

We headed out to Misaltron City, a calm city built near an airport.

“Oh, boy,” Cilan sighed. “This place.”

“What’s wrong? Does this have to do with Burgundy?” I inquired.

“No, it’s not that. You see, the Gym Leader, Skyla, is more than a bit crazy.”

I stopped in my tracks, “She’s a psycho like Ghetsis?”

“Wrong again. Not that kind of crazy. She hates battling, like you do, Volt, so she plays out how the battles are gonna go.”

“Similar to how I think out conversations in my head before I actually talk to someone?” I clarified.

“Basically. It’ll be exasperating, so I can come with you if you’d like. I’m not sure what the Gym policy is on having other people with you, but who cares?” Cilan shrugged.

“I’d love to have you go with me, Ciley!” I exclaimed, and the two of us entered the Gym.

“Hello, hello!” a lady with long pink hair and a tight-fitting blue suit greeted us. “I’m Skyla, the Gym Leader here!”

“Hi! I’m Teravolt, and this is my boyfriend, Cilan,” I said.

“Wait, I recognize you,” Skyla thought for a moment. “Cilan! You’re a Gym Leader, too, aren’t you? I never thought you’d get yourself a girlfriend!”

Cilan laughed awkwardly, “Fate sometimes works differently than you expect.”

“Without further ado, welcome to my Gym! Time for an Air Battle!” Skyla leapt in the air. “I feel like...I’ll beat you instantly! You have an Emboar, Serperior...hang on, is that a Gigalith? Ah, my Swanna has Hydro Pump and Water Pulse. I’ll do great!” she went on like this for a few more minutes before declaring, “I’m the winner!”

“That’s it? You won’t even—you don’t even know what my Pokémon’s movesets are! That’s not exactly fair,” I could see why Skyla frustrated Cilan so much.

“Sure it is! Everyone else I’ve battled loved this system! It’s ingenious! I’m ingenious!” Skyla was using a trapeze, as if to prove her skills.

“Alright, fine! If you’re going to be so ornery about this, we’re just going to go ahead and leave!” Cilan gently took my arm and was about to leave the Gym.

“No! Please stay! I’m terribly lonely here! Nobody’s challenged me in a week. Traffic must be light or something. I-I...I guess I’ll battle the normal way,” Skyla said the word normal like it was a curse.

Lo and behold, I lost on the first try.

“See, I was right! There’s a reason I do Air Battles! Regular battling takes time and effort that could have been spent more productively, like reading or doing gymnastics,” Skyla made her point.

“I despise battling, too, Skyla,” I empathized. “Even so, I’ll come back in a few minutes and try again.”

Once I did, I won after a long battle!

“I’m not always right, I suppose,” Skyla shook my hand and gave me her Gym’s Badge. As Cilan and I left, she called out, “I’m still keeping the Air format! This was an exception! AN EXCEPTION!”

“What took ya so long?” Chili asked me. “You’re usually in and out of these things in five minutes.”

“The Gym Leader was strong-willed, let’s put it that way,” I replied. “Anyone know where we’re going now?”

“I do!” N said. “We’re going to Misaltron Cave, which leads to Iccirus City. Legend has it that Unova’s ancient warrior Pokémon, the Swords of Justice, live in the cave and surrounding areas. Maybe they can help us.”