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Termination of Generation IV and Generation V Wi-Fi Services on May 20th: Discussion

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It's officially the end of an era on this day. :(

I think the last thing I did over Nintendo Wi-Fi was getting those three event shiny Sinnoh legends (Dialga, Palkia and Giratina) for my gen 5 games.

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Time to wax nostalgic: what was the last thing anyone reading this did over Nintendo Wi-Fi connection? I pulled a Giratina from the Generation 5 GTS.
Since I don't own a gen 5 game, the last thing was something on the lines of getting the shiny legendary dogs on Pearl (besides trading a lot, searching for a good IVs shiny Raikou). I also battled a couple of times against random people on GameFAQs gen4 forums.

Speaking of that, all the internet forums for gen 4 and 5 games will be pretty dead after today...

It's officially the end of an era on this day. :(
Indeed! I'll never forget how revolutionary the wifi was in D/P. One of the reasons making gen 4 my favorite Pokémon generation (in spite of not doing anything there for a long time). ;_;


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Despite the fact so many people are sad about not being able to Wifi trade anymore, it is still entirely possible to catch every Pokemon (excluding event Pokemon). I actually plan on getting every Pokemon game (except for the Gameboy/Gameboy Color ones), which will make it easy to complete the Pokedex.

Anyways, the last thing I did with the Wifi service was get My Pokemon Ranch on the Wii. As of now, it won't be available anymore, so it was a good thing I got it while I could. Why did I get it?

To get Mew, of course! ;151;

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with the 4th and 5th gen wifi going offline nintendo should drop the prices on all 4th and 5th gen games, because with no wifi there isn't many reasons to buy them.

Prices are set the Retailer, the Nintendo can only suggest a recommended Price. Nintendo could have stopped selling the games already, but most games stores have enough of stock.

There were only small selection of wifi that was required in the games. In all the Main series games, the Battle Subway/Battle Tower Wifi options now no longer work properly. One Wifi Ribbon is no longer is available, the rest can be obtained with either another local player or using NPC to stand in for it. In Gen 6, the ribbons are "removed" and you've got a number attached to a new ribbon instead. It means you can only max out at 7 instead of 8 counting Gen 3's Pair as well.

No GTS or Wifi means you're force to get the Pokémon the old fashioned way, by purchasing Multiple games. It's do able and I've almost done it all myself.

REMINDER TO ALL: The Wii eShop & DSi eShop are still working, and could be for some time. One can confirm by accessing the eShop themselves.
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